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    Friday, 31 August 2007

    Funny Things.

    Let's laugh together ~

    Let me start with my day. And you all can laugh at the later part =)

    Today was tiring. Went to town with Ting, Sy and Mx.

    shopped and shopped. Only found 1 thing that i like.


    PUMA belt. SUPER NICE. Sigh..

    Have to look for it at other places le.
    Never mind ~ No stock = Never Buy = Still got Money =)

    Lols. Ahs. That's all for today.


    Super funny.

    was chatting with meixian.
    Then she suddenly say " HEY . You got see Rachael's blog ? "

    Then i ask her " What Rachael blog ? Got what ? "
    Mx : " The person lo.. Never go ur blog? "
    Me : " Huh ? What? I go see. "

    Ta Da ~

    Quoted directly from Rachael Tagbox ok.

    31 Aug 07, 13:42 -
    *****: A blog is for you to update . Not for you to keep in the store and rot . Just see how many people visit your blog . By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are ***** !


    Oh. I did NOT censor the person's name. not sure is it a He or She. SO let me call it.. IT.

    IT doesn't have a name. Oh, maybe IT does have a name. But ITs' name is too eeky to be shown. Blogspot have to censor ITs' name. Poor bloke.

    Let me see. How many sentence did IT typed? 4 sentence. Woots. 4 big replies i shall give.

    " A blog is for you to update. " -- This sentence is no doubt for Rachael.
    But my question would be, A blog is for us to update? Who says?
    Did blogspot set a rule that i overlooked? A blog is for us to post whenever we like to.
    Because it is OUR blog.

    Aww. Tough rule. So, let me just assume IT does visit my blog too. So i will just leave a message on behalf of rachael to IT.

    Dear IT, Rachael is working. She's not able to update.

    Make sense?

    PLEASE LA. u think everyone so free like you? Go people's blog and tag without name only?

    Ok. Nevermind. Next next.

    " Not for you to keep in the store and rot . " -- This sentence is most obviously linked to the previous sentence.

    So, Blog is for updating, not to keep in THE STORE and ROT.
    Hm. Is blog for sale? STORE?
    Oh. Store room? BLOG in STORE ROOM. Does it even link?
    NO right?

    Obviously NOT. Haha ~
    Store and ROT. Rot is a disgusting word.
    Food that rots grow maggots and fungi.

    Blog that rots..? Ahs. Moggots and Fooga?

    Cool. I shall email to blogspot and suggest that they can grow Moggots and Fooga in our blog if we don't update. Because our blog will then be kept in the STORE and ROT.

    Okays. Next next.

    " Just see how many people visit your blog . " -- Ahs. This is contridicting.

    I can't make sense of the sentence. I'm seeing how many people visiting Rachael's Blog.
    And i think Rachael is seeing it too.

    Rachael's Blog Counter is currently 5105 on the 1st of September, 11.58pm.
    5105 = Five Thousand One Hundred and Five.

    I have both Numbers and Words here. =)

    Yea. Many people is visiting Rachael's Blog. It cant be helped that Rachael is unable to update.
    Any comments?

    Yea. Let me move on to the last part.

    " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are ***** ! " -- Hey, my name is there. =)

    I love this sentence ALOT. I kept laughing. Awww. The sentence is just so SWEET ~

    Firstly, i am seeing another 5 letter word. What does it mean? We shall all find out together =)

    5 letter words





    So let me form sentences.

    1 ) " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are Girls ! " <-- Of Course ! Oh, ladies would be a finer word.

    2 ) " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are Sweet ! " <-- Thanks =)

    3 ) " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are Lamer ! " <-- Lamers u mean? I am. Doubt Rachael is one.

    4 ) " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are Cruel ! " <-- Yea. We do kill ants.

    5 ) " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are Crunk ! " <-- Crazily Drunk? LOL !

    6 ) " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are Fugly ! " <-- Aww. That's hurtful. Fucking Ugly doesn't sound that nice. Fucking Gorgeous sound better. We are Fugeous.

    7 ) " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are BITCH ! " <-- Woots. That's what IT is trying to call us? Bitch?

    Nah. I seriously doubt so. ITs' English is So pro that IT inserted 4 full stops in ITs' tag. 4 sentence and 4 fullstops. I think IT should be quite good with ITs' singular and plurals.

    If IT want to call us Bitch. It should be.. " By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are BITCHES ! " .

    Isn't that right? BITCHES is ******* <-- 7 letters. definetly not *****.
    So the word BITCH is totally striked off. Sad =(

    I actually like the word BITCH. =)

    Beautiful Individual That Causes Hardons.

    Babe In Total Control of Herself.

    Why is Bitch even a BAD word? LOL.

    Let me fill up the ***** ok.

    31 Aug 07, 13:42 -

    Goose: A blog is for you to update . Not for you to keep in the store and rot . Just see how many people visit your blog . By the way , you & your friend Zi Qi both are Stars !


    Ta Da ! Yea. I'm a Lamer, I'm a Star !

    Question : Why did i choose Goose to be ITs' name. Because i randomly thought of the word. And it happned to fit nicely to the 5 letter word. =)

    To Mr IT, I know who are you. I inserted a tracking program into my blog, as well as to the rest of the 348 girls' blog. I happened to track down who are you when you visit my blog.

    Thanks for the visit anyway.

    Say all you want about me. If you want to post bad about me, Post it at MY BLOG.
    And if you want to post bad about my Friends, I DARE YOU TO DO SO IN MY BLOG. FUCKING IDIOT.

    The word IT is hurting my eye. (wasted my Red Ink on the bloody word. Damnit)

    Anyways. I do think what i did was a little too much and not needed.
    You may call it a Childish Act.

    But who cares? It's my blog. Haha !

    Woosh ~

    Cheers. I'm going to have a Great Night. Beautiful Night. Sweet Dreams =)

    Thanks to my all lovely friends for the 5 letter words.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    As Promised ~

    A picture that i would like to share with all !

    Ta Da !

    isn't it beautiful?
    It was taken by me somemore ! No editing at all.

    Have i told you how much i love the sky?

    Morning, Afternoon and Night.

    Different views triggers different kind of feeling.

    This photo was taken somewhat in a random situation.

    Was walking to school. Alone.

    Reason being : Fifi, Yanni, Pat, Li Hua WENT TO SCHOOL WITHOUT ME. and ZOE is at .. CHALET!

    Ya. So i walked to school alone.

    Was looking out for Prince Charming to pop up from somewhere and accompany me to school.

    Well. i'm dreaming. ok. nvm.

    So ya. walking walking.. and i saw the beautiful view.

    So i took a picture. Make sense ? hm.

    Hm. doesn't matter.

    Oh ya.

    One picture that i promised about too.

    The CHocolates that YS brought back from LA.

    Hmm ~ Sweet ~

    ISn't the photo just so beautiful? Like those taken by professionals?

    HaHA! Taken by me la ! LOL ! LAaaaaas ~

    Sigh. Talking about Ys, my BF.
    He went back to LA last sunday.

    SIGH ! I didn't even get to send him off. =(

    But it's ok. He's safe and sound at LA now.


    This Photo..

    is just so random.

    walking to cwp. trying to take a photo of my 4 friends, fifi and all.

    But.. well. u seee. when it comes to taking photos.
    Er ya. u know.. er.. you can see. There are more than 4 GIRLS in the photo.

    HAhaha. Ok la. The Moonlight wasn't very bright.
    That's the best. Somehow beautiful isn't it ?

    Beautiful Bandmates that is.

    Well. There isn't much to post about lately.
    I'm too stressed to think.

    Concert is coming up. Still not used to my new sitting arrangement.
    Actually, i'm used to it. But i dun like sitting there.

    Hm ! There's this line behind the conductor. Whenever i get bored. i will just look at the line.
    HAhaha. Dumb. But yea. that's what i do. Because i'm sitting directly in front of the conductor.

    Now that i am shifted to a new sitting position, i cant see the line. I get so bored that i keep looking around and not pay any attention when playing.

    What am i complaining about again?

    Oh. Sitting arrangement.

    Anyways. NEVER MIND !
    Can't change it already.

    I searched the room today to find another THING for me to stay focus on.
    I'm not sure. There's 3 things i find quite nice to focus on.

    1st would be.. Sandy's hair. But she will change seats with Shirley.. So i don't know whether to strike that off.

    2nd would be.. The light. The second from the middle row. Somehow attractive.

    3rd would be.. The reflection ! Haha. there's this big piece of.. er.. glass wall infront of me.
    Far, but infront of me. The glass wall shows reflection of the people in the room.

    What i will do is.. Look into the glass wall and make out the person i'm looking at.
    And then check whether i'm correct.

    Yea. That's what i did the whole practice today.

    =/ Sigh.

    Okays. Get over it.

    I'm going to sleep.

    Today is just another anyhow-day.

    Sigh. Ok. And.. ok..

    I made a new friend today. His name is Enoch. A shy guy.
    New percussionist.

    HAHA ! Aizat, Nafisa, Zoe, Darul, Yanni and me.. we saw him sitting alone.. eating by himself.

    So we decided to go over and introduce ourselves.

    Nafisa : Fi
    Me : Fi Fi
    Zoe : Fi Fi Fi
    Aizat : Fi Fi Fi Fi
    Yanni : Fi Fi Fi Fi Fi
    Darul : Fi Fi Fi Fi Fi Fi

    Hahaha ~ lame ! =/
    And the lamest thing is..

    After band, i asked Enoch... " Hey. u remember me? What's my name? "
    He replied : Fi Fi .

    I almost fainted. zz

    So much of a good introduction.

