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    Friday, 28 December 2007

    Packing and Packing !

    ahh. Taiwan trip is like only 1 day away !

    Just now was the Taiwan trip briefing from our travel agent, Steven.

    Oh ya, the band is split into 2 airlines. SQ and EVA.

    SQ = Singapore Airlines
    EVA = International Taiwan Airlines.

    I think so ah. don't remember what Jasmine said. =/

    Yups. I'm in SQ !
    Sigh. must report at 6.30am on saturday morning at the airport lo.
    Totally roll eyes.

    Confirm have Jam at custom that day. Screw the jams. =((

    BUT ! It's alright. We go early, we come back late on the last day.
    EVA will be going back FIRST(in the early morning), then SQ in the evening.

    (Laaa ~)

    Ah. I'm lazy to say alllll the details. cos it's 1.41am in the night and i'm sleepy but i'm trying to find mp4 converter so i can converts videos to my phone and i can watch them in the coach to chiayi. 4 hrs sia. like going KL like that.. =/

    Lol. I MUST RECOVER BY TOMORROW LA. if not, totally. =/

    Hahaha. Going last min shopping with Laine tomorrow.
    Yups. 348-laine.

    She came back from Aussie on the 14th of Dec.
    I was working, so didn't meet her.

    meeting her tomorrow for shopping !

    Hahahaha !!!

    buying loads of things..
    Knee Guard, bottles, some clothes, socks.
    alot ah. see what den buy what lo. Hahaha.

    And ahh..

    Everyone going to taiwan, remember to bring scarf ya.

    IT's VERY important.

    Because if you're cold, no matter how many jackets or sweaters u wear, it's no use when your neck is not kept warm.

    So scarf is impt. 1 scarf on ur neck = 3 extra shirts u wear.

    Aiks. Have no idea how cold will taiwan be. HAHA !

    HAven even start packing sia..

    My dad ask me to bring a SUPER big lugague. (sp)
    lazy to find the correct spelling la.

    Ya. super big one. Mine is actually the same size as zoe's pat's and yani's ( i think)
    but my dad ask me to bring bigger one cos the small one's wheel isn't working that well.

    Well well. i think it's ok to bring bigger bags. Starting, people will laugh but afterall, it's me who gain.

    Just like me bringing pillow to band camp.
    I'm like sleeping so well la. Hahaha !

    Alright. Sleepy. Shall leave it to maybe tomorrow. HAha !



    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 25 December 2007

    Merry Merry Christmas !

    Yes, I'm finally back.

    Thanks to myself for finally paying the outstanding internet bill yesterday !

    Congrats to me !

    Yups. Merry Christmas !

    Woah. Finally i'm also back to blogging.

    Yes. My work FINALLY ended.

    I can't believe the past 15 days are actually dreadful.

    Not really to the extend of super dreadful. But still, it wasn't pleasant.

    Was nice working with everyone.
    Namely, Cheryl, Freddy, Ruben, Cherry, PeiPei, John, SiewPing, QiuYun and Terence.
    Not forgetting the aunties, Yiting's Mum, Carine and one more i don't remember.
    She's the super style auntie.

    Alright. Was really fun working with them. Slacking together.
    Especially today, Christmas, we just sat at one corner.. EVERYONE sat there and chit chat.

    Then the BHG manager saw us. And gave us scolding.
    Seriously, we are like : " sack us la. "
    Thinking of needing to pack at night is really pathetic. we rather get sacked in the morning.

    Ya. she gave us 3 warnings. 11.30am, 2pm and 3pm.
    We changed our slacking venue after that, so she couldn't find us.

    In my room now, there're 8 big packs of presents. Totally 8 BIG packs.
    I think i spent most of my time shopping than working today.

    ONLY today okay. hahaha.

    I went to loads of shops, super miss shopping.
    Super miss watching movie too la ! Always walk pass the cinema, totally buay tahan.
    The popcorn smell and the trailers that are being screened.


