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    Wednesday, 28 November 2007

    Woah. Tell me there's more Heroes fans out there ya !

    348, my whole class, Ian, JJ..


    HAHAHA !

    The freaking show is just so nice !!

    And i cannot control just watching 1 episode a day. I'm reaching the maximum point !

    If i continue to watch faster, i'll be waiting one episode for one episode every week.

    On season 2, Episode 5 now. 6 7 8 9.


    Okays. If you're still not a fan of Heroes, BORROW MY HARD-DISK.

    HAHA. alright.

    Good Night.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 27 November 2007


    Many times, people face situation when they have to make decisions. The correct, the suitable, the best decision. Sometimes, people just don't know what is better. Because both given choices are equally as good. Hah. In my position now, when i look ahead of me, i see many decisions to be made. Many decisions that could lead me in different position and have different endings.
    For today, i have quite a simple decision to make. A simple, yet quite troubling decision to be made. I have to choose between going for Victor Khor concert, a concert that i spent $17 dollars on just purchasing the ticket and going for Band Combine practice. It's funny you know. To alot of people, the choice is easy. If you don't like going for band practices, just go for the concert. Likewise, if you have loads of money to spend, you can go for band practice. Seriously, i see the point of why Nafisa and Patricia insisting me to think carefully on what i SHOULD choose, which is going for Band practice. concert is less than 2 weeks already. i should really go for the practice. But, Victor Khor's concert is almost once in a lifetime and it costed almost a third of my week's allowance. Personally, i would love going for the concert. Another piano recital, why will i say no?
    On the other hand, i don't wish to miss band practice. It is important. Even without full attendance, it is important. Sigh.

    tick. tock. tick. tock.

    like what sia. seriously don't like to write everything in a big paragraph.
    But it looked more " serious. " . LOL.

    like what the hell again. Alright.

    Okays. never mind. Just blogging for the sake of making my blog look updated.

    Good Night.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 23 November 2007

    This and That.

    I saw a guy today.

    A guy with something i want.


    And i'll get it. ^^


    Anyways. Naf, Yani, Pat and Zoe.

    They are SUPER steady.

    I ask them to come stay over at my place and we can go shopping for few days in JB before the Taiwan trip.

    They straight away agreed.

    Hoorays man !

    I've asked my mother. And once again she asked if Dennis is coming. zzz.
    ( oh ya, of cos my mum said " No Problem ! " .. i seldom have my frens over =/ )

    HAha. ALright. If anyone want to come JB for shopping and stay over, do tell me ya.

    So now we have to plan a date ok !

    And and.

    Ok. Nothing much really.
    Just felt particularly happy today.

    Tomorrow is my Car theory lesson.
    Yups. After so long. Finally it's tomorrow.

    8am - 5pm

    I've prepared my mp3, my brother's Psp, a new book and some sweets. ^^

    Sms me if you're bored. Because i'll be super free. ^^

    Oh ya. Anyone stayed back after school today? The performance was totally rocking.

    Good Night.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 22 November 2007

    Reason for Slapping?

    There are many times when one feel like slapping oneself.

    That is when..

    - one is sleepy.

    That is when..

    - one is tired.

    That is when..

    - one does something wrong.

    That is when..

    - one don't understand what's going on.

    That is when..

    - one needs answers.

    That is when..

    - one needs assurance.

    (weird huh, why would someone who needs assurance slap oneself? Lol)

    That is when..

    - you feel like slapping the person infront of you but you can't.

    That is when..

    - you fell stupidly in love.

    That is when..

    - you can't make a serious decision.

    And that is also when..

    - you want to just .. slap, faint and die.


    What a nice post.

    Good Day ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Sunday, 18 November 2007


    There's a difference between the 2 statements below.

    1. We want to be together, but we can't.

    2. We can be together, but we don't want to


    Good Night.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 16 November 2007


    I'm waiting to see WEijian and all later.
    Can't laugh. Need to laugh.

    Want to see Chinchilla?

    2nd time showing Pepper's pictures already.
    Can't find something else to make me smile.
    Peppers is old and cute and fat and all.

    Peppers is.. well. someone elses already.


    TaDa. This is Peppers.
    Melvin's Chinchilla.

    Used to always go his house and just stare at the Chinchillas.
    Yes. ChinchillaS. <-- With a S.

    Really cute. They are loads bigger than hamster. But smaller than Cat.
    Well. Really. very cute.

    Show you a side view of Peppers

    Cute right !

    So.. CUTE ! The tail.. furry furry.
    Hah ~

    Peppers loves to sit in his food bowl.
    Er. ya.

    Hah. Super toot right.
    He can just fall asleep when sitting in the bowl.

    He can just fall asleep anytime too.
    Even when eating.
    PEppers is VERY FAT. HAahaha.