    Okays. Cya all.

    Good Night.

    Happy Teachers' Day.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 30 August 2007

    This post is actually nothing at all.

    I had finally cut my fingernails. They are so long that i cannot play properly on the piano.
    But that's not the reason i cut it =/

    I grew it because i'm lazy to cut. well. sort of.
    I also grew it to make my piano teacher angry.
    But sadly, it didn't work.
    She just said "I feel painful for you. Running notes with fingernails."

    Aiks. Anyways. i cut it because my sister is grumbling about it.
    That's one problem with sharing room with your sibling.

    One sleeps earlier than the other. And the later sleeper always get blamed if the first sleeper cannot sleep. Hm !

    Yea. She says that i'm super loud with the keyboard. Which means my fingers + the keyboard is making so much noise that she cannot sleep.

    Quite true la. nails ma. how to stop to 'clat clat clat' on the keyboard?
    Lol. So yea. i cut it lo.

    when cutting it, she also complain. say i cut very loud. Is it even me to blame?

    I shall blame it on the cutter. It is creating so much noise cutting my finger nails.
    So i have to go to my room's living room. Blah. I don't hear the difference with the noise.

    What the hell. But who cares again? I finished cutting. Hm.

    Blah. Nothing much =/

    Good Night Again =/

    Anyways. Happy 18th Birthday Melvin !!

    Wish u well. All the best !


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 29 August 2007

    Strange things always happen..

    to me.

    Hm. Was supposed to meet Fifi and all at 1.30pm for lunch and band.
    But due to some reasons.. The meeting was cancelled.

    So.. I change the alarm clock's time to.. 2pm =)

    Yea. I woke up at 11am. And went back to sleep.
    er. Oh ya. For those that don't know me..

    I am someone who never really suffer from sleepless night.
    Usually, i can just doze off within minutes after i close my eyes.
    (anytime anywhere. morning, afternoon, evening, midnight. playground, class, chair, floor, bed)

    Unless i am really sad or angry about something. Then i will stay up whole night staring at the ceiling.

    THAT hardly happen to me. I'm peaceful. (minus the dropping of flute, which i do not want to mention about it anymore)

    HAHA ! Life is cool when u can sleep until 2pm without any disturbing drilling noise.

    My Jb house is still under renovation. Smart me, i came over to Sg house with Dad in the morning. So i can have a peaceful sleep.

    Ahs. Anyways. Strange things happened. I think this is not the first time already.

    I woke up.. Then i look thru my inbox. Then i saw a msg without name.
    Means.. unknown number la =/

    Then i frowned =.=
    Then i went to my sent items .
    I replied the person the night before ..

    woah. And i have totally no slightest memory of the incident.

    And my reply was like .. i know the person like that.
    Unknown number lo.. Siao one.

    Then i texted the person. No reply.

    Dream? HAHAha.

    Crazy la. Sometimes you just forget what you did. =/

    This 'event' happened many times to me before. zz.

    2 different person. And i know them.
    Well. And it seem to always happen after midnight . *ahem.

    They just simply smsed me. And i somehow replied.

    In the morning when i see the msg in Inbox. I will always stone for a moment.
    like.. " er.. is this a new msg? How come nv see before yet the msg is opened "

    Then my sent items. zz. I will also not have the slightest idea of what i replied.
    But there will always be a replied msg.

    Crazy. sometimes strange things just happens.

    Till now =.= I still feel strange. Kept getting goosebumps. eeks.

    Oh ya. I remember there's a name for this 'event'.

    Ya. Sleep walk, sleep run, sleep talk, sleep sing, sleep sleep.. sleep sms =)

    Ahs. Who cares.

    Anyways. I realized that it's been a long time since i posted pictures.
    Don't know why.. Just dun feel like posting pictures.
    So many pictures. zz.

    But there's one i really must post. Next post ! I'll post that particular picture.
    I find it super beautiful. Ahs. whatever.

    Next post it shall be.

    Till then ~

    Good Night all !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    I think i found something.


    Something new.

    I think i'm having the urge to like Black. now.

    Red is just simply too bright. Maybe a darker colour will be better?

    No one is supposed to understand what i'm saying.
    Because no one will.


    Is it possible for me to stop loving red?
    Black is just super tempting.

    But Black is too dark for me. Far.

    Mixture of red and black?



    I dropped my flute on the hard cement-covered-with-plastic floor today.

    It was a suprise i held my tears.

    I don't cry infront of people i don't like.
    I think that very well explained alot of things.

    HAha. Well. I'm seriously totally sad about my flute la.

    Wah lao ! I've just fought the urge to send it to repair last week because it started leaking. Badly.

    Because the concert is just like 2 weeks later? Can't risk sending it for repair at this time.

    ANd now ! My flute hit the solid ground with a " thud thud " sound.

    I saw the dent. I just made myself believe it was just like that before it fell. =/

    Cpt Yusri asked the worst thing that he can ever ask. And i'm not happy with it.
    "Aren't you sad? If it was me, i'm probably be so heart pained."


    I actually thought smiling is better. I don't wish to have a crowd around me, holding out tissues.

    What am i actually angry about now?
    I have totally no idea.

    random ppl like me should not blog. it is making people less intelligent by just reading my post.

    And i'm getting stupid-ier every second.

    BAD DAY. and i smiled it through.

    I have always know i'm optimistic. But not to this extend.

    life. i wonder why.


    Do you like minnnts or do you like eagle?

    Linking it? You will never find out what i'm asking.

    Nights. Sleep well.

    Tough day. Get over it.

    Tomorrow will be a better day. Live it.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 28 August 2007

    People nowadays are..




    It's 3.20am now.
    Half way through helping my sister edit her blog template.
    I don't like the skin. So i think i should not continue editing it first.
    Shall convince her that it is ugly and choose another one.

    Editing editing. Led me to my blog template.
    And i think it's a waste that i dun blog.

    Although i'm super tired. I think i can manage a short post. Lol.

    People nowadays. It kept making me wonder you know?

    When you go out with someone of the opposite sex for 1 time..
    People think you are interested with each other.

    When you go out with someone of the opposite sex for 2 times..
    People think you are getting serious.

    When you go out with someone of the opposite sex for 3 times...
    People think you are going to marry this person.

    Yes? Don't deny it.

    In other countries.. US and all,
    When you go out with someone of the opposite sex, it doesn't really mean anything.
    Even after 3 years, 3 years of dating. It still can still NOT mean anything !

    What am i trying to say? I have no idea.

    Example. If i were to go out with this guy.
    At Orchard road.. we talk and walk.

    And you happen to pass by me and the guy.
    First thing on your mind would be?

    "Zi Qi is dating this guy."

    Then next is.. " they nv hold hand."

    "Probably not yet."

    If 2 days later you see me with the guy..

    you will think..

    "They are together. confirmed."

    ---------------- Linking it? -----------------

    I'm trying to say.. People nowadays love to jump into conclusions.
    Sometimes, i think people should be more open-minded.

    If i just happen to be someone who have lots of guy friends.
    And i made a schedule that.
    Every Monday i go out with A, Tuesday with B, Wednesday with C..
    And so on.
    If you are someone who just happen to see me everyday for 1 month.

    WHat? I'm a flirty girl who have 7 different boyfriends?

    Ahs. Don't even know why am i posting this.
    Just can't stop wondering how people think about things.

    I'm tired. Maybe my mind is not working.

    Shall take a rest.

    Good Night.

    11 hours of band ahead. 10am-9pm. Cheers.
    Wish me well ~

    -Do you know-

    Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.
    (If you're ambidextrous, do you split the difference?)

    Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump. (That would be a good thing..)

    A cat's urine glows under a black light. (I wonder who was paid to figure that out.)

    An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. (I know some people like that.)

    Starfish have no brains. (I know some people like that too.)

    Tata ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Sunday, 26 August 2007

    Series of Events.

    Life is fair. When good things happen, bad things happens too.
    That's from the Murphy's Law.

    When everything just get too good, stop and look back. Bad is chasing you now.


    Forget that =.=

    anyways. today shall be a great day.

    I went for Piano Lesson.
    Finally, the Certificate for my Grade 5 examination is out.

    Woo. Just looking at the Cert made me super happy.

    And the spoiler will always by my piano teacher =/
    She say " next year take Grade 5 performance cert ok? "

    Normally people take exams like.. Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7 then Grade 8.
    But Inbetwen 5 and 6 AND 7 and 8 , there's 2 extra exams that most people don't take.

    Between 5 and 6 , it is called the First Concert Certificate
    Betwwen 7 and 8 , it is called the Performance Certificate.

    I remember my piano teacher once told me that, it is quite important to have the certs if you plan to play piano to a far point.

    I never considered Far Point. I'm not a talented player. Just average player.
    Far point is TOO far la.

    And I don't even have the urge to play piano for these few months already. Sort of too tired of it after the Grade 5 exam.

    But after your teacher talk to your parents about her plans..
    It is quite hard to avoid the plan already.

    Her plan is to get me to prepare First Concert Exam.

    And TaDa ! My Dad always support whatever my piano teacher have to say.

    So yay. First Concert. LOL.

    Anyways. It isn't that bad afterall, because i ask my parents for a deal.
    I never thought the deal will be DEALED. But, yea. they agreed to it. (with conditions)

    I simply just ask my parents ( on the way back home from piano lesson )
    "Hey. Can i stop playing piano for some time, i would like to try flute lesson."

    Dad : You always want to try everything.
    Me : In life, you have to try many things... blah blah blah..
    Mum : Ok. You can have both lessons.
    Me : Huh?!
    Dad : .......
    Mum : Yes. Piano and Flute lessons lo. Dad will agree one.
    Me : uh.. Very expensive la.
    Mum : It's ok. No probelm.

