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    Thursday, 23 August 2007

    Reason to Blog ~

    Goldie gave Vanessa a reason to blog.
    Vanessa gave me a reason to blog.

    List out your Top 5 Birthday Presents you wish for:

    1. A man. (Best preferred at height of 175 and above, board shoulders, caring, quick-witted, smart, most mama's choice. 3-5 years older than me would be nice.)

    2. Fairy God-mother.

    3. White Tulips.

    4. Time-travelling Machine.

    5. Unlimited Credit Card.

    (I'm super honest with the top 5 birthday presents i wish and want. Hehe. Well, i guess white tulips would be the only more.. likely to-become present. Ah das ~ Who cares.)

    Answer the following questions:

    1. The person who tagged you is:- Vanessa Lim Shi Pheng

    2. Your relationship with her:- A little more spark than friends?

    3. Your 5 impressions of her:- She have crazy laughters, she dun like staying over for band camps, she cannot live without her phone, xiaxue, Pro clarinetist.

    4. The most memorable thing she have done for you:- She passed a fork to me. (well.. that's true. i can't forget the moment. no idea why.)

    5. The most memorable words she have said to you:- you look like xiaxue (memorable, is it good or bad?)

    6. If she becomes your lover, you will:- die of laughter. I can just laugh so hard just by looking at her smile at me. LOL. =x

    7. If she becomes your lover, things she have to improve on will be:- stop calling me xiaxue, love a girl more. Zz. And maybe laugh softer.

    8. If she becomes your enemy, you will:- laugh louder than her when she laugh in band.

    9. If she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:- i don't think that will ever happen, no reason at all.

    10. The most desired thing you want to do for her now is:- simply cut her hair. (sorry van, i'm super jealous with girls that have long hair, dun blame me for that.)

    11. Your overall impression on her is:- Crazily Fun.

    12. How do you think people around you will feel about you:- Proud and Selfish.

    13. The character you love of yourself is:- Optimistic

    14. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is:- Lazy

    15. The most ideal person I want to be with is:- No idea, i think that a guy that is quick-witted is the most ideal person to me.

    16. For people that care and like you, say something to them:- Don't forget me because You will never be forgotten.

    17. For people whom I've hurt:- I'm Sorry.

    18. For people whom I love and treasure:- I love you. (No other words can mean more)

    19. Pass this quiz to 10 person that you wish to know how they feel about you:

    1. Vanessa

    2. Rachael
    3. Nafisa
    4. Ruiwen
    5. Weiwei
    6. Andrew
    7. WeiJian
    8. LEaf - MySista
    9. JiaJun
    10. Adillah

    (Lol. The names above, it is either they don't read my blog, or they don't have a blog or they seldom update their blog. Lols. Anyways, Do do the quiz if you happen to read my post ok. at the comment page, or at microsoft words, send it to me. i don't mind. Haha)

    Who is number 6 having relationship with? - No one.

    Is no.9 a male or female?- Female

    If no.7 & no.10 are together, will it be a good thing?- Lols. I have no idea. Lame + Lame = Good?

    How about no.8 and no.5?- Ooh. Not possible. Totally Impossible.

    What is no.2 studying about?- Integrated Events and Project Management

    When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?- Just 2 hours ago outside Causeway Point, Under a lamp.

    What kind of music does no.8 like?- Everything i like except Power Metal.

    Does no.1 has any siblings?- ers. hm. I.. think so. =/

    Will you woo no.3?- Probably. She has a very unique character. Attractive ^^

    How about no.7?- LOL! My Lame Master + Paint drawing teacher? Highly Unlikely.

    Is no.4 single?- Nope. She have me.

    What is the surname of no.5?- TAN !

    What is the nickname of no.10?- La La.

    What is the hobby of no.4?- Surfing the net about news and gossips of hollywood stars, and definetly not collecting of stamps.

    Does no.5 and no.9 get along well?- They don't know each other. HOnestly, they might not. 2 totally different character. Totally Totally Different.

    Where is no.2 studying at?- Singapore Poly.

    Talk something casually about no.1?- super lame.

    Have you try developing feelings with no.8?- My Sister? LOL ! What can i say ? I love her very much? ( if she's reading this now, she most probably will have goosebumps.) Anyways. No, i have never try developing feelings with my sister other than family kinship.

    Where does no.9 live at?- Bishan.

    What colour does no.4 like?- Black

    Are no.5 and no.1 best friends?- Best Friends? don't think so. Probably Casual Friends.

    Does no.7 like no.2?- No idea. Don't think so? They hardly know each other at all.

    How do you get to know no.2?- Primary 4 tuition class.

    Does no.1 have any pets?- I doubt so.

    Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?- Sexiest? O.o Yea. Maybe with his signature move. " no-need-la " .

    Hehe. Woots. End of my Quiz.

    Used 1 hour to complete =.=

    Going to sleep now. Meeting WeiJian, Andrew, Adillah, JiaJun and ZhiHan tomorrow for movie !
    And after that, Weiwei and Gabriel to go Woodlands sec to do some publicizing of concert.

    Yays. Cheers to my upcoming busy day.

    Good Night !

    p.s/(ruiwen) - My pet turn to the strawberry de le. super cute ! I'm praying it don't turn to iron man again. ^^ meet soon.
    p.s/(vanessa) - Thanks for the quiz, will post my -doyouknow- column back soon. =)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;