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    Tuesday, 29 April 2008

    Whatever floats your boat !

    There's this one time when a friend of mine said this phrase to me.
    "Whatever floats your boat!"

    My initial response was.. : "eh? water?"

    after a moment of silence.. then i realize it wasn't a question.

    HAh !

    -Whatever floats your boat-

    ............ : - is a phrase that often means whatever "soothes your soul" or whatever "works best" Aka- Whatever you feel like doing.
    .............: - Your view is different then mine so I am going to tease you in a sarcastic way.
    Tom: I love going for long walks on Sundays, they make me feel so close to nature!
    Tim: Riight... well whatever floats your boat man.

    yes, i believe many of you know it.

    I was just referring back to a past conversation with a friend and i realize i was quite dumb that time.

    Well, people learn ya. =)

    anyways, a little update here and there.

    My cannot-make-it right toe is bound to be chopped off.
    I just kept kicking on something and it just can't stop continuing to swell.

    And yups. Finally, i've decided to bandage it up, going to visit the Docs in the weekend.

    Just when i thought bandaging my toe up is a good way to : -

    - 1st, make sure people sees my toe is injured and will not attempt to Accidentally step on it.

    -2nd, make sure i know it's bandaged and not ACCIDENTALLY kick on something again.

    It all went well only up to 7.30am.

    I was sitting in this bus when this auntie came running to the seat beside me, and on the next stop, she got off and...
    the bus jerked.

    I THINK the auntie know my right toe injured, so when she fell, she stepped on my left...

    middle toe, 4th toe and last toe.

    BEST ARH !

    and when i reach class, i kicked my right toe on the table legs, again.


    anyways. the RPWS concert was.. well, a success ! Congrats RPWSians.

    however, that is to minus off all the things happened before the concert.
    well. whatever floats my boat.


    hahaaha. okays. some pictures from the concert. =)

    Naf, Zoe, Yani, Pat, Sue, Phylis and Me.

    Mirror big enough to fill up more people. Lol.

    I know the colour not very nice.
    My phone camera not good enough. =)
    and i'm lazy to edit ALLLLL the pics. so yea.

    more more ~

    and then and then..

    HAHAHA !

    cute la. not bad.


    Me and Phylis !

    The Librarians Rocks !
    eew colour.

    *phylis, if u want, get from me, dun take here. i edit the colour. HAHA !

    More more !

    But this super la, this got hannah in the middle and shirley at the mirror.

    BEST ARH, yani !

    HAhaha !!

    Then, it's time for the concert, Naf in the other exit sia.

    So only Yani, Zoe, Pat and Me.. =( sorry naf.

    Hees ~
    The rose in zoe's flute?

    Tada !


    Can't get enough of Zoe?

    Here's her trying to make people think she plays the bassoon. HAHA !

    zoe play bassoon like so weird. LOL !

    so the bassoon guy comes..

    and one more !

    this time is.. the bassoon guy kpo.


    My sister bought me a Balloon.
    shearlene bought me flower.

    Hannah gave me lots of things. =)

    But i sleepy that night, so i only took the balloon. hees.

    Hahaha. Ok ok.

    bored already. feel like sleeping. Totally.



    One picture to dedicate to Zoe and all those who loved her .

    Featuring : The Susah Susah Papaya Pig.

    Hahah !
    Okay okay.

    See Ya People.

    Today is Tune in session with the Year 1s.

    not sure whether i am looking forward to it.

    really very tired. I fancy a nap.


    Buh-bye ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 24 April 2008

    The Plunge into Depression.

    Yes Yes. I don't even know what my heading mean.
    Who the fuck cares?

    It just came to my mind and i just felt like using it.

    I'm FUCKING not happy right now. Really painful.
    Like this bloody knife stabbed into my heart.


    I'm not even ditched or neither did i lose an arm.

    FUck. Yes. Fuck it.

    My horoscope for today says that i have to..

    " Take things slowly, do things step be step. "

    And yup. I'm Following it.

    I walked slowly to school, walked slowly to class.

    Took things slowly, had lunch. walked back to class.


    DAMN. What's the problem? The FREAKING PROBLEM is that..

