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    Thursday, 29 May 2008

    My life is going on as usual so smoothly..

    Just this ONE THING that is quite unpleasant.
    keep on going in circles.

    and i'm tired of it.

    I'm going to say a final STOP to the bloody issue and it shall be GONE !.

    yups. " STOP ! ".

    for those who don't know what's going on in my life that is making me so frustrated..

    hm ~

    let me tell you.

    i've stepped on water and it soaked my slippers.


    for those who know..

    yea. i'm throwing my slippers away.


    ahhh. AHAHAHA !

    Only till recently that i've realized that i blog by sentences.

    i should try typing in paragraphs. Hmm.
    i will try okay. hahaha.

    seriously, i'm really tired right now. It's only 9am.

    I'm blogging because i have to =x .

    hm. well well. for the past 2 weeks, yesterday was my earliest arrival back home.

    and yes. thought that i would be able to spend some time with audition...

    my modem turned faulty.

    seriously, i dun know why, how, when, who, what !

    REALLY. i'm using the connection in the morning.
    i went to school in the afternoon..

    and when i come back at night, the wireless connection can't be detected.

    it's really.. WTH !

    sigh sigh sigh !

    i've on/off , off/on, on/off, off/on -ed the wireless moden + router plus my lappy.

    DIDN'T HELP. I gave up and spent the next few hours on taiwan dramas and testing my doraemon speaker.

    My sister bought me an ugly doraemon speaker 2 years back.
    Was wondering whether it's still working..

    yes, obviously it's still working. it's brand new. just seriously dirty =x

    i'm considering bringing it for bandcamp.

    we can blast music throughout if i bring it.

    but it's wasting space. (my bag. i'm bringing pillow ah. sure bulky. hmmm)

    okay.. wondering..

    nevermind. i'm bored.

    i just need to blog to keep me awake.

    continue typing and i'll be awake soon.

    I'm doing the bloody worksheet and then Naf msged me ..
    " siala. i just rech sch. hahaha ! "

    SIA LA NAF. 9.23am !

    1 hour late sia ! HAHAH . BREAKFAST SEH. (-0.5)

    Lol ~


    Today's module is decision cost making.
    i'm dying from questions in the worksheet.


    sigh. wan-to-go-home-arh.

    okay . finish blogging. okay.

    little updates :

    thurs - band prac later.
    fri - sectionals.
    saturday - car practical and C.O concert
    sunday - piano and dry run of bandcamp games for comm members

    mon - sleep ~
    tue - breakfast with shrooms gang at mac and 1st day of bandcamp.
    wed, thurs, fri - band camp
    sat - no idea
    sun - no idea.

    updating again soon. hope my wireless router will fix be itself tonight. =))


    -Hm. i'll make pudding this weekend. ^^

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 28 May 2008

    don't stab into someone's heart and then scold the person for screaming out the pain.



    aw. band practice was as tiring as usual. but i'm quite happy.

    seriously. =))

    I'm 20% more confident with my parts already.

    So.. 20% + 20% = 40% .

    it's good you know. i still have 1 and a half months to work on the 60%.

    20% comes from first few practices of sight-reading.

    can play most parts. but not very clear.

    today's 20% is.. I'm able to sing Gloriosa's first phrase

    " O Glo-ri-o-sa do mi na.. "

    Laaa ~ yes. i'm practicing it ok. i sing in the toilet.. in the bus.. in my head..

    3 more phrase to go. can one la. =x

    the 20% today also consist of being able to count the rests and able to play correctly at my parts most of the time already.

    still miss a few parts, but it's ok. still got time =x

    Yup. i'm quite confident that the flute section will be able to make it.

    CHEERS. we have 3 juniors this year ok. we CAN make it. ^^

    ZOE, you'll have more than just 14 bars to play le.

    we're doing some editing and arranging to the 2ndflute's score !
    wait up ok ! more to practice =))


    going to pack the bloody cupboard tml again.

    my peaceful sleep-in wednesdays are now for packing of cupboards and files. LOL.

    however, this time round is packing of flute files.
    i shall do it once and for all. 2 hours that is !

    Then i shall help Pat with clarinet section's file.
    damn those who is not doing their work.

    maybe, MAYBE, i can help Naf =x


    oh yea. and REALLY SORRY to those who called me and smsed me.
    I forgot to bring my phone out today.


    sigh sigh. 24 missed calls and 32 msges.

    well, the starhub very EFFICIENT la. 1 miss call = 1 msg to inform u about the missed call.

    so... 32 - 24 = 8 msges only. HAHA.

    half from my parents that is. hahahah.

    laaa ~

    oh yea.

    i'm going to join kickboxing ! =)


    oh yea. anyways. just random question to those who know WEIWEI.

    do u guys find it quite tiring walking beside him ?