    No wonder, people say don't sleep once you finish eating. Food not digested and all.
    Now i know why peppers is so fat already.

    Cute Right.


    Take care all.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 15 November 2007


    haha. Many years. MAny people cannot pronounce my name.

    Zi Qi . All my chinese friends call my name without difficulty.
    But my malay and other races friends will then try to pronounce it like how my chinese friends pronounce.

    Zhi Qii.

    I dun know. alot of different pronounciation.

    I went to my Mother the other day.

    Telling her how irritating it is. that, people will just laugh when another calls me.

    Then she ask me why.

    And i told her it's quite hard to pronounce my name.

    Then she's like. " HUH ? Zikki lo "

    Then i'm like " HUH ? What zikki lo ?"

    Yes. After 16 years and 9 months. Then i know my name, when pronounce in English is call Zikki.

    As in. It is pronounced as " Zik Ki "

    Quite nice. Zikki.

    But. Abit weird. People calls me Zic.

    Ian calls me Ziqqy.

    then. Really. Coincidence. Totally.

    LOL. weird . Zikki. Zikki.

    Sue says it sounded like some act cute Japanese name.

    Zikki. Nikki. Pikki. Rikki. Mikki. Wikki. Dikki. Fikki. Kikki. Bikki. Tikki.

    HAHhaa. Okays =/

    ZiQi. =)

    totally something about me.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 14 November 2007

    RP Student's gain.

    hey hey.

    Having most of my friends at other polytechnics and JCs.

    I suddenly felt so glad i'm at RP.

    Somehow also not so happy.

    Let me explain.

    In RP :

    - We get to change class every semester, if you have some bloody ass in your class, you will feel SOOO happy for the change of class. Although you will miss your other classmates..

    FEAR NOT ! Hah. We have 1 + 2.3o = 3.30 hr OF BREAK !

    3.30hr BREAK you know. haha. Just meet ALLL ur friends. No prob at all !

    - We DON'T fear hot weathers ! In fact, we wish it is a sunny day everyday.
    Students in other schools will wish for rain ~ . To have a cooler classroom/study place.
    Well. RP is air-coned throughly. Except for our beautiful lawn.

    Sometimes we may fear raining days. .. Not bringing sweater to school might cause you to freeze like crazy. But no fear. Most guys in RP are cool. They are very willing to sacrifice their jackets for the girl classmates. Well MOST.


    - LOL. Shearlene, my brother's girlfren (will introduce her to you all after their 1st year anniversary next monday. ) .. Well, shearlene told me about how hot Ngee Ann poly is..
    Their ice-cream shop auntie earns alot. She almost have to eat one Cornetto per day. Too hot that is.

    Then i remember telling her, I don't remember eating ice-cream in RP. Everyday is cooling.
    Hey. It's a good thing not eating ice cream you know..

    Too much ice cream spoils your teeths. Hah !

    - Sometimes you feel so left out in school ya? No one mailed you, no one talked to you, you didn't participate in school events, you don't know what's happening in school..

    HEY ! NOT IN RP ! RP have this outlook mail system. Every moment, the " You've got mail " box will pop up. Telling you the MOST IN news. and also about the talks you can attend to get CE points. LOL !

    - The BEST part of being in RP is that..

    I bought 2 hard disk. both 40gb. I bought one to school.

    Then, i ask movies from my classmates. Then...
    HAHAHA. When the hard disk come back.. totally FULL.
    LOL. HAVE LOADS OF SHOWs AND MOVIEs inside lo !!

    HAHAHa. TOTALLY !!!! EXCITED !!!!!!!!!
    Alright. no more.

    - There's something not really good about RP.
    Because Everyone change class for 6 times in the 3 years. So practically, everyone know everyone. So if you date the guy opposite your class, everyone knows. Everyone know who are you and who is the guy. Everyone gossip. Everyone say everything. BEcause everyone know everyone. =/

    - HEh..

    Went for break to eat with WeiJian and all.
    Then when i come back.. I forgot what i want to type already. !!

    LOL. Super funny la. WeiJian and Wei Zhong are shooting their stories about how they torture snails and cockroaches.

    They pulled out snails from their shells, they use stones to smash the snails..
    They insert candles in the snail shell. And let it burn..

    AND they hear the "sizzzz..." sound.


    Then they started with lizard.

    Weijian shoot water at at lizard in the bathroom till it died.

    OMG. Life as insect is really terrible !!!!!

    HAhah. Anyways. Sigh. Meixian asked me out today.

    And i said i can't again.

    Lol ~

    Ahaha. On Monday night.. I was planning to stay in sg until wed and then go back jb.

    But suddenly.. u see, tues night(band), stay over. then.. wednesday night(band), stay over. Then.. thursday night (band) stayover. then Friday i want to go home. Then.. Saturday morning(band) . LOL. like.. cannot go home already. HAHAHA

    My mummy sure miss me. ^^

    Alright. HEhehe.

