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    Saturday, 1 December 2007

    Flames Award Ceremony 2007 !

    Totally Rocking !

    Yups. Attended the flames award ceremony just now !

    Ahs. Some introduction first ya. Flames award ceremony is the award ceremony for the leaders of the IG groups. We're invited to support Hafiz, Hannah and Willie; leaders of RPWS.

    Last year's flames award dressing theme is Retro ~
    This year's flames award dressing theme is..

    International Mafia!

    haha ! Mafia gangsterism you know..

    Of course must fierce right!

    Planned to go CS to make air-brush tattoo.
    But plan didn't go as smoothly as i planned.

    So Weiting and Siying accompanied me to Far East for the Tattos.

    but never mind ~ I'm too excited for the ceremony to complain !


    One on the neck and one on wrist.

    The one on the neck look like Transformer mask sia.
    Don't really like it somehow. Don't really like the one on my wrist too.

    Anyways, a picture my fren took she saw my tattoo at school.

    Really quite fake. A bit, tiny bit nice. ahhaha.

    The tattoos are sprayed on 2 days ago.
    Today, the one on the neck came off a little (that's why i'm complaining).
    So i just anyhowly scratched it off, and didn't plan to show it at all.

    I realize that, the one on my wrist only appear in 1 picture. And it's a.. blurred picture.


    Dah. This picture only. Like what the hell right ? Haha !

    Took alot of pictures ! only have 60 of them in my phone. Others with SJ and Jasmine.

    Ahs. The award ceremony was actually quite fast..

    After it was.. PARTY ! Refreshments and then, Dancing.

    We started cam-whoring straight after eating !

    Here are the photos ~

    Shirley - Hannah - Me - Sarah
    Smile Smile Picture ~

    Seriously, we don't look MAFIA la. We look like ah lians.

    ah lian should be also considered as mafia .. right? LOL !

    Next is also the 4 of us.
    But they say this is the.. " mafia " picture.

    I think i'll still stick with.. "ah lians" picture.

    Then Then, i don't really like the next picture.
    I look very weird.
    she came to school just to help me and the rest put make-up.
    Totally love her sia. THANKS NAF !
    I also thank Yani. She accompanied us throughout the whole make-up session by sitting on the chair and taking unglam photos of me and Naf.

    Ahs. Back to the picture that i don't really like.

    Cassandra and Me ~

    I look weird. The eyes.. like alien.

    Haha. Maybe i really just look like that and i didn't know and stuff.

    It's alright. This picture is purely for PATRICIA to see.

    woots. Next comes..

    Hannah and I ~

    Hannah is secondary school ah lian.
    I MEAN.. the dressing. She totally save money la.
    She wore her secondary school uniform only. zz.

    Nice. Really. She really look like ah lian.
    *hee, hannah.. this mean you did a good job dressing like ah lian. =x

    Then then..

    the next lucky person is..

    is.... WEi wei.
    Totally ah beng right? CANNOT MAKE IT. =/
    Like some loan shark's gin na la.
    And look at the phone on his hand. Confirm waiting for ah long's phone call or what.


    Ahs. the next one quite alright. I look quite scared in the picture.

    IT's with..

    WILLIE !

    Hah. Willie actually unbutton his shirt, revealing his stick-on tattoo on his chest.
    But when i saw the tattoo, i ask him to button up if he want to take photo with me.
    LOL. So mean right?

    Haha. Totally so funny. He look smarter and better without the tattoo ba..
    More handsome alright ! Hahaha.


    Next is Sarah and Hannah.

    Nothing much. But, just some random says.
    Hannah is the first person i met when i joined RPWS.
    She opened the door and ask me to go in for interview. HAha !

    Sarah is the first senior appointed to teach me something.
    When i went for my first practice, she sat beside me.

    Okays. Really nothing much.

    Then then..

    Next picture is a special one. I have no idea why it is in Orange.
    I think i set something on my phone. Forgotten what. cloudy? LOL.

    Dah. Jasmine and Me.

    Nice picture actually. Just that..
    Jasmine is holding a camera when another camera is taking the picture?
    Er. according to Sarah and Hannah.. Jasmine is promoting her camera or something.
    =/ blah.


    Next one is totally...
    Mafia King and Me.

    Hafiz and Me.
    I look SUPER white beside him.
    Guess, that's the difference between Angel and Devil..

    NO link right? HAha. never mind. =)

    The next picture is this guy wearing Japanese Yakuza.
    Totally odd one out. The rest of us is like.. Italian Mafia.
    He's some other places' mafia or something.

    Hey. Samurais cannot reveal their name right?
    Something like that right?
    Ok, so i'll not reveal this guy's name. SEriously, who DOn't know him?
    LOL. Just for fun. His name is Confidential. ^^

    Ahh. This is the last picture i took before we enter the dance floor.
    Yups, the studio, Lab and all. It's all converted to dance floors with super style disco lights.

    Superly like underage clubbing. -without alcohol.

    I didn't mean to take their faces. Was just anyhowly taking pictures but they are so sensitive with flash lights that they turned just in time to be caught in my snap.

    Went to both the dance floors until we are really worn out.
    So we proceed to the chilling room.
    Music and empty spaces for us to rest.

    Er. Okays. So we starting to take pictures all over again.
    There's alot of.. M18 pictures taken.
    The pictures still not with me yet. I shall show it next time.

    Anyways. I have some DECENT pictures. =)

    Wei wei and Me ~
    I don't like my phone's camera in dark places. Totally cmi.


    Then. here's SongLin and Me.

    Like waitress and waiter lo.
    Not really too.
    Just like 2 gin na trying to act fierce. =))

    I was quite bored after that.
    So i borrowed the Yakuza from Sadiq.

    Took alot of pictures with the Yakuza.
    But i don't like them. so didn't post =x

    HEre's Jasmine and Me.
    Lol. Now Jasmine look like some street fighter.
    Very cool la. LOL ! and NO, i'm not wearing Kimono.

    Lastly !
    One very very funny picture.
    Showing 2 people from 2 different world.

    SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY, i still don't know why i made the 2 twists.
    When Eugene say he want to take picture too, i just simply raised the 2 twists.

    LOL. so sorry. but really, SO funny. =/

    Ahh. That's the end of the flames award ceremony party by me.
    I really like the last picture i took tonight.
    Erm, no.. it's not the one with Eugene.

    Haha. Really nice. But i forgot to upload it to my blog.
    And it's 3am already. So, it's alright. No matter what, i can still see it everyday.

    Hahah !

    REally a very nice Night.
    Very fun . I promise i'll be another year of Librarian just to attend the ceremony again next year !

    And i'll try to make sure i will not wear heels. =/

    Good Night all !

    *ps/ : i'll post the M18 pictures when i got them. ^^
    Loads of pictures not with me. Will get them soon =))

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;