    LOL ~

    usually still alright, we have shirley walking with us, so it's like.. weiwei don't walk very fast =x.

    today, shirley not with us. i met up with weiwei at the interchange to take bus to school.

    when we reach school.

    really stun sia. i think it was one of the FASTEST timing for walking from the bus-stop to the library.

    like.. 2 mins ? HE WALK SO FAST LA.
    den my short legs have to catch up with him.

    after we met shirley and walked to the canteen... he ask me " u hot ah? "

    HOT LA. wah lao. my speed of walking is doubled up, breathing doubled up. heartbeat doubled up.
    of course hot ah !

    LOL .

    i'm going to make him walk my speed the next time we walk to school.

    hmp !

    Oh. last of all,



    heh, girl, i know u miss me la. see you soon okay. =)


    okays. good night people.

    - honeylemonredtea. honeylemonredtea. milktea. milktea.

    OH WAIT !







    ^^ teach teach teach ! ^^



    okays. ^^ nights !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 26 May 2008

    it's not your call anymore.

    So you can show the rest, and let them pity you. =)

    people with fair judgement will understand.

    at least i did my part, i've no regrets.
    it's ur own fault with communication breakdown.

    do reflect.


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    I'm SAD !


    damn myself.

    one week before today, the day i went KL, i was practicing my flute.
    and when i left the house..

    i was thinking.. " aiya. 2 days only. " ..

    so i left my flute on my flute stand beside my piano.

    And yup. When i returned from KL.

    I made no attempt to keep my flute because i'll still be playing it and all.

    Just yesterday. I walked past my piano. And suddenly saw this weird silver stick beside the piano.

    I'm like. " OH SHIT. MY FLUTE. "

    YEA. took me a week to remember i left it there.


    It's don't look like how is when i left it there.

    I took it up for further examination.




    DAMN !

    so much of leaving it there for 2 days.

    cause of the rust : i didn't clean it, exposed to surroundings for too long.



    something else....



    i almost cried. really. almost.

    well, I bought the flute with my first full salary.
    NOT a very expensive flute. average flute.

    But still, it's saddening ok..

    and the saddest thing is...

    after i screamed at the dent, i put the flute down and ran upstairs to scold my brother.

    he's the only one at home.

    he apologized and i went to bed.





    okay. i'll promise to polish it with silver cloth and hug it to sleep tonight.

    u know what?

    I'm actually KINDA relieved.


    it's not the school's flute.

    I'll be so DAMNED if it's the school's. Bet the QMs are going to kill me for that.


    I'm saving for flute lessons.

    The reason my dad doesn't want to pay for my flute lessons is because i don't have time to even have dinner with my family.

    Hahaha. Ya arh.

    doesn't matter. i'll save. =)

    I save money pretty fast. =))

    few more months. =)))

    I'm going to spend alot of money this year.

    Piano lesson fees. : $230 / month (4 lessons) - 1 hour each
    Piano Exams : $xxx

    Flute lesson fees : $300 / month (4 lessons) - 1 hour each

    no worries.

    At most i sell my phone. *rolleyes*

    okay arh.

    I'm just pretty sad right now.
    I need to get home asap to clean my flute. If not, i might die from guilt.


    Committee meeting later on.

    1 week - 5 days band.

    monday - comm meeting.
    tuesday - band prac
    wednesday - packing of files
    thursday - band prac.
    friday - sectionals prac.

    sat - car practical
    sun - piano lesson.

    aiite. ciaoz.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Sunday, 25 May 2008

    i've deleted my 4th post.


    oh yea. whatever.

    Just a little note to someone here.

    " Hey, you will regret what you did. i'm not for revenge here. but u'll regret. "


    woah. 4th post on the same day.


    I'm telling the whole world right now..

    Trust your friend and you'll be trusted.

    and yea. i've just been busted. =))

    - aiite. nights people .

    i've been a sucker for a min. 11:16pm . i've been counting.

    bye ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    i should change my blogskin.

    no, i should not put my fav song roaring in the blog.

    should change my blogskin.

    =)) soon.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    I'm worried.

    about myself . HAHA !

    The dark dark circles around my eyes are getting deeper and deeper.


    Will result in bad kidney.


    It's 8pm now.
    I'm feeling FREAKING-ly tired. (i've made a mental note to sleep right after this. pray hope i remember.)

    Oh, on a slighter note, i didn't go for my car practical lesson just now.

    It rained quite heavily suddenly at 1.40pm.
    I didn't want to have my 2nd driving experience out in the road on a rainy day.

    So i called the car centre to cancel my lesson.

    At 1.45pm, they replied, said it's ok and ask me to rest well. ( oh, i told them i'm sick =x )

    At 1.55pm, the rain stopped. STOPPED. REALLY STOPPED.


    Okay. Nothing much there.

    Hang around my room shifting furnitures around and packing all my stuff.
    Although i'm not REALLY OLD right now..

    But looking back at the past really make me wonder alot. LOL.

    You know, during primary school times, we will have this diary to pass around to everyone to write in?

    HAhaha. Yup. i have a few of that.
    I found them when i'm packing for things to be thrown away.

    Read through many times. Found so many interesting things.

    One of my 348 friend still keeps a diary like that. Even to this date.

    I've realize that, when we grow up, we tend to not introduce ourself as much as before.