    Mug . Yes. I'm drinking Mug.

    hehe !

    Busy Week. Life is nice =))

    Loves ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 12 November 2007

    The Secret - Law of Attraction..

    This is my new book =/
    Quite weird. Not very interesting, but you will still just continue to read.

    Alright. Today is a cold day. =/
    Have fun all ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 10 November 2007

    HELLO !

    Woah. I'm in the Perfect good mood today. =))

    Seriously, i think it was yesterday. Today is actually Sunday already. 3am.
    Heh . Saturday was fantastic . ^^

    Woke up at 4.10pm. Totally because i heard my father outside my room talking to my mother.
    Got a shock, so I practically just jumped out of bed.

    Haha. Because my father came back from work already and i'm like.. still sleeping?

    HAha. Well. Other than that.. It was nice. We went for dinner.

    My brother and his Girlfriend were blabbering about how bad the "Bee Movie" movie was.

    I'm like : woah. the trailer isn't nice already. *shakes head* don't even think about the movie ya.

    Haha. Then, out of randomness, i asked..

    " Want to watch stardust? "

    Actually. I didn't know what's the movie about at all. - Stardust -

    You all know WWF ? Last time.

    Well. me and my brother used to play playstation 2, and there's this WWF SMACKDOWN game.
    Then, there's this character call "stardust" or something ya?

    And i remember using the character. I forgotten whether is it a guy or a girl =/

    Doesn't matter. It was randomness that i thought about it.


    The only movie i wanted to watch..

    Is.. Game PLan..

    erm. It isn't out in Malaysia yet.
    sigh. grr. will catch it in Sg one of the days

    Sad la. So i just anyhow name the 2nd movie i heard was out.

    Stardust. Any idea?

    Tada ~

    Woah. Haha ~


    We caught the 11.30pm movie and the movie ended around 1.45am.


    SERIOUSLY, It's the NExt BEST movie i watched this year.
    The First BEST is Transformers.

    Even Harry Potter wasn't that pleasing.

    But you cannot compare Stardust to Transformers. They are both different kind of movie.
    Well. Both about love. Both Fiction. But.. It's different. =))

    How do i say.. Hmm.. Bah. It's just different kae..

    I RATE STARDUST 4.9/5 !!!!

    the 0.1 is because.. i don't really like the guy. QUITE cute. But.. well.. =/
    HEhe. OTher than that.. It's REALLY worth it.

    Is it because it's been so long since i watched movie ?
    No idea. It HAD been long since i last watched movie.

    But. HEHEHE. Totally. Awww. The movie is nice. =))

    Fantasy.. Magical. ^^ - TOTALLY MY CALL !

    You may visit :


    .. for synopsis and trailer . ^^ !!!!

    Heh ! Aw.

    well well. Anyways . After realizing how much i miss watching movies..

    I've decided to re-form my movie spirit.
    I'm having a movie marathon. haha.

    Hms. Well. What movie i'm watching isn't important. You're not invited =x

    Haha. I always have movie marathon myself. It's more..

    well. it's lonely but.. it's more.. easy.

    I don't like argueing about which movie is better and blah blah blah.

    I want to watch it, i watch it. =/ Quite stubborn on movies. Heh.


    Some movies on my waiting list ~~

    Alvin and the chipmunks !

    This movie. Heh. I haven't read the synopsis. Lazy to read =x

    Well. hehehe. Just by the poster.. i think i'll rate the movie 3/5 .. or maybe 2.8/5

    Haha. But i'm just going to watch it. Super cute la. Chipmunks. Hehehe !!

    Next is..

    The Water Horse !

    Lol ! Yes yes ! I know it look kinda weird.

    The poster i saw at the cinema isn't found in the net.
    So this was one of the better ones already.

    Doubt anyone will be interested. Haha. I'm weirdo. =/

    Yes. This is the famous Loch-ness monster.
    The one my whole class doesn't believe exist.

    I DO. HAha. Really.

    I don't see a reason why it don't exist. Who cares right. I believe it does.

    Yes. I can hear my class calling me NEssie, the Loch ness Girl already. =/

    Haha. Really. Yups. Interesting ya ?!

    HEhehe. So excited sia ~

    Alright Alright. I think that should be all.

    I'm too tired and excited to think about other things. HEheheh.

    3.41am already ! hehehe.


    Popcorn for all ! ^^


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 9 November 2007

    It's all about Love.

    This moment, 1.03am, Thurday, 9 Nov 2007..

    I learnt something very precious.

    If you feel pain from loving, you're loving wrongly.

    Loving someone is about learning about them and wanting to be happy together.

    Yes, some may say what about heartbreak? heartpain?

    But i still stick to my say.

