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    Thursday, 28 June 2007

    - What is cute? Elaborate -

    Hmm. This is interesting.

    Everyone have their own view about the word cute.
    So, how does the word cute trigger your mind?

    Cute cuddly Hamster? Soft fuzzy Teddy Bear?

    What about the cute girls everyone talk about? Are they also under the cute category?

    Hmm. Cute O.o

    Durian drawn by me. CUTE!
    LOL !

    Chawamushi. Hm. Dis is not cute.. It just taste nice.
    Ok, dis is cute. er.. hm. There's flower pattern on the chawamushi. =/
    No Link. Okok.

    Kon is ugly but cute. In some ways. Hmm.
    Plushie, cute?

    Haha. Looks like a Jailed Chinchilla.
    Soft and cuddly. Cute ?
    It's cute. No?

    What about Pp? Pp is cute too right?

    Soft toy O.o Looks cute too.

    (see some more i'll eat u up)

    What about this cute puppy ?

    What about cartoon drawings ? Cute too ya?
    I admire how people that draw cartoons.
    Their imagination are all very good. Cartoons to make people laugh or smile.
    It is even harder !
    Just look at the toaster and the bread. Who will draw that just randomly?
    there will confirm be imagination and planning first.
    Yea. Cute Bread. Just lack of butter.

    How about this? A Girl acting cute?
    Eeek ~ Girls that act cute are always the not so cute ones.
    Girls that see act cute girls : EEEk . They are so cmi !
    Guys that see act cute girls : Oh man. So not natural. Get out.
    Heh. Anyway. Hehe.. ok..

    Haha ! This picture is cute right? I stole it from my fren's laptop.
    Hoho. THe squirrel is so small.
    However, sometimes i do wonder. Are squirrel always so cute?
    I saw them 2 times in my whole life. In school.
    The tail of the squirrel.. is.. omg. eek.
    No fur. Sigh.
    Okok. but this is cute right?

    Next next. OMg. You will love the next picture !
    It is my favourite one !
    Cute !!!!! Kawaii !!~

    Ooo. Isn't it just too adorable.
    Ahhs. the puppy eye. oh nono. the hamster eyes..
    Then imagine the hamster rolling and turning around and around.
    Ahs. Cannot stand the temptation to hug the hamster !
    If only hamsters are size of chinchillas. Sigh.

    Ok, Last picture. This innocent little girl.
    She is cute and beautiful.
    Sigh. Isn't it just so calming looking at the picture?
    And it even made you want to smile ?

    Overall, i shall say.. The most innocent is the cutest.
    Just feel the innocence.

    Something or someone is cute when,
    no matter how tired how angry how stress you are..
    You see the something or someone, you will smile.

    I guess, being the innocent cute, beautiful will come along.

    Heh. Somone told me. You can put whatever you want in your blog.
    Heh. YEa. Suddenly stucked with the posts. So i just put all the cute pictures i have.
    Share with everyone. Dadada.

    Sigh. Class ending. Band Time.

    Cya all !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 26 June 2007

    = Back to the Never Ending =

    OF PASTA !

    Hey ! Guess wad! Ok. Pretty Obvious in the topic.
    Never Ending of Pasta !

    Me, Ruiwen and Rachael went to Pastamania again.
    Wooo ~
    When I say Pastamania, what comes to your mind?

    The crispy garlic bread, the creamy mushroom soup.
    The thick clam chowder soup OR the hehehe...

    Think Yourself ! xD

    Hahaha. Food Food Food.

    Heh !
    Ok, Let me tell you what i think of when someone says " Pastamania! "
    I think of Ice Lemon Tea.
    Serious ! I can bet with all of you. The taste is just so different.
    So Fresh. Lemon Lemon.

    LOL !

    You see ! Even the Packaging is also so nice. So neat and all.
    Yes. I know i cannot convince you by just the pictures.
    Go try it yourself ! I'll not try to bluff my tastebud!

    HEhehe. Anyway, back to Pasta !
    I ordered Carbonara AGAIN !
    As Usual ~

    Ruiwen ordered Creamy Chicken.
    I guess, the taste that everyone is looking for is pretty much the same.
    Creamy. Serious. Hmm..

    Just look at the pictures. I believe it makes a different already.

    This is Carbonara. Look ! Look at the sliced bacons on top of the spaghetti.
    Ooo ~ Then, Look again. the creamy egg + cheese sauce.
    Ahhs ~ Delizioso !

    Ok next .

    This is Creamy Chicken. Ok, there.. you can also see the sliced chicken meat.
    And they are not stingy. Look. The chicken meat is not hiding at all.
    - Dah dah dah -

    Actually, they actually look the same. =/
    HEh. I think everyone is quite bored with my..
    "Promoting of Pastamania" posts already.

