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    Tuesday, 4 December 2007

    Quite Discouraging Actually.

    Life had been good ever since i made a final decision that it will and shall be good.
    For me and for everyone.

    I even walked into the same lift as someone i chose not to respect and started to respect him with the tiniest diginity.

    He gained my respect by holding the lift door open for me to enter.
    Quite nice actually. Just not nice enough for me to converse nicely without preventing my poisonous venom to land on him.

    Doesn't really mean anything . really.

    But seriously, lamely, he lost all my respect all over again because of his shitty look just now.

    Still, doesn't matter. who cares. =/

    I'm quite disturbed that I cannot blog how i feel these few days.

    I'm always just, i-say-what-i-want-in-my-blog .
    But yea i do say what i want, i just don't say what i want everyone to know.

    It's like.. I have gotten so many thoughts.
    I think about why this happen and why that don't happen.
    Also about why i want this to happen and why i make that not happen.

    I even smiled stupidly in the bus full of people when i think about the things i would like to share with everyone.

    But now, at the blogging page, i can't say what i think about just now.

    It's like.. I'm worried how people think.
    Not that i usually don't.
    Just that, i don't know what i'm worrying about too.

    Quite stupid.
    I think i'm losing it. I have no urge to blog anymore.
    It's like..

    Thinking what i'm going to blog later is Super fun.

    But sitting infront of the blogger page just made my fun all gone and it made me frown.

    I can't believe it.

    Ok. I think i'm still under some spell cast by some witch i encounter few weeks back at halloween.

    I will break the spell and come back with all my nonsense alright.

    seriously, how do one break a spell without knowing what the spell is?

    Do you think it's.. "ma-el ma-el kon. forget the meaning of blogging with happiness."

    Haha. Like what the hell.

    I actually think i'm better out of a sudden.

    Life is so unpredictable, one moment you can be superly annoyed and one moment you can be super relieved.

    Oh. is it life or is it just me?

    Guess it's just me. Cos i don't see the girl getting better.
    She's getting more and more into walking down the street by herself.

    Maybe one of the days i'll pump my blood into her veins like how Adam gave his blood to Nathan to make him recover from the burns.

    I think my blood contains happy vibes. I shall see to it.

    The day i think i should start donating blood, i think i'll inform her.


    Cheers. I think i'm hungry.

    Yes. i think i'm hungry. No wonder i'm so happy.

    Alright. Few more days to my committed working days.

    Yups. 10thDec - 25thDec, i'll be down at Bishan Junction 8.
    PRomoting for Memory lane for the 2nd year.

    Yups yups. At the Atrium. Do come down and visit and buy christmas presents ya.
    LOL. I've 35% discounts for all Memory Lane items. Just need time to process.
    So come down early if you're all getting christmas presents ya.

    Hms. Hahaha. And you can see how i hate people touching my bears. HAhaha

    Talk about it again soon. See you all.

    * ^^

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;