    I don't understand the problem statement.
    I know it's hard to change what you learn so fast.

    Yes. Jumping into all sorts of freaking engineering stuff is sucky.
    REally sucky.

    It's logistics, plus maths, plus graphs, plus excels, plus maths, plus maths, plus maths.

    and it's the only time in my 4 years of secondary school life that i passed my maths.

    Yes And just when i thought i'm never going to touch maths again.
    ... Here i am !

    Back to Square 1 !
    maths. and it sux, because we need to do maths in EXCEL. PLOT FREAKING GRAPHS.

    alright, it's alright. I've got team mates to help me with it too.
    Yea =)

    still, it sucked.

    Ok. back to today .

    yea. i've took everyday slowly, the problem is i dun understand how to use the formula to solve
    today's problem.

    But hey, I tried. I've always tried.


    So what's the problem ?
    I couldn't solve it and i just presented the definition of something.


    i'm so sorry. i don't know where can i vent my anger.

    I was drawing this graph that my team mate and I manage to somehow calculated..
    And I was told my team is the first team to present.

    It's like.. no one is helping?

    I couldn't get the graph in the excel. I drew it on paper.
    Took a picture. Couldn't get the picture bluetoothed to my com.

    I drew the graph on the whiteboard, failed. i can't draw a 0.5 metre straight line.

    I managed to get the picture in my com.
    I don't have the ppt.


    The reason i'm pissed with myself is that, i can't contribute at all to last week and today's presentation.

    Just can't do it.

    It's always like that, i cannot take it when my team's presentation is unclear.
    I cannot take it when my team's presentation is skimpy.

    I cannot take it when i cannot do anything to make my team's presentation more presentable.

    and i blame myself.

    It's always like that.

    People says i find trouble myself because it's not my fault.

    Maybe it's me. I just cannot take it.
    I don't like not understanding anything. I like to be clear and like everyone to be as clear as me.

    I feel so stupid.

    After presenting, i accidentally dropped my laptop.
    yes. i feel so stupid.

    And so, i'm here blogging.

    venting my anger to almost no one.

    If someone is reading this, i bet he/she will be like..

    SIGH. I just feel so fucking depressed right now.

    it's studio rehearsal later on.

    COME ON, tell me it's going to be better.
    Don't ruin my freaking i-thought-it-would-be-good day.

    Ok. Sorry. Hehehe. i suddenly feel so much better.
    Yes. just type and type and type. now i feel so much better. =)

    If you don't understand why am i having severe mood swings these few weeks, let me tell you.

    - I'm suffering as i cannot cope with my school stuff.
    - This saturday is the RPWS concert and i'm worried i might fall sick anytime.
    - My piano teacher is not convinced that i can take my piano exam this year.
    - I AM not convinced that i can take my piano exam this year.
    - I HAVE to take my piano exam this year as my agreement with the school is to have my onstage examination next year.
    - I have to get at least a MERIT to be able to have my onstage examination.
    - I must get a distinction, if not i'll have to quit band. That's my agreement with my dad.
    - I don't have time to practice.
    - I haven't start with my PP scope and i'm left with 2 weeks.
    - I'm getting insomnia.
    - My temper is getting worst.
    - I'm not losing weight.
    - My mum is sick.
    - My sister is overseas.
    - No one to do the chores.
    - I owe my sister money.
    - I didn't wear shoe today.

    yes yes. and the list goes on.

    I can list over a 100 things that can make me so frustrated.

    What the hell. Really.

    I thought i was actually feeling better. !
    I need to listen to nightwish.
    need to.
    need to.

    My facilitator is explaining about something that i'm supposed to know.
    Don't understand.

    Good Bye.
    I'm tired.

    Thank you for reading until this point.
    I think i've caused some irritation in ur nerves already.

    hees. so sorry. i'll try to post something nicer and livelier next post.

    ha !



    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 22 April 2008

    Today is a happy day.

    The only sad part is, i kicked my right foot's toe on the bus railing 2 times today.
    First time is going to school, Second time is going home.

    Super nice. Gotta apply medicine. =/

    Sigh, i just receive my first C since starting of school.