    When i received the diary from my friend 2 years back, which is... Secondary 4, i, like all the rest of the 348 girls wrote long messages, greetings, memories, future plans and all.


    It's all no introduction. Just words and words of love and encouragements.


    I flipped on the diaries i found in my cupboard.

    - My Data - ( haha. )

    Name : Zi Qi
    Class : xD
    D.O.B : 10th December

    Fav Food.
    Fav Drink.
    Fav Tv programme.
    Fav movie
    Fav Teacher
    Fav person
    Fav classmate
    Fav girl
    Fav guy.

    Yea. HAhaha. and of course when u have all the FAvs, u have all the Un-Favs. =\
    (new word of the day. Un-FAv)

    Yup yup.

    And you'll list a whole lot of 100% gold friends, 50% silver friends, 0% bronze friends.

    Hahah. Bronze is already 0%.

    I wonder how many percent copper is.

    - Yup yup. PRi sch days memories flew back to me. First Crush. and all.
    I can't believe there's people writing their first crush in my diary.

    I think i've done the same too. HAhaha.
    So much memories of the past.

    Suddenly it made me feel so old.

    But i'm yet to be legal to even buy alcohol.

    Actually all written above kinda just blurted out from my mind.. as usual.


    Overall, i'm just wondering if i'll continue to blog when i grow older.
    Let's say, 30 years old ?

    I'm going to be this young auntie holding 1 kid in each hand.

    Will i look back and laugh at myself again?


    Hm. I believe so.


    This post is really random.

    Just kinda worry about the Earth.
    -no link-

    Jasmine told us at MOS the other day that...

    researchers found out that the Earth will be end at year 2019. A friday.

    Because some people found something big on the way to crash into Earth.

    And so it says.

    Yea. 2019.

    11 more years only.

    The first thing i said to Naf after hearing all these is...

    " sia la, i haven't get married. 11 more years only sia. "

    Only that i didn't add on what's on my mind. " i can't get to see my grand-childrens "


    And what Patricia said was. " HAVEN'T HAD SEX. "

    everyone was like.. " erm.. Pat? "

    SIA LA. I'm bored la.
    My msn is not working at all and my game isn't working either.

    THe only thing i can do is blog.

    well. zz.

    Okay. I shall not bore you all furthur.

    Good Night. time : 8.13pm.

    Going to sleep now.

    shall post tomorrow. =\

    [[ and so... Qi sings.. ]]

    Now that it’s all said and done

    I can’t believe you were the one
    To build me up and tear me down

    Like an old abandoned house
    What you said when you left
    Just left me cold and out of breath
    I fell too far, was in way too deep
    Guess I let you get the best of me ~

    [[ shall continue singing tomorrow..]]

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;


    You know... the cost of flour increased...


    i went to my favourite breadshop just now.

    Usually with just 10 dollars, you can buy 5 pieces of bread.

    It's like.. roughly - $1.50 - $1.90 for one bread.

    I walked into the store.. I was stunned.

    I looked at the small variety of bread and shook my head.
    So little variety.

    When i was about to pick a random bread to make my basket look slightly full,

    i almost fell.

    damn. The freaking bread cost $3.20.



    If i'm not with my little cousin, who want the piece of bread badly, i would have walked off.

    Yes yes. I'm stingy. NOT.
    I'm not stingy.

    Just cant accept the fact that a piece of bread is costing $3.20 now.

    It's alright. I'll stop eating bread for some time.

    So we got back to the car..

    And i'm suddenly deep in thoughts..

    I don't know which module..


    no idea which.. but..

    If PRice of FLour increase..

    price of bread increase ; things made of flour increases.

    - erm........ Flour..

    - Pasta. Cakes. Pizza. Pastries. Noodles: Ramen, yellowmee. Popiah. VegetarianFood.... etc etc..

    DAMN. They DO use Flour to fry Chicken right?
    This is bad..

    HAhaha. Yes Yes. I'm blabbering over the increase cost of Flour.

    Nothing much actually.
    I doubt many people care.

    Guess it's just me. HA HA HA.


    aiite aiite.

    Yesterday's Car Practical lesson was quite shocking actually.

    It's my second time driving.
    My instructor came to pick me up for lesson.

    When i got on the car..
    He asked:" when is the last time i teach you? the first lesson? when? "

    I'm like.. " erm.. hmm.. erm... 2 weeks ago? "

    He replied : " Good. Ok, drive me to the car training centre. "

    Me : " WHAT? " ( the shock is because... he's suppose to drive me there. I haven't drive in the main road before la. zz )

    Him : " Faster, no time. "

    Me : " O . K "

    so i drove..

    on the main road... to the car training centre.

    So, the distance is about... Boon Lay to Woodlands / Woodlands to Orchard .


    with loads of traffic and a long bridge.

    Yes. My fastest speed is 40km/hr.

    Hey. If you are the one driving for the first time, you'll understand that 40km/hr is VERY FAST already.

    Yup. Drove for 2 hrs.

    Learnt how to make U-turns.
    Learnt the required Route A and Route B for the exam.

