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    Monday, 17 December 2007

    Woots. Been not very long since i last posted. 1 week only.

    But seriously, it felt quite long too.

    Wanting to type about the interesting events going on, the many many good looking guys i saw during work. And the many many good looking guys i'm working with.

    But really too tired to do so.

    Everyday 10am to 10pm. Now 10am to 10.30pm.

    No OT to claim somemore. LOL.

    The only reason i'm still making myself continue to work is to see those good looking guys.
    Totally no other reasons.


    Sales is not that good this year.

    Thanks to Precious Thoughts and Gift a Name.

    Thanks to them, ALL my customers are cut down by 2/3.

    Like what the hell. They choose THE SAME PERIOD to sell the same things as me.

    LOL. IT's alright. I promised my Manager to hit 80% of the target, no commission never mind.

    Hahah. I'm given the authority to MARK DOWN my stuff.

    Well. I'm going to mark down on these few days. Ahh . Hope i can grab back my sales.


    HAhaha. Today was one of RP's open house day.
    Wind Symp performed today.

    LOL. Only the day before then i've decided to go perform.
    Not that i can want or don't want to perform.

    And actually i think it's not really fair that i performed.

    Those who didn't attend the week's practice is not allowed to perform today.
    But because flute section don't have enough players, so i went to help out.

    Took 5 hours leave.

    I got a total shock when i know that no one is playing 1st flute for the event.
    Everyone playing 2nd flutes and Shirley playing Piccolo.

    like what the hell. some more i haven touch my flute for 1 week and i am going to play for 1st flute.

    Totally cmi.

    I've been playing 2nd all along. And i can't sight-read.

    Manage to finish playing the songs. Not so bad.
    Most of the part.. I followed 2nd flute's part.

    Because it's kind of automatic.

    Been practising the pieces for few months for the concerts, it's like.. suddenly one day change to 1st flute, abit weird uh.

    So i anyhow-ed played.

    Lucky Shirley helped in many places. I got lost quite a number of times.

    HAhaha. Not so bad uh.

    Yea. Went for work after that, Manage to learn another wrapping method from Ruddy.

    Ruddy is a very pro wrapper. Yups.
    Know him since last year when i work there.

    Ahhs. Okay.
    There's this good looking guy call Terence, but he quitted the job and hop to help Aussino's fair.
    Higher pay and commission.

    Toot sia. Terence is 180cm. Ok la. he looks like 176+cm only.
    But he claimsthat he's 180cm. So be it lo.
    He stay at Admiralty. So we went home a few times together before he quit. LOL.
    Not bad uh.

    Working can know good looking guys.

    Ahs. About it.
    I'm sleepy. Just randomly anyhowly post.

    I'm waiting for my Gong Zhu Xiao Mei to be sent to my phone via bluetooth.
    Very long sia. 235MB. Super big. need 30mins. Siao right.

    On episode 10 now. HAHAHA. =/

    HAhahaha. all thanks to Nassa, my sem 2 classmate. She got loads of taiwan dramas.
    So i just kope from her lo.

    Oh ya. Did i mention we promoters of BHG are stealing from Gift a Name?

    HAHA. super fun la.

    Will tell you all about it when i feel like it. Super lame too.

    Doubt there's any reader too. Never post for so long.. LOL.

    Alright. it's 3.22am. Have to wake at 8.30am to go work.

    Going to have a quite rest now.
    Take care all. I'll post some pictures when i've finished watching Gong Zhu Xiao Mei. =))

    Nights !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;