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    Friday, 28 December 2007

    Packing and Packing !

    ahh. Taiwan trip is like only 1 day away !

    Just now was the Taiwan trip briefing from our travel agent, Steven.

    Oh ya, the band is split into 2 airlines. SQ and EVA.

    SQ = Singapore Airlines
    EVA = International Taiwan Airlines.

    I think so ah. don't remember what Jasmine said. =/

    Yups. I'm in SQ !
    Sigh. must report at 6.30am on saturday morning at the airport lo.
    Totally roll eyes.

    Confirm have Jam at custom that day. Screw the jams. =((

    BUT ! It's alright. We go early, we come back late on the last day.
    EVA will be going back FIRST(in the early morning), then SQ in the evening.

    (Laaa ~)

    Ah. I'm lazy to say alllll the details. cos it's 1.41am in the night and i'm sleepy but i'm trying to find mp4 converter so i can converts videos to my phone and i can watch them in the coach to chiayi. 4 hrs sia. like going KL like that.. =/

    Lol. I MUST RECOVER BY TOMORROW LA. if not, totally. =/

    Hahaha. Going last min shopping with Laine tomorrow.
    Yups. 348-laine.

    She came back from Aussie on the 14th of Dec.
    I was working, so didn't meet her.

    meeting her tomorrow for shopping !

    Hahahaha !!!

    buying loads of things..
    Knee Guard, bottles, some clothes, socks.
    alot ah. see what den buy what lo. Hahaha.

    And ahh..

    Everyone going to taiwan, remember to bring scarf ya.

    IT's VERY important.

    Because if you're cold, no matter how many jackets or sweaters u wear, it's no use when your neck is not kept warm.

    So scarf is impt. 1 scarf on ur neck = 3 extra shirts u wear.

    Aiks. Have no idea how cold will taiwan be. HAHA !

    HAven even start packing sia..

    My dad ask me to bring a SUPER big lugague. (sp)
    lazy to find the correct spelling la.

    Ya. super big one. Mine is actually the same size as zoe's pat's and yani's ( i think)
    but my dad ask me to bring bigger one cos the small one's wheel isn't working that well.

    Well well. i think it's ok to bring bigger bags. Starting, people will laugh but afterall, it's me who gain.

    Just like me bringing pillow to band camp.
    I'm like sleeping so well la. Hahaha !

    Alright. Sleepy. Shall leave it to maybe tomorrow. HAha !



    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;