    It was last Thursday's lesson.

    Sigh. i guess i deserved it. Didn't even put in any effort that day.
    Actually, i don't even remember what the lesson is about.

    The faciliator's comment is like " Do you even know that today's problem isn't about forecasting?"

    zz. It isn't? HAHAHAHA !

    never mind ~
    The Friday faci gave me A.
    Hah, at least that made me slightly better.

    Didn't go school today. so i'm expecting an X.

    It's only 3rd week of school and i'm getting lazy already .

    Gosh. 13 more weeks.. How sia !
    Haven think of PP topic.

    Oh, PP is Personal Profiling.
    It's like a "project/module" that Year 2 students in RP must complete in order to graduate.

    The deadline for sending in PP scope is in 2 weeks time. =(

    I shall work on it this week ! MUST MUST MUST ! =((

    But I've got no time. =(((

    =((((( ~

    hahaha. Oh yes yes, those who don't know...

    RPWS - RP Wind Symphony is holding their 3rd Public Concert this Saturday.
    26 April 2008.

    Time : 7.30pm
    Venue : TRCC, Studio.

    Admission is FREE !

    there're 100 tickets at the Front-of-House to be collected.

    So if you guys are free, do come down to support.
    The collection of the 100 free tickets will start at 6pm!

    Confirm many people coming to grab.
    Why hesitate?

    Be one of them ! =)

    Hahahah. Repertoire .. erm..

    *Hint* - We'll be featuring a Flute Solo piece.

    Hahha . aiyo. if you want to know, come down ok !

    Oh ya ! We'll be playing a Singapore Premiere Piece.

    Erm. okay. for more info, it will be inside the concert booklet.
    So if you want to find out, come down and grab the booklet ya.

    HAHAHa. okays.

    Oh oh, i'll post the Pictures from my sweetheart's birthday soon.
    Need to get it from Meixian and Rachael. =/

    Good Night all !

    ps. sorry mx. i'll accompany you for shopping next week ya ! =)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 18 April 2008

    FINALLY !!!!

    It's Friday. wooooots !!

    It had been a very tiring week..

    Haven't sleep more than 10 hours in the past 3 nights.


    heh. I think i'm getting a new lappie soon.
    Yesterday my dad waited till 11pm+ for me to reach home.
    Because he needs me to do his paperwork claim.

    He sat in my room's living room sofa, I placed my lappie on the table in front of him and i On it.

    Then i walked to my dressing table, tied my hair, went to my bedroom and packed my bag.
    I walked back to my lappy to type the password.

    After that, i went downstairs to get water.
    walked around my room for super long..

    And.. AH, my lappie finally finish starting up.

    estimated time taken : 8 mins.

    My dad almost fell asleep sia.

    Then he complain that my lappie very slow.
    and i replied : " now you know eh? HAHAHA. wan to use my com need to have patience la! old people also cannot walk too fast ma, later here jam there jam."

    so he went silent.
    and then........................................i believe my new lappie is on the way ^^


    Sia la. Just now i went down for SLA fiesta performance.
    my team mate used my com.

    when i come back, she almost wanted to kill me.
    she say my com like super fragile. Lag like hell.

    press a bit faster, like going to hang and bomb like that.

    hahahahaha. ^^

    ah, today i nervous for presentation ah.
    cos i wasn't really in class to help out my team.

    but i gave them the most needed accounting excel sheet.

    then my presentation slide is the excel sheet.
    then when we reach my slide, the faci say: " you no need present, give others to present. "

    I STONE SIA, if i dun present the excel, i dun have slide le. 4 excel slides and conclusion left.

    zz. in the end i only present the conclusion.

    SUPER. ^^

    let's see what grade i get. zz ~

    Tml is my sweetheart's bdae.
    also the 348 + TOML gathering.

    was looking forward to it last week. not really this week.
    too tired. plus my mum went to KL to see doctor again.

    what a perfect start to my weekend. =((

    chores to be done ! =(

    haha. alright. shall post again tml or some other day.