    If you feel pain from loving, you're loving wrongly.

    If you experience heartpain from breaking up, it's the wrong love, get over it.

    Don't start shooting at me and say i don't understand.

    Who cares if i understand or not. It's the truth!

    Why will you want to get back with your Ex-bf or Ex-gf if they made you hurt so much?

    The love is gone. The love is not how it should be already.

    Broken vases can be meant, by tapes, super glue and who knows what.

    But the scar will still be there. The cracks. The tiny little unseen scraps are still on the floor.
    Unseen by naked eyes. The tiny pieces cannot be glued back.

    It MAY look the same, but it isn't the same anymore.

    I really don't understand .

    And i don't know what i don't understand.

    Yes. Heartbreaks. I have it before. loads of them.
    And that's why i'm here. Single.

    Knowing that the love i had are all the wrong ones.
    Because if they are real, i will not have pain.

    Families. They are true love.

    Your father might have hit you before. Your brother might have pulled your hair before.
    You are pained.

    But they will still be your true loves. They are the only ones you have no matter what happened.

    This love is different.

    Loving someone should be something joyous. Something special and something you want.

    Who will force you to love someone you don't want?
    Not who. Is.. WHy will someone force you to love ?

    Arranged marriage is only to force you to marry. Not to love. You can choose not to love.

    I don't know what i'm trying to tell everyone here.

    I don't know the meaning of my post.

    A friend of mine just encountered a heart break incident.
    I am really bad at making things up. Serious.

    I don't like heart breaks. I don't like seeing people suffering from heart breaks.

    Seriously. Why can't everyone just love each other and everything will be better?

    Sigh. I know. Everyone just Can't love each other.

    I don't know.


    I really don't know what i don't know.

    I do have someone i like. And i don't regret liking him.
    It's like. Even if we don't get together, even if the furthurest we can go is just to be friends, even if he don't know me, even if he have a girlfriend..

    Even if all the above is real, i know i like him and i know i'm happy... It's quite alright for me already.

    I don't know.

    It's like.. as long as you are happy with who you want to love. It's the best that can happen already.

    I do admit you might feel sad for not being the one he love.

    But what's the problem. Not everyone get everything they want.

    It's life. It's JUST LIFE.

    If it is yours, it's yours.

    If it is not yours and you still want it..

    wait and see.

    Wait and see, one day it might be yours.

    And the sentence still fits. If it's yours, it's yours.

    It just didn't state when will it be yours.

    If it is really not yours, you will know it too.

    Because it will then be his or hers already.

    And for that, you move on and find something that is yours alright.


    Smile. Everything is going to fine. Love is not something that will only happen or a second.
    Love is something for a life-time.

    Love yourself more. For that, you'll learn to love others.


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 8 November 2007

    Urgh .

    Really hate it when my friends go out have fun without me.


    Not them to blame. I have band practice.

    Really sad you know.

    348 went town .. confirm loads of fun. it's ALWAYS loads of fun. And i believe they had dinner together. It's ALWAYS best having dinner together. Loads of laughters..

    Never mind. THAT, i give up.


    Just read WEiJian's blog. THEY WENT ICE-SKATING.

    DAMN !

    Yups.. they asked me too. But i said i have band practice.

    SAD LA.

    They had so much fun.





    Band practice was tiring and fun.

    BUT. ARGH. My whole holiday is going to pass already.

    IT's thursday ALREADY.


    No 348, No WJ and frens, No Sherene and Friends.

    Even NAf and all. We plan to go out on deepavali to buy clothes for Chiayi Trip.

    We planned. But the plan was not confirmed. ANd NOW . I Just woke up , 2.30pm.


    OMG =(((((

    Totally sad. Fell from the sky to the bottom of the lake la.

    And today being Thursday and 3pm already..

    No one is going out with me already. And i'm going to pack my bags and go back to JB.

    Tomorrow being Friday, Had to go sis's company to do stock-take.

    Saturday is like.. Argh. Meixian did ask whether i want to meet on Saturday.

    But it's like.. Saturday. Last day already. =((

    Sunday is busy as well. After piano lesson, have to attend piano concert at 4pm.

    AND THEN.. MONDAY SCH REOPENS. =((((((((((((

    My mood now : = (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 7 November 2007

    What a long post.

    Aw. This post is going to be REAL LONG.

    Well. at least i think it will be. currently on the 2nd sentence of the post..
    my mind is thinking of alot of random things.

    Hm. ALOT to post about for today.

    Good things, Bad things. Interesting things, boring things.


    I am actually listing out the pros and cons about whether to post the "good things" first or the "bad things" first.

    You see, if i post the good things first, my post will then end with a bad ending.
    It's like.. not so nice right?

    But if i post the bad things first, people will be like.. " urgh " after they finish reading the bad things that happened today. Then, they will not be interested to read the happy things..

