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    Sunday, 6 January 2008

    Hello !

    Sorry, no update on Taiwan trip yet..
    I've to collate all the pictures from EVERY EVERYONE first, before i start my super ultra long taiwan trip post.


    Anyways, me myself have got most of the photos too.
    Mostly the first 2 days' photos. About...

    280+ of them. (Sue and Mine combined)

    totally rocking!
    I'm going to pick the best to send to Kelly.
    Anyways, before that.. I'm really troubled !
    I have no idea how to get my pictures to my pc.

    erm. You see, new phone, new function.
    Hard. I'll try to get everything uploaded by tonight.
    Hehe !

    Oh yea !
    Due to the super cannot make it weather in Taipei, many got sick.
    8 degrees celsius - 17 degress celsius.

    I'm really dumb . The night before we go taiwan, my dad told me that taiwan doesn't snow.
    Because of that, i thought taiwan's temperature is about the same as Singapore.
    Because Singapore doesn't snow.

    So much of assuming ya.

    I wish all those who are sick to be better.

    Especially Naf, sexy voice for too long is bad for health.

    Sue, Take care too.

    Zoe, Pig leg recovered ? rest well too.

    Others, Pat and Yani. Drink loads of water too.

    Others others. Jasmine, GET WELL SOON.
    Others others others. : All.
    Take care ya.

    So much for wishing everyone well. I must get well soon too.

    Been ages since i visited doctor.
    Because this Cough of mine got so serious, my mum finally gave in and let me visit the doctor.

    LOADS of medicine is given. Very nice.
    I'm going to get better soon. =))

    Ahhs. Tomorow is School re-open already.

    Many things to be done. ah. hahaha ~

    Librarian works. Many songs to be worked on for the next 3 months.
    Jiayou to everyone ya !

    P/s. JiaJun, Weijian, Ian and rest.
    SOrry i didn't make it for all the holiday outings. Really apologise ya !

    P/s. Elaine and 348.
    Sorry too. Didn't get to meet everyone for the past month. Will meet up soon before laine go back to aussie ya

    P/s. Ruiwen.
    Monday free? *Tomorrow*


    Oh ya. I was checking all my mail just now.
    When i accidentally clicked on my friendster account.
    Guess what i saw! Totally shocking !

    I saw Birthday Greetings !

    I'm really sorry for not replying those who wished me Happy Birthday.
    I haven't been contact with the internet for quite a long time.

    Really thanks. This was my FIRST year with so many greetings and blessings !

    Lastly, Thanks Hannah.

    No reason. Hannah had been there for me for many times.
    Although the sweet she bought for me during the taiwan trip didn't really help me recover, but it was nice. Thank you Hannah, our Ah Ma, and Mammi. =))

    And Thank you Hannah for the Birthday Present. =)

    I'm pretty long-winded.

    Please look-forward to the Taiwan trip post ya.
    Loads to be shared !

    And lastly lastly, i have something to say..

    Happy New Year ! 2008 !!


    Yups. Happy =))

    Be back soon !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;