    Okok. I will go other place to eat next time. HEhehe.

    Seriously, i would like to say. No matter how much you like to eat something..
    Don't continuously go eat it for so many times a week.

    Like me. 4 times a week. Pasta and Pasta.
    Not only fattening, my tongue cannot stand the cheesy taste anymore.
    Ah dadada.

    = Kon =

    A new Hi again.
    Today i shall be introducing a yellow colour plushie call Kon.

    A pervertic yellow ugly plushie.
    Kon is a anime character in Bleach.
    I believe many people knows Kon.

    Kon is also the ugly toy bear bought by Rachael.
    I can't get her to bring it out for me to take picture.
    Because it is stucked in-between her bed and the wall for too long.
    She took it out. It is now sitting somewhere in her room on top of a cupboard.
    Dusty. Very dusty.

    And she say, " Huh, a toy only what. No need wash la."

    My classmates. Andrew and Wei Jian.
    They seemed really interested with borrowing me their Kon to take picture.
    Ok. Thanks to Wei Jian, Now i can show you Kon's picture.

    And at the mean time..
    Spot the difference.

    Ok. Let me guess the response from the readers again.
    : " This is ugly plushie? This is so cute ! "

    Ok, I've said many times ! PLushies are always cute.
    Not cute who buy?

    But ok. Kon in the anime is ugly. That's the fact.

    And this Kon plushie looked cute..
    THE MAIN REASON is of course thanks to the photographer !

    Yays ~ Hahaha.

    Ok. I asked you all to spot the difference. Not that hard ya?
    Pretty obvious =/
    Left Kon doesn't have a plaster. And Right Kon have a plaster.

    Ok, if it is in the movie, the plaster would be due to him being too pervertic and got beaten up.
    For my case is because Andrew hit Kon on the forehead. So i helped kon stick a plaster.
    I'm good. I know. Thanks thanks.

    Aiks. Talking about plaster and bruises. I injured my toe again. It is like a never ending injury.
    One day, I'm cleaning up my room. shifting the books. AND THEN. A book fell on my toe. Thanks to the book. It left a never ending injury for me. Guess the book name !
    ~Yes ! The Dictionary! ~

    Ok, why a never ending inury?
    Starting was nothing much. My toe turned Blue bLack. That is normal.
    I applied medicine. Those Yellow solutions.
    It became better.
    I stopped applying.

    Then ! It started to hurt again ! WHY !
    Because I realise that.. My toenail is growing the wrong way. ok.
    It is growing side-wards now. Oh Gross.
    No, not gross. =(

    You can't actually see anything when you just look at my toe.
    In fact you can't see anything. IT CAN ONLY BE FELT . =(
    Yea. So .. YEa.

    But it actually started to recover already! But the clumsy me.
    You know, walk walk bang the wall. walk walk trip and fall..
    So.. Sigh ~ It recovered, It un-recovered. It recovered, It un-recovered.

    Heh. Bored of my toe ya?

    Me too.

    Hehehehe. Yay. Ending of my post, ending of class too. YAys.
    It is band later.

    Booya !

    Enjoy your day!

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    ~ Colours ~

    Blue. Red. Green. Yellow. Pink. Orange. White. Black.
    Violet. Beige. Grey. Brown. Purple. Maroon.
    And so many more..

    Many asked me. What’s your favourite colour?
    I once said Blue. I once said Green. And now I say Red.

    When someone ask you what is your favourite colour, a normal respond would be
    the colour they love to see. A colour that you like to see around you.

    I’m very confused with the colour I like.
    Many would ask why. You just like a colour. Don’t you?

    I guess not.
    I think my colours have their story.

    * Prepare*

    - Story -

    Here’s Blue. Blue is the colour of freedom. A colour that is very far.
    I fell in love with Blue when I actually realized how beautiful the sky is.
    However, no matter how hard I try to reach for it. It just seemed so high and far.
    Somewhere in the sky. No matter how hard I try to climb my way up, I fell even lower.
    One day. A smart kid invented Helicopter.
    And.. there the kid go. Reaching for Blue. The colour is hers.
    I love blue. But I know it will never be mine.

    Many years past. Nothing changed.
    Until I actually realize that, If you look just right ahead and not upwards.
    You actually see the forest. I saw the forest and I fell in love with Green.
    It was last October.
    I found peace with Green.
    Green is so beautiful. So different from Blue.

    Green is the colour of Adventure. A colour that seemed so near yet so far.