    YAYs. Going shopping with Naf, Zoe, Yani and Pat tomorrow !!


    Been discussing this since.. LOOOONNNGG ago.
    This is our Preparation-for-Taiwan-Shopping-Spree !!

    Everyone is going to get Cardigan, Pullovers, Shirts, Shoes, Bags, This and that !

    LOL. Can't wait till the morning !! LOL.

    Zoe is going to love me tomorrow. Hahaha. Why?
    You want to know why? Hmm.. Ask her when you see her.

    Hehehe. If she don't love me tomorrow, i'll treat you candy canes. =))

    Taiwan Trip is like only FEW DAYS MORE.
    hehe. So excited !!

    I'll be sleeping with Yani ! YAY... throughout the whole journey, i'll be sticking to her.
    We're roommates and Buddies !

    HAhaha. I'm too excited to post about other things. can't wait for the shopping trip.
    it will be 11am tomorrow. HAHAHA ! Until evening only. I haven't gone home since... 9thDecember. .. Oh. no.
    Since the day i injured my knee. HAHAHAHAHHA. Yups, one day after work, after bathing, i slipped. And i twisted my knee again. Yups, same place.

    HAhahaha. Totally painful. But this time i smart, i use bandage to tightly bandage it first. So the next morning, it wasn't that bad. Went to work, took few hours off. And went to see doc.

    So that night, i went home.
    After that, i stayed in Sg alllllllll the way.

    Yups. Yea. So i'm finally going home. So cannot shop till too late.

    hehehe. OkayOkay. Off i go. Good Night Peoples !

    Oh ya. I haven't say something.

    Ah. I'm not sure whether my jb house's internet is fixed or not.
    I'll tell you all about my schedule first. hehe.
    Just for fun ya.

    26th is Shopping day !
    27th is Band Day !
    28th is Bubble Wrap day?

    Hahaha. nervous. =)) Have been practicing my fingerings like mad. thanks to work, my fingers are covered with plasters. Hope i'll recover from the cuts soons. Hehehe.

    And. Yups. i'm sick. Flu and Cough. Hope i'll recover tomorrow . Yays !

    Good Night aLL !! Merry Christmas !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 17 December 2007

    Woots. Been not very long since i last posted. 1 week only.

    But seriously, it felt quite long too.

    Wanting to type about the interesting events going on, the many many good looking guys i saw during work. And the many many good looking guys i'm working with.

    But really too tired to do so.

    Everyday 10am to 10pm. Now 10am to 10.30pm.

    No OT to claim somemore. LOL.

    The only reason i'm still making myself continue to work is to see those good looking guys.
    Totally no other reasons.


    Sales is not that good this year.

    Thanks to Precious Thoughts and Gift a Name.

    Thanks to them, ALL my customers are cut down by 2/3.

    Like what the hell. They choose THE SAME PERIOD to sell the same things as me.

    LOL. IT's alright. I promised my Manager to hit 80% of the target, no commission never mind.

    Hahah. I'm given the authority to MARK DOWN my stuff.

    Well. I'm going to mark down on these few days. Ahh . Hope i can grab back my sales.


    HAhaha. Today was one of RP's open house day.
    Wind Symp performed today.

    LOL. Only the day before then i've decided to go perform.
    Not that i can want or don't want to perform.

    And actually i think it's not really fair that i performed.

    Those who didn't attend the week's practice is not allowed to perform today.
    But because flute section don't have enough players, so i went to help out.

    Took 5 hours leave.

    I got a total shock when i know that no one is playing 1st flute for the event.
    Everyone playing 2nd flutes and Shirley playing Piccolo.

    like what the hell. some more i haven touch my flute for 1 week and i am going to play for 1st flute.

    Totally cmi.

    I've been playing 2nd all along. And i can't sight-read.

    Manage to finish playing the songs. Not so bad.
    Most of the part.. I followed 2nd flute's part.

    Because it's kind of automatic.

    Been practising the pieces for few months for the concerts, it's like.. suddenly one day change to 1st flute, abit weird uh.