    Really very very hair-splitting sia.

    Anyways i've come to a very simple conclusion after dwelling on this problem for 10 mins.
    - I'm going to post the good things and bad things randomly to whichever that come to my mind first. so it might be.. good good good bad good bad bad bad bad bad bad bad good..

    Yea. Something like that. =)) Perfect problem solving skills ya?

    Hehehehe.. Okays. WOAH. like half a page already? and i haven start with my REAL post?
    LOL !

    Ok. I just realized that i'm like.. keep saying " Alright " ..

    Er. No, i don't really say it . It's in my sms-es.
    I kept replying Alright Alright .

    I don't usually do that. I find it weird but somehow relaxing.
    Yes. I'm weird. Don't know why. Alright. It's ok.

    Ah. You all know WHAT? .. =((

    My finger is VERY pain.
    I really have no idea whether is it the cause of the medicine or what.

    I'm staying in SG these few days.
    There's only 1 bottle of external use medicine which i bought few months ago when i injured my toes.

    It's call the Betadine Antiseptic solution. (The multi purpose antiseptic)
    It says : For external use only. Apply to wounds, burns, cuts and bruises or areas infected by bacteria or fungi.

    When i bought the medicine, i'm quite ok with it. Wounds and cuts. I really need it.
    It is smelly. Hydrochloric acid or whatever. Very smelly.

    Quite alright. It's about the fungi part. IT's like.. Does fungi grow on body ?

    SERIOUSLY, i don't know.
    It's like.. imagine green green white white bread-mould kind of thing growing on your body ?

    Hmm. DON'T even think of it. =/ - goosebumps la -

    Doesn't matter. That's not what i want to tell you all about the medicine.

    The medicine is quite weird. i don't know. I don't know whether or not the pain should be there when i apply it to my finger. Bloody painful ah .

    If you were to apply the medicine and leave for a few hours, when you remove the bandage, the whole bandage will be harden and the bandage will stick to your wound, and you must slowly pull the bandage off. Super pain.

    But after you pull it off, the wound will look quite clear. Like.. erm..
    Like it's recovering or something.

    BUT it's still super pain la.
    Recovering but still super pain. COntradicting ya ?

    REally, i don't know whether i should continue applying the medicine or not. It's the only medicine i have now. =(( sad.

    Ok. pain.

    Ahs. Oh . Today's flute sectionals was fun =))


    Only have.. Shirley, Sandy, LiHwa and Me =))

    I like small sectionals because we learn very fast. But i hate it too.

    BECAUSE ! ... imagine when the whole section come on the next practice......

    everything we practiced will be gone. Because everything must be re-taught again.

    Poor Shirley. Good Luck ya !

    I'm really starting to wonder if Sandy chose the correct ASL to help shirley.
    You know.. I cannot conduct sectionals.
    I have totally NO confidence to teach the rest.

    I am not a very good player. Can't even sight-read a easy piece without hearing the song first.
    I learn by listening. Then yesterday, when shirley tell me she's coming late.. I'm like.. OMGOMOMG..

    Because i scared i will teach the wrong things.

    But i have to conduct sectionals.

    So.. I dragged warm-up. 8 counts scales, 16 counts scales.. Chorales.
    =/ eventually we must start sectionals on Jupitar.

    Starting was pathetic. I don't know how to have 1st flute and 2nd flutes play together.
    Then i keep thinking of ways to solve the problem.
    Until i remember Shirley's way of teaching . (pointing at them for them to play)

    That's when everything got better.
    But still, not good =(

    Manage to pull through Jupitar's first page with an alright smile.
    THEN, shirley came. OH YEA MAN.

    Nice. So sectionals was nice .

    Today, no one was here. Shirley came late. So only me and Sandy.
    We just practice by ourself and then combine a little. And did self-practice.

    Really efficient. *clap clap*

    Even now, Postcard from Singapore kept playing in my mind. Like a spoilt mp3 player repeating Lenggang Kangkung & Munnaeru Vaalibaa.


    I borrowed piccolo home today =))

    LOL !
    He's like recording the transaction.. Then he say.. " I don't remember your name. "

    disappointing la..

    People can't pronounce my name.. nevermind already.
    People don't remember my name .. totally roll eyes sia.

    Now i wonder how people remember me. : " gold hair girl? the flute girl? the librarian. "

    Yea. Song Ren JUST happen to chat with me in msn. His first 2 words are..

    " Hey Librarian ! "

    ... hahaha..

    Imagine alright.. imagine..

    " Hey Welfare "

    " Hey QM! "

    " Hey Sec ! "

    " Hey Vice ! "

    and lastly..

    " Hey P ! "

    Sounds like Harry Potter sia. =/


    Sigh. Meixian and Weiting called me today.
    Yes. I haven been attending 348 meetings 2 weeks.