    Here’s Green.
    I fell in love with Green. Blue is then over-powered by Green.
    However, I never admitted.
    I never showed the interest I had in Green.
    I just hid it.
    I must convince myself I will never stop liking Blue.

    Green lasted for some time.
    Until it showed his true colour. Then I started running away from it.
    Maybe it is the time when I got lost in the forest. The never ending forest.
    Every step is like a new challenge. You never know whether you’ll fall or you’ll see a river. Every step is making me lost. It looked like the trees are there to test my patience.
    Every time I make a turn will look like I am back to the very first spot.
    I guess that’s why green is adventurous.

    One night in the forest, I saw something.
    Something Red. It was Fire.
    I’m saved.

    Here’s Red.
    I am not sure whether I fell in love with Red.
    But because I’m saved, I’m celebrating it.
    I told everyone I saw that I love red.
    Red Red Red !

    Red is now. Red is burning hot. Red is the most unique but however the most unknown.
    Fire is hot. I’m not touching it. I might burn myself.
    Till now, I have know nothing about Red. I tried many ways to get near red.
    But I know it would be hard. Because Red is dangerous.
    With the fire sparks flying around. I will never know when I might get burnt.

    Colours of my Life.
    Conclusion : I love Blue, Green and Red.

    End ~
    Ok. End of story. Wake up please ~

    Expected Respond from readers.
    Majority would be : * blurred * Woah. A weird story. AND HAHa. SO LAME.
    Minority would be : * blink * Ok. This is Zi Qi

    Heh. I am sure many of you are having a hard time digesting it.
    Sorry about that. I think this is all due to the rain.
    Getting emo and all.

    Ahs, before you leave..
    Just remember that, Colours are beautiful.
    Have a Colour life.

    And don’t think too much about this post, It is actually nothing at all.

    P.s : Don't ask me what is my favourite colour.

    Good Night!

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Sunday, 24 June 2007

    - Sometimes I Wonder -

    It is a Sunday Night.
    I am now sitting in front of laptop, beside my window.

    What are blogs for?
    Ok. Brainstorm.
    Some people say, blog is a place for you to say anything you want.
    Some people say, blog is a place for emo people.
    Some people say, blog is a place to vent your anger with.
    Some people say, blog is a place for you to attract people.
    Some people say, blog is a online dairy.

    A guy told me, "Blog is a place for people like you to say your own stories.".

    And i accepted that thinking.
    My stories. - Not red riding hood, not three little pigs. My stories !
    So i try to make a blog to write my own stories and have my own listeners.
    My stories might be long and sometimes even go off-tracks.
    But, they are still my stories. Agree?

    Many people have different views about blogs.
    Because there are so many people that have blogs.
    And I can say, what's written inside their blog can never be the same.
    Because, we are all different people.

    My view : I love my blog. I love what i'm writing.
    It's like.. Who doesn't like your own story?
    (not trying to be mean. But.. )
    If you don't like your story, Don't publish it.

    I've just started my blog for not more than a week.
    And I received a very suprising and very unplesant comment.
    NOT TRYING TO BE EMO. But, I'm Hurt.
    Seriously, quite hurt.

    Comment was : Hey, your posts are crappy, I like xxx's blog and posts.
    Go try posting like xxx.

    WOW. I was like.. er.. shock and speechless.
    Isn't everyone's blog supposed to be unique to oneself?
    Why copy someone's way of posting?

    And the main thing is like. The comment is from a friend of mine.
    Not any stranger from the road that happen to read my blog.
    And xxx is my close friend too !

    Woah. Hurt.

    So .. sometimes i do wonder.

    Haha !
    Anyway.. Don't feel sad for me.
    I guess i should see that comment coming.
    Thanks to my highly rated lame posts.
    I'll never stop. =)
    Shall post soon.


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 23 June 2007

    ~ Pastamania ~

    I not sure what had caused me having the unusual crave for pasta these few days.It's like, I'm seriously ok with everything that is edible. I love food.
    I am sure alot of you loves food too !

    But I am having this unusual crave to visit pastamania this week.
    I made Rachael eat pastamania with me for the 2 days i met her.

    Fattening. Ok. Don't remind me that.
    I'm just trying to promote Pastamania here.
    The Pasta there just taste unusually nice ~

    That's mine, Ting's and Rachael's ~
    I ordered Carbonara. Ting ordered Vongole and Rachael the Creamy chicken.

    Carbonara and Creamy Chicken.
    Carbonara taste like Rich creamy layer of cheese and egg with bacon.
    - tasty for those that loves rich taste of cheese -
    Creamy Chicken taste like creamy layer of cheese with chicken.
    It is hard to tell which is nicer. It is both so creamy.