    - Deal sealed -

    I'm actually quite confused here. I wanted to stop piano for flute. Because i'm too stressed by the piano teacher.
    But now, i'm going to have Both classes.

    I'm gonna die early.

    I don't even think i have time to go out with my friends anymore. And it was ME who made it that way. Sigh.

    I'm so bloody stress lah. And going to have flute lesson will NOT help the least bit.

    Let me share.

    Things i'm stress about. ( actually i dun think anyone should find it as disturbing as me. )

    1. I have to go back to work at Cathay. Because everytime i go cwp and watch movie, they will ask " Zic, when are you coming back huh? " or " you quit? "

    I didn't quit the job. I asked for 3 months rest. Because that time i injured my knee, can't work.
    During the 3 months, i got lazy, and didn't want to go back.
    But they kept asking me until i feel very paiseh not to go back.
    I don't want to say i'm going to quit, because i'll have to pay the uniform money and stuff.

    And last month, i thought i would be free during the september holidays, so i told one of my colleagues that i will be going back during sep. She actually wanted to transfer to AMK hub, but she heard i'm coming back, so she say she's going to stay for a few more months.

    THAT made me guilty. Really guilty. YOU SEE, i didn't know band practice is going to take up 2 weeks of my 3 weeks holiday. How am i going to work like that ?

    So i'm super stressed up.

    2. Concert is coming up, followed by many more events. That would mean i have to practice alot. I can only practice at JB home. Because i'll disturb people if i practice in Sg home.
    And that would mean 1 day per week. How is THAT going to help?

    3. I haven't got time to practice my Piano because the ONE day i have when i get back to JB is to practice my flute. And my piano teacher is not patient anymore. Can i even have a break?

    4. How to add flute lesson to my schedule when i dun even have a decent empty day of my week?

    5. I've not been meeting 348 for 2 weeks. When you dun meet your friends, you tend to get more and more stressed. Because stress is not relieved.

    6. My room has just been renovated. New furniture just came in, me and my sis's stuff is everywhere. Our books, our everything. is everywhere. Super messy.
    And the ONE day i come back from Sg, i must also help to clear the mess.

    sigh. These are almost all the things i'm stress over now.
    And when i'm stress, i eat. To relieve stress. That's why i'm never thin. LOL.

    And for that, i'm now stress that i might not able to fit into my concert's wear.

    LOL ! Funny. HAHAHA !

    Bloody hell la.

    and you know what ? MY TAMAGOTCHI became IRON MAN again.
    And THAT is SUPER sad.

    Life is tiring.

    Nvm. Saggittarians are supposed to be Super Optismistic.

    Yea ! Shall look on the bright side of life ya ? It's 1.20pm now. I still have...
    2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm 12am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am.....
    All the way to Tomorrow's 1pm.

    Almost 24 more hours. I still have can put 3 hours in playing flute, 30mins in playing piano, 5 mins to feed tamogotchi, 3 hours to clear my stuff, 2 hours of eating. And still have time for playing maple story.


    Life is getting better if you see things my way. Woots.

    I'm suddenly feeling super energised. FULL OF ENERGY. NEVER SAY DIE.

    LOL ! ok la. Got to go help with clearing stuffs now. Beeps ~

    Post again soon !


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 25 August 2007

    Too many Reasons to blog !

    I seriously think the Quiz by Vanessa is a Quiz that goes on forever.
    You have to first list 10 names that you hope will answer to your quiz.
    After that, they will most probably put your name back in their Quiz.

    Then, you have to do the quiz again. and again. And again.

    Lucky for me ! I'm am smart enough to realise the problem beforehand.
    I have only 5/10 people that blog in my list. 1/5 wil not return my quiz.
    The one would be my sister. Her blog is brokedown.
    She'll have to wait for me to fix her blog. Which is.. Long long later, because i'm super lazy to help her. Hahaha.

    Left with 4/6 that blog and Most probably will return my post.
    Vanessa, Rachael, Nafisa and Weiwei.

    And so, i am here, prepared with answering their post too.

    If you are reading until here and still have no idea what i'm talking about...
    Ok, in short, it means...

    Now, i've sent request to 10 person to return my post, weiwei replied it. Now my turn to reply him. Understand?

    Zz. Nvm. Ok. Quiz time again.

    I'm going to skip the top-5 present i wish for.


    Answer the following questions:

    1. The person who tagged you is:- Tan Wei Wei. (mumble.. wayne..)

    2. Your relationship with him:- "try guessing?" - quoted from weiwei

    3. Your 5 impressions of him:- loves disturbing, singer wannabe, he don't like talking to people he is not familiar with, board shoulders and tall enough to put his chin on the top of my head after i put 3 Harry Potter book 6 on my head.

    4. The most memorable thing he have done for you:- *cough* . Before ytd: most memorable thing he done for me is to ask me to be optismistic, cheered me up, and wished me well in his blog.
    After ytd : most memorable thing is he and Gabriel came all the way down to Woodlands from Tampines to publicize the concert to my sec sch. ( i think it's really Quite touching. So far leh)

    5. The most memorable words he have said to you:- "It's not Tooty band. It's Tutti band." ( wah lao, everyday in band when cpt yusri or CM say " tutti band " i will remember how toot i am lo.)

    6. If he becomes your lover, you will:- Laugh. ( i haven think of a reason for laughing yet )

    7. If he becomes your lover, things he have to improve on will be:- talk more casually to me and not wear white skinny jeans in front of me. (haha, reason is private.)

    8. If he becomes your enemy, you will:- Stuff a Chinchilla into his trombone and cut his fringe away.

    9. If he becomes your enemy, the reason will be:- No reason for him to become my enemy. He's a tall guy.. with board shoulders. =/

    10. The most desired thing you want to do for him now is:- To make him happy everyday. He's getting a bit moody these few weeks. All a friend can do is make sure he gets happier everyday.

    11. Your overall impression on him is:- blur and steady

    12. How do you think people around you will feel about you:- Proud and Selfish.

    13. The character you love of yourself is:- Optimistic

    14. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is:- Lazy

    15. The most ideal person I want to be with is:- A guy that think fast and have patience.

    Hehe. the rest of the quiz is the same as the previous one. So nvm ba. No need repeat.

    I'm quite satisfied with my answers.

    Hees ~

    Sorry WeiJian, Andrew, Adillah and JJ ~Hees. I'll post the pictures asap ok.
    Hehe. Yea ppl ~ i'll post pictures soon ! Lots of happening these few days.
    Trying to keep my post short. People are complaining that i can post long. LOL.

    Another Reminder to everyone !

    Hey ! Republic Poly Wind Symphony Concert !! 8th September.
    Any more people interested? Msg me ! Call me !!


    Good Night !

    Oh yea.
    P/s : weiwei, Saggitarians are good people. Hm !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 23 August 2007

    Reason to Blog ~

    Goldie gave Vanessa a reason to blog.
    Vanessa gave me a reason to blog.

    List out your Top 5 Birthday Presents you wish for:

    1. A man. (Best preferred at height of 175 and above, board shoulders, caring, quick-witted, smart, most mama's choice. 3-5 years older than me would be nice.)

    2. Fairy God-mother.

    3. White Tulips.

    4. Time-travelling Machine.

    5. Unlimited Credit Card.

    (I'm super honest with the top 5 birthday presents i wish and want. Hehe. Well, i guess white tulips would be the only more.. likely to-become present. Ah das ~ Who cares.)

    Answer the following questions:

    1. The person who tagged you is:- Vanessa Lim Shi Pheng

    2. Your relationship with her:- A little more spark than friends?

    3. Your 5 impressions of her:- She have crazy laughters, she dun like staying over for band camps, she cannot live without her phone, xiaxue, Pro clarinetist.

    4. The most memorable thing she have done for you:- She passed a fork to me. (well.. that's true. i can't forget the moment. no idea why.)

    5. The most memorable words she have said to you:- you look like xiaxue (memorable, is it good or bad?)

    6. If she becomes your lover, you will:- die of laughter. I can just laugh so hard just by looking at her smile at me. LOL. =x

    7. If she becomes your lover, things she have to improve on will be:- stop calling me xiaxue, love a girl more. Zz. And maybe laugh softer.

    8. If she becomes your enemy, you will:- laugh louder than her when she laugh in band.

    9. If she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:- i don't think that will ever happen, no reason at all.

    10. The most desired thing you want to do for her now is:- simply cut her hair. (sorry van, i'm super jealous with girls that have long hair, dun blame me for that.)

    11. Your overall impression on her is:- Crazily Fun.

    12. How do you think people around you will feel about you:- Proud and Selfish.

    13. The character you love of yourself is:- Optimistic

    14. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is:- Lazy

    15. The most ideal person I want to be with is:- No idea, i think that a guy that is quick-witted is the most ideal person to me.

    16. For people that care and like you, say something to them:- Don't forget me because You will never be forgotten.

    17. For people whom I've hurt:- I'm Sorry.

    18. For people whom I love and treasure:- I love you. (No other words can mean more)

    19. Pass this quiz to 10 person that you wish to know how they feel about you:

    1. Vanessa

    2. Rachael
    3. Nafisa
    4. Ruiwen
    5. Weiwei
    6. Andrew
    7. WeiJian
    8. LEaf - MySista
    9. JiaJun
    10. Adillah

    (Lol. The names above, it is either they don't read my blog, or they don't have a blog or they seldom update their blog. Lols. Anyways, Do do the quiz if you happen to read my post ok. at the comment page, or at microsoft words, send it to me. i don't mind. Haha)

    Who is number 6 having relationship with? - No one.