    - Friendship tears.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Monday, 14 April 2008

    Nuffnang o.O

    hellos people.

    it's kinda weird how nuffnang works you know?
    when i'm not posting, i often see ads being put up in my blog.

    Now that i'm back to posting, no ads are put up already.

    I visited Weijian's blog just now and i saw this cool RED NANO ad by nuffnang there.

    I'm like. " WOAH. Where's mine? "

    is it because he chose to put at HEADER? whereas i chose to put at sidebar?

    not far u know? I'm waiting for my freaking $50 dollars since forever.


    Sia la. Oh ya..

    Was looking at the Keywords to my blog.. and guess what..

    1st : "gabriel and jasmine"

    2nd : " hirdas "

    I'm like. wth ?

    ahaha. attached is the picture i SS-ed.

    Hm. And i have readers from RUSSIAN FEDERATION . how sweet.

    ahs. hehes. okay. My team presentation now. woots. last team. 3pm. ^^

    okays. cya.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 12 April 2008

    Saturday - 12/04/2008

    Ah. I'm Happy once again.

    Slept in till 4pm.

    My schedule for sleeping.

    School Days + Sunday : sleep 3 hours.
    Saturday : as long as possible . ( i always try to wake up just before my dad reach home. which is around.. 5pm.)

    However for today, My dad came home early, around 2pm.
    He kindly tied up all the curtains to let the LATE afternoon sunshine in.
    well, doesn't help. because i can sleep despite of that. HAHA.

    then, he came back at 2.30pm and took away my pillow.
    i roughly woke up at 2.32pm and snatched my sister's pillow off her bed and continued to sleep.

    At roughly 3pm, my dad off-ed my air-con and took away my sis's pillow.
    I used my boaster and continued to sleep.

    at 3.15pm, my dad took away my boaster.

    i continued to sleep.

    at 3.18pm, i switched on the fan.
    and continued to sleep.

    at 3.25pm, my dad purposely called my phone.
    SUPER NOISY LA. (yup, my ringtone is super noisy de)

    i switched off my phone and continued to sleep.

    at 3.30pm, my dad switched off the fan and switched on my phone.

    at 3.32pm, i opened one eye and look at him.

    at 3.33pm, i closed the eye and continue to sleep.

    at 3.45pm, he blasted the sound system with JAZZ music.


    I gave up. I woke up and i went to bathe.

    HAhaha. i cannot stand JAZZ. IT's not JAZZ, just the saxaphone.

    i don't know why, i cannot stand it. It always make me have headache and all.

    After i bathed, i went downstairs and saw my dad happily reading the newspaper,

    Then i asked him, if you want me to wake up, you could have just blast JAZZ in the first place right? ( he know i hate it )

    He replied : " I came home too early, and had nothing to do. So i was just trying to waste my time."

    i stoned.



    then, my bro's gf asked me to play mahjong. we played for roughly an hour,
    then it's time to prepare to go out for dinner and movie.

    Yup yup.

    watched - The 3 Kingdoms " just now.

    was nice. if you like China's history(2000 years ago), you might want to watch it.

    I believe not alot of people appreciate the history already.

    Some don't even know who is Liu Bei or Cao Cao.

    Hahaha. maybe those who plays "Dynasty Warriors" -psp,ps2,ps3- would know.

    Yea yea. that's pretty much what happened today.

    I call this, super nice saturday.
    don't have to spend a single cent, don't have to travel to sg, free shopping.

    yups. alright.

    3am now. Got to wake up real early tomorrow. sigh.
    I really should change my piano lesson to other timings.

    Yay, shall look forward to how my piano teacher scream at me tomorrow.
    i haven't practice piano for 2 weeks. ^^

    La La La ~
    Happy day everyone !


    ps. Happy Birthday, Ed.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Friday, 11 April 2008

    Now that school started, i realize i have more to shout about, to scream about, to cry about.

    During the holidays, i don't have to please people, i don't have to even try to make sure people are happy with me.

    Not happy NOt happy la.

    But now, i have to please my Facilitator, i have to make sure i get the grade from him/her.

    And it's not easy. And i don't like it. I bet many people don't like it.

