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    Thursday, 27 March 2008

    The feeling of being sick is too horrible to be described.

    I'm like super energetic on tuesday morning, packed band library cupboard with Phylis,
    Super dusty, but mostly done, then, both our throat starts to feel itchy.

    Then after lunchbreak, it felt kinda sore.

    And after band, it's totally the worst.
    Thought Chocolate Sundae would help a little, but really.. it doesn't.

    It got even worst the next morning.

    On Wednesday, i have no appetite whole day, LIKE WOW.
    I drank super loads of water and i used up 2 box of 500 tissues.

    Totally sore nose + sore throat.

    Then, throat got better at night, but nose got worsen.

    Thursday, never go for band, can't even breathe and walk properly.

    Mum insist that i don't visit the doctor because all the anti-biotics is going to make me super wear and blah.

    And so i drank more water.
    Felt so bloated with water.

    Still, it didn't recover.

    I always get sick when i'm over my stress.
    Yea. Was pretty stress last week, thanks to some idiot who scolded me, i exploded and the stress was relieved.

    But i got sick. IT's like.. good and bad. Sigh.

    So i'm like so sick to go out. All i can do is sit on the sofa and use the com.

    And the bloody internet connection is super wear due to the bloody rain.

    Sigh. I think i shouldn't complain so much, it really doesn't help with getting better.

    Tomorrow's the SLA fiesta Preview. I'm quite excited about it, because it's like a rehearsal for our concert. Bloody ass la.

    My dad reminded me that i'm sick, and with this flu, i die die also can't play my flute, so it's no use to go.

    And he gave me 100 reasons that i must stay at home.

    And he even threaten that if i don't, i'll have to follow him and Mum back to Ipoh to help out.

    Like rolleyes la.

    So here i am, almost like a dead person, reading harry potter's 6th book for the 3rd time and is more than half way thru now.

    I've prepared alot of books beside me. I can't really walk, so i just sit and read. I'm feeling worse.

    But seriously, it's been quite a long time that i've gotten this sick.

    Thanks to the the dust and the bloody shit person yea.

    anyways, all this vulgar is making me feel EVEN WORSE.

    I think i'm really not going to recover anytime soon. DAMN.

    Sigh. The feeling of being sick is really Horrible. Undescribable. Whatever.


    see u guys soon.


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 19 March 2008

    A Guy should NEVER walk away when the Girl beside you fell.

    Because the Girl trust that you will always hold her up if she falls.

    That's the reason she chose to stand beside you.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 12 March 2008

    Latest Update !

    I injured my right wrist ~

    Lol. isn't that bad actually. Not as bad till i can't use my hand.

    It's still working fine. Just injured the inner veins.

    The reason being : No idea.

    Just got up, found it painful. Went for band, it got worst.
    Came back home, slept. Next day, it can't be lifted.

    HAha. But it's ALRIGHT. visited the doctor.
    I'm to wear a wrist guard whenever i'm out, doing things and all.

    But. seriously, i don't like the restriction. So you'll seldom see me wear, but you'll definetly find the ugly wrist guard in my bag. Must wear it whenever my mum is around, it's to make her not nag at me.

    She thinks i've twisted my wrist like how i twisted my knee.

    Yeah. That'll be just great, no sports, no music.

    Anyways, i'm to wear the wrist guard to play piano and flute.
    Really nice right ?

    HAha. Yea, funny.

    Alright. So much for updating my blog, when i'm the only one who's reading it only.

    Yups. rolleyes.

    Ahs. I love Nightwish ~ \m./ Rock on Baby !

    will not intro nightwish to you guys.
    My dear old friend who introduced me to Nightwish told me not to.

    He says, " keep the good thing to yourself ya. "

    Lol. YEa baby. Keeping it REAL tight in my pocket.


    Cya guys around.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 7 March 2008

    Too Good To be True.

    It's been so long that even I don't remember i have a blog until
    JUST 10 mins ago when i'm so free that i started surfing net and realize..

    I DO have a blog and i haven't posted for a MILLION years.

    Yups. Life is really packed and all.

    Too good to be true = i'm actually blogging this while working.
    My pay is still rolling but i'm actually slacking. like.. WOW ?

    LOL. I've typed 2 letters, wrote 24 pieces of payment vouchers, chopped 4 receipts booklet, played 2 sudoku, smsed car centre for theory test on next tue, preparing 3rd letter, waiting for my sister to pass me something for the 3rd letter.

    It's AFTER all these that i'm here typing this post.
    Finally, i've nth to do. Woah.

    Hahaha. Actually i've nth to post about.
    All the pictures are at home, nth to show.

    Heh. Let's talk about Band.

    RPWS ( Republic Poly Wind Symphony )
    is having their 2nd Viva La Symphonie concert ~

    It's on the 26th of April 08.
    For this concert, It's Free Admission.

    This is to thank the audience who had supported us for the past 2 concerts.

    Anyways, If you want to come down for the concert, Do tell me ya.
    I'll provide you guys the tickets. ^^

    Support alright.
    Will post another post sometime later for cleared informations.

    Ahhhh. Suddenly got work to do. Haha.
    Post again soon. Cya.

    (Lol. I realize i've lost the ability to post randomly and nicely. I felt like i'm struggling to complete a decent post. hah)

    Nvm. Will improve when school starts when i have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to post as usual.
    Dah ~

    Cya all ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;