    Is no.9 a male or female?- Female

    If no.7 & no.10 are together, will it be a good thing?- Lols. I have no idea. Lame + Lame = Good?

    How about no.8 and no.5?- Ooh. Not possible. Totally Impossible.

    What is no.2 studying about?- Integrated Events and Project Management

    When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?- Just 2 hours ago outside Causeway Point, Under a lamp.

    What kind of music does no.8 like?- Everything i like except Power Metal.

    Does no.1 has any siblings?- ers. hm. I.. think so. =/

    Will you woo no.3?- Probably. She has a very unique character. Attractive ^^

    How about no.7?- LOL! My Lame Master + Paint drawing teacher? Highly Unlikely.

    Is no.4 single?- Nope. She have me.

    What is the surname of no.5?- TAN !

    What is the nickname of no.10?- La La.

    What is the hobby of no.4?- Surfing the net about news and gossips of hollywood stars, and definetly not collecting of stamps.

    Does no.5 and no.9 get along well?- They don't know each other. HOnestly, they might not. 2 totally different character. Totally Totally Different.

    Where is no.2 studying at?- Singapore Poly.

    Talk something casually about no.1?- super lame.

    Have you try developing feelings with no.8?- My Sister? LOL ! What can i say ? I love her very much? ( if she's reading this now, she most probably will have goosebumps.) Anyways. No, i have never try developing feelings with my sister other than family kinship.

    Where does no.9 live at?- Bishan.

    What colour does no.4 like?- Black

    Are no.5 and no.1 best friends?- Best Friends? don't think so. Probably Casual Friends.

    Does no.7 like no.2?- No idea. Don't think so? They hardly know each other at all.

    How do you get to know no.2?- Primary 4 tuition class.

    Does no.1 have any pets?- I doubt so.

    Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?- Sexiest? O.o Yea. Maybe with his signature move. " no-need-la " .

    Hehe. Woots. End of my Quiz.

    Used 1 hour to complete =.=

    Going to sleep now. Meeting WeiJian, Andrew, Adillah, JiaJun and ZhiHan tomorrow for movie !
    And after that, Weiwei and Gabriel to go Woodlands sec to do some publicizing of concert.

    Yays. Cheers to my upcoming busy day.

    Good Night !

    p.s/(ruiwen) - My pet turn to the strawberry de le. super cute ! I'm praying it don't turn to iron man again. ^^ meet soon.
    p.s/(vanessa) - Thanks for the quiz, will post my -doyouknow- column back soon. =)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Hey. I am someone who is super straight-forward, if u cannot accept that. i'm so sorry.
    If u are offended by what i say, you really don't know me.

    Take care. Bye

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 21 August 2007

    Ribena Pastilles and Weird Habits.

    Thanks to Michelle I have to post the stupid weird habit thing on my blog.
    I'm supposed to post 10 of my weird habits to answer the 'Quiz' .
    Don't know how you all would call that.

    Anyways, i think that is just too short to be posted as one post.
    You all know me. I'm not someone who write short posts.

    Lol ~
    So.. I decided to talk about something else. About ..

    Ribena Pastilles !
    Booya ~

    I'm super in love with Ribena Pastilles.
    It is my favourite sweet. =/

    Ah dela da ~

    The ingredients for Ribena Pastilles is :Glucose, Sugar, Water, Vitamin C, Belatine, Blackcurrant Juice, Citric Acid and much much more.

    It gives 339kcal of energy per 100g serving.

    The packet i'm eating now expiries on the 24/01/08 .

    There are 5 pastilles in the packet and the Net weight is 10g.

    Oh yea. Whatever =.=

    Anyway, Ribena Pastilles are super nice.
    Chewy and sweet to a certain extend.
    Makes you want it more. LOL

    Ok. Anyways. Let me side track abit to my day today.

    Today was a super tiring day.
    Went for class, Then Band and then Met Ys and frens.

    Class was lame. Didn't do much except for sitting around and playing audition.
    The last hour of lesson is practically me reading story book only.
    (What? Can't blame me. I just bought a set of new books.)

    Band.. I have no idea why i'm so nervous for band today.
    I have practiced enough to let me get thru tuesday's practice.
    But during the Band Practice, i keep making mistakes.
    Not that i keep playing the wrong notes. I just kept playing at the wrong timing.
    There are always parts where we have to rest and then play again.
    Because i don't count (i always count wrongly). so i usually listen.

    I listen to the part where i must enter. Sometimes i get it wrong.
    But this time is worst.
    Because i placed the flute at my mouth. And i blew.
    And the rest of flautist followed.

    My bad. Totally my bad.
    And i actually thought they ARE counting.
    ahs. nvm.

    Got through with the mistakes.
    CPT Yusri didn't scold. He just gave me some Looks.
    Well at least i think he did. Because when i usually played wrongly, i close my eyes.
    So i will not see what happen in the 1 sec.

    aHs. After band i rushed to Causeway point to meet Ys and all.

    Yeu Shiuan, Sherene, WeiKiat, Olivia, Melvin and Shakilla.
    We had dinner and went home.

    Lol. we are actually meeting on Wednesday for steamboat at marina bay.
    But Ys cannot make it. And he is the MAIN person.
    So we changed our plan to today and yea. 9pm.
    What can we do. So late already.

    Ys bought us chocolates from LA.
    The pictures with Sher. Will show u all next time.

    So after everything, we went home.

    Suprising Suprisingly, Melvin sent me to my bus-stop.
    He should alight long ago, but we haven't talk for a long time. And my house is at the last stop, so he suggested that we have a little catching-up during the ride.
    Yea. And. Melvin changed alot. For those who know him, dun get a shock when u see him.
    For those who dun know him, dun mind it.
    And melvin, if u are reading.. Hehehhe. Don't mind it too.

    Okays. After that. Nothing happened. I walked home and TA DA.
    I blogged.

    Okok. Now, To the Nice Offer of posting this piece of whatever is below by Michelle.

    Each player of this game starts off with TEN weird habits or little known things about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own TEN weird or little known facts about yourself as well as state this rules clearly.

    At the end, you must choose 6 people to tag and list their names.

    Understand the rules ? Ok.
    ( and i shall warn about the weird habits of mine )

    1. I hate food that contain sweet sauce. Especially Teriyaki Chicken. If i have to eat it because my friend recommends me to and made sure i buy it, i tend to eat it half breathing only.
    Because, that will make sure the taste isn't that strong.

    AND i seriously bet most people don't do that. Because most people think sweet stuff are nice.

    2. Sometimes i snort when laughing.

    3. I cry whenever my parents mention about my grandmother being old. There was once my Grandma fell down. My ma was informed by my aunt. And when i heard, i cried in my bedroom for 20 mins.

    4. The only song i practice on my piano when i'm asked to is Canon in D. I simply just dun like playing other songs. So i just improvise and improvise and IMprovise on my canon in D till it sound really weird. Like a few classical songs, chinese songs, english songs mixed together.
    Ask my sister if you wanna know more.

    ( so, practically, i can play no songs by memory other than, Canon in D and Marriage D'amour. Unless my teacher MAKEs me play, or i'm forced to play the exam pieces, i will not touch any other song pieces. Or maybe friend request or what then i will TRY to play de, and for that, i MUST look at the score. ) < -- weird? Nah. ( sometimes i don't even know why i learn piano)

    5. I love to bribe my sister to make her bring me out. Is it counted as a weird habit?
    Because sometimes, i just don't feel like staying at home, and i just don't want to call my friends out. And my sister is going out without me. So most of the time i will bribe her to bring me out. Is it even called bribe? I just pay her to bring me out. I'm not rich. I pay her, she pay for the meals.

    6. I think alot before i sleep. Yea. i know it's not really weird. most people do think before they sleep too. But i just think ALOT. Haha !

    7. I MUST on the lights when i enter a washroom at night. If it happens that the lights are spoilt. I would rather not use the room until the next day.

    8. I have good hearing skills when i'm not thinking. I still remember there's once when 348 is still in sec sch. We are passing by a group of lower sec girls. They are whispering softly, but i just anyhow-ly managed to hear what they are saying. they said " 看她们,假假的。" Which means. " Look at them, so fake". I don't know why they said that. LOL. So i told the girls i what i heard. And all turned and stare at the group of girls.
    Haha. In sec school. We are always in OUR world. Where everyone we don't know talk about us is our enemy. HAHA ! I think we are still like that now. HAHA !
    So yea. Good Hearing Skills. Better beware. LOL. (But i realized that i'm having difficulties listening these few days. Adillah ALWAYS have to repeat twice before i catch what she say. LOL)

    9. I hate V neck shirts. I love Collar Shirts. Don't ask me why. I don't know.

    10. I'll always shout for my mother before i open the door. I have the keys, but i know my mum is at home. So i'll just shout.." MAMI ! OPEN THE DOOR " . Then i will insert the keys and then open the door.

    -End- At the end of this 'game' i must write 6 names here. But. Hey. I'm A real good person ok. I know holidays are coming. So i dun wan to bother anyone with this game. Yea. Whatever.

    If you want to try this game, feel free ! Yea. No names posted. Want it, take it.

    Laaa daaa ~

    Yea. Never ask me to post my weird habits again ok. I'll have so so much to say.
    Until you're bored of it. HAHA !

    Anyways. My -do you know- column doesn't seem to be responding well.
    So i shall stop posting it. If you want me to continue my -do you know- column, do leave a msg.