    Totally forget how to park the car/ 3-point turn.


    Going to have my 3rd lesson at 2pm.

    I totally regretted sleeping so late yesterday night.

    Made myself finish the book i'm reading.

    Totally regretted because i CANNOT focus at all during my piano lesson.

    It's like... sigh. it's like... wasting time/money.


    Kinda Good News : No piano lesson next week.
    Kinda Bad News : I must pay the fees even if there's no lesson.

    Like.. rolleyes.

    More and more Ranting nowadays.


    Oh yea. I will be collating Jasmine's scandal list for this year.

    Tell me if you want to be included.


    Msn is not really working for me nowadays.

    so.. leave me Sms-es and calls if you need me.

    (actually phone also no use. i haven been charging my phone for 2 days. - kinda no batt)


    OKOK. ending the post.


    yea. BYE BYE PEOPLE. Shall post again when i've better things to say.

    Laaa ~

    ps. I'm thinking of taking up kick-boxing lessons.
    HAH !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 22 May 2008


    Some REALLY weird/ funny stuff to show you guys.

    anyways, few hours back, while having dinner with ..

    (haha. I don't like to put Naf and Friends.. like not sincere.)

    yea. while having dinner with them just now, i was telling them about the weird words people use to find my blog in google.

    " ribena pastilles " .

    hahaha. yea. i saw that in my nuffnang's " keyword search " to my blog.

    It's like.. UH? where's the link?

    LOL ~ I ONCE post about Ribena Pastilles, the crave i have for it.
    and how much energy content it have and all.

    but i really don't know how people can type it in the google search and find my blog.

    yea yea.
    and I happen to visit nuffnang just now for doing some editings here and there.


    Here's what i saw. Laugh ok..



    ok la. not THAT funny. but still! it's really INTERESTING !

    let's talk about every keyword ok...


    - ziqi - still alright la. my name ma. and quite many people have the name too. maybe someone trying to search my blog or some other pretty girl's pic ba.. LOL.

    - im-call-qi - DEFINETLY looking for my blog. but... problem is... if you know it's "im-call-qi" already.. you could've type it in the address box? no? .blogspot.com? no? HAHA ! weird !

    - ribena pastilles - Yup. NO IDEA.

    qi.yap@hotmail.com - Yea. people trying to find me somewhere by my email ba..

    - zikki fictin - really no comments. i know i'm zikki. HAHA.

    - ribena citric and how much - =(( really ah... haiyo...

    - hirdas - i hope someone can tell me.. haha.

    - anime in love cute - I think i mentioned i watch anime before.. but.. erm.. ?

    - dai dee excel sheet - I AM GOING INSANE.

    - your just another mistake - YEs yes. i'm the mistake. push me ya.

    - cute chinchillas - I BET they found Peppers ! ^^

    - suprising facts of ribenas - THEY ARE PURPLE !

    - strepsils and tooth decay? - Hm. hmmm. guys, dun eat too much mentos, kills sperms. ( =\ )

    - zikki - yea. zikki.


    - meixian blogspot - SIA LA. CONFIRM FROM SINGAPORE POLY. HAHAHA. meixian arh meixian ! - anyways, meixian dun really blog. try forever348.blogspot.com haha. at least she post there BEFORE . LOL !

    - yani facial cream - HA ! YAN, YOU PROMOTING FACIAL CREAM? =\

    - what is ribena pastilles - SIA LA, sound like PATRICIA. HAHAHA !

    - wei wei rpws trombone - WAH LAO. WEINI, people stalking for you too !
    HAHAHAHAHa. HEY SOMEONE, try WAYNE rpws trombone. ^^

    ahhh. so much of ribena pastilles.


    My post about ribena pastilles is on the..

    21st August 2007.


    hai hai.

    i clicked on my archives to search on my ribena post..

    Then i read back my previous posts.

    Really really worst than now.
    I think the habit of loving to talk and talk and talk just can't be changed.

    I post even longer posts last time.

    REading back was so much fun. One day after i finish all my newly bought books, i shall read my archive posts.

    quite lame. doesn't matter arh. =))


    Quite done for the post.

    Just a little update on my current plans for the weekend.

    - Friday - (today) . - school, sectionals.
    - Saturday - car practical !
    - Sunday - piano lecturing and car practical !

    HAHA. I'm driving REALLLLLLLL soon ! ^^

    OH YEA. talking about that..

    Brandon drove us to cwp today.


    if the U-TURN he made was DELIBERATLY SO HARSH..

    Then.. HE's a pretty good driver.

    Because if he didn't do it on purpose, i think he couldn't have passed the practical exam.

    but still, we don't have to walk. NICE ! (lazy ah)


    ah. ops. haha ! he wun be reading. no harm =x

    Laaa . overall conclusion : today was a nice day.
    (today in this sentence is referring to Thurs, it's Friday already.)

    ok. i'm being naggy again. shall end the post now.

    Nights all.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 21 May 2008

    was actually quite happy a moment ago when i'm typing the previous post.

    went blog hopping. and everything is like..