    Vongole ~
    I've never try it before. But Ting looks extremely excited eating it.
    Slowly extracting the Clams from its shell.
    And slowly chewing the *ahem* flat clams.
    Ok, its suppose to be big fresh chewy clams. However, it just look so flat and not so chewy.
    Sorry Pastamania. =/

    One more thing that i find extremely weird about.
    Normally I really don't like the taste of lemon tea. ( Ok, everyone loves Lemon Tea)
    However, i seriously find it having a weird taste. I've stopped drinking it for 2 years.
    BUT, hey. Pastamania's lemon tea taste really nice. I have totally no idea why.
    Yea, Thanks to Pastamania, i start to like the taste of lemon tea again.

    ~ Bear Bear Day ~

    I believe that many girls or maybe some guys loves soft toys.
    A teddy bear for Valentines' day.
    A soft plushie for Birthday.
    A small soft toy for any day any time.

    During Christmas period, I worked at Bishan J8 as a promoter.
    I sell all kinds of christmas stuffs. From candles to cards to even bears ~

    Because I had never received any bears for christmas before,
    I didn't know that they actually sell bears as christmas gifts.
    Ok, that's a bit too "sua ku". But, Yea. I'm quite shock they do.

    I'm like " are-you-sure-people-buy-bears-as-christmas-gifts? "
    At that moment. I doubt that.

    Unexpectedly, I found out that Bears are the best selling products!
    All my bears are sold out. Not only the small ones.
    You see the big brown one in the middle?
    It actually costed $89.90 !

    At the very day. 25th Dec. Christmas.
    I saw a couple looking at it. Holding it up to hug.
    And then the guy came to me and say "I want to buy this bear."
    I was like " Oh my god! " -So envy!-
    The guy's girlfren, or maybe the guy suppose-to-be girlfren at that moment.
    I'm not sure. They look like a newly-couple.
    Ok, the Girl, Her smile is so undescribeable. So sweet.

    I not sure she is smiling because she felt so lucky to have a boyfriend that is so sweet or she is smiling because she is having a bear for christmas.

    Also, for the guys out there. Don't believe when a girl say she don't like bears.
    She is most probably trying to make you think she's not kiddy and all.
    Conclusion : ALL GIRLS LOVES BEARS. (and soft toys)

    - 348 loves soft toys too -

    Everyone in 348 have their own soft toy.
    I don't have the pictures of all the bearbear(petpets) we all have individually.
    But i'll try to explain furthur on.

    Elaine. She have 2 petpet.
    One is Nini and one is Purple.
    Nini is this green little turtle and Purple is a Donkey.

    That's Purple doing Donkey Freeze.
    Yea, I'm the one teaching the Freeze.

    Purple is older than Nini, so don't have Nini's photo at that time.

    WeiTing. She have 1 petpet.
    Its call.. "sha zi" (the sot one).
    Sha zi is actually a piglet. Pink pink one. Yes, the one in Winnie the Pooh.
    No individual picture. Wait till later on. =(

    MeiXian. She have the 1 and only petpet.
    She's call Pp.
    Pp is a small snoopy that have accompanied Meixian for the past 17 years.

    This is Pp! Heh. Small small de.
    Yellow shirt is old shirt.
    But now change shirt le.

    RaChael bought a new white shirt for Pp.

    This is Pp with white shirt. Heh.
    New new de. Makes Pp look so fresh =)

    RaChael. RaChael's a long story. Firstly she don't have and petpet.
    But, one day she past by comic collection at Cineleisure. She saw Kon.
    And she bought it.
    Kon is an anime character from Bleach. Yellow yellow.
    So far, I have never taken kon's picture at all. So.. yea.

    Si Ying. 1 and only petpet too.
    She's call Maomao.
    Maomao is a bunny. She is the largest among all our petpet.
    maomao and pp are best frens.
    No indivual picture too. wait till later.

    Zi Qi. 1 petpet. 1 favourite soft toy.
    petpet is call xiao qi. fav soft toy is call Apple.
    Both are dogs. xiao qi is a He. apple is a She. (don't ask me why.)

    This picture is.. er..
    sha zi , Pp and xiaoqi.

    This is Apple. It's a birthday present.
    It is so so cute ! It's very soft and tiny.
    A size of a palm. And the body is flat.

    This is Pp and Xiaoqi.
    First day Pp got her new shirt.

    This is Group Picture.
    U see Maomao at the top left hand corner,
    Below maomao is Nini, Then u see Purple, XiaoQi
    Then Sha Zi. Beside sha zi is Pp!!
    Pp is so small !