    Bubbyes ~

    Good Nights !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 20 August 2007

    Symphonie De Republique ~

    Republic Poly Wind Symphony is proudly presenting their first debut concert !

    Saturday, 8th September 2007

    Republic Polytechnic, TRCC Theatre
    Ticket Price: $10 (Stall), $12 (Gallery)
    visit rpwsconcert.blogspot.com for more informations

    You can contact me if you want the tickets.
    For those who don't know me, you can add me at msn,
    icute_yap@hotmail.com and ask me about it.
    For those that know me, do give me a call.

    Hmm. This following picture would be the Official Venue.
    Republic Poly, TRCC.

    Beautiful right?! How many Polytechnics have Culture centre in their school?

    Haha. Yea. This is the official venue for the band concert.
    This is the front. The Theatre would be at the side and back of the culture centre.
    The TRCC is also where all the clubs, band, drama, lion dance and all practices.


    Anyways. Since i started with TRCC, i might as well give a brief introduction to my school.

    Our school is super big and air-con thruout.

    Ok. I'm lazy to talk about my school. Just show you the picture will do.

    That's TRCC, at the background, you can see the multi-storey carpark.
    Then at the left side is our canteen.
    We have 2 canteen now, next year will have 3.

    The other canteen is called Food Haven.
    It is on the 3rd floor. So we called it Heaven.
    And eventually, this became hell.


    This is one of the building in our school. The rest looked roughly the same.
    Lol !

    Don't you think the grass in my school is just greener?
    It is not the picture effect.
    The grass in my school is just plainly Greener.
    I've been telling my friends THAT, but they ignore me. LOL !

    Okok. Come for RPWS' concert OK !


    Anyways. To the continue of my previous post.

    TA DA !
    My LEG.


    Haha. YEa. My knee. Yea. There.

    It's fine ah. I went to my old doctor this time.
    And the doctor saw me .. he was like " What happened to you again? "

    I should have went to him 5 months ago and 14 months ago, and 17 months ago.

    So he can say that 3 more times.
    When i first injured my knee, i went to him. But after that, i changed doctor.
    He is SUPER expensive la.

    Ok. He says that i must not walk so much.
    Then my mum went on about me joining band and not sports, so i'm getting fatter everyday.
    Then the doctor say that i made a correct decision. (Blah. I'm not given a choice at that time)

    Then. Yea. This and that. On and on.
    At last the Doc finally say " If you want it to recover faster. Operation will do. "
    Then my ma went on " operation ah ? she still studying leh. blah blah blah "
    I'm thinking about it, forever so easily injured is not a good thing.

    But i decided. "SIAO ! OPERATION IS MAD"
    So i said no.

    Seriously la. So crazy right. Operation. I CAN STILL WALK.
    Just cannot walk fast and might fall down anytime.

    Then the doc bandaged my knee. Then he use musking tape. To tape.
    Then i ask. Why.
    He say.. First to make sure the bandaged doesn't come off so easily.
    Second is to make sure ur leg feel tight. So went so easily bend.

    Crazy. Musking tape or not also the same lo. Bluff people. ANyhow sia.

    It had been 3 days since the day the doc 'massaged' my knee.
    But it is still kinda swollen. And there's a black mark.

    Woo. You-know-who is here. Ers. Nope.
    Ok. Just like some blue-black. Quite big.

    Ahs. Anyways. no worries. i'm fine. i'm eating medicine. =)
    I think the medicine is to make sure my bone is stronger or something de.


    Okays. Then then. Tomorrow. After band. 9pm, Going to meet ys and all ~

    What? i didn't mention who ys is ?
    He is my BF !
    Lols ~ Yea he's back from LA. But going back this sunday.
    So we're meeting tml.
    He's not free on other days. And i still cannot enter Zouk.
    So we meeting for supper tomorrow.

    With Sherene, WeiKiat, Melvin and Olivia too ~
    Hehe. Since so long lo. The last time they held a BBQ for Ys before he leave to LA.
    But at the day before the Very day. I sprain my knee. Yes. 5 months ago.

    So i can't even walk. So i didn't attend the bbq. Sigh.

    Ok. Yea. So. I'm half looking forward to tomorrow and half not.
    Yes : Yay. Band and Meeting ys and all.
    No : Tml sure super tired. And i'll have to walk a-Lot.

    Lols. Ok. End end.

    Here comes. Today's -Do you know- column.

    Hehe. Sick and tired of it ? Or wanting to know more ? Tell me. Lol

    Do you know..

    The flea can jump 350 times its body length. For a human, that would be equivalent to jumping the length of a football field. (sometimes it's better to be shorter.)

    The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds. (What could be so tasty on the bottom of a pond?)

    Some lions mate over 50 times a day. (Pig is still better. Quality over Quantity)

    Butterflies taste with their feet. (Yea. Something I always wanted to know.)


    Good Night !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 18 August 2007


    I twisted my knee again.

    Normally when you are tired, you will stretch yourself and then hear this "clack" sound and then just feel super shiok.

    I stretched my leg out because i had been sitting cross-legged for the entire afternoon playing games.

    my left knee gave a 'clack'. But my right knee didn't.
    So i made a 'kick' movement with my right leg. Then.

    Yays. No reason how or no idea why.. I twisted my knee again.

    Lol. Can't straighten it already. So i used my left leg's power and hopped all the way down to first floor and told my mum and dad i need to visit the doctor.

    Hahah ! If you don't see me on monday with a bandage, it means i'm ok.
    If you do, I'm ok too. Just to come near me. I'll be in foul mood.

    I found out that, when someone hides a secret from you for too long, the harder it will be for you to accept the secret.

    Ok. TaTa.

    Have a Great Weekend.


    -Do you know- column ~

    Do you know..

    Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour. (Do not try this at home... maybe at work.)

    The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the....?!")


    Haha !

    Cheers !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 17 August 2007

    My Lilo died again.

    Lilo = digital pet.
    Yes, tamagochi.

    Now i know why Daddy don't allow me to buy a pet.
    I can't even take care of a digital pet. Sadded.

    First time was 5 days. Now is 6 days.

    Lilo senior and junior both cannot last longer than a week.

    Shall restart it tomorrow..

    Yikes. Been a while since i last touch my games. Maplestory, Audition, Gunbound !
    Lol ~ Busy with so many things. BOO ! So i decided to schedule my time properly for all three games.

    Currently, i will play gunbound in school, Maplestory at Jb home, Audition at Sg home.
    Yays. The end. Laaaas ~

    No life is the best ! Don't have to care how high is the sky or how thick is the ground. Hees.


    You have reached today's -Do you know- column.

    Do you know..

    If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it.)

    If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. (Now that's more like it!)

    The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet. (O.M.G.!)

    A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (Hah ! What the pig !)

    A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy.) (The next time you think of killing a cockroach, don't detach its head, remove his legs. It's better to see a cockroach die staying still then to see a cockroach running about without a head)

    - End of today's Do you know column-
    Stay Tuned for more things that you don't know.

    Hey Heys. =)

    Be back soon ! Cya all ~

    Good Nights.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Character Test By Eating Steamboat ..


    What kind of season will you like enjoy eating steamboat?
    A. Winter (To Qn 2)
    B. Summer (To Qn 5)
    C. No matter what season (To Qn 1)

    1. Do you like to have some sauce on ur food?
    A. Like (To Qn 2)
    B. Don't Like (To Qn 5)

    2. Will you add eggs in your sauce?
    A. Yes (To Qn 3)
    B. No (To Qn 6)

    3. If you find a cigaratte butt in your steamboat, what will u do?
    A. Quarrel with the boss and request for a new one. (To Qn 13)
    B. Stop eating and just pay and go. (To Qn 10)

    4. What is the main point you will consider for choosing a steamboat restaurant?
    A. Famous ( To Qn 7)
    B. Reasonable Prices ( To Qn 8)

    5. If the steamboat restaurant has a new product of steamboat, will you dare to try?
    A. Yes ( To Qn 6)
    B. No ( To Qn 8)

    6. How many people do you like to have ur steamboat meal with?
    A. 2-3 Soulmates ( To Qn 9)
    B. A big grp of friends ( To Qn 3)

    7. If the steamboat restaurant is very crowded, will you wait for a seat or go to another place?
    A. Wait ( To Qn 11)
    B. Proceed to another ( To Qn 12)

    8. What kind of food will you like to add?
    A. Noodle ( To Qn 9)
    B. White "Mi Fen" like stuff ( To Qn 7)

    9. Will you drink soup first or drink it till you finish all the ingredients in the bowl?
    A. Drink Soup first ( To Qn 10)
    B. Eat ingredients first ( To Qn 12)

    10. If the boss tell you that you must add some SPECIAL & ODD ingredient in the soup to make it more delicious, will you dare to add?
    A. Yes ( To Qn 17)
    B. No ( To Qn 13)

    11. Will you drink a cup of cooling water after you finish this steamy hot meal?
    A. Yes ( To Qn 15)
    B. No ( To Qn 14)

    12. When you're having your steamboat, do you put in your meat first or put in later?
    A. Put it once the steamboat start ( To Qn 15)
    B. Later part then put ( To Qn 11)

    13. Do you like to put all type of food at one go into the steamboat or have it put in one type by one type?
    A. All ( To Qn 17)
    B. One Type at a time ( To Qn 16)

    14. What drink will you like to go with your meal?
    A. Wulong Tea ( To Qn 16)
    B. Plum Juice ( Type A)

    15. Do you like to have steamboat at home or outside?
    A. Home ( To Qn 16)
    B. Outside ( To Qn 14)

    16. Will you mind if another customer is stand behind you waiting for you while you finish your food?
    A. Mind ( TYpe B)
    B. Dun mind ( TYpe C)

    17. You're already very full with your meal but the boss offer to let you have another steamboat meal, will you eat it?
    A. YEs (Type D)
    B. No ( To Qn 16)



    TYPE A Shy, a bit shut down to yourself. You're more stubborn and like to stay alone quietly at home. To you, talking to strangers is a hard thing so you have not much friends. But you will still have some soulmates. You need to treasure ppl who care and love you. You're more interested in your own mattters, you will try your very best to acheive your target. But you can't do everything alone, don't just depend on yourself, learn to open up and accept others opinion. Try to get along with different ppl.