    Wooosh ~ . totally roll-eyes mood.

    a friend once tell me that when you're in a relationship with someone for almost a year..
    ALMOST a year, the few more months to A YEAR is the most shaky ones.

    I disagreed and i replied that, " it really depend on who is the 2 person "

    hm. actually, it's quite a random say.

    It's alright. I don't really know why am i so down again.

    I shall drink my newly-found-flavour bubble tea tomorrow and be drunk from all the roll-eyes things.

    My eyes will get smaller if i continue to roll like this.

    Hope everything will be fine.

    - sucky week.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Hello hello !


    yesterday was really tiring.

    hell loads of fire gun shooting around. someone should really do something about it.

    WELFARE? WELFARE? SIA LA. welfare officer only collect band fund.

    Just like Librarians. Only Print Score.

    band camp use water gun can. safer ah.


    I apologize to all those who got burned by my fire.
    really didn't mean to aim nicely.

    I buy you guys ice aiite. =\

    Received some comments about wanting my little 10 year old friend's blog link.

    HAHAHA. sia la. privacy can?

    okay. i really didn't felt like posting.
    It's really because of WEIWEI that i am typing now.

    Because... HE...




    Oh yea man. although i think i know how he get. but dun know ah. I never ask him.

    He always give me loads of surprising weird stuffs.

    Okay. So if you are interested in the little girl's blog. Find WEIWEI ya.


    yes. bloody hell. i know what u guys thinking.

    I've swore in my previous previous previous post that i'm not talking to him.

    HAHAHA. and now, i'm here, thanking and thanking him.

    LOL ! cannot make it la.

    my temper very fast hot, very fast cool also.

    then the other day.. I'm meeting Naf. And so HAPPENLY he and Phylis was there.

    I see him. want to laugh, want to act angry.

    cmi. obviously i failed at acting angry. yup yup.

    rolleyes. hahaha. can't blame la. he's one of my first good friends in poly leh.

    * looks up at the ceiling... rolled-eyes. hm. *

    HAhaha. Alright. I'm really like flattering him too much.

    This is to thank him no reason-ly (my new word) for anyhow-ly (my old word) ...;for anyhow-ly getting a blog link i've been trying to get. Yup yup.

    Okay. WEINI, i believe u are wondering what good deed u've done.

    You made me stare at the blog and SCREAMED " WHAT THE FUCK! eEEE ! THE EYES ! ".

    Yup yup. you can ask Phylis about that. I viewed the blog with her.

    - shhh. let's not reveal whose blog is it ya. -

    Ah. Believe me. This is almost one of the times whereby i am just dragging my post because i don't feel like ending it but i've got absoulute nothing else to say.

    It's alright. I'll think of something when i keep typing..

    Oh yes yes. Just saying about thinking about something..

    Me and Phylis packed the Library Cupboards today.

    YES. If you recall, the last time we packed the cupboard, i've gotten sick the next day and Phylis had gotten itchy throat.

    Sigh sigh.

    thanks to Hannah for reminding me every few moments to go wash my face.
    I think i'm going to be alright tomorrow. Just a little cough and sniffs here and there.

    Yup. Another fren of my suggested that i should wear mask the next time we pack the cupboards.

    Lis, we go buy and claim from welfare ok !

    HA HA HA !


    talking about welfare..

    DENNIS. IF YOU ARE READING...............

    must return me last month's band fund ah. =x

    I was under Financial Assistance last month.

    LOL ! la la la..

    anyways. Thanks to those who sent their care and concerns last few weeks.

    Although my Dad is still nagging me about what happened, but everything is better already.

    AT LEAST, i don't have to walk inside KFC and remember my wallet is empty.


    aiite aiite aiite.

    Ok. LAST, LAST anyway.

    ANYWAY, don't bother about the nuffnang ad at the side of my blog ok.
    It's supposed to be at the bottom.

    But the nuffnang person ask me to put above, if not he not going to let me advertise.

    SIA LA. I blogged almost 1 year already. (June = one year)

    i blogged almost 1 year already but the nuffnang earnings still SUPER low la.

    wait till i receive the earnings. We'll go celebrate. Celebrate my 1 year old blog.

    Let's wait.

    Oh. I suddenly remember something again !
    HAHA !

    The reason why i started my blog is because i wanted to post about last year's band camp.


    For those who don't know..

    he's in my team. and.. we were playing water bombs..

    The other team stole our whole bucket of water bombs.

    I got so pissed, i walked to their team and took them back.

    NO LA, i didn't went like some siaokia demanding my waterbombs.

    I just.. act friendly.. act innocent.. walk walk... and took. and ran !

    Yea. I remember. Aizat was the one pulling me down to the bloody muddy grass patch.
    And everyone came hugging me. pouring water.. pulling my hair.. yes yes..

    To remind why i didn't have people back me up when i go steal the bombs back..

    well, i did told SOMEONE to watch out for me.

    Just that. she thought i was joking and ignored me.
    Yes. That dumpling.



    GOt pretty high.

