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    Sunday, 26 August 2007

    Series of Events.

    Life is fair. When good things happen, bad things happens too.
    That's from the Murphy's Law.

    When everything just get too good, stop and look back. Bad is chasing you now.


    Forget that =.=

    anyways. today shall be a great day.

    I went for Piano Lesson.
    Finally, the Certificate for my Grade 5 examination is out.

    Woo. Just looking at the Cert made me super happy.

    And the spoiler will always by my piano teacher =/
    She say " next year take Grade 5 performance cert ok? "

    Normally people take exams like.. Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7 then Grade 8.
    But Inbetwen 5 and 6 AND 7 and 8 , there's 2 extra exams that most people don't take.

    Between 5 and 6 , it is called the First Concert Certificate
    Betwwen 7 and 8 , it is called the Performance Certificate.

    I remember my piano teacher once told me that, it is quite important to have the certs if you plan to play piano to a far point.

    I never considered Far Point. I'm not a talented player. Just average player.
    Far point is TOO far la.

    And I don't even have the urge to play piano for these few months already. Sort of too tired of it after the Grade 5 exam.

    But after your teacher talk to your parents about her plans..
    It is quite hard to avoid the plan already.

    Her plan is to get me to prepare First Concert Exam.

    And TaDa ! My Dad always support whatever my piano teacher have to say.

    So yay. First Concert. LOL.

    Anyways. It isn't that bad afterall, because i ask my parents for a deal.
    I never thought the deal will be DEALED. But, yea. they agreed to it. (with conditions)

    I simply just ask my parents ( on the way back home from piano lesson )
    "Hey. Can i stop playing piano for some time, i would like to try flute lesson."

    Dad : You always want to try everything.
    Me : In life, you have to try many things... blah blah blah..
    Mum : Ok. You can have both lessons.
    Me : Huh?!
    Dad : .......
    Mum : Yes. Piano and Flute lessons lo. Dad will agree one.
    Me : uh.. Very expensive la.
    Mum : It's ok. No probelm.

    - Deal sealed -

    I'm actually quite confused here. I wanted to stop piano for flute. Because i'm too stressed by the piano teacher.
    But now, i'm going to have Both classes.

    I'm gonna die early.

    I don't even think i have time to go out with my friends anymore. And it was ME who made it that way. Sigh.

    I'm so bloody stress lah. And going to have flute lesson will NOT help the least bit.

    Let me share.

    Things i'm stress about. ( actually i dun think anyone should find it as disturbing as me. )

    1. I have to go back to work at Cathay. Because everytime i go cwp and watch movie, they will ask " Zic, when are you coming back huh? " or " you quit? "

    I didn't quit the job. I asked for 3 months rest. Because that time i injured my knee, can't work.
    During the 3 months, i got lazy, and didn't want to go back.
    But they kept asking me until i feel very paiseh not to go back.
    I don't want to say i'm going to quit, because i'll have to pay the uniform money and stuff.

    And last month, i thought i would be free during the september holidays, so i told one of my colleagues that i will be going back during sep. She actually wanted to transfer to AMK hub, but she heard i'm coming back, so she say she's going to stay for a few more months.

    THAT made me guilty. Really guilty. YOU SEE, i didn't know band practice is going to take up 2 weeks of my 3 weeks holiday. How am i going to work like that ?

    So i'm super stressed up.

    2. Concert is coming up, followed by many more events. That would mean i have to practice alot. I can only practice at JB home. Because i'll disturb people if i practice in Sg home.
    And that would mean 1 day per week. How is THAT going to help?

    3. I haven't got time to practice my Piano because the ONE day i have when i get back to JB is to practice my flute. And my piano teacher is not patient anymore. Can i even have a break?

    4. How to add flute lesson to my schedule when i dun even have a decent empty day of my week?

    5. I've not been meeting 348 for 2 weeks. When you dun meet your friends, you tend to get more and more stressed. Because stress is not relieved.

    6. My room has just been renovated. New furniture just came in, me and my sis's stuff is everywhere. Our books, our everything. is everywhere. Super messy.
    And the ONE day i come back from Sg, i must also help to clear the mess.

    sigh. These are almost all the things i'm stress over now.
    And when i'm stress, i eat. To relieve stress. That's why i'm never thin. LOL.

    And for that, i'm now stress that i might not able to fit into my concert's wear.

    LOL ! Funny. HAHAHA !

    Bloody hell la.

    and you know what ? MY TAMAGOTCHI became IRON MAN again.
    And THAT is SUPER sad.

    Life is tiring.

    Nvm. Saggittarians are supposed to be Super Optismistic.

    Yea ! Shall look on the bright side of life ya ? It's 1.20pm now. I still have...
    2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm 12am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am.....
    All the way to Tomorrow's 1pm.

    Almost 24 more hours. I still have can put 3 hours in playing flute, 30mins in playing piano, 5 mins to feed tamogotchi, 3 hours to clear my stuff, 2 hours of eating. And still have time for playing maple story.


    Life is getting better if you see things my way. Woots.

    I'm suddenly feeling super energised. FULL OF ENERGY. NEVER SAY DIE.

    LOL ! ok la. Got to go help with clearing stuffs now. Beeps ~

    Post again soon !


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;