    My lappie crashed at 1.45pm ! it's 15 mins before the presentation time.
    I'm doing the presentation. Like WTF ?

    so i reboot my com. It took 20 mins. I have no choice.
    So i told my faci that my com crashed. she's ok with it, so she say my team can present last.

    Ok. good. So i borrowed com from team mate to do it.

    done. everyone got their slides.

    then, i realize mine is wrong.

    so i re-did it. i re-do re-do and re-do.

    i tried so hard. very confusing you know. to make sure everything fall in place .

    So in the end i've manage to do so.
    So i uploaded it to LEO and ready to present.

    When my team start, i took my com to the presenting table, and BOOM.

    blackout. my lappie blackout. because i took out the battery just now and now gone.

    nice right ?

    i almost fainted. i caused so much trouble to my friends and all.
    i felt very guilty.

    it's ok. i asked my other team mate to download from LEO and then we present.

    Then the faci ask me to present while the com loading.
    I'm like WTF ?

    How i know what to present.

    Lucky i got the summary in my phone.

    So i just told the class the summary.

    Ok. good. now we present.

    Everything going smoothly.

    Other groups are bombed with Qns, our still alright.

    Then until my slide.. i tried so hard to explain.

    People understand.. Faci understand..

    Suddenly Faci tell me something's wrong.

    Hey, people, if you only see white rabbit before, ONLY white, in books, real experience, all white.
    Then someone tell you, NO, there are BLACK rabbits too.

    it's like so sudden, you didn't know. you never knew.
    so u insist that there are only white rabbits.

    IS THAT WRONG? is it wrong to believe urself and insist on something you know?

    she just kept shooting and shooting . saying that there're black rabbits too.

    then, i saw someone holding on to a black rabbit. THAT TIME, ONLY AT THAT TIME , then you know, you saw it, you know that there's black rabbits.

    And you admit, you're wrong at the start.

    Ok. what's the problem with insisting before u see it?

    I felt so stupid.
    It's so hard to get an A.

    well, that's me. To me, you don't have to always agree with someone, as long as you know you are clear, you can always disagree.

    What's wrong with that?

    It's only 1st week of sch re-open.
    I'm so tired of school.

    Why is everyday worse than the other ?

    fuck it already.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;


    I'm not very happy yesterday.
    But it doesn't matter.

    Well well. Today's friday and i'm cheerful once again.

    It's inventory management module.

    woah. Totally rocking. Because my team today LOOKS super familiar.

    If you're in my class last year for Semester 1,
    if i say, " i'm teamed with WZ, ZQ, LT. " <-- You all understand ya?

    Yup. That's it.

    Just that, the guy in my team that "feels" like WZ is much CUTER alright.



    then, for those in my year 1 semester 2 class..
    It's like i'm grouped with..

    "the 2 holys and Mr-know-it-all-with-specs".

    Yup. Life's like that.

    But somehow, i still remember WZ is superman.

    okay. i'm cheerful today.

    Don't doubt me. =)


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Thursday, 10 April 2008

    Hello !

    Kinda feeling not to post u know.

    When i don't post, people tag.
    Den i post one SUPER DUPER LONG post, no one tag.

    Really THAT boring meh?
    HAha. Yea la. super long. not nice to read right ?

    Sigh sigh. never mind never mind.

    Anyways, i'm in dilemma.

    Should I buy a PSP ?
    should i should i should i?

    My brother have one. He sort of gave it to me already.

    But one day my sister took it, and DAH, it never did came back to me anymore.

    So i'm planning of buying one myself.
    But it's like not really needed too.

    So how? I don't know whether to buy or not.
    My dad ask me to save more then buy a new laptop.

    Ok. anyways, forget about it.
    Let me just show you guys the PSP i want.

    TaDA ~

    Rose Red PSP ~

    Hm. it's very nice..


    Yea. Sigh.

    Junhao tell me that the Red paint will fade off easily.
    Then i tell him i can put casing and all.

    Sigh sigh. it's nice right.

    tempting sia. I need to play patapon asap. Too tempting.
    Sigh sigh.

    ppl, give advice ok.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Tuesday, 8 April 2008


    Yups, it's the 2nd day of school re-open.
    And how am i feeling right now?