    So i anyhow-ed played.

    Lucky Shirley helped in many places. I got lost quite a number of times.

    HAhaha. Not so bad uh.

    Yea. Went for work after that, Manage to learn another wrapping method from Ruddy.

    Ruddy is a very pro wrapper. Yups.
    Know him since last year when i work there.

    Ahhs. Okay.
    There's this good looking guy call Terence, but he quitted the job and hop to help Aussino's fair.
    Higher pay and commission.

    Toot sia. Terence is 180cm. Ok la. he looks like 176+cm only.
    But he claimsthat he's 180cm. So be it lo.
    He stay at Admiralty. So we went home a few times together before he quit. LOL.
    Not bad uh.

    Working can know good looking guys.

    Ahs. About it.
    I'm sleepy. Just randomly anyhowly post.

    I'm waiting for my Gong Zhu Xiao Mei to be sent to my phone via bluetooth.
    Very long sia. 235MB. Super big. need 30mins. Siao right.

    On episode 10 now. HAHAHA. =/

    HAhahaha. all thanks to Nassa, my sem 2 classmate. She got loads of taiwan dramas.
    So i just kope from her lo.

    Oh ya. Did i mention we promoters of BHG are stealing from Gift a Name?

    HAHA. super fun la.

    Will tell you all about it when i feel like it. Super lame too.

    Doubt there's any reader too. Never post for so long.. LOL.

    Alright. it's 3.22am. Have to wake at 8.30am to go work.

    Going to have a quite rest now.
    Take care all. I'll post some pictures when i've finished watching Gong Zhu Xiao Mei. =))

    Nights !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 10 December 2007

    10th December Fever.


    Thanks to everyone who wished me well and who wished me Happy Birthday !

    Most of the years i dreaded my birthday. This year onwards, Probably no more.


    Well. Here comes the Sms listing of those who smsed me birthday greetings.
    (Sorry for those who msned me. I was working, didn't online.)

    1. Lee ( My Long lost Partner)
    2. Olivia's Phone. - Msg said to be from Melvin
    3. Patricia (Bitches Clan)
    4. Yani (Bitches Clan)
    5. Wei Kiat - My long lost buddy.
    6. Melvin's Phone. - Msg said to be from Olivia
    7. Jing - My sista
    8. Clement - A guy whose birthday falls on the same day as me.
    9. Razali - someone who sent.. " Happy Birthday, right? "
    10. Last 4 numbers : 6843 . No idea who =x Sorry.
    11. Lee Yan - My long lost good friend.
    -Above ones are from 12am - 6am-
    -Below ones are from 7am onwards-
    12. Andrew - First Semester Friend
    13. Mei Xian - 348
    14. Shearlene - Bro's Girlfriend
    15. Rui Wen - Long lost soul partner.
    16. Shu Fen - Long lost Honey.
    17. Elaine - 348
    18. Li Shan - Trumpet Vanessa
    19. Adillah - First Semester Best Partner.
    20. Winnie - Pbear !
    21. Jenny - Long lost Good Friend.
    22. Li Hwa - BItches Clan. (She sent the mms at 12am, but my phone only received it at 4pm)
    23. Freddie - My new friend from work ( guy next shop)
    24. Sarimah - Band QM !
    25. Fiya - Semester 2 friend !
    26. Nafisa - Bitches Clan BOSS.
    27. Wei Ting - 348
    28. Last 4 number : 0827 - Another not idea who. But thanks.
    29. RaChael - 348

    Yups. All sms saved !
    The rest who wished me in my blog and msn:

    - Not in Order -

    HuiCi, Sandy, Hannah, Shee Rui, Ian, Wei Jian, Rui Zhang, Michelle and..


    Hahaha. First time ! First time so many people wished me happy birthday.


    Anyways, today was first day of work.
    Quite tiring. 1 person handling so many things and seeing other shops having 3-4 promoters handling same amount of work as me.