    This is Petpet Gathering during Band Camp few years back. Lol.
    Maomao is looking over the rest who are taking a nap.
    Actually it looked me like maomao is looking over the rest who are playing dead. =x

    Everyone kept laughing at us being so childish and all.
    But it's like.. Who isn't a child at heart?
    We don't have to make ourself look old if we don't want to.
    Be Young. Have Fun.

    I know this is a very long post. Glad you read till here.
    Hope you enjoyed ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 21 June 2007

    Hey Peeps ! I've Updated !

    Ok, thats not the news. -Dah-

    Sometimes when you just want to update your blog, but you just can't find some interesting things to make people want to read. So, you just.. Forget about updating.

    Is that True?

    Sadly yes.

    You see, nothing happened much in the past 2 days.
    Just some funny daily life's weirdo me doing some lame things.
    Ok, never mind the weirdo me. Just, the lame me.

    AHHH ! You see, i'm just trying to lengthen my post. HAHAHAHA..

    Sorry. Read on ~ HEhehe..

    Yesterday was Science lesson.

    Science is argh ! Always so terrible. One day i shall post my science question out for all to see. And all shall faint. 100% confirm faint.
    Sigh. The topic is about "Dissipation". WoaH right ? bloody thing.

    I shall not elaborate. Our facilitator ask us to draw a picture about the problem given.

    HAHAHa. Only my group finish the drawing. I shall show you all the picture !

    Haha. cute right ! The square square thing is call a harvesting device.
    The red red thing is Nutriglobs.
    I better not continue with science. very bloody long. Got graph some more.

    Hm. Then, during break, we are supposed to do research on dissipation.
    But my group all slacking. Haha. All trying to rest and do our own things.
    Then Adillah brought biscuits. You know, those alphabets kind.
    Then, she started playing with them. I joined in. Hehehe.

    Haha, this are the names of my group members. So cool ~

    Ok, firstly, before anyone start to say we are wasting food.
    I will tell you all first, the biscuits taste like over-cooked dough.
    After you eat, you will have the.. "eek, ugh, ah, gulp."

    After that, my group carried on with the powerpoint presentation.
    AHahaha !! Okok, secretly, i shall tell everyone.
    My team didn't do our powerpoint. One of our team mate's friend from another class sent over their presentation. Then, we just change to our name and we presented it.

    Ok, we understand what we do. If not we wouldn't be able to present the graphs right?

    So, we cheated. Not so too. Haha. Okok. Nvm that.

    Ahs, then class ended.

    Its band time.

    Went for band. Honestly, sometimes i'm really proud of my band. RPWS.
    But its like.. I dunno how to say. Sometimes we really play very well.
    Its the tuning i guess. Cos, everyone in band really can read and play.
    Just that I cannot stand the tuning part. Its so.. "URGH"

    Shall not give anymore comments ba. -Sigh-

    Ok. Then we went home.
    Hm. Oh ya.. I am not sure whether Rp is at a good location or not.
    You see, everyone keeps saying Rp is a good location, having the mrt station near the school, bus interchange, and shopping centre.
    Compared to Sp and Np. They don't have shopping centre near their school.
    But, you see Sp and Nyp, When they get off the Mrt train, its their school already.

    I show you the distance we have to walk from woodlands mrt station to rp ~

    Ok, take that as the distance we have to walk from Rp to causeway point.
    Its like. Haha. Not so long. But not so short too !
    -Dah Dah-

    LOL ! Today during first break out, Me and my friends went down to buy snacks and drinks.

    Bought Anything and Whatever too ! HAhaha.
    I drank both before. I actually prefer Anything then Whatever.
    Ok, one is carbonated one is non-carbonated.

    But that's not the point. I think most people would prefer Anything.

    Cos Whatever is just too Random to Whatever. Haha !!

    Then, now i'm not doing my maths computing and vb codes and just typing this post.
    Today's lesson is about Vb codes. how to make a number go random and blah.
    I totally seriously don't understand how to do it.
    Heh. Now is 1.15pm. Still got time. Break till 2.30pm.

    Ahh. Andrew and JiaJun wan go eat le.
    Sigh, I'm back from lunch and its 2.27pm already.
    WeiJian is struggling with the vb codes and i'm so not helping.
    My group is the 3rd group to present today.
    Actually i think the best thing that happened today is that ... !!
    I actually anyhow-ly (no such word) managed to simply finish the vb code by anyhow-ly editing the codes. WOW TO THAT.
    HAha. Althought it is not that perfect, but Miss Foo say its ok.

    Ahh dadada ~ Ting ting msged me.
    348 - elaine is going out .. *missing laine*
    Hmm ~ Cheers to Dinner !