    TYPE B You're a more active person, draw a clear line between happy and unhappy. You're more quick-tempered. If you encounter things you like, you will do it w/o 2nd thoughts.But once you meet things that you hate, you will wish to get out of it asap. As you're a person of your very own views, the friends you tend to have will be the same pattern. But once you're good with your friends, you will understand them a lot and go all the way to help them. Friends are very dependent on you. As you're too emotional, you may make a storm out of a teacup with your friends. Must learn to do things in order and do not give up easily. Can try making friends with those you don't think you can get along with, don't stick with the same category. This will make you more popular and charming.

    TYPE C Gentle like a lamb. You have high level of adaptance power, easy to get along with ppl. Very popular in social life but seems that no one will bad-mouth about you.You hate to have conflicts with ppl so you always try to adapt to everyone. You treat every person differently. To look at the bright side, you adapt easily. But to look at the dark side, you're lack of character, although you're one big nice guy but you lack of charm. On the surface, you have a lot of friends but once you have troubles, you lack of soulmates to help you. You must try to express yourself more and be more decisive. In this way, you can understand yourself more.

    TYPE D You're stubborn, like to go in circles and don't get to the point. Once you decide on something, no one can change ur mind. You're a good leader in a group so you win a lot of trust from your friends. But as you're too persistant on your own thinking, you neglect other ppl's suggestions therefore you can easily make enemies. Although it is good to maintain your own charcter but it doesn't mean you totally ignore others ppl's tots and feelings. You will let ppl think you're hard to handle and lost friends gradually and may end up alone. You need to learn to accept other ppl's opinion. This will make your social circle bigger and understand yourself better.

    xD Had fun? I'm clearing stuff in my com. Came across to this folder i saved long ago. I think 1 year ago or something. A folder full of, self tests and craps. Alot of weird jokes and horoscope readings. Lols.

    If you are interested, feel free to tell me.
    Anyway, i'll slowly post up here too. Quite fun ya?


    And to all who asked whether i'm ok today : Yes! I'm very fine. Sorry to let you all worry. Haha. I'm just lazy to smile. Sometimes, when people get used to you always smiling, they forget that there would be times that you don't. So well. Today is the day that i don't feel like smiling. Anyways. Cheers.

    One 'old' song to recommend.
    " 依然是朋友 " < -- Not old song ah. Just a song that is not so new. Recommended by one of my old friend that i met on the street. anyways. Live long and prosper. Smile always. Good Night !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 15 August 2007

    =Starting of another Long Long Post=

    Firstly. Interview.
    Told you all in the previous previous post that Mei xian and me will be going for an interview at Beach Road ya?

    It's somewhere at Bugis. Very messy. we walked rounds and round before we get to the hotel.
    ParkRoyal Hotel. Ulu Ulu one. Lol ~

    Ahs. Picture of us in the lift. Haha ~

    Haiya. Haha.

    Then whatever happened is a mystery. Okays. Let's move on.

    Rainbows ~

    Are you interested with Rainbows?

    Let me talk about rainbows first before telling you why i talk about them.

    Let me see.

    Rainbows are optical and meteorological phenomena that cause a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere.

    They take the form of a multicoloured arc, with red on the outer part of the arch and violet on the inner section of the arch. More rarely, a double rainbow is seen, which includes a second, fainter arc with colours in the opposite order, that is, with violet on the outside and red on the inside.

    Even though a rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colours, traditionally the full sequence of colours is most commonly cited and remembered as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

    Though rainbows are bow-shaped in most cases, there are also phenomena of rainbow-coloured strips in the sky: in the shape of stripes, circles, or even flames.

    I did a search on the pictures of flame rainbows and all.

    Double Arc Rainbow ~

    Not a big picture. but just to show what's a double arc rainbow.
    Nice right. Never seen one myself.

    Okays. Next would be Wave rainbow.

    Can you believe the rainbow is actually REAL?
    I thought pepople edit and put in. But i took a closer look.
    NO ! It IS real ! HAHa !!

    Next. Rainbow Flame. Flame Rainbow.
    Any idea what's that ?

    At first i thought it is rainbow in the sky in the pattern of flames.
    Then i search and search. And i realize there's nothing like that.
    Flame Rainbow is like..

    There. It is formed by burning. Flames and water droplets. it causes rainbow.
    (DO not try this at home) ^^


    Rainbows can be observed whenever there are water drops in the air and sunlight shining from behind a person at a low altitude or angle (on the ground).

    The most spectacular rainbow displays happen when half of the sky is still dark with draining clouds and the observer is at a spot with clear sky in the direction of the Sun. The result is a luminous rainbow that contrasts with the darkened background.

    Hm. and then..

    A rainbow does not actually exist at a particular location in the sky.
    It is, instead, an optical illusion whose apparent position depends on the observer's location and the position of the sun.

    All raindrops refract and reflect the sunlight in the same way, but only the light from some raindrops reaches the observer's eye. This light is what constitutes the rainbow for that observer.

    The position of a rainbow in the sky is always in the opposite direction of the Sun with respect to the observer, and the interior is always slightly brighter than the exterior.
    The bow is centred on the shadow of the observer's head, or more exactly at the antisolar point (which is below the horizon during the daytime), appearing at an angle of 40°–42° to the line between the observer's head and its shadow.

    As a result, if the Sun is higher than 42°, then the rainbow is below the horizon and cannot be seen as there are not usually sufficient raindrops between the horizon (that is: eye height) and the ground, to contribute.

    Exceptions occur when the observer is high above the ground, for example in an aeroplane (see below), on top of a mountain, or above a waterfall. A rainbow can be generated using a garden sprinkler but to get sufficient drops they must be very small.

    I find it amusingly interesting. One of my weird habits again. Finding the things people think is not needed to find about.

    Anyways. Reason to why i start about rainbow.

    Yesterday, when me and meixian finish the interview, we walked back to bugis junction.
    Then we came across this fountain. Quite big. "The Gateway" hotel i think.

    Then we took pictures. Suddenly meixian shouted " Rainbow ! "
    I actually thought she is joking. Because, she is pointing beside her.
    When we went to 'look' for the rainbow. We actually found it =/
    IN the fountain. =.=

    Can see it?

    HEhe. there's alot more pictures. But i only choose the few clearer ones.
    Although the rainbow is very small, don't you find it super cool to see a rainbow at just your eye level?

    Then me and Meixian start to wonder about how rainbow comes about? And how come we see them in the fountain. So, there comes my little research. -Ta Da-

    Quite proud of myself .. *clap clap* HAhas ! I actually wanted to show you all about how a human being's eye can see rainbow and all. But ! Haha. Most will be bored to death =(

    Hm. Anyways, it reached the end of my rainbow talk. And to the start of...

    The 2nd ! very 2nd 348's photo story !

    As i said, if u missed the 1st story, Look back at the July Archive at the post titled..
    " the start of a long long post ".

    Okays. start of the story.

    Story titled : Mei Xian the Star, Si Ying the Supporter


    Don't prepare popcorns or drinks ok? Because the story would be super lame and it's so lame that you might not be able to even swallow the sip of drink you may take.

    Okays. Mei Xian the Star.

    In the living present. A new star is borned.

    *whistle* Mei Xian, age 17, full time 348 star.

    woots. When there's a star, there's a fan.

    There you go. A fan of MX, the forever superstar ! Heyhey.

    Fan : age 16+ . Full supporter of Meixian. Kills to get an autograph from mx.

    Everyday, mx and her manager would be sitting somewhere, going through the day's schedule.
    This routine never fail.

    Hm. Star and Manager. ^^

    And. there.. sitting at the other end of the room is the little miss supporter.

    Little Miss supporter is back at her very own routine too.
    Everyday in school, her friends would tease at her.
    Everyone in class except her have gotten an autograph from Meixian.
    Back at her own routine, venting her sadness for not meeting Meixian on food.
    Eat Eat Eat ~ Munch Munch.

    But ! Eating is not the only thing she does. She is very aware of who is beside her and all.
    She hope, by being aware of who is beside her would create a higher chance of her seeing Meixian on the street.

    To Little Miss Supporter's Surprise ! .. .. ..

    *Ping Pong* Meixian is only sitting next table ! *Ping Ping Pong*


    Little Miss Supporter is in luck today !

    Then. hm. hm. what comes next?!

    The star don't feel right..

    Of course the star don't feel right. LOOK AT HER RIGHT !
    Fans Fans Fans.

    Ahs. Spotted. “杀气很大” Lols !

    So.. Meixian decided to run !

    Mei xian looked at her Manager for help.
    - tee too tee too-

    Bloody Manager on phone.

    Mx gave the manager a you're-helpless look.

    And ran off.

    Poor Poor Meixian.
    How will she ever know that Little Miss Supporter trained herself in running so fast that she can race with a Porshe ! 10s in a 100m race ! Bing Bong..

    Caught in split second. Uh-Oh.