    HAha. My manager say she believe i can do it, just like last year.

    LOL. like wth. Last year i hit the targeted sales (hehehe)
    This year they increase it by 10k.
    Haha. Like wth? How to hit ?

    HAha. I'll try. LOL.

    aHHHH. 348 came to meet me for Dinner.
    Hehehe. Went to Cafe Cartel for dinner.
    Was not bad .

    My break time is 1hr. So i have to rush back, but they dun allow me to go.
    And force me to stay till i finished cutting the cake.
    Was nice. Everything took less than 1 min.

    My wish was not properly made. Hahaha. Doesn't matter, wun come true too.

    Then, just when i finished cutting the cake, Naf, Zoe, Pat and Yani came into Cafe Cartel.

    I got so shocked i kept saying OMG OMG OMG.

    I really didn't know they came all the way to find me.

    Really shocked. They even bought a cake.
    I wasn't feeling my best today.

    still sick and all. coughing like mad.

    So i cannot eat cakes. But i ate it afterall, too touched.

    Almost vomitted out when i ran back to work.

    But managed to control.

    Hahha. Then, asked MeiXian to buy me a bottle of water.
    348 came to say goodbye when they saw my manager talking to me.

    Soon after my manager left, Naf Pat and Yani tapped me on the shoulder.
    Sia la. i got so shocked !.

    They waited for me to finish my work.
    And we went back together.

    Today was really the sweetest birthday ever!

    Counting all my birthday msges is like the best thing ever.
    Reading them again and again is even better !

    Now, I have to go. Really. 1am already. Have a test in the morning and have to rush to work again.


    RuiZhang had been chatting with me for the past hour or so.
    Wishing me happy birthday, wishing his mother happy birthday, wishing me get well soon, drawing red medicine for me, pouring water for me after i reminded him he didn't.

    Nice. Thanks Rz.

    Today is a sweet day. Tomorrow will be even better.

    Argh. My sister Birthday ! Omg. Just realize i haven send her happy birthday.

    ahh.. haha. wun be blogging for some time.
    Working till 25th Dec.
    At Bishan J8 Atrium. Memory Lane.

    Feel free to find me. I don't give discounts. =))

    Good Nights ! Love you all !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 7 December 2007

    Admitting Mistakes.


    Yes yes. I'm going to tell you all 10 points why i suck in band.

    1. I cannot get in tune.

    2. I am not allowed to use tuner during practice. (save battery uh) ( i swear i'm going to buy my own batteries)
    3. I think it's Quite hard to tune to 9 flautists. ( i suck)
    4. I cannot understand conducting. (serious, i just don't understand.)
    5. I can't count quarter rests. ( 1 n 2 n 3 n 4? , 1 nn 2nn 3nn 4n play?)
    6. I play very soft.
    7. I don't have enough air support.
    8. I feel stress sitting beside Shirley.
    9. I feel stress sitting beside Vanessa.
    10. When i put my stand at my perfect reading height, i can't see Cpt Yusri, i get scolded ; When i put my stand at a lower reading height, i can see Cpt Yusri, I slouch to read, i get scolded.

    Ok. Now, 1 main point why i am still in band although i suck.

    1. I leave, he happy. Conclusion : I won't leave. Unless i have better reason than preventing him to be happy. =))

    CHEERS !

    Today i suck even more. Pathetic Pathetic.

    Moody la. Confirm is the rain.

    All my funny thoughts gone. So irritating sia.

    Good Night !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Wednesday, 5 December 2007

    December !

    December had always been my favourite month.

    It brings joy and laughter to everyone.

    Being the Holiday month for primary and secondary students.
    Being the planning of overseas trip month for the working adults.
    Being the month full of surprises.
    Being the richest month.

    BEing the month that we celebrate Christmas !

    Aw ! Christmas is my favourite festival.

    I don't really celebrate it. But i just like it.

    I like the feeling of having christmas, i like the feeling of knowing it's near.