    Overall I don't think there will be much happening today.
    Maybe some pictures of us having dinner, so pictures of the food and maybe some pictures of almost everything.

    Wait for my next post, i will go create and find things to happen.

    I shall do that =/
    Cya !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 20 June 2007

    I'm not sure what to post. -Hahaha!-

    I missed a day's post. I have so many things to talk about, but i'm not sure what is more important.
    Comments from friends said that my previous post was too long. Sigh !

    I guess that because of the Saggittarius habit or something..

    They say " Never ask a Saggittarian how's his/her day."
    I guess its pretty true. We will say everything detail ! From the moment i wake, i brushed my teeth and maybe my gums bled or something. YEa, we will say it all.

    Well. Maybe it does depend how 'saggi' you are. Like how deep are u ?

    Ok, I'm very deep.
    See, i haven start the main point of my post and its quite long already.
    Sigh Sigh Sigh Sighing ~
    Yea.. I'm actually quite satisfied with my previous post. Somehow i love it. I read it so many times before posting it. LOL ! Ok, abit wordy. But Still ! .. Its the story..

    Ahs, 2 days ago, Monday. That day I am actually meeting Ruiwen. But she had got some projects to finish. So can't meet her. Thats pretty sad you know. I haven't seen her for like.. A week already! But yea, its ok

    So I met up with Rachael. To watch Fantastic 4. We are meeting at 5pm at causeway point.

    My class ended like 4.35pm. Then I realise my post is cramped together. So i stayed to fix it. 10 mins past, I decided to accept it that it can't be helped. Yea.

    So at 4.45pm, Me, Andrew, JJ, Sky and Dalillah started our 'journey' to causeway point.

    LOL ! It's funny. Ok, Sky celebrated his birthday that day. So he have the cake and present.
    Alot of things. So i offered to carry his cake.

    On our way, we see dark clouds. Sky request that we walk to the shelter to prevent rain and all.

    I said something that I KNEW I SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID. HAHA..

    I said " Dun worry la, got me, sure wun rain one la " .

    HAHA ! Yea, boo to that.. not more than 30 secs later, the rain is pouring like someone just turned on the tap in the sky.

    Yea, thanks to me, everyone got drenched. I even sacrificed my jacket to cover the cake.


    Haha, then when we reach the shelter, i said a stupid sentence again.
    And I didn't even realise i said it.
    Its like. I am very wet. And i see so many people at the station.
    So i said " Why is everyone so dry and i'm so wet"
    Then, Sky and Andrew stared at me. " Who's dry? "
    Ops =/
    Ah ya, then I met Rachael. Lol ~

    I believe this happens to alot of girls.
    A very cute and pretty shoe that does not fit comfortably. AND YOU WILL STILL WEAR IT.
    Rachael ah Rachael. Yes, the shoe is cute. BUT wah! So many plasters over ur feet leh!

    Ok. Yes, that's why i say i'm not sure what to post. I'm like posting everything. Alot nonsense too. Hehe.

    Then, we went for movie. Fantastic 4 and the silver surfer.

    Mr Fantastic is ok.
    Blonde hair just don't suit JEssica Alba.
    Torch is old.
    The thing is .. yea. the thing.
    Hm, Overall, i don't like the movie. I actually looked forward to it.
    But its like.. - No Climax -
    Most movies would be like... slow slow slow.. then.. BOMB. FAST. CRAZY. WOAH.
    But Fantastic 4 was like.. Slow slow slow. slow. slow. boom. slow. fast. slow. end.
    You see what I mean?
    No you don't. Sigh..

    Laaa ~ Ok, then me and Rachael went for dinner. Yea. Nth much there.

    We talked, went home. Yay.

    HAha. sometimes life is just boring. Nothing much happened and you would be just so tired.
    Hm. Then yea, yesterday was normal.
    Class then Band.
    HAHA . BAND.

    Everyone just looked so sleepy.
    Then something went wrong with my flute. Its so FLAT. yea. but. yea.. ok..

    -I'm getting bored.-

    Ahs. ok, i took a picture of my class. Take a look again.

    Something like that. Get the picture?

    5 tables. 5 chairs each table. Facilitator table at the back.

    OH YES. I'm going to show you the $1000+ Faci chair.

    Yea, you can't really see the chair. Ashraf just don't want to get off to let me take the picture.
    Yea, That Ashraf, the only malay guy in my class. He just got his hair cut.
    Cute ! LOL !
    And yea, that's a very good pose.

    AHH ~
    And overall, today is bored too. Sigh. AHH HELP ! Nothing fun is happening. Help !

