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    Wednesday, 5 December 2007

    December !

    December had always been my favourite month.

    It brings joy and laughter to everyone.

    Being the Holiday month for primary and secondary students.
    Being the planning of overseas trip month for the working adults.
    Being the month full of surprises.
    Being the richest month.

    BEing the month that we celebrate Christmas !

    Aw ! Christmas is my favourite festival.

    I don't really celebrate it. But i just like it.

    I like the feeling of having christmas, i like the feeling of knowing it's near.

    Few years back, i used to attend christmas parties.
    Big groups of Ninjutsu friends gather to celebrate.

    Really fun. But friends sometimes drift apart when we grow older.
    Single become Couple. Couple become Triples.

    So when this happen. Christmas parties start to multiply. And so people start to split into different groups. No longer one party with everyone.

    Last year, my christmas was almost the best . I think it's the 2nd best.

    I didn't celebrate in parties, not in groups not with friends.

    I celebrated it with strangers, people i never see before.

    I was working.

    It was quite saddening when i know i cant celebrate christmas with my friends, but i didn't know it turned out so well in the end.

    So many people went to bishan atrium for last minute presents.
    I wished everyone Merry Christmas when i serve them, and they wished back.

    It is a very nice experience. =)

    Okay. This year will be the same. Laa ~

    Okay !

    Yes, Christmas is very nice.

    Oh ya. I'm talking about December being my favourite month. =)

    My sister's birthday is coming. 11th December !

    Bloody hell. She is celebrating on the 8th December at some clubbling venue.
    Don't know which one.

    SHE invited all her friends to open a few bottles.
    Like wth.

    She's totally rejecting my request to see me perorm with FREE tickets la.


    NEVER MIND. just quite sad that.. She's not waiting for me to celebrate with her.

    We don't usually miss each other's birthday.
    Maybe once, when she's in England.

    My dad say he will buy cake to celebrate on 9th December.
    And made sure i'll be back to celebrate with my sister.

    NOt the point.

    SEriously, i just think that.. dEcember is a month for Love.

    To love.

    Why ?

    I don't know. Don't you just feel that December is so blessed with love ?
    I do.

    Sigh. Sadly, a friend of mine just fell out of love. Yes, Directly in December.

    So painful.
    I love December so much i don't even know people can fall out of love in December.

    I just know everyone can start loving each other in December.
    Even I, even i will be more tolerant to those i dislike in December.

    It's a month too nice to not love.

    Anyways, my fren, love is always around.
    I believe after the 9th, love will be even richer.

    Look on the brighter side ok !


    Advanced Merry Christmas to all !!

    Ah de la da ~

    Christmas is Coming !! ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;