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    Saturday, 25 August 2007

    Too many Reasons to blog !

    I seriously think the Quiz by Vanessa is a Quiz that goes on forever.
    You have to first list 10 names that you hope will answer to your quiz.
    After that, they will most probably put your name back in their Quiz.

    Then, you have to do the quiz again. and again. And again.

    Lucky for me ! I'm am smart enough to realise the problem beforehand.
    I have only 5/10 people that blog in my list. 1/5 wil not return my quiz.
    The one would be my sister. Her blog is brokedown.
    She'll have to wait for me to fix her blog. Which is.. Long long later, because i'm super lazy to help her. Hahaha.

    Left with 4/6 that blog and Most probably will return my post.
    Vanessa, Rachael, Nafisa and Weiwei.

    And so, i am here, prepared with answering their post too.

    If you are reading until here and still have no idea what i'm talking about...
    Ok, in short, it means...

    Now, i've sent request to 10 person to return my post, weiwei replied it. Now my turn to reply him. Understand?

    Zz. Nvm. Ok. Quiz time again.

    I'm going to skip the top-5 present i wish for.


    Answer the following questions:

    1. The person who tagged you is:- Tan Wei Wei. (mumble.. wayne..)

    2. Your relationship with him:- "try guessing?" - quoted from weiwei

    3. Your 5 impressions of him:- loves disturbing, singer wannabe, he don't like talking to people he is not familiar with, board shoulders and tall enough to put his chin on the top of my head after i put 3 Harry Potter book 6 on my head.

    4. The most memorable thing he have done for you:- *cough* . Before ytd: most memorable thing he done for me is to ask me to be optismistic, cheered me up, and wished me well in his blog.
    After ytd : most memorable thing is he and Gabriel came all the way down to Woodlands from Tampines to publicize the concert to my sec sch. ( i think it's really Quite touching. So far leh)

    5. The most memorable words he have said to you:- "It's not Tooty band. It's Tutti band." ( wah lao, everyday in band when cpt yusri or CM say " tutti band " i will remember how toot i am lo.)

    6. If he becomes your lover, you will:- Laugh. ( i haven think of a reason for laughing yet )

    7. If he becomes your lover, things he have to improve on will be:- talk more casually to me and not wear white skinny jeans in front of me. (haha, reason is private.)

    8. If he becomes your enemy, you will:- Stuff a Chinchilla into his trombone and cut his fringe away.

    9. If he becomes your enemy, the reason will be:- No reason for him to become my enemy. He's a tall guy.. with board shoulders. =/

    10. The most desired thing you want to do for him now is:- To make him happy everyday. He's getting a bit moody these few weeks. All a friend can do is make sure he gets happier everyday.

    11. Your overall impression on him is:- blur and steady

    12. How do you think people around you will feel about you:- Proud and Selfish.

    13. The character you love of yourself is:- Optimistic

    14. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is:- Lazy

    15. The most ideal person I want to be with is:- A guy that think fast and have patience.

    Hehe. the rest of the quiz is the same as the previous one. So nvm ba. No need repeat.

    I'm quite satisfied with my answers.

    Hees ~

    Sorry WeiJian, Andrew, Adillah and JJ ~Hees. I'll post the pictures asap ok.
    Hehe. Yea ppl ~ i'll post pictures soon ! Lots of happening these few days.
    Trying to keep my post short. People are complaining that i can post long. LOL.

    Another Reminder to everyone !

    Hey ! Republic Poly Wind Symphony Concert !! 8th September.
    Any more people interested? Msg me ! Call me !!


    Good Night !

    Oh yea.
    P/s : weiwei, Saggitarians are good people. Hm !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;