    They decided to go town today. But i can't. Got band practice.

    =(( Sorry ya girls. Been busy =/

    We'll be meeting soon right? Sy's bdae. hehe.


    ohoh. Zoe and Yani didn't come for band today.
    Yani fell sick. =(

    I don't remember who made the announcement about cleanliness and about not spilling the saliva bowls and all.

    Cos because of that, it really made me miss Yani..

    =) hehe. Important parts are in red. Link it yourself. =))

    Ah, and for zoe..
    seriously i do miss her too. =))

    But somehow LiHwa and her braces covered it up. =x
    It's like.. we're eating and then.. lihwa stopped eating. She's covering her mouth.

    Ok. She's in pain. hehehe =x
    well. I'm not cold hearted ! I experienced it before. that's why i can hehe. =x

    And when she's in pain. It reminds me of Zoe eating pasta with knife.. cutting the pasta into smaller parts and then eat.. LOL.

    Although i know zoe, the first fan of my blog ( hehe . sounds cool huh. Fan )..
    ya zoe.. her lappie is dead. Her friend spilt Soya Bean on her laptop. and then it spoilt. yups.

    Actually, just blame fujitsu =x Laaaaas .

    Naf, Hi^5 ! Acer Rocks.

    erm . My lappie's screen turned blue yesterday. And i'm lazy to check what's wrong.
    So i just plucked out the battery and the charger and went to sleep. LOL !

    Totally so cool right?! and today.. it can still be On.

    Acer Rocks ^^


    Randomly, i would like to say..


    well.. hahaha !
    I borrowed the Astrology book. Haven got the time to finish. Still left with 100 pages or so.
    Didn't return it. So the library issued me the letter. Sad la =/

    How i wish that book is mine. Super nice !

    Hms. Totally running out of time =(

    I must be able to play all the concert pieces by end of November.

    I am going to miss band practice for almost 2 weeks. serious case u know ?
    We have Arts Festival concert, Open House performance and Chiayi Trip Performance.


    And i haven master my Piano concert piece. So dead la.
    I know the song is quite easy. JAy Chou's -Secret-
    But need to practice also. Keep getting the wrong notes for not practicing consecutive days.

    Totally busy and fun !

    Imagine the occupied days for these 2 months, although it's quite saddening that i can't meet up with my friends and all, but seriously.. It's good to be busy.

    After finding out the crush you have for few months actually have someone he like.
    Isn't it good to get busy enough to not think of it ?



    Patricia, lihwa, Naf and me went for dinner just now. Did i mention that ?
    Oh. Okays. we went for dinner.

    We started discussing about the Chiayi-Taiwan trip. TOTALLY COOL LA.

    We are discussing about the luggage we are going to bring.
    Thinking about bringing a really big luggage so we can fit all stuffs we going to get from the shopping trips.

    But thinking again..
    hehe .. quite paiseh if you're the only one bringing such a big bag ya?

    Hmms. will decide again soon. because we didn't finish discussing. their train came. so we left.


    I got VERY distracted with Weiwei's handwriting. So i'm FINALLY going to stop continuing my post.

    Really VERY long already. and i have loads more to say. Thanks to weiwei. I forgot about the rest of the things.


    ARGH !

    Like i say, if he's a girl. i'll date him !

    ^^ .


    er.. heheh.

    Don't come to me and ask me which scandal i 'assigned' for u all ya.
    I didn't assign any.

    er. well. if you want to double confirm. just read the scandal's post from last time.

    Because there's alot of new scandals in rpws popping up by themselves.
    Not at all mentioned by me.

    So.. yups. ^^ .

    Good Night all ! =)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 6 November 2007

    Finger very pain cos i'm so angry with myself that i purposely press hardly on the wound.


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 5 November 2007

    Bloody day.

    I am so angry today.


    Yes i'm laughing. LOUD.

    I've been trying to post something since 11pm just now. and it's actually 1am now and i'm only at the 4th sentence.

    I wrote half a page about this person who think he know me very well and kept on telling people bad stuff about me. The problem is, he don't know me. Because the people he talk bad about me to, are my good friends too.

    And i don't see why i should complain about him in my blog. So i deleted the post.

    Then, i wrote a full page about this person who kept telling everyone he is rich and when it comes to paying money, he can make up the most ridiculous excuse. He made me totally fucking moody tonight.

    I'm like so happily chatting with Naf about the ridiculous person who think he know me real well then this bloody guy msn window came popping up in my screen.

    Blink ORange Blink Blink.

    " I mixed up the date to pay you ah . It's tuesday uh? Not wednesday? I don't have the money "


    keep telling people he's rich. He gets 1k per month for working here and there. overseas. Bloody hell. And now, have to pay up, give excuses.

    THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING HE EVER DID WAS TO ask my friend whether my friend willing to sponser some money for investment.

    you know how much?