    Few years back, i used to attend christmas parties.
    Big groups of Ninjutsu friends gather to celebrate.

    Really fun. But friends sometimes drift apart when we grow older.
    Single become Couple. Couple become Triples.

    So when this happen. Christmas parties start to multiply. And so people start to split into different groups. No longer one party with everyone.

    Last year, my christmas was almost the best . I think it's the 2nd best.

    I didn't celebrate in parties, not in groups not with friends.

    I celebrated it with strangers, people i never see before.

    I was working.

    It was quite saddening when i know i cant celebrate christmas with my friends, but i didn't know it turned out so well in the end.

    So many people went to bishan atrium for last minute presents.
    I wished everyone Merry Christmas when i serve them, and they wished back.

    It is a very nice experience. =)

    Okay. This year will be the same. Laa ~

    Okay !

    Yes, Christmas is very nice.

    Oh ya. I'm talking about December being my favourite month. =)

    My sister's birthday is coming. 11th December !

    Bloody hell. She is celebrating on the 8th December at some clubbling venue.
    Don't know which one.

    SHE invited all her friends to open a few bottles.
    Like wth.

    She's totally rejecting my request to see me perorm with FREE tickets la.


    NEVER MIND. just quite sad that.. She's not waiting for me to celebrate with her.

    We don't usually miss each other's birthday.
    Maybe once, when she's in England.

    My dad say he will buy cake to celebrate on 9th December.
    And made sure i'll be back to celebrate with my sister.

    NOt the point.

    SEriously, i just think that.. dEcember is a month for Love.

    To love.

    Why ?

    I don't know. Don't you just feel that December is so blessed with love ?
    I do.

    Sigh. Sadly, a friend of mine just fell out of love. Yes, Directly in December.

    So painful.
    I love December so much i don't even know people can fall out of love in December.

    I just know everyone can start loving each other in December.
    Even I, even i will be more tolerant to those i dislike in December.

    It's a month too nice to not love.

    Anyways, my fren, love is always around.
    I believe after the 9th, love will be even richer.

    Look on the brighter side ok !


    Advanced Merry Christmas to all !!

    Ah de la da ~

    Christmas is Coming !! ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 4 December 2007

    Quite Discouraging Actually.

    Life had been good ever since i made a final decision that it will and shall be good.
    For me and for everyone.

    I even walked into the same lift as someone i chose not to respect and started to respect him with the tiniest diginity.

    He gained my respect by holding the lift door open for me to enter.
    Quite nice actually. Just not nice enough for me to converse nicely without preventing my poisonous venom to land on him.

    Doesn't really mean anything . really.

    But seriously, lamely, he lost all my respect all over again because of his shitty look just now.

    Still, doesn't matter. who cares. =/

    I'm quite disturbed that I cannot blog how i feel these few days.

    I'm always just, i-say-what-i-want-in-my-blog .
    But yea i do say what i want, i just don't say what i want everyone to know.

    It's like.. I have gotten so many thoughts.
    I think about why this happen and why that don't happen.
    Also about why i want this to happen and why i make that not happen.

    I even smiled stupidly in the bus full of people when i think about the things i would like to share with everyone.

    But now, at the blogging page, i can't say what i think about just now.

    It's like.. I'm worried how people think.
    Not that i usually don't.
    Just that, i don't know what i'm worrying about too.

    Quite stupid.
    I think i'm losing it. I have no urge to blog anymore.
    It's like..

    Thinking what i'm going to blog later is Super fun.

    But sitting infront of the blogger page just made my fun all gone and it made me frown.

    I can't believe it.

    Ok. I think i'm still under some spell cast by some witch i encounter few weeks back at halloween.

    I will break the spell and come back with all my nonsense alright.

    seriously, how do one break a spell without knowing what the spell is?

    Do you think it's.. "ma-el ma-el kon. forget the meaning of blogging with happiness."

    Haha. Like what the hell.

    I actually think i'm better out of a sudden.

    Life is so unpredictable, one moment you can be superly annoyed and one moment you can be super relieved.