    So much memories. Band camp coming.. ^^

    suddenly not so excited. Naf can't make it. Got attachment.




    My photoshop down. So no pictures until it is working again.



    [ps.] anyone renting room? qi is finding.


    . Nights all. Laa-diii ~ Diii ~ LAH ~ !

    [ps.ps] i miss Dilah, my type-never-think friend. (dilah, ur talk-never-think friend misses u !)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 20 May 2008

    The only thing nice about today is..

    My faci didn't ask alot of questions.

    Other than that.. really quite cmi..

    - shoulder ache.
    - weird conversations.
    - knee a little naughtly. (cold weather ba..)
    - got to prepare things for band.
    - alot of things not done.
    - 100 things on pending to-be-done list.
    - heavy bag.
    - band.
    - band.
    - band.
    - band.
    - band.

    okay. I'm blogging because i'm kinda bored.

    waiting for Yani and Phylis to come my class.

    Naf have UT. so yea.

    Weird eh. they are not here yet.

    Aiite. post some pics from KL tomorrow or whenever i'm free.

    YES, i know i still owe my blog alot of pictures !

    HAHA !


    Cya peeps.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 17 May 2008

    You know.. sometimes i'm really trying to be a good person.

    Recently i know this little girl from game.

    I only get to know her age after she pester me for half an hour to get my msn.

    Okay. no harm. Msn .

    so. yup. she's 10.

    Okay. it's really alright, having a 10 years old friend.

    Hey, we used to be 10 years old.

    But i think, times change.
    she's telling me about this guy in her class who likes her.

    Actually. i'm alright la, i'm good, like... well. talking to small girls.

    I'm OK, nice. =)

    so.. she ask if i blog.

    I replied, yes.

    I think it was a bad answer as she started pestering for my blog address.

    nope. i refuse to give.

    so in the end, she gave me hers.

    woah. i started blogging since 17 years old.

    She started blogging since.. 9/10 years old.
    OMG !

    Okay. she ask me to tag in her blog.
    i did.

    i said " Hi, nice blog ! "

    it was manners.

    after that.. we didn't talk for like.. 1 min.

    suddenly, my msn started blinking .

    " ii habbe repliied eur taq. "

    it took me more than 30 secs to digest.

    alright. and she told me about how she's going to spend her day.

    Seriously, if u dun categorize me as nice, i don't know what else.

    I chat with her about her day for an hour.

    I'm nice.

    so, in case she ask if i've read her blog, i "fav" her blog add.

    So, i continue my usual routine of checking out all my frens' blog.
    skipped her for a week.

    hop in to refresh on whose blog is it just now.

    And i found the answer to why so many people failed English last year.

    And i can foresee the future.. it's really not that good.

    To prevent revealing her identity ( =\ )

    i just show u what she wrote for her last night's entry.

    yup. i must re-read every sentence twice to understand.

    sigh. although my own english is only half a bucket of water, but still........

    Hm. I actually admire this little girl, for as, she discover blogger.com so much earlier than I.

    tanx sohh muchx feerh reeadingg myhes blogx.

    sia la. i cannot. just add X at the end of the word doesn't help.


    hahha. aiite. it's 6am already. i shall go sleep. =\

    Going KL tomorrow.

    Family Outing.

    finally, dad and sis not on fire anymore.

    Yup. aiite..

    i shall post when i'm back.

    Yup. Use good english.

    No need good english.
    even singlish is good. Just don't use X english.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 15 May 2008

    some guys just cannot understand the simplest thing about girls.

    and there it is. right in front of me. this guy, can't even sense the slighest bit when a girl is FUMING because of his stupid confidence.

    The next guy i date is sooooo going to be someone with.. -

    - humour.
    - height.
    - sensitivity
    - knowledge.
    - slight understanding of girls. ( SLIGHT IS ENOUGH ) ( AT LEAST DO THE RIGHT THINGS AT THE RIGHT TIME YA )

    . Yup . that's about all.

    Yup yup. Even i can't see myself matching the above qualities.

    It's alright, it's better to set a target than just date blindly ya ?

    At most, i cancel out some points when i meet a guy who roughly meet the standard ?


    I'm being bad in the post.

    Ah. * rolleyes * .


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 14 May 2008

    I had this really weird dream yesterday/today.

    Ok. i slept from ytd.. around 12am ++

    Until evening. 5pm ++

    The thing is... I've got this dream in the early times when i sleep.

    Then i woke up suddenly because.. you know, whenever you dream, some things are always left hanging. So you'll force yourself to go deeper, and eventually you'll wake up.

    so, for my case, it kept happening.

    i dreamt of going out with someone.

    i think it's a girl, but it seem like a guy. long hair, but the voice like deep.

    haha. very weird la. so i try to make myself focus on the face.

    and i woke up.

    so i force myself to sleep and dream again. and then.. it because a different person.

    in fact, the people walking beside me are all different already. IT's one BIG group.

    walking and walking.. i can't see the face too.
    But... One big group..

    Naf and all ? Hahaha.