    Superstar decided that she cannot run away this time like she used to run away from this particular Little Miss Supporter all the time. xD

    So.. Without any choices. She..

    Surrendered. White Flag up ~ *pee por pee por pee por*

    Finally finally . . .

    The Little Miss Supporter is FINALLY going to get her autograph book signed by Ms Superstar !

    Lucky Supporter, Poor Superstar.

    What a Creepy Supporter.

    Then then ~ this time, Little Miss Supporter knew it was her chance.
    Her chance to show her classmates that she got something they don't.

    She asked Superstar Meixian to take a picture with her !!

    Well ~ Suprisingly, Superstar agreed almost at once! *hm*

    Yays. But no yays too.
    Little Miss supporter isn't happy.

    =/ why ?

    Why why why ? That's the question. WHY ?!

    Hehe. Some reasons for you to choose.
    (I can't make up my mind which is better =/)

    1st : Little Miss Supporter thinks that superstar mx very "欠打" because, when she ask for autograph, superstar mx gave that sian look. But when she ask her to take photo, mx smile till so "灿烂". Lols

    2nd : Little Miss Supporter spent so much time to get superstar mx's autograph, but it was so much easier to get her photo. LOL !

    3rd : Little Miss Supporter suddenly remember she left her food on the table. She spent $9.90 on them !

    4th : Little Miss Supporter realized she should have asked superstar mx to sign on the picture instead of the autograph book.

    5th : *yawn*

    Ok. And after the photo-takings..

    They went off in the different ways.

    Ping Bong. Story ended. =/
    Suddenly, but ya. Ended. Laaaas ~

    A story with totally no storyline at all.
    That's the way ya ! That's the way.

    348's 2nd story. Woohoo ~

    Okays okays ! Credits -

    Plot and Story by : Qi
    Director and Photos by : Siying, Meixian and Qi
    Beautiful Girls : Si Ying and Mei Xian

    Little Miss Supporter : Si Ying
    Forever Superstar : Mei Xian

    Hehe. Thanks Girls !

    Yeahs ~ Clap Clap to Me yea. I started this post since 12pm today. And it's 11.30pm now.

    Oh ya. The Movie : Secret (不能说的密秘) is super nice.
    Jay Chou's movie. People that love Piano CANNOT MISS it.

    There's a part with Jay and Yuhao having Piano Battle.
    Just like the one at youtube. Super cool !


    Do leave comments ~

    Cheers people !

    Do remember.. Rainbows are Beautiful ~ ^^

    Good Night ! Sweet Dreams !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 14 August 2007

    Not a Good day.

    Totally . Today is almost like the worst day of my life.
    Minus meeting mx and sy. Today is terrible.

    Messy day. Lol.

    Cold war with Good Fren.
    Quarrel with Dad.
    Warnings by sister.
    Job starting next week.
    Sch is still on.
    Band Practices would be missed.
    I am Stressed.
    No one can help.
    Concert coming up.
    Not prepared.
    Time is running out.
    I dun dare reject the job.
    Dad is on fire.
    Sister is adding oil to fire.
    Feels that Good Fren is sucky.
    Think Twice.
    Agreed with sucky being a correct word.

    Awaits the 2nd story of 348 invention !
    Hehes !
    Those that missed out our first story, do look into my history post.
    Which is titled " starting of a long long post " at my July Archives. Lols !

    Super lame la. Tml one not as funny. But super lame. Lol ! stay tuned. Hehe.

    I am so not going to think about the crazy stuff. Let Go and Move on ! YEa. My motto from today onwards.


    Hehe. Rachael is SO SO going to agree with the sentence above.

    Cheers ppl. Visit tml for a lame story ya .

    Nights !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 13 August 2007

    Wang Ba Dan !

    Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Story to tell. And a story told.

    Andrew says my post nowadays are not as funny as before.
    I'm not laughing when i'm posting already.

    I used to laugh and giggle when i'm posting.
    Scary . Yea. i know.

    Andrew says. I'm starting to give away in my posts.
    I actually didn't catch what it mean. Give Away ?
    I thought of giving birth. Then i thought of Giving in.
    Thanks Giving?

    Ya. Nvm. Then i realize that, oh, give away means...

    Yea. u know what it mean. Haahha.

    Ya. My post nowadays are so talking to people rather than interest people.
    Ahs. Nvm nvm.

    Nowadays no catch. Yea. Not fish . no catch.
    Can't get things out of my mind.

    I'm not sleeping well these few days. Not nightmare. Just lots of thinking before i sleep. And yea. Should say, Lots of thinking before i wake.

    Cos i just stare at the ceiling and think. When i'm about to sleep, it is time to wake. Ahs.

    Like today. My eyes is super doubled. Left, Right. Er. i think it's the LEft eye. Super swollen. My right eye is smaller than my left eye today. Ahs.

    Okok. Doesn't matter.

    Anyways. Vanessa told me about a friend of his that wants to be friend with me.
    Haha. i actually laughed whole night yesterday. Friend with me.
    I ask Vanessa to just tell him " I'm Fat "
    But she doesn't want. Ahs. I hate guys like that. Friends.

    Ok. I'm losing it. Don't know where i'm coming from already.

    Ok. Forget it.

    A Story to be told.

    A very short story.

    A story about friends.

    A story about forgive and forget.

    Once there were 2 friends.
    Travelling around the world. Just the 2 of them.

    They had always been on good term.
    But this time, something happened. And they don't agree with each other.
    They Argued and Quarrelled.
    It came to this point that, one slapped the other.

    B is the one that got slapped. He then wrote the date on the sand.
    The date they quarrelled.

    They were on cold terms.

    A always lead their way. B follows.
    That day was raining. The road was slippery and hard to see where you are going.

    A walked. B followed.
    Then B didn't see a hole in front. And A didn't tell B about it.
    B fell into the hole.
    It was deep. He couldn't get out.
    He thought of A. Maybe A will realize he is gone and come back and help him.

    He waited. He gave up. He screamed and help. No one heard him.

    Few hours past.

    B gave up. He sat down in the deep hole.

    a rope was then thrown into the hole. "B! where are you ! can you see the rope? "

    It was A.

    Yea. I skip the process.

    So, B is then rescued by A.

    When B got out, he craved the date of the rescue on a rock.

    Long after, a friend then asked B. How come Sand and How come Rock?

    Like, why write at different places?

    Then B explained. Wind is the time.
    When the wind blows, it blows away the sand.
    When sand is blown away, hurt is removed.

    When the wind blow at the craved rock, the words that are craved cannot be removed.
    Unremovable, you will not forget the time you are helped by your friends.

    Choose what you want to remember and choose what you want to forget.
    Write it at the correct places and let time do what it can do.

    Friends hurt you, they don't mean it. Let it be forgotten.
    Friends help you, they really do. Let it be Remembered. Forever.

    - End -

    Ping Pong.

    I think i craved something that should be forgotten on the rock.
    No wonder i feel pain the other day.
    The sleepless nights. And the Never ending thinking.

    I guess, since it reaches this state, i will wait for the wind.
    Everyday, wind. wind wind. Blows off the words on the stone slowly.
    Takes time. But i'm patient. =)

    Aiks. I'm going off early tomorrow. Going for Interview at Beach Road with Meixian and Rachael.

    Work at Changi. Woots. How good can it be?
    Pilots and stewards. Wooo.
    Ang Mohs. Haha.

    Going for band practice le. 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

    Lonely Night. ALone at SG house again. Lols .

    Aiks. nvm.
    I'm back to thinking.

    Cathay, Band, Changi, Memory Lane. Cathay, Concert, Work, Work.
    Money, Cathay, Band, Concert, Work, Pilots, Stewards.

    Money, Pilots, GOod-Looking guys, more good looking guys, work. work. band.

    Enjoy your day !


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 11 August 2007

    Singing or Dancing ?

    or maybe neither?

    I have been asking around and around.
    How many children do you want after getting married?
    I totally totally expected most people to say 3.
    But seriously, what i expect is always wrong. or you can say, never right.

    I asked Loads of friends. All wanted 2.
    HEhe. I want 3 !

    Boo la. I know it's like 10 years down the road before i get married or give birth.
    Does it matter if you plan about it now ?

    I even thought about my kids' name.

    Laas. Doesn't matter. I'm not going to elaborate there. Maybe other time.

    Sigh. I woke up this morning. And i have the urge to sing. Sing sing.
    Like go karaoke or what. Totally feel like singing.
    You can ask my friends and my family. I had never go kbox or partyworld with them.
    You can also say, i never plan to go there at all.

    Because i cannot sing. I know it. I have a terrible voice. Haha.
    Although, i have good pitching. Haha.

    Oh ya. Then, i just felt like singing.
    And I told my mum about it. " Mii, i feel like singing. "
    Ya. I was hoping she say " lets go karaoke."
    Instead of that, she said " there's this music class opposite Xxx . Go learn? "
    I stoned for a sec. And i shook my head. and left her room.

    I think i can use the teaching fee to learn something better. Rugby? LOL !

    You see, my mum have a very powerful voice. I'm not boasting.
    serious. she learnt singing last time. even before she learn, she have a very good voice.

    But you see, She stopped going for the lessons because people starts talking bad about her.
    And you will never believe, Aunties do that too. It was her Good Friend.
    The Aunty that visit us once in a while. They went for singing lesson together.
    But her voice was not recognised by the teacher. My mum's was.
    She got super jealous and started all the nonsense. So my mum left.
    Super stupid la. So old already still act like kid.

    Dahs. That's not the point. Okok.
    Then, my brother. He does break dancing. He can dance well too.
    My sister, she can sing well. She's in choir and she's a regular customer at Partyworld.