    Oh. is it life or is it just me?

    Guess it's just me. Cos i don't see the girl getting better.
    She's getting more and more into walking down the street by herself.

    Maybe one of the days i'll pump my blood into her veins like how Adam gave his blood to Nathan to make him recover from the burns.

    I think my blood contains happy vibes. I shall see to it.

    The day i think i should start donating blood, i think i'll inform her.


    Cheers. I think i'm hungry.

    Yes. i think i'm hungry. No wonder i'm so happy.

    Alright. Few more days to my committed working days.

    Yups. 10thDec - 25thDec, i'll be down at Bishan Junction 8.
    PRomoting for Memory lane for the 2nd year.

    Yups yups. At the Atrium. Do come down and visit and buy christmas presents ya.
    LOL. I've 35% discounts for all Memory Lane items. Just need time to process.
    So come down early if you're all getting christmas presents ya.

    Hms. Hahaha. And you can see how i hate people touching my bears. HAhaha

    Talk about it again soon. See you all.

    * ^^

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 1 December 2007

    Flames Award Ceremony 2007 !

    Totally Rocking !

    Yups. Attended the flames award ceremony just now !

    Ahs. Some introduction first ya. Flames award ceremony is the award ceremony for the leaders of the IG groups. We're invited to support Hafiz, Hannah and Willie; leaders of RPWS.

    Last year's flames award dressing theme is Retro ~
    This year's flames award dressing theme is..

    International Mafia!

    haha ! Mafia gangsterism you know..

    Of course must fierce right!

    Planned to go CS to make air-brush tattoo.
    But plan didn't go as smoothly as i planned.

    So Weiting and Siying accompanied me to Far East for the Tattos.

    but never mind ~ I'm too excited for the ceremony to complain !


    One on the neck and one on wrist.

    The one on the neck look like Transformer mask sia.
    Don't really like it somehow. Don't really like the one on my wrist too.

    Anyways, a picture my fren took she saw my tattoo at school.

    Really quite fake. A bit, tiny bit nice. ahhaha.

    The tattoos are sprayed on 2 days ago.
    Today, the one on the neck came off a little (that's why i'm complaining).
    So i just anyhowly scratched it off, and didn't plan to show it at all.

    I realize that, the one on my wrist only appear in 1 picture. And it's a.. blurred picture.


    Dah. This picture only. Like what the hell right ? Haha !

    Took alot of pictures ! only have 60 of them in my phone. Others with SJ and Jasmine.

    Ahs. The award ceremony was actually quite fast..

    After it was.. PARTY ! Refreshments and then, Dancing.

    We started cam-whoring straight after eating !

    Here are the photos ~

    Shirley - Hannah - Me - Sarah
    Smile Smile Picture ~

    Seriously, we don't look MAFIA la. We look like ah lians.

    ah lian should be also considered as mafia .. right? LOL !

    Next is also the 4 of us.
    But they say this is the.. " mafia " picture.

    I think i'll still stick with.. "ah lians" picture.

    Then Then, i don't really like the next picture.
    I look very weird.
    she came to school just to help me and the rest put make-up.
    Totally love her sia. THANKS NAF !
    I also thank Yani. She accompanied us throughout the whole make-up session by sitting on the chair and taking unglam photos of me and Naf.

    Ahs. Back to the picture that i don't really like.

    Cassandra and Me ~

    I look weird. The eyes.. like alien.

    Haha. Maybe i really just look like that and i didn't know and stuff.

    It's alright. This picture is purely for PATRICIA to see.

    woots. Next comes..

    Hannah and I ~

    Hannah is secondary school ah lian.
    I MEAN.. the dressing. She totally save money la.
    She wore her secondary school uniform only. zz.

    Nice. Really. She really look like ah lian.
    *hee, hannah.. this mean you did a good job dressing like ah lian. =x

    Then then..

    the next lucky person is..

    is.... WEi wei.
    Totally ah beng right? CANNOT MAKE IT. =/
    Like some loan shark's gin na la.
    And look at the phone on his hand. Confirm waiting for ah long's phone call or what.


