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    Monday, 14 January 2008


    I realize i haven't been updating my blog like i used to.
    Ahs, i'm busy. =)

    Oh yas, I haven't post my Taiwan trip post. Yups, the one i say will be different from others.


    Erm. =/

    I haven't get all the pictures i need for posting.
    I'll wait till all the needed pictures are on hand then post.

    For those waiting for pictures that are with me...

    you may ask from me ya. If everyone wait with me for the pictures, it will be super long.

    I'll be posting soon ya. Patience ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 8 January 2008

    Been doing nothing for the past few days except sleeping and sleeping.

    I'm still not fully recovered from my ultra long cough, which, according to my classmates is a cough that they know i have since the 2nd last week of school last term.

    I've been telling them that i recovered, just gotten sick again.

    They don't believe. They insist that i haven't been taking care of myself and all.

    And so, they banned me from drinking Ribena in class.

    THAT is totally not cool.

    And i'm not allowed to take sweets other than strepsils.

    How bad is it?! Actually not very bad since it's only 2nd day of school re-open.

    Hahaha. No one in my class have access to my blog. Well, i didn't lock it up..
    Just that they can't get my blog address right.

    They didn't know they can search in the google blog search. Lol.


    zz ~ Yups, i can now speak freely and badly about my classmates. =/

    Speaking of classmates..
    I really apologise to Weijian and Ian.

    oh, they are my previous semester classmates.. that's how i link them to classmates.

    Ahh. So sorry alright.

    Because i'm like really coughy yesterday i really don't wish to go down for lunch.
    I just want to stay in class and sleep. It must be the dosage of antibiotic that made me so sleepy.
    And because of that, i rejected them for lunch.
    I know Weijian should be quite angry. Because i'm like dilly-dallying about lunch.

    sorry ya ~

    Aiks. Anyways. Been blog-hopping yesterday, many people had already posted about the Taiwan trip.

    Aw. It's like everyone is posting about the same thing.
    And i don't like to be the last to be posting if we are all posting about the same thing.

    And so i decided not to post about Taiwan trip.
    Well not exactly not posting about taiwan trip. Just not posting like how the rest had posted. I'm going to post it my way.

    Really different way.

    I have a rough idea about it. When i have the time, probably some day in the weekend, i will start my post.

    HAhaha. Totally lateness. But doesn't matter. Haha.

    Those Unglam photos taken by my phone.. Beware of them ya.
    Especially Naf. =)) all the chippy pictures. =x

    Ahs. I've been typing this post since the moment my facilitator enter the room.
    The only time i stopped typing is when i shift myself to the other table directly diagonal from where i was sitting since an hour ago.

    Yups, I'm super early today. I reached school at 8am.

    Oh ya. And so i typed and typed. And this bloody new faci entered the room and started staring at me. I know she is looking my way, but didn't know she's staring.

    I guess the reason for her to stare is that i never respond to her at all with the stare. I just continued typing just like what i'm doing now.

    She is so urgh. eek.

    First moment i see her when she come to take over Sally's lesson, i know i'm getting a C today.


    Doesn't matter. She's now flirting with my class' guys.
    Ok. Flirting sounds so wrong.

    Nope, it sounds right for her.
    She's asking one of my class' guy where he stay and how old is he and whether he like maths.

    Oh. She started the lesson.
    My class is still empty. 7 people only and she started the lesson.

    What a way to start my day.

    Urgh. Really not helping.

    Don't know why i'm suddenly so pissed off.


    Posting soon ya !

    Have a nice day ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Sunday, 6 January 2008

    Hello !

    Sorry, no update on Taiwan trip yet..
    I've to collate all the pictures from EVERY EVERYONE first, before i start my super ultra long taiwan trip post.


    Anyways, me myself have got most of the photos too.
    Mostly the first 2 days' photos. About...

    280+ of them. (Sue and Mine combined)

    totally rocking!
    I'm going to pick the best to send to Kelly.
    Anyways, before that.. I'm really troubled !
    I have no idea how to get my pictures to my pc.

    erm. You see, new phone, new function.
    Hard. I'll try to get everything uploaded by tonight.
    Hehe !

    Oh yea !
    Due to the super cannot make it weather in Taipei, many got sick.
    8 degrees celsius - 17 degress celsius.

    I'm really dumb . The night before we go taiwan, my dad told me that taiwan doesn't snow.
    Because of that, i thought taiwan's temperature is about the same as Singapore.
    Because Singapore doesn't snow.

    So much of assuming ya.

    I wish all those who are sick to be better.

    Especially Naf, sexy voice for too long is bad for health.

    Sue, Take care too.

    Zoe, Pig leg recovered ? rest well too.

    Others, Pat and Yani. Drink loads of water too.

    Others others. Jasmine, GET WELL SOON.
    Others others others. : All.
    Take care ya.

    So much for wishing everyone well. I must get well soon too.

    Been ages since i visited doctor.
    Because this Cough of mine got so serious, my mum finally gave in and let me visit the doctor.

    LOADS of medicine is given. Very nice.
    I'm going to get better soon. =))

    Ahhs. Tomorow is School re-open already.

    Many things to be done. ah. hahaha ~

    Librarian works. Many songs to be worked on for the next 3 months.
    Jiayou to everyone ya !

    P/s. JiaJun, Weijian, Ian and rest.
    SOrry i didn't make it for all the holiday outings. Really apologise ya !

    P/s. Elaine and 348.
    Sorry too. Didn't get to meet everyone for the past month. Will meet up soon before laine go back to aussie ya

    P/s. Ruiwen.
    Monday free? *Tomorrow*


    Oh ya. I was checking all my mail just now.
    When i accidentally clicked on my friendster account.
    Guess what i saw! Totally shocking !

    I saw Birthday Greetings !

    I'm really sorry for not replying those who wished me Happy Birthday.
    I haven't been contact with the internet for quite a long time.

    Really thanks. This was my FIRST year with so many greetings and blessings !

    Lastly, Thanks Hannah.

    No reason. Hannah had been there for me for many times.
    Although the sweet she bought for me during the taiwan trip didn't really help me recover, but it was nice. Thank you Hannah, our Ah Ma, and Mammi. =))

    And Thank you Hannah for the Birthday Present. =)

    I'm pretty long-winded.

    Please look-forward to the Taiwan trip post ya.
    Loads to be shared !

    And lastly lastly, i have something to say..

    Happy New Year ! 2008 !!


    Yups. Happy =))

    Be back soon !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;