    I'm more of an outcast. I do sports. I don't look like i do sports.
    Yes, but i do sports. I love sports.
    And thanks to sports, i'm what i am now. not able to do sports anymore.
    Knee. darn it.

    Totally, if i were to be honest, i didn't want to join band in poly.
    I wanted Netball.
    But imagine, a limping girl with clutches go down to the netball booth and say she wants to join Netball. How stupid will it look? And who will accept her?
    So i registered for band.

    Yea, i felt guilty even saying it. Because everyone thinks i love band more than anything.
    well, i enjoyed playing the flute. But i tried 7 years to sight-read scores.
    Failed. 8th year now. I'm just a pathetic flute player.

    So, i cant sing, i cant dance, i cant do sports, i cant play music.

    I really don't know what else i can do.
    Yea. i can blog. Blog and Blog.
    I can talk alot too.

    I'm actually not happy right now.

    I am woken by the enormous banging above my head.
    I mean the ceiling.

    I think they are changing the tiles. Super loud.
    I had to wake.

    Then i found an irritating line across my room. On the tile.
    I cant rub it off, and i don't know what caused it.

    I became even more irritated.

    I wanted to go sing, but my sis just can't stop sitting on the floor reading.
    Yea, reading a collection of 7 books we just bought the other day. She's on the 2nd book.

    Ah. Then, I expect mum to scold me on wanting to go sing. because she knew i cant too.
    But instead of that, she ask me to join singing class.

    I'm not happy with things. Toot sia me.

    Then i realized that my piano scores are missing. The renovating workers loves to shift my things around. I got even more irritated.

    So i gave up and turned on my lappie and started blogging.
    Then i realize the way i post is changing. I don't usually nag so much about my life.
    And here i am. nagging about it.

    And half way through blogging, i saw another scratch on my new phone. >=(

    What's going on. Because i fell sick 3 weeks ago and stopped attending lessons?
    No school = mood swing days?

    AHs. I'm going back on Monday. School. Please help me . =/

    Oh ya. Last thing.
    I opened the refrigerator and found out that, mum hadn't bought honeydew.
    I slammed on the door.

    Mood swings ya?

    Ok la. I'll post my style back soon.

    Oh ya. Last week, a Chinese worker came.
    Not those China workers. (no offence)
    This guy is like 20 years old or so. Very young.
    I can tell it is his first time here. My mum talked to him.
    I overheard that he's still studying, he works for his dad during weekends.
    He look good. Totally. He have 6 pacs. 6 ! not 4. 6 !
    Ya. he's half naked. THat's how i saw the 6 pacs !

    Woo. Rachael is going to say i'm a pervert.
    Oh ya. The guy didn't come today.
    Haha. Nevermind.

    OH YA. one extra random thing.
    My Cognitive Problem Solving Module's facilitator, Tweety (my class calls him that)
    He Gave me a D last lesson. HAhaahaha.
    He told me the reason on my daily comments.
    Reason : You wrote your Reflective Journal very unZiQi-like.

    HAa. i laughed. Thinking. what's ziqi-like?

    Then i found out. I wrote only 3 sentence for his RJ.
    The shortest RJ i ever wrote. I'm super sick that day. Fever and all.
    And he expect good RJ?

    Ahs. Forget it. MY grades are hell now. 2 weeks left for me to pull it all back to straight As.
    HAHAHA !

    Time to take a rest.

    Enjoy your evening ~

    cheers to my beautiful beautiful readers.


    fav song : wo ke yi.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;


    This post is actually nothing at all.
    Just testing my internet connection.

    House phone is fixed.
    Cheers to that. I can online during weekends already.

    Good Night again !
    May you have a pleasant day ahead !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 10 August 2007

    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

    Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow.
    Link it.

    Hi my beautiful friends ~

    Ahs. Beautiful is such a nice word. Beautiful Guys. Beautiful Girls.
    Beautiful Guys sounded a tiny bit wrong.
    But Hey, who is blogging ?

    Hello my Beautiful Beautiful Friends.

    If Meixian is reading now, she might start laughing.
    Because she will remember the stupid comment i made on something.
    I forget what is the thing i commented on.
    Normally people say it's beautiful in chinese.. "很美啊!"
    But i said.. "很美丽啊!"
    Sorry i can't translate it. Most of you should understand.
    Quite dumb. Lols. Oh ya. i think i commented on the Everlast watch. Ahah !

    Okok. BEautiful ~

    Oh ya. Last tuesday, Rpws had a performance for National day.
    Followed by photo-shooting session.

    I only took ONE picture with my friends with formal wear. Dahs.

    That's Vanessa, Me, Lihua and Zoe.
    Yea. In the toilet. My unchangable habit.

    Okays. Didn't get to take picture with alot people.
    Let me list them.

    Weiwei - He busy with work downstairs.
    Shirley - She went off early for SWS practice.
    Sherline - I can't find her.
    Patricia - She doesn't want to.
    Aizat - We took, wearing casual wear. (sort of, band shirts. casual.)
    Ok, they are the fews only. Of course there are more people i want to take with.

    Dahs. <-- Where did i get this from. Oh. weiwei Bahs. No wonder. Changed back to casual wear. Took with Vanessa.

    Then, when i'm testing my camera, Aizat came in the room.

    He came into the room, and notice that i took a picture of him. It wasn't clear.
    So he went out again. And came in again with a twist.
    I just had to post the picture.
    DOn't know why. IF i dun post it, it feel wrong. So i did. DAhs.

    HEre's Aizat, me and SJ. HAhas .

    Don't know what Aizat is doing. Muscle? Can't be. Lol.
    Also not sure what expression i'm having. But it looked stupid enough to be posted.
    SJ jumped. yea JUMPED into the picture. with a twist. Lols.

    Somehow i think Twists are suddenly very IN. Or is it IN all the way?
    I make twists only when i have to. Ya. Like the picture with Vanessa.
    She's making one. I just had to make one too. *rolling of eyes*

    Next is my 4 lovely friends.
    Fisa, Yani, Patricia and Sarima ~

    I wanted to be in the picture. But I'm the one holding the Camera.
    So, yea. no choice. They looked so sweet ~

    Went to pastamania to have dinner with Fisa, Yani, Pat and Zoe.
    Had lots of lame riddles thanks to Fisa. IF i'm crap already, she is even crappier.
    Mary loves blogging but hates to post.
    No link at all !

    And i'm told that the riddles started when they are in Primary school.
    I'm like " what ? " And yea. WHAT AM I DOING IN PRIMARY SCHOOL?
    It made me feel like i have no childhood. LOL !

    And 348 doesn't know the riddles as well.
    Had loads of fun just making them guess the riddles.
    And sy, i can still imagining you pulling your hair. Ops.
    And Rachael : I know i know (but she still dunno)
    She said i know i know for 4 times but in the end she still doesn't know.

    Oh ya. Watched Perfect Strangers. Cool movie. Eyeballs.
    rated 3.4/5 . Totally dun ask me about the decimal point thing. i just wanted to rate it 3.4

    National Day.

    348 Out for Celebration !

    Yea. 348 minus Elaine and MEiXian.
    Laine in AUssie. Meixian having Family day ~

    So, the rest of us decided to go Amk Hub de Fish and Co. For Celebration.

    HAha. very bright ah.

    OKays Okays.
    Menu ~

    We didn't realize the it is the Dinner Menu until we feel something wrong with the pricing.
    It is super expensive. We usually eat there during Lunch. Must cheaper.
    We think that's the problem. Who knows.


    Here comes the Drinks.
    Woot. The only thing i'm super looking forward to when we eat Fish and Co. is the Drink

    Kolatonic ! SUper nice. Introduced my Rachael. HAhas.

    DOn't the drink just looked Special?
    You have to stir it before you drink. Taste like Cola. with.. Sprite?
    HAhaha. Try it !

    Ahs. Food served.

    New York Fish and Chips ~

    Fried Calamari ~ Woots !!
    Crispier and Nicer to chew compared to Pizza Hut.

    Hey take a look at this picture. Hehe.

    I dunno what's wrong with Rachael's fish. Look at her expression.
    She look as thou she had a grudge with the fish. She's killing the cooked fish.
    And i'm just plainly looking at how she hold her fork and knife.

    Ahs. After the meal, we paid. Super expensive. But ya. Whatever.
    Lols. we knew it is expensive. But it's a celebration right ?
    Of what again?
    Oh ya. i forgot to mention that..
    Sy's bear bear, MAomao, a bunny.. Her birthday is on Singapore's National Day.
    So.. yea. probably we are just celebrating behalf of MAomao.
    Sy didn't want to bring maomao out. MAomao was upset.
    So sy told maomao that..
    " Look ! The fireworks are sent up the night sky JUST FOR YOU "
    Ya.. =/ So maomao ended up watch NDP at the home sofa.

    Oh ya. Fish and Co. gives sweet after bill.

    Mint sweets. Taste like Mentos. Just that the size is bigger.

    And guess what 348 does?

    We ask for more !
    We are like " WHAT? they give us only 4 sweets for the $12 dollars plus we paid for GST and Service charge?"

    YEa. we asked for more.
    And i totally think that those that don't ask for more are abit toot.

    Don't go about with manners and all with me here. Their service don't worth $7.60.
    We asked for more tomato sauce for 4 times from the same waiter that passed by us 5 times.
    And yea. In the end, we gave up and asked from another waiter.

    They gave us 6 more sweets after that. That's all. wth. Lol.

    YEa. That's the end of our Fish and Co. celebration.

    So yea. i shall end here.

    Good Night all.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;