    10 k ! 10 thousand dollars ! LIKE WHO CAN AFFORD ?

    STUDENTS like us. WE HAVE TO SAVE MONEY TO EAT LA. $3 is expensive already la !


    OKok. I just deleted the 1 page long of post ABOUT HIM. I'm not going to start it again.

    OK. cool cool .

    Yes.. Naf is just talking to me about eating chilling pills.

    No, they don't sell them in 7-11.

    OH. Whoever is studying Chemical life sciences or what..

    PLEASE PLEASE. GO research on chilling pills ok?

    CREATE IT. NOwadays people like me need them.

    LOADS OF THEM. make them like vitamins alright.

    so i can take 10 of them at one go.


    Ok. Today was nice.

    Packed the Band Library with Phylis.

    It's so much cleaner now.

    Sue and SheeRui.. I don't know whether they will be proud of us or not.
    LOL !

    because we didn't ask them for permission for reshuffling the places to put the scores.

    well. But it's really neat. hehe.

    Then.. actually planned to stay in SG today. Because i thought we will finish packing late.
    But well. we used 4 hours to finish everything.

    So. It's only 5 plus.

    348 and Ruiwen not free again. So i have no choice but to go home.

    Yea. and once again i'm so proud of myself.

    I practiced piano for an hour.
    Yes. Piano concert coming up real soon.

    Band concerts and work is going to make my december a real busy one.
    So i doubt i'll have time to practice my piano for the upcoming concert at...
    December too.

    So.. yups. i practiced a little today.

    It's always like this..
    when getting to this part of the post, it's always boring.

    Because it's all about my daily life.

    Let me add something stupid about myself.

    Hm. well. from my previous post, everyone should know i cut myself.

    And my index finger is having the deepest cut with a small chunk of meat cut off.

    i used plaster to cover it today. Because i'll be dealing with dust and loads of scores today.
    don't want to double the cut or infect it.

    I used plaster.

    ON THE PLASTER BOX, it is written that the plasters are WATER PROOF !

    But you'll never know until you test it.


    And so, water got in and the wound is SUPER PAIN LA.

    And because i don't wan to take out the plaster to prevent dust from touching the wound, i can only change the plaster when i reach home.

    Then my brother was like :" Plaster cannot, use bandage la! "

    Ya. That's when i remember that's this thing call bandage.
    Although it will still not prevent water from going in, i can put some medicine on it. and wrap it up.

    Ok. And so i did.

    Was happy with the little bandage i tied.
    Hey. IT's not easy to tie a knot with your index finger as the "victim".

    Was really proud of myself once again.


    suddenly, my index finger felt super cold.
    IT WAS THEN...


    I tied the knot too tightly. So blood cannot go through.
    So my index finger turned blue purple. without blood.

    Super cold.

    I got shocked la. But i tied the bandaged super tightly. So hard for me to unknot it.


    But i did it somehow.

    So my index finger regained blood.


    So i tied a loose knot after that.

    Then.. there's this mosquito that kept 'weeeengggging' at my ear.

    super irritating la..

    So i waited till it is flying in front of me.. then i..

    CLAP it with both my hands.

    AND WTH-ly..

    I injured myself again.

    Because i hit my finger with my own hand .. erm..

    Dumb la. I know.

    Painful .

    Ok. Alright. the end. =((

    THE BLOODY MOSQUITO managed to sting me 4 times.

    2 on my right arm, 1 on my chin and 1 on my leg.

    sucked so much blood still haven die. zz..

    Long post. That's me =))

    Alright. I'm off to bed now.

    Good Night.

    Band from 1am - 9pm tomorrow and wednesday.

    RPWSian, remember to photocopy your passports =))

    Nights all !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Sunday, 4 November 2007


    Ok. Thanks to EUGENE and WEIWEI that i'm so irritated these 2 days.

    Weiwei told me something REALLY interesting but didn't want to tell me the most important part. I'm like " WHAT?! YOU NOT GOING TO TELL ME? ".

    HAha. Totally la. I'm SOOOO excited, but he really didn't tell me.

    Ok la, he did. 1 day later. Which is today.
    I'm like SOOO relieved and abit uneasy after knowing what he didn't want to tell me.

    Yea. THANKS WEIWEI. seriously it was good that u waited a day before telling me.
    I might not be as steady as today to accept the fact. LOL !

    Ok, Then for Eugene.

    Well. I'm not really interested to the secret he want to keep from me.
    He's not to be blamed too. He said it was a secret already. OF COURSE he will NOT tell me.

    But REALLY, don't even mention about it because it will be a secret and not to be told.
    You mentioned it, i'm like so excited. But, you're then telling me the details are not to be told.

    TURNED OFF LA. hehehe.

