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    Monday, 20 August 2007

    Symphonie De Republique ~

    Republic Poly Wind Symphony is proudly presenting their first debut concert !

    Saturday, 8th September 2007

    Republic Polytechnic, TRCC Theatre
    Ticket Price: $10 (Stall), $12 (Gallery)
    visit rpwsconcert.blogspot.com for more informations

    You can contact me if you want the tickets.
    For those who don't know me, you can add me at msn,
    icute_yap@hotmail.com and ask me about it.
    For those that know me, do give me a call.

    Hmm. This following picture would be the Official Venue.
    Republic Poly, TRCC.

    Beautiful right?! How many Polytechnics have Culture centre in their school?

    Haha. Yea. This is the official venue for the band concert.
    This is the front. The Theatre would be at the side and back of the culture centre.
    The TRCC is also where all the clubs, band, drama, lion dance and all practices.


    Anyways. Since i started with TRCC, i might as well give a brief introduction to my school.

    Our school is super big and air-con thruout.

    Ok. I'm lazy to talk about my school. Just show you the picture will do.

    That's TRCC, at the background, you can see the multi-storey carpark.
    Then at the left side is our canteen.
    We have 2 canteen now, next year will have 3.

    The other canteen is called Food Haven.
    It is on the 3rd floor. So we called it Heaven.
    And eventually, this became hell.


    This is one of the building in our school. The rest looked roughly the same.
    Lol !

    Don't you think the grass in my school is just greener?
    It is not the picture effect.
    The grass in my school is just plainly Greener.
    I've been telling my friends THAT, but they ignore me. LOL !

    Okok. Come for RPWS' concert OK !


    Anyways. To the continue of my previous post.

    TA DA !
    My LEG.


    Haha. YEa. My knee. Yea. There.

    It's fine ah. I went to my old doctor this time.
    And the doctor saw me .. he was like " What happened to you again? "

    I should have went to him 5 months ago and 14 months ago, and 17 months ago.

    So he can say that 3 more times.
    When i first injured my knee, i went to him. But after that, i changed doctor.
    He is SUPER expensive la.

    Ok. He says that i must not walk so much.
    Then my mum went on about me joining band and not sports, so i'm getting fatter everyday.
    Then the doctor say that i made a correct decision. (Blah. I'm not given a choice at that time)

    Then. Yea. This and that. On and on.
    At last the Doc finally say " If you want it to recover faster. Operation will do. "
    Then my ma went on " operation ah ? she still studying leh. blah blah blah "
    I'm thinking about it, forever so easily injured is not a good thing.

    But i decided. "SIAO ! OPERATION IS MAD"
    So i said no.

    Seriously la. So crazy right. Operation. I CAN STILL WALK.
    Just cannot walk fast and might fall down anytime.

    Then the doc bandaged my knee. Then he use musking tape. To tape.
    Then i ask. Why.
    He say.. First to make sure the bandaged doesn't come off so easily.
    Second is to make sure ur leg feel tight. So went so easily bend.

    Crazy. Musking tape or not also the same lo. Bluff people. ANyhow sia.

    It had been 3 days since the day the doc 'massaged' my knee.
    But it is still kinda swollen. And there's a black mark.

    Woo. You-know-who is here. Ers. Nope.
    Ok. Just like some blue-black. Quite big.

    Ahs. Anyways. no worries. i'm fine. i'm eating medicine. =)
    I think the medicine is to make sure my bone is stronger or something de.


    Okays. Then then. Tomorrow. After band. 9pm, Going to meet ys and all ~

    What? i didn't mention who ys is ?
    He is my BF !
    Lols ~ Yea he's back from LA. But going back this sunday.
    So we're meeting tml.
    He's not free on other days. And i still cannot enter Zouk.
    So we meeting for supper tomorrow.

    With Sherene, WeiKiat, Melvin and Olivia too ~
    Hehe. Since so long lo. The last time they held a BBQ for Ys before he leave to LA.
    But at the day before the Very day. I sprain my knee. Yes. 5 months ago.

    So i can't even walk. So i didn't attend the bbq. Sigh.

    Ok. Yea. So. I'm half looking forward to tomorrow and half not.
    Yes : Yay. Band and Meeting ys and all.
    No : Tml sure super tired. And i'll have to walk a-Lot.

    Lols. Ok. End end.

    Here comes. Today's -Do you know- column.

    Hehe. Sick and tired of it ? Or wanting to know more ? Tell me. Lol

    Do you know..

    The flea can jump 350 times its body length. For a human, that would be equivalent to jumping the length of a football field. (sometimes it's better to be shorter.)

    The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds. (What could be so tasty on the bottom of a pond?)

    Some lions mate over 50 times a day. (Pig is still better. Quality over Quantity)

    Butterflies taste with their feet. (Yea. Something I always wanted to know.)


    Good Night !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;