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    Wednesday, 29 August 2007

    Strange things always happen..

    to me.

    Hm. Was supposed to meet Fifi and all at 1.30pm for lunch and band.
    But due to some reasons.. The meeting was cancelled.

    So.. I change the alarm clock's time to.. 2pm =)

    Yea. I woke up at 11am. And went back to sleep.
    er. Oh ya. For those that don't know me..

    I am someone who never really suffer from sleepless night.
    Usually, i can just doze off within minutes after i close my eyes.
    (anytime anywhere. morning, afternoon, evening, midnight. playground, class, chair, floor, bed)

    Unless i am really sad or angry about something. Then i will stay up whole night staring at the ceiling.

    THAT hardly happen to me. I'm peaceful. (minus the dropping of flute, which i do not want to mention about it anymore)

    HAHA ! Life is cool when u can sleep until 2pm without any disturbing drilling noise.

    My Jb house is still under renovation. Smart me, i came over to Sg house with Dad in the morning. So i can have a peaceful sleep.

    Ahs. Anyways. Strange things happened. I think this is not the first time already.

    I woke up.. Then i look thru my inbox. Then i saw a msg without name.
    Means.. unknown number la =/

    Then i frowned =.=
    Then i went to my sent items .
    I replied the person the night before ..

    woah. And i have totally no slightest memory of the incident.

    And my reply was like .. i know the person like that.
    Unknown number lo.. Siao one.

    Then i texted the person. No reply.

    Dream? HAHAha.

    Crazy la. Sometimes you just forget what you did. =/

    This 'event' happened many times to me before. zz.

    2 different person. And i know them.
    Well. And it seem to always happen after midnight . *ahem.

    They just simply smsed me. And i somehow replied.

    In the morning when i see the msg in Inbox. I will always stone for a moment.
    like.. " er.. is this a new msg? How come nv see before yet the msg is opened "

    Then my sent items. zz. I will also not have the slightest idea of what i replied.
    But there will always be a replied msg.

    Crazy. sometimes strange things just happens.

    Till now =.= I still feel strange. Kept getting goosebumps. eeks.

    Oh ya. I remember there's a name for this 'event'.

    Ya. Sleep walk, sleep run, sleep talk, sleep sing, sleep sleep.. sleep sms =)

    Ahs. Who cares.

    Anyways. I realized that it's been a long time since i posted pictures.
    Don't know why.. Just dun feel like posting pictures.
    So many pictures. zz.

    But there's one i really must post. Next post ! I'll post that particular picture.
    I find it super beautiful. Ahs. whatever.

    Next post it shall be.

    Till then ~

    Good Night all !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;