    But it's alright. I don't really want to know too.
    Not as tempting as weiwei's news.

    LOL .

    Anyways. I injured myself when ironing clothes today.

    well. I cut myself.

    weird huh ?

    WHO will cut themselves when ironing.

    People usually burn themself. not?


    I fell into the laundry basket..

    Yups. that's how i cut myself.

    Can't blame me. Blame the laundry basket.

    FOR being made by wooden sticks with splinters and being so big and deep.

    I'm like, shuffling the clothes. No.

    I'm arranging the clothes, according to jeans and shirts . Er.. why?
    I'm ORGRANISED la.

    Grr. I'm a Librarian now. I MUST BE ORGANISED.

    Oh ya. And then the story went on. I'm arranging the clothes and i thought the basket is full cos i see the clothes piled up to the brim of the basket.

    TO MY ... unfortunate-ness (who cares whether there's this word)..

    To THAT, the basket was only half full, it was piled to the brim because the clothes are.. enjoying themselves with the spacious basket?

    OK. SO.. I just used both hands to push down the clothes to create space.

    and again.. who knew that the basket is half full. =/

    So i went.. in. Yups. into the basket. and yups..

    I cut my right index finger, my left thumb, my left wrist, my left arm and my right knee.

    COOL right.

    not that cool actually. The cut on my right index finger is small.

    from what i see is that.. my small chunk of meat was cut off.
    Just a tiny chunk. BUT STILL ! ....


    My left thumb and left wrist is alright. minor cut. not that painful too.

    My left arm.. hmm. abit swollen, no cut.
    I think blue-black is coming.

    My right knee. well, i didn't notice there's a cut till just now when i'm sitting on the floor folding the shirts. No pain at all, just skin rubbed off.


    I'm unlucky. very. indeed.



    That's all for entertainment =))

    I'm going to pack my bag for the next few days as i think i will most probably be staying in sg.
    And i'm going to start reading my NEW book.

    " A tale of two sisters " - Anna Maxted

    Never read her books before. but can try =)

    Yups ! I finished Julia Quinn. 8 books. Yes. The set.

    Alright alright. time to go.

    Take care ya people . Don't fall sick. Drink loads of water!

    (I'm still coughing. But i'm going to recover very soon ! =) )

    Nights !!

    - Zi Qi -

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 2 November 2007

    Feeling it?

    Sometimes things are so magical, it makes you unable to stop wondering why.

    When you walk down the hall and you see him/her. You feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach.


    When you queue up to buy lunch and you see him/her on the line slightly ahead of you. You get nervous and wonder whether the both of you are buying the same food.


    When you sit down on a table with your friends and you see him with his group of GUY friends, sitting across you. You start to worry whether you ordered the correct food, whether your hair is messy and perhaps whether you wore the correct socks.


    When strolling around the school looking for a quiet place to read a book, you saw him talking to a girl through the library glass. You felt as though your stomach is squeezed so tightly by some unseen forces and you feel like looking away but you can't.


    Everyday you see yourself looking at the previous spot where you last see him, and you wonder whether you'll see him again today.


    After 'tracking' down his class, you purposely walk pass the place where you know he might appear and got disappointed when you didn't see him.



    There are even more whys. but i'm so lazy to think and type.

    Don't you feel that all this power to make you do what is above is very magical?
    Very weird powers. and you don't have the answer to the whys.

    And why am i asking myself the WHys ?

    I have no idea.

    I'm sitting down in front of my com, eating my gummy bears and i suddenly just thought of someone i think i'm missing.

    No, not exactly missing. Just feel like thinking.

    Yes, someone i suddenly feel like thinking.

    In fact, everyday i'm thinking of this someone.

    someone, i don't know. perhaps it's no one at all too.

    I'm making a picture in my mind about this someone. Don't even know whether he exist or not.

    Probably yes, because i'm actually thinking of him.

    Yay. have i confused you ?

    i'm rather contradicting today.

    Actually, i'm always contradicting.


    It's the holidays now.

    Busy week ahead.

    If you see me more than 3 times a week, you are consider too lucky.

    Because even my mum don't get to see me 3 times a week next week.


    I'm seriously quite random today.

    Guess it's because tomorrow is Saturday, although i cannot sleep till Sunday, because i have to help my sis at work..

    My randomness is probably due to the shockness while practicing my flute.

    I realize that.. Shirley is the best thing that can happen to me. =x

    Yes. My new Section Leader. Shirley. Totally. Her sectionals is making me go crazy but is so so helping la. I'm like, totally remembering all the parts she ask me to 'accent' or to 'staccato abit more'.

    Yes. very good. Other than One small part that i keep forgetting i have to decresendo, i think i'm quite fine with "Jupitar"'s FIRST page. =))

    Kudos to Shirley !


    I'm totally sleepy now.

    Good Night!

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;