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    Sunday, 3 February 2008


    It's been so long since i last blogged. REally.
    Quite long considering that i used to blog everyday last time.

    Well well.
    The reason for the lack of blogging is due to laziness.

    Because i'm so lazy to post about the Taiwan trip that I just didn't blog at all.

    Hm. Hahaha.

    So many things happened these past few weeks.
    Firstly, i will still like to blog about Taiwan first.

    It had been a month and more since rpws came back from Taiwan.
    Many things happened.

    Too many. But it was all fun and all.
    What i'm posting will be a short lame story.

    Well. It's actually nothing much if you know me. I'm really lame at times.

    I planned to post all the pictures me and Naf got. But i'm too lazy to edit everything.

    Not too lazy. It must be all the animes and shows from my classmates. LOL.

    I'm recommend to this show, that show and all those animes that i have no time to edit the photos. So i didn't blog about them .

    Ahh. So much for complaining about nothing.

    Somehow.. i missed blogging and nagging about my life.

    Well well.

    It's going to start all over again after this post and all.

    Ok. Just a small used-to-be funny post.

    Alrighties. ~

    Cute right ! I think there'll be lesser words ya. Just let the pictures show u the memories of Chiayi.

    Toot toot train. =/

    You know, i suddenly know why there is so many kid's playing stuff behind the hotel.

    The hotel is call : Childhood REsort =/

    That should be the reason why we have trains, ponds, playgrounds and all.
    Toot. I really never thought of it when i'm staying there. Lol.


    Because no one is there to help us take photo, so Yani and I took turns to take the pictures.


    (Due to the wrong colour chosen, i'll type out what's written)

    - On top of the beautiful hill, a group of besties decided to take pictures.
    But the Camera person will then not be in the picture....

    - So the group of besties thought of an evil plan..

    - they decided to invite yC to take photo with them.

    - After that, they asked him to take photo for them. =)

    - SUDDENLY.. so many people came and join us.
    SUDDENLY.. =/

    - Stand like that better. Can see everyone's face.

    - Yup.. And for NO reason.. Wei wei started jumping.. !

    - And all started to join in.. =/


    - Extra walking pass, Someone is missing.

    - No Extras, still, someone is missing.

    - Now you know who. =)

    - Sue is not a chipmunk. she is a Kangaroo. =)

    Ta DA.
    Nice ya? Just imagine the fun we have there. And the number of tries of jumping to perfection they had.

    HAhaa . One picture that i happen to find in my phone. Really. Who took it?
    And the needle points to .. Weiwei.. =/

    Ah. This picture was pretty random. It just happen that when i look through those jumping pictures. Jasmine just stands out ALOT. with her Pink dress i think..

    So this picture here is just for her. Because she didn't appear in the last jump.
    Well, she did. Just don't see her, that's all.

    And we go back to after the jumps..

    We took some photos on the grass patch.


    And.. Ta Da..

    Alright.. That's the end..

    Well actually it is only the start.

    I've got loads of pictures to post. But i'm not that free as to edit the pictures and load them up here.

    It took me 2 nights to upload these pictures here. And about 1 month to edit them.

    It was a disappointment !!

    I don't know why the toning of pictures went off when i load the pictures up.

    It is different from the un-uploaded onces.

    Well. Doesn't matter. That's all .

    Pretty disappointing post? haha.

    Anyways, that's all the unglams i'm going to post.
    The other unglams are un-postable.

    TOO unglam. And some are with Naf. So i'm not posting them .

    And just look at these pictures. 20 + of them. ANd that's only the First Day's morning.
    Imagine all of the 6 days we had. and the amount of photos we took. LOL !

    I've made a album with nice photos. Maybe when i'm free to edit them all, i'll post the nice pictures up in the future.. ahaha..

    Maybe.. Next post. YA. You wun know. Haha =/

    Sigh. I'll be getting busy again soon.

    Anyways, Advanced HAppy New YEar to everyone ~
    As in Chinese New YEar ~ !


    I'll be busy throughout the new year and.. will be busy after that too.

    will be working at my sis's company.
    and having band practices as usual.

    So, i'll be busy as usual. Hope to post again soon.

    If not, i'll turn old soon with all the stuff trapped in my head. LOL !

    Lame Lame.

    I know. i know.

    Good Night !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;