    HAhahahahahaa ~~~~ dodadidadodadida dodadidadodadida ~~~~~

    Oh ya, wait wait. I want to thank everyone that read my posts. So touched. I actually walk pass my classmate's lappie today. And i saw her reading my post. -Touched-
    You know, the feeling when someone is paying attention to what you're saying?
    You feel so .. Nice. Hehehe.

    Okok, shall end my post ^^

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 18 June 2007

    W25A, My Class ~ and RPWS, My IG ~

    Hmm, Since most of my posts would be typed in class, let me introduce my class to you all too.
    -Sigh- One thing that i don't like about Republic Poly (rp) is that,
    I'm not sure whether is that a good thing or not.
    You see, Rachael and Shu Fen is always there telling me that their classmates remains the same throughout the 3 years.

    Ok, Pros and Cons.

    Pros : 3 years of being together in the same class, more bond and all. Everyone would be so used to each other.

    Cons : 3 years of being together in the same class, would mean.. we have to see each other for 3 years. HAha. And it would be 5/7days * 10/12months * 3 years. Haha. no comments.
    I'm kind of contridicting. LOL.

    I'm not sure whether i prefer to have the same class for 3 years or change every semester.
    I just think changing class every semester is just too fast. Why not change every one year?

    HAHa. I think i shall go back to the main point. Ok, my class.

    This is My class. w25A. w2 = Block 2 . 5 = fifth floor . A = my class. xD

    oday is the 18th of June. We started school at April 16th.
    AND, on the 24th August would be the last day of w25A.
    When we come back on the 16th of Sep, w25A members will all change. =(

    I'm so naggy. I kept on dragging and dragging. LOL. But its good to know some extra informations right? Hahaha.

    Ok, Next picture is my classroom.

    This is not exactly the picture of my classroom. Its taken without anyone knowing.
    Ok, everyone is looking at something i'm doing with my friend's lappie.
    Don't really remember what i'm showing them. But everyone seemed interested.

    -Dah- Thats not the main point again.

    Ok, my classroom. 5 tables, 5 chairs at each table. 1 facilitator table and 1 facilitator chair that cost $1000+ . Wah. Its like WTH! .. Faci needs more comfy chairs? I bet our chairs are only $70 each or something !

    Oh ya, in our class, we don't use paper and pen. It's 99% laptop. ok, 1% for notes writing.

    My class is actually very steady. As in, one day, someone say " Hey, why not we all buy the Shrek's ear at Macdonalds and wear? " . 3/4 of the class agreed.
    We then wore the shrek's ear down for lunch and walked around the school !

    Ya, this is the picture. LOL Cool ya?

    I shall post more about my class when more pictures are taken.

    Hmm ~ Let me move on the RPWS ^^

    RPWS = Republic Poly Wind Symphony .

    Yes, i joined Band again.
    [Rachael + Mx + Ting + Sy + Elaine ] : WHAT?


    HAha. Not sure who took the picture. No, i think its the phone's fault. Not sure whose phone.
    The picture very blur ah.
    -Guess its ok. Just take a look at the band strength-
    Quite small ya?
    I shall say : " Quantity doesn't matter. Its the Quality! " .

    Haha ~
    It was band camp last week. 3 days 2 nights.
    Best band camp ever !
    Ok, i shall elaborate on the whole band camp in detail.

    Met up with Lee at MRT station, then we started walking to school.
    reporting time is 9am. -Dah-
    We are distributed to 4 different groups. Then each group must think of your own group name and group cheer.

    My Group is call " OrKi " .. dun wonder. Yes, It means Mole in hokkien.
    Picture of my group ~

    Ahs, Each group is supposed to have ard 10 members.
    NO IDEA why. Yea, My group is just left with the few of us.

    Ok, let me continue.

    My group's cheer : * Teriyaki Boys rythmn *

    I wonder if you know, we are Orki and you know
    If you see it, touch it, feel it and you really have to know,
    We are OrKi.. Ki Ki Ki .. We are OrKi.. Ki Ki Ki
    additional: ( You are Monkey.. Ki Ki Ki.. Go eat Roti.. Ki Ki Ki .. )

    HAHA. Creative right?! So paiseh when we all have to shout out the cheer at the start.
    But then, it became easier and easier after some time. So Cool ~ Haha !
    Then, after cheer, we had some Ice-Breaking games.

    Played games and games.. Then we had band sectionals.
    Then games again. LOL, really alot of games !
    Then band combine. THEN. Night Walk.