    After that.. the scene changed. we are at bugis or somewhere..

    then we walked into this shop that sell alot of facial cream, body lotion and stuff.

    suddenly the shop only left with me. and many many staffs.

    so i wanted to buy this facial cream.

    then the staff tell me, the pH for the cream very high, will burn my face.

    so i asked whether she have a lower pH cream.
    she say it's all sold out.

    I panic ah. cos i think i really need the cream or something.


    Then then, she recommended me Pimple cream.

    the bottle very big arh.
    like those.. u know.. Gel bottles? thick thick round round, big big.

    i shock la. den i ask. how to use ?

    she dunno from where pull out a plug, den attach it to the bottle.

    then the content inside the bottle started swirling.

    she showed me the swirling content. she say that the cream will turn hot.

    then i ask how can i use the content when it's hot.

    she say. press "this" button.

    i dun remember where is the button.

    but after she pressed, the hot cream turned into foam, and the foam started to flow out.


    the end.

    i woke up after that.

    What's funny is that.. I've dreamt about all these for the past 20hrs that i've been sleeping.


    u know. i read it from somewhere that, whenever someone dreams..

    no matter how long the person thought he/she dreamt.

    the longest a dream can last is only 40secs.

    As in, one person can think that he/she dreamt for the past 4hrs about something.
    but actually, the dream is only 40secs. (the most)

    yup yup. haahahahahah.

    haha. very lame lo. also dun know why i say out.

    toot sia.


    HAppy Day everyone.

    it's Thursday tomorrow. =)

    Good day ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 13 May 2008


    I'm not bad-tempered. I'm hot-tempered.

    yup yup. easily angry.

    ahh. class was no fun. don't understand alot of things.

    but, totally thanks to Hafiz ! (MY CLASS's HAFIZ) .
    Thanks to hafiz who did ALLLLLL the calculations..

    the presentation was alright !

    super sia.

    i got help. a bit.

    i supply him the 6th P. =\


    band was tiring.

    the walk to cwp was as usual, super fun !

    Naf, Pat, Yani, Zoe, ZiQi.

    Now plus, Shirley, Phylis and Brandon.

    sia la. Brandan lucky sia. 6 girls leh. Lol.

    we went to KFC, ate and talked.

    Hahaha. you know, we always talk the same things, yet it's always still so funny.

    really really memorable memories.

    we talked about taiwan trip. talk about the band prac, talk about every little things here and there.

    Super funny. Really laugh all the way. HAhaha !

    laugh + root beer = stomachache.

    Lol ! yup yup.

    left KFC around 10.40pm.

    reached custom at 11pm. NICE YOU KNOW. NO JAM. ^^

    so so.. bro picked me up and reached home at 11.15pm.
    Nice. Nice day !


    my sister super funny la. selfish-ly funny.

    our newly renovated room is a combined room as in. we made 2 room link up.


    we used to have just our bed room, and the room beside our room is the music room.
    (music room is where my dad and mum put the karaoke set)

    so now we renovated. the music room's door is sealed up. and the wall between our bedroom and the music room got one 'hole'.

    The hole for doors, but we dun wan the door. so just the hole.

    den den. it's like .. entering a room with another room inside.

    so so, when u enter the room, you will see the toilet, sofas, tables, dressing tables..

    like a living room. so the other room is where we sleep. only beds and alot of space for a least an extra queen size bed.


    not the main thing.

    main thing is. usually, when one of us is sick, we sleep outside.

    and today she sick, she put a bed outside..

    for me.

    how nice of her.

    ok. suddenly no mood sia.

    was typing typing. den suddenly wei wei talk to me in msn.

    and yup.

    no mood already. i shall NOT TALK TO HIM FOR 1 MONTH.


    and i shall not borrow weiwei any device anymore.

    no camera, no phone, no videocam, no nothing !
    and no secrets to weiwei !


    aiite. nights ppl.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 12 May 2008

    Phylis told me about the latest thing that we are not informed of.

    Yea. nice.

    Phylis. June 1 - 5 go shopping ok . =)

    we can ask Dilah along. Yuting also. Maresh? Hahaha.

    Ya. Librarians print scores only.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 8 May 2008

    Hey everyone.

    I've a story to share.

    I don't know whether is it because of the bad weather or is it because of the lack of humour lately.
    But everyone's not really in the perfect state.

    Everyone's either down or moody.

    Aiite. so i shall be one of the first to realize that being down doesn't really help at all.

    And thanks to all who tried to cheer me up, it's actually easier if you guys give me a shoulder massage.

    The lump on my shin is still probbing pain. i haven't touch it since the day i got it.
    Phylis say it's going to stay there forever if i don't rub it.
    But i can't help it, it feels like it's going to burst. aye, whatever.

    My shoulder muscle started to ache just a moment ago. =(

    My phone is barred again. I don't have money to pay bill ah.
    House on Fire. Everyone's having cold war at home, can't ask for allowance, so shall use the prepaid number until otherwise stated.

    Just call my usual number, i'll call you back.

    Yes, what else.
    Every thing that happened from yesterday back and all, will not be mentioned anymore.

