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    Sunday, 2 September 2007

    A Question from Stranger.

    " Why when most of the girls just break up, they will say how sad they are, unhappy, cry here and there. But after AWHILE, they will suddenly pop out with a new relationship. Why ? "

    Well. It is 4.04am right now.
    I believe there are many reasons and answers to your question. But I can only think of 3 reasons now. Here it is..

    1st : The girl can forget real quick.

    Some girls are just powerful. They can get over with things real fast. Break, cry, move on.

    2nd : The girl is just finding a subsitution.

    Maybe just when the girl broke up, a NEW guy was there to console her. accompanying her all the way. encouraging her. Then the girl just anyhow-ly take him as a subsitution lo.

    3rd : The girl isn't serious at all.

    Maybe the girl isn't serious at all. When having a relationship with a guy, the girl might not have put in real love. As in. she like the guy. but dun see a point to love him yet. so when they break off, she will feel sad. But not that sad. And she can move on easily ?


    Well. seriously. there can be many reason that the girl go into another relationship so easily.

    So let me just assume you are a guy. And i think you ARE a guy.

    Guy. If you are the ex boyfren of the girl, i advise you to forget about her and dun ask for patch.

    Guy. If you are the current boyfren of the girl, i advise you to be prepared for everything.
    The girl might just suddenly tell you she's done with you.

    Guy. If you are just randomly asking this question. I advise you to forget about this problem.

    I am not talking bad about girls. I AM a GIRL.
    What i said above is from past experience. My friends and all.

    And if you are the guy who is consoling the girl, and she's falling for you, Run.


    Anyways. I will also like to say.. Whenever a girl cry over a relationship.
    The tears are real. If you love her, don't, never doubt the her.


    Life like that. I'm not sure whether i'm answering your question, Mr Fake.
    I'm half awake only. It's 4.53am. Hm. I don't wish to drag the question to my other posts, so i rather answer it now. I hope i answered your doubts.

    Have a good day.

    Good Night.

    Love is the best thing that can happen in life. I'm in love. Be in love too. =)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;