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    Tuesday, 25 December 2007

    Merry Merry Christmas !

    Yes, I'm finally back.

    Thanks to myself for finally paying the outstanding internet bill yesterday !

    Congrats to me !

    Yups. Merry Christmas !

    Woah. Finally i'm also back to blogging.

    Yes. My work FINALLY ended.

    I can't believe the past 15 days are actually dreadful.

    Not really to the extend of super dreadful. But still, it wasn't pleasant.

    Was nice working with everyone.
    Namely, Cheryl, Freddy, Ruben, Cherry, PeiPei, John, SiewPing, QiuYun and Terence.
    Not forgetting the aunties, Yiting's Mum, Carine and one more i don't remember.
    She's the super style auntie.

    Alright. Was really fun working with them. Slacking together.
    Especially today, Christmas, we just sat at one corner.. EVERYONE sat there and chit chat.

    Then the BHG manager saw us. And gave us scolding.
    Seriously, we are like : " sack us la. "
    Thinking of needing to pack at night is really pathetic. we rather get sacked in the morning.

    Ya. she gave us 3 warnings. 11.30am, 2pm and 3pm.
    We changed our slacking venue after that, so she couldn't find us.

    In my room now, there're 8 big packs of presents. Totally 8 BIG packs.
    I think i spent most of my time shopping than working today.

    ONLY today okay. hahaha.

    I went to loads of shops, super miss shopping.
    Super miss watching movie too la ! Always walk pass the cinema, totally buay tahan.
    The popcorn smell and the trailers that are being screened.


    YAYs. Going shopping with Naf, Zoe, Yani and Pat tomorrow !!


    Been discussing this since.. LOOOONNNGG ago.
    This is our Preparation-for-Taiwan-Shopping-Spree !!

    Everyone is going to get Cardigan, Pullovers, Shirts, Shoes, Bags, This and that !

    LOL. Can't wait till the morning !! LOL.

    Zoe is going to love me tomorrow. Hahaha. Why?
    You want to know why? Hmm.. Ask her when you see her.

    Hehehe. If she don't love me tomorrow, i'll treat you candy canes. =))

    Taiwan Trip is like only FEW DAYS MORE.
    hehe. So excited !!

    I'll be sleeping with Yani ! YAY... throughout the whole journey, i'll be sticking to her.
    We're roommates and Buddies !

    HAhaha. I'm too excited to post about other things. can't wait for the shopping trip.
    it will be 11am tomorrow. HAHAHA ! Until evening only. I haven't gone home since... 9thDecember. .. Oh. no.
    Since the day i injured my knee. HAHAHAHAHHA. Yups, one day after work, after bathing, i slipped. And i twisted my knee again. Yups, same place.

    HAhahaha. Totally painful. But this time i smart, i use bandage to tightly bandage it first. So the next morning, it wasn't that bad. Went to work, took few hours off. And went to see doc.

    So that night, i went home.
    After that, i stayed in Sg alllllllll the way.

    Yups. Yea. So i'm finally going home. So cannot shop till too late.

    hehehe. OkayOkay. Off i go. Good Night Peoples !

    Oh ya. I haven't say something.

    Ah. I'm not sure whether my jb house's internet is fixed or not.
    I'll tell you all about my schedule first. hehe.
    Just for fun ya.

    26th is Shopping day !
    27th is Band Day !
    28th is Bubble Wrap day?

    Hahaha. nervous. =)) Have been practicing my fingerings like mad. thanks to work, my fingers are covered with plasters. Hope i'll recover from the cuts soons. Hehehe.

    And. Yups. i'm sick. Flu and Cough. Hope i'll recover tomorrow . Yays !

    Good Night aLL !! Merry Christmas !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;