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    Friday, 31 August 2007

    As Promised ~

    A picture that i would like to share with all !

    Ta Da !

    isn't it beautiful?
    It was taken by me somemore ! No editing at all.

    Have i told you how much i love the sky?

    Morning, Afternoon and Night.

    Different views triggers different kind of feeling.

    This photo was taken somewhat in a random situation.

    Was walking to school. Alone.

    Reason being : Fifi, Yanni, Pat, Li Hua WENT TO SCHOOL WITHOUT ME. and ZOE is at .. CHALET!

    Ya. So i walked to school alone.

    Was looking out for Prince Charming to pop up from somewhere and accompany me to school.

    Well. i'm dreaming. ok. nvm.

    So ya. walking walking.. and i saw the beautiful view.

    So i took a picture. Make sense ? hm.

    Hm. doesn't matter.

    Oh ya.

    One picture that i promised about too.

    The CHocolates that YS brought back from LA.

    Hmm ~ Sweet ~

    ISn't the photo just so beautiful? Like those taken by professionals?

    HaHA! Taken by me la ! LOL ! LAaaaaas ~

    Sigh. Talking about Ys, my BF.
    He went back to LA last sunday.

    SIGH ! I didn't even get to send him off. =(

    But it's ok. He's safe and sound at LA now.


    This Photo..

    is just so random.

    walking to cwp. trying to take a photo of my 4 friends, fifi and all.

    But.. well. u seee. when it comes to taking photos.
    Er ya. u know.. er.. you can see. There are more than 4 GIRLS in the photo.

    HAhaha. Ok la. The Moonlight wasn't very bright.
    That's the best. Somehow beautiful isn't it ?

    Beautiful Bandmates that is.

    Well. There isn't much to post about lately.
    I'm too stressed to think.

    Concert is coming up. Still not used to my new sitting arrangement.
    Actually, i'm used to it. But i dun like sitting there.

    Hm ! There's this line behind the conductor. Whenever i get bored. i will just look at the line.
    HAhaha. Dumb. But yea. that's what i do. Because i'm sitting directly in front of the conductor.

    Now that i am shifted to a new sitting position, i cant see the line. I get so bored that i keep looking around and not pay any attention when playing.

    What am i complaining about again?

    Oh. Sitting arrangement.

    Anyways. NEVER MIND !
    Can't change it already.

    I searched the room today to find another THING for me to stay focus on.
    I'm not sure. There's 3 things i find quite nice to focus on.

    1st would be.. Sandy's hair. But she will change seats with Shirley.. So i don't know whether to strike that off.

    2nd would be.. The light. The second from the middle row. Somehow attractive.

    3rd would be.. The reflection ! Haha. there's this big piece of.. er.. glass wall infront of me.
    Far, but infront of me. The glass wall shows reflection of the people in the room.

    What i will do is.. Look into the glass wall and make out the person i'm looking at.
    And then check whether i'm correct.

    Yea. That's what i did the whole practice today.

    =/ Sigh.

    Okays. Get over it.

    I'm going to sleep.

    Today is just another anyhow-day.

    Sigh. Ok. And.. ok..

    I made a new friend today. His name is Enoch. A shy guy.
    New percussionist.

    HAHA ! Aizat, Nafisa, Zoe, Darul, Yanni and me.. we saw him sitting alone.. eating by himself.

    So we decided to go over and introduce ourselves.

    Nafisa : Fi
    Me : Fi Fi
    Zoe : Fi Fi Fi
    Aizat : Fi Fi Fi Fi
    Yanni : Fi Fi Fi Fi Fi
    Darul : Fi Fi Fi Fi Fi Fi

    Hahaha ~ lame ! =/
    And the lamest thing is..

    After band, i asked Enoch... " Hey. u remember me? What's my name? "
    He replied : Fi Fi .

    I almost fainted. zz

    So much of a good introduction.

    Okays. Cya all.

    Good Night.

    Happy Teachers' Day.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;