    Ahs. the next one quite alright. I look quite scared in the picture.

    IT's with..

    WILLIE !

    Hah. Willie actually unbutton his shirt, revealing his stick-on tattoo on his chest.
    But when i saw the tattoo, i ask him to button up if he want to take photo with me.
    LOL. So mean right?

    Haha. Totally so funny. He look smarter and better without the tattoo ba..
    More handsome alright ! Hahaha.


    Next is Sarah and Hannah.

    Nothing much. But, just some random says.
    Hannah is the first person i met when i joined RPWS.
    She opened the door and ask me to go in for interview. HAha !

    Sarah is the first senior appointed to teach me something.
    When i went for my first practice, she sat beside me.

    Okays. Really nothing much.

    Then then..

    Next picture is a special one. I have no idea why it is in Orange.
    I think i set something on my phone. Forgotten what. cloudy? LOL.

    Dah. Jasmine and Me.

    Nice picture actually. Just that..
    Jasmine is holding a camera when another camera is taking the picture?
    Er. according to Sarah and Hannah.. Jasmine is promoting her camera or something.
    =/ blah.


    Next one is totally...
    Mafia King and Me.

    Hafiz and Me.
    I look SUPER white beside him.
    Guess, that's the difference between Angel and Devil..

    NO link right? HAha. never mind. =)

    The next picture is this guy wearing Japanese Yakuza.
    Totally odd one out. The rest of us is like.. Italian Mafia.
    He's some other places' mafia or something.

    Hey. Samurais cannot reveal their name right?
    Something like that right?
    Ok, so i'll not reveal this guy's name. SEriously, who DOn't know him?
    LOL. Just for fun. His name is Confidential. ^^

    Ahh. This is the last picture i took before we enter the dance floor.
    Yups, the studio, Lab and all. It's all converted to dance floors with super style disco lights.

    Superly like underage clubbing. -without alcohol.

    I didn't mean to take their faces. Was just anyhowly taking pictures but they are so sensitive with flash lights that they turned just in time to be caught in my snap.

    Went to both the dance floors until we are really worn out.
    So we proceed to the chilling room.
    Music and empty spaces for us to rest.

    Er. Okays. So we starting to take pictures all over again.
    There's alot of.. M18 pictures taken.
    The pictures still not with me yet. I shall show it next time.

    Anyways. I have some DECENT pictures. =)

    Wei wei and Me ~
    I don't like my phone's camera in dark places. Totally cmi.


    Then. here's SongLin and Me.

    Like waitress and waiter lo.
    Not really too.
    Just like 2 gin na trying to act fierce. =))

    I was quite bored after that.
    So i borrowed the Yakuza from Sadiq.

    Took alot of pictures with the Yakuza.
    But i don't like them. so didn't post =x

    HEre's Jasmine and Me.
    Lol. Now Jasmine look like some street fighter.
    Very cool la. LOL ! and NO, i'm not wearing Kimono.

    Lastly !
    One very very funny picture.
    Showing 2 people from 2 different world.

    SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY, i still don't know why i made the 2 twists.
    When Eugene say he want to take picture too, i just simply raised the 2 twists.

    LOL. so sorry. but really, SO funny. =/

    Ahh. That's the end of the flames award ceremony party by me.
    I really like the last picture i took tonight.
    Erm, no.. it's not the one with Eugene.

    Haha. Really nice. But i forgot to upload it to my blog.
    And it's 3am already. So, it's alright. No matter what, i can still see it everyday.

    Hahah !

    REally a very nice Night.
    Very fun . I promise i'll be another year of Librarian just to attend the ceremony again next year !

    And i'll try to make sure i will not wear heels. =/

    Good Night all !

    *ps/ : i'll post the M18 pictures when i got them. ^^
    Loads of pictures not with me. Will get them soon =))

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;