    PERFECT ! =)

    well well.
    So let me update about school.

    First day of school was..
    not really THAT nice.

    The facilitator sux. BIG TIME.
    Aw. i'm being totally honest here.

    the moment the facilitator walks in the room, i knew i'm going to do badly.


    i've plenty of experience whereby people cannot pronounce my name.

    It's Alright. I'm fine with it as long as he don't call my name. (he will, so i'll not be fine)

    So.. yup. The module is hard and i don't understand a thing.
    HEY. It's FIRST day ok.
    It's like trying to understand something you don't even know.
    Ahh. i know, but i dun know.

    So. I tried. My team tried.
    But we all knew, we did the worst presentation ever.
    We didn't even know what we're presenting. Just throwing out words and all.
    who cares right? you just have to do it and.. get over with it.

    My motto since my first semester in year 1 is..

    well, it wasn't so long. IT's actually just C.C.S.
    But because of THIS BLOODY FACI, i added more things.

    So it means.. " Convince, Contradict, Confuse, Smile and Fuck Off "
    (for C.C.S is convince, confuse and smile)
    Hey. Don't take it too offensively.
    I'll explain.

    First, during a presentation, what you have to do is Convince the audience you know your work.
    But if they can't be convince, you can try contradicting what you say.
    And for that, you'll den start to confuse them.

    Usually after confusing them, they will just agree with it because they really don't understand what you're trying to say and just want to get over with it.

    But sometimes you are just so SUAY, and after being confused, the audience just continue pestering you for details that you don't know, you just smile.

    And ALMOST ALL THE TIME, it works. you smile, and they smile. And then..
    "POOF" . you're done.

    If all above doesn't work.
    Forget about it, ask them to FUCK OFF. (aw. so sorry to be rude)
    Just ask them to find the answer themself ok !

    I really miss year 1 ! i missed W25A . MY VERY FIRST CLASS.
    They are totally the best man !

    Still remember every Science lesson, Hanyao(faci) will always listen to me crap during the presentations. I JUST DON'T understand sometimes, but i try.
    Usually i just give crap answers that doesn't explain fully. but he know i tried.
    He is NEVER confused by my answers, he knows PERFECTLY i don't understand a thing.
    But after confusing the rest of the class, i can just give a quiet laugh.. or smile..
    ANd TADA.

    He gives me an A !

    That's how nice year 1 facis are.


    I TRIED LA. My team mates too. But he bloody hell just don't think so.
    He made us answer all sorts of questions and made us confuse ourselves.
    Then we tried to confuse him back. But he held still !

    AND THEN ! DAH. He's SOOOOO going to give me a C for crapping along.

    I miss my year 1 classes !

    NEVER MIND. no point already. I've passed year 1 and i have to go thru year 2.

    So. whatever ya. I'm going to see him for the rest of the 15 weeks.
    I'll roll my eyes till they drop off.

    OK. So Day 1 was quite story-ful ya.
    TOTALLY super right?

    So Day 2 came.

    NICE. REally.
    Statistic. woots. Totally clap clap.
    First, the faci was super sarcastic.
    Then, she became even more sarcastic.
    Finally, she told us she's going to be sarcastic, so we can just be sarcastic to her too.

    Yup. nice right?

    Oh, and she said this: "those who say the word F*CK in my class, will get F immediately."
    and yea. nice.
    After i heard that, i said : "sia la, damn it sia."

    Yup, and so.. damn it is NOT F*CK.
    so she replied : "damn it is acceptable"

    LIKE WTH ? the next time i curse infront of her, i'm going to say " bastard!"

    it isn't F*CK too. ya?

    But ok la, overall, she's QUITE alright.
    She LOVES break time.

    our usual break time is 9.30am.
    But she say, if we are hungry, just tell her.
    we can just go off at 9.15am or whatever.

    As long as we did a LITTLE BIT of work, and is suddenly hungry, we can just go off.
    She say she understand that the canteen is full and all, so we can just go whenever we like.

    Yea. Nice yea.