    It says if you let the past leave, it will leave.

    Really, Whatever =.=

    I'll REALLY post the pictures when i'm not that busy ok ! He he he ! xD

    Ok. This Story here is to share with everyone.

    Some of you might read it before, but still, it's nice to read it again.

    Two traveling angels

    Keep reading to the bottom of the page ----

    Two traveling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family.

    The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion's guest room.

    Instead the angels were given a small space in the cold basement.

    As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it.

    When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied, 'Things aren't always what they seem.'

    The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife.

    After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night's rest.

    When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears.

    Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in the field.

    The younger angel was infuriated and asked the older angel how could you have let this happen?

    The first man had everything, yet you helped him, she accused.

    The second family had little but was willing to share everything, and you let the cow die.

    'Things aren't always what they seem,' the older angel replied. '

    When we stayed in the basement of the mansion, I noticed there was gold stored in that hole in the wall.

    Since the owner was so obsessed with greed and unwilling to share his good fortune, I sealed the wall so he wouldn't find it.'

    'Then last night as we slept in the farmers bed, the angel of death came for his wife. I gave him the cow instead. Things aren't always what they seem.'

    Sometimes that is exactly what happens when things don't turn out the way they should.
    If you have faith, you just need to trust that every out come is always to your advantage.
    You just might not know it until some time later...


    Aiite. If you read until this part, i really want to laugh.

    Because my lesson is about to start in few mins time.

    Half an hour ago, my classmates all wan to go off.
    Cos lazy to present.

    I manage to make them stay.
    Some hesitated.

    Then, Shimah go tell them " go la, no need stay"

    And off they all go.

    So our faci came back to class and took 20 mins to finally realize that half the class is gone.

    And so we helped them by saying....

    " U saw them buy the E1 food just now? They took the same food, and all have diarrhoea. "

    she replied :

    " WHAT? E1 which stall? complain ok ! "

    then we say :

    " er ya ya, we ask them to complain already, but they too painful. "

    then she say :

    " ah, serious? How to spell diarrhoea? "

    then we... :

    " * silence * "

    Yup yup.

    okay ah.

    Okay. i'm going to meet Naf later. Cya.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 6 May 2008

    i should've slashed my wrist and died.




    i'm really really down right now. =)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 3 May 2008

    Yes yes.

    I've pictures to post.

    Wait ok. hahaha.

    need to finish up some stuff before posting :

    - perfect sonatina (piano exam 1st piece) by tonight
    - write email to a company regarding interviewing their members
    - edit the photos.

    Hhahaha. wait arh. anyways, they are all nice photos ! =)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 1 May 2008


    Hello hello.

    Today is 1st May 2008, Labours' day.

    Haaaa !

    Why am i so happy?

    Because it's a Public Holiday !

    And Public Holiday means, Daddy don't have to work, and he can accompany Mummy out !

    woots. =))

    Okay. Actually, it doesn't matter.
    I'm just happy because i don't have to attend school?

    Purrrlease. Who's not happy to delay Operations Planning Module?

    aiite aiite.

    with all the delays and whatever not, there are still things to be done.

    Let me start listing them out.

    - Submission of PP scope.
    = Tiny bit revision of tml's UT. (well, maybe not)
    - Practicing of piano.
    = Watching Iron Man later.
    - Eat Breakfast.
    = Sit around.

    well well.

    okay okay. The most important is the PP scope.
    I've gathered enough information for me to start with the scope.

    But i'm like so bloody lazy. AHHH.

    oh ya. Let me tell u guys what happened yesterday.

    Yesterday is a no-school day for me.

    What i've planned for yesterday is to go shopping with my mum.


    I slept till 6pm.

    yes. From tuesday night, 11pm to wednesday evening, 6pm.

    19hours . Straight 19 hours, no toilet breaks, no nothing.

    I'm crazy. i know. i KNOW !

    it's not the first time already. but i think it's going to be the last few times i sleep in till so late.

    Really. After yesterday, i've concluded some points.

    Point 1 : One should never sleep for so long.
    Point 2 : Long sleeps causes dizziness.
    Point 3 : Long sleeps makes you sleepy earlier. ( i slept at 1am(wednesday))
    Point 4 : You missed one whole day by sleeping.
    Point 5 : Whatever you cook taste like chicken.
    (*rolleyes* yes, i cooked dinner. my mum almost went crazy when she saw what i did, and i almost fainted)
    (i'm supposed to stir-fry the chicken meat and then put in the veggie. however, i didn't. i stirred-fried the chicken meat and i add in more chicken meat and i continue to stir-fry and not realize anything wrong and then, i just serve it.)


    Okay la. so much of nonsense. ZZ.

    Thing is : i regretted sleeping for so long. It made my brain lag.

    Ha Ha Ha.

    Oh oh. one good news.

    My toe is not as swollen as before already !

    woots arh. ^^


    i'll post some jokes in the next post ya.
    NEed to go get something to eat.


    IRon Man ! ~~

    Laaaaaa ~ okays. cya.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;