    The last game that night is call " Trust your leaders ".
    We are all blind-folded by trashbags. And then, we have to follow and do what our leaders say. The main objective of the game is to make sure we trust our leaders and trust the things they ask us to do. Its really fun. They made us crawl under a very low pole, walk inside water.. jump a distance and all ! Plus, we are all blind-folded. You will think " what? so lame? "

    NO! Its really fun ! HAha..
    Yea, then next day, we had band practice.. and then water games. Really pity that i didn't take any photos. Its so fun ! Ok, water game. The 2nd part is like normal water bomb game.
    The objective of the game is actually no objective at all. We have to safeguard 2 items and then collect as many water bags as possible.
    Before we know the rules of the game, we played with the water bombs.

    So everywhere is water bags. Then, After the rules are told. Its like.. What are we waiting for? My group ran around the whole field to collect the used water bags. IT COUNTS u know. Everyone is like " what are they doing.. " . Until we finished collecting everything, then they understand. They were like " Oh. " . HAHA.

    So we put the collected water bags into this really big red plastic bag, then we put in under a tree. We're thinking " who will so smart go take". But its like.. "who is so dumb not to steal it". Yea. During the game, OUR RED PLASTIC BAG IS STOLEN. ok. by the enemy team.

    Lol. Me and my alliance team was like.. so angry.

    Guess what I did ! u will nv believe. I actually told one of my team mate that I will be going over to steal water bags. I think she heard. But she didn't. It is very simply lo. I just went over and took 2 big handgrabs of plastic bags. LOL ! And I RAn !

    AHAAHA ! That was the fun part. All the enemy team members came hugging to me. Yea, then I fell to the ground. Until my side of people finally saw me under the whole big group of people, THEN, FINALLY, they started to run over and help. WEI WEI <-- HE THREW WATER BOMBS AT ME, THEN HE REALISE ITS ME. HAha. Oh yea, he is in my team. And the part that he threw the water bombs at me was recorded down ! LOL !

    Yea. That was really fun. Can't imagine Ziqi doing all that ya? HAHa. i was shocked too.
    It was really so much fun !

    Heh, after water game, we went to wash up, then band combine. Haha.
    After that, we had our 'camp-fire'. Camp fire with candles. LOL
    Some more it is inside a air-con room.

    Then, we had 'super-model' contest. We had to dress up our seniors. That was really funny. The guys really look like gals after dressed-up by newspaper. Pity cant show you all.


    Then, its the prize giving ceremony. I actually missed the whole ceremony. I went down to find water-cooler and then lost my way on the way back. Then got stuck in the lift and all. Yea. Sad. But they told me my group won the " MOST DETERMINED GROUP AWARD " .. HAHA ! Packets of sweets ~ sweets ~ sweets ~

    Yea, then. they showed photos, and then.. some went out for ghost stories, so stayed in the room to watch movies. I went to bed. Don't know why. I just opened my sleeping bag and slept. LOL!
    Guess I'm too tired.

    Next day, we had our last game. The War Machine. We made human machine with 2 human height den we attacked. LOL. 4 groups merged into 2. Then many funny things happen lo. HAha. Type till i feel thirsty. dunno why.

    Ahs. I think i should end my post le. Everyone confirm 'bu nai fan le' .. confirm tired of my lost post. Haha.

    One more picture ba ~ The Flute section ~

    That's me, Lee, Zoe, Shirley. Below is Sandy and Susu.
    Susu not in flute section. And this also not full flute section.
    Seniors all nv come. Haha.

    Ok ok ~ Ending post now ~ Thanks for Reading !
    *back to preparing class presentation*

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Sunday, 17 June 2007

    First Post - aka - Introduction

    Hey everyone out there !

    This is my first post in my newly made blog !
    From today onwards, everyone can listen to my story ~

    Ok, in my first post, i shall introduce more of myself.

    I am an ordinary girl who have extraordinary dreams.
    (I am also someone who hope i have extraordinary powers)
    - Dah, nvm that -

    I love Red - I love RPWS - I love Music -
    I love the Sky. I love to Sleep - I love to Daydream -
    I love to Just not do anything.

    What else?

    I've loads of good friends!
    I love my family and I love 348!

    What is 348?

    348 is OUR group.
    Let me introduce 348 from the Eldest to Youngest.

    Elaine - Wei Ting - Mei Xian - RaChael - Si Ying - Zi Qi

    Yea. This is 348. My Sisters ~

    Now that Elaine is overseas at Aussie.. 348 will only reunion at December.

    Other then 348, Ruiwen is the one i always hang out with.

    HEh, there's Ruiwen and Me.
    Its the best picture I can find with me and her.
    She's now wearing Contact Lens.
    Kinda different from the picture.
    But, DAH. nvm xD

    -[[ My Story Shall Then Begin ]]-

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;