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    Monday, 10 December 2007

    10th December Fever.


    Thanks to everyone who wished me well and who wished me Happy Birthday !

    Most of the years i dreaded my birthday. This year onwards, Probably no more.


    Well. Here comes the Sms listing of those who smsed me birthday greetings.
    (Sorry for those who msned me. I was working, didn't online.)

    1. Lee ( My Long lost Partner)
    2. Olivia's Phone. - Msg said to be from Melvin
    3. Patricia (Bitches Clan)
    4. Yani (Bitches Clan)
    5. Wei Kiat - My long lost buddy.
    6. Melvin's Phone. - Msg said to be from Olivia
    7. Jing - My sista
    8. Clement - A guy whose birthday falls on the same day as me.
    9. Razali - someone who sent.. " Happy Birthday, right? "
    10. Last 4 numbers : 6843 . No idea who =x Sorry.
    11. Lee Yan - My long lost good friend.
    -Above ones are from 12am - 6am-
    -Below ones are from 7am onwards-
    12. Andrew - First Semester Friend
    13. Mei Xian - 348
    14. Shearlene - Bro's Girlfriend
    15. Rui Wen - Long lost soul partner.
    16. Shu Fen - Long lost Honey.
    17. Elaine - 348
    18. Li Shan - Trumpet Vanessa
    19. Adillah - First Semester Best Partner.
    20. Winnie - Pbear !
    21. Jenny - Long lost Good Friend.
    22. Li Hwa - BItches Clan. (She sent the mms at 12am, but my phone only received it at 4pm)
    23. Freddie - My new friend from work ( guy next shop)
    24. Sarimah - Band QM !
    25. Fiya - Semester 2 friend !
    26. Nafisa - Bitches Clan BOSS.
    27. Wei Ting - 348
    28. Last 4 number : 0827 - Another not idea who. But thanks.
    29. RaChael - 348

    Yups. All sms saved !
    The rest who wished me in my blog and msn:

    - Not in Order -

    HuiCi, Sandy, Hannah, Shee Rui, Ian, Wei Jian, Rui Zhang, Michelle and..


    Hahaha. First time ! First time so many people wished me happy birthday.


    Anyways, today was first day of work.
    Quite tiring. 1 person handling so many things and seeing other shops having 3-4 promoters handling same amount of work as me.

    HAha. My manager say she believe i can do it, just like last year.

    LOL. like wth. Last year i hit the targeted sales (hehehe)
    This year they increase it by 10k.
    Haha. Like wth? How to hit ?

    HAha. I'll try. LOL.

    aHHHH. 348 came to meet me for Dinner.
    Hehehe. Went to Cafe Cartel for dinner.
    Was not bad .

    My break time is 1hr. So i have to rush back, but they dun allow me to go.
    And force me to stay till i finished cutting the cake.
    Was nice. Everything took less than 1 min.

    My wish was not properly made. Hahaha. Doesn't matter, wun come true too.

    Then, just when i finished cutting the cake, Naf, Zoe, Pat and Yani came into Cafe Cartel.

    I got so shocked i kept saying OMG OMG OMG.

    I really didn't know they came all the way to find me.

    Really shocked. They even bought a cake.
    I wasn't feeling my best today.

    still sick and all. coughing like mad.

    So i cannot eat cakes. But i ate it afterall, too touched.

    Almost vomitted out when i ran back to work.

    But managed to control.

    Hahha. Then, asked MeiXian to buy me a bottle of water.
    348 came to say goodbye when they saw my manager talking to me.

    Soon after my manager left, Naf Pat and Yani tapped me on the shoulder.
    Sia la. i got so shocked !.

    They waited for me to finish my work.
    And we went back together.

    Today was really the sweetest birthday ever!

    Counting all my birthday msges is like the best thing ever.
    Reading them again and again is even better !

    Now, I have to go. Really. 1am already. Have a test in the morning and have to rush to work again.


    RuiZhang had been chatting with me for the past hour or so.
    Wishing me happy birthday, wishing his mother happy birthday, wishing me get well soon, drawing red medicine for me, pouring water for me after i reminded him he didn't.

    Nice. Thanks Rz.

    Today is a sweet day. Tomorrow will be even better.

    Argh. My sister Birthday ! Omg. Just realize i haven send her happy birthday.

    ahh.. haha. wun be blogging for some time.
    Working till 25th Dec.
    At Bishan J8 Atrium. Memory Lane.

    Feel free to find me. I don't give discounts. =))

    Good Nights ! Love you all !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;