    Ya la , she's quite nice. I'm depending on her for the rest of my 15weeks.
    I need to superly pass my year 2.

    Ahh. So that's about it.
    The 2 days are super tiring.

    Wednesdays are my OFF-SCHOOL days.
    So, it will be perfect as i'm going to sleep in LATE. ^^

    Oh, band. Band's fine. (actually it's just as ____ky )
    After band was perfect . =)

    Yup. i don't remember what we laugh about on our way to cwp.
    but as usual, Naf, Yani, Pat, Zoe and me went home together.
    This time, plus a tiny bit of Brandon.

    But i really don't remember what we laughed about.
    However it was nice. really.
    We always laugh at each other, make jokes out of nothing and we're happy.
    I'm happy that we're happy. At least it eases some stupid memories off you for a while or more.

    Yup. And now, here i am. posting yet another long post of mine.

    So u all see? I'm back already. !

    Hees. hm. but i FEEL wrong.
    I'm like super agitated nowadays, terrible mood swings and all.

    And i'm like cursing and cursing. I shall refrain from cursing ya.
    Give me some time. I'll get back to my PERFECTLY CLEAN posts soon ya.

    And for photos update.. wait uh. the update-with-photos mood not here yet.

    So so. woots. super long post. as usual uh.

    Oh ya. Last few things to say.

    www.viwawa.com < --- Go sign up. Play Mahjong, PLay Dai Dee, PLay all sorts of game ya ! Especially BRIDGE. IT's my fav. taught by one of my bro's fren.

    USed to be one of our past-time when they(bro's frens) come for sleep-overs so if you guys learnt it, call me along to play ya.

    I'm like posting things that are so not pleasing to the eyes and all.


    but anyway, at least i felt better, for no reason.
    I've told all these to Naf and all for more than 10 times already.
    ya. yea.

    Okay. Nights all.

    -life like that uh.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;

    Saturday, 5 April 2008

    Seriously, i actually thought people don't read my blog anymore.

    I'm REALLY SERIOUSLY glad to see a few tags once in a while.

    well. really sorry for the lack of update ya.

    It's all going to end. -well, i mean the lack of updates.

    Hehe. School is re-opening in 2 days' time.
    I've plenty of time blogging then.

    Well. I've prepared loads of animes and shows for the sch re-open.
    Pretty well prepared ! =)

    Thanks to Hannah, i'm really looking forward to the new semester.
    She gave me so much confidence by really explaining how many things should be

    done in the new year.

    Yup. I'm quite motivated. So don't discourage me ya.

    I'm pretty bored these few days of holidays.

    Everyone is away.

    Dad working, bro studying. sis working overseas, Mum overseas too.

    So everyday, i'm waking up REAL late.
    I'm sleeping REAL late too. btw, it's 5am right now.

    I've got to do the chores. Sigh.
    Really hope mum gets back by sunday. If not, i'll have to iron clothes for my dad and bro for another week.


    Hahaha. I'm a good girl ok !
    I suddenly got the URGE to make puddings and agar-agar.

    i shall do it tomorrow. well. i think i will. erm. i will !

    HAhaa. if you see me posting up pictures of my work, that means i did ok.

    I'm getting boring nowadays, life's not really on the bright side these few weeks.

    But yea, i'm optimistic. So yea, i'm try to make it bright. =))

    LoL. erm. i'll post about ALOT of things when sch re-open.

    Give me 2 weeks' time. ^^

    anyways, RPWS is having a FREE ADMISSION CONCERT on 26thApr.

    But i can't get anymore tickets for you guys, so i'm not promoting it.

    If you guys want it, you can come down to TRCC that day to grab the tics at the Front of House.


    GABriel and SongRen are in the same class. And my class is next to theirs !
    Looking forward to it.

    HAhaha. i can disturb them for help anytime. hooray. =))



    aiite. losing it. suddenly lost of words.

    LASTLY. i shall wish ...





    ahhh. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you ~ happy birthday to you. ~

    Hooray ~~ Clap CLap Claps.



    Ahh.. tire tired tiring.

    Going to sleep slept sleeping.

    Aiite all .
    Enjoy !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;