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    Tuesday, 21 August 2007

    Ribena Pastilles and Weird Habits.

    Thanks to Michelle I have to post the stupid weird habit thing on my blog.
    I'm supposed to post 10 of my weird habits to answer the 'Quiz' .
    Don't know how you all would call that.

    Anyways, i think that is just too short to be posted as one post.
    You all know me. I'm not someone who write short posts.

    Lol ~
    So.. I decided to talk about something else. About ..

    Ribena Pastilles !
    Booya ~

    I'm super in love with Ribena Pastilles.
    It is my favourite sweet. =/

    Ah dela da ~

    The ingredients for Ribena Pastilles is :Glucose, Sugar, Water, Vitamin C, Belatine, Blackcurrant Juice, Citric Acid and much much more.

    It gives 339kcal of energy per 100g serving.

    The packet i'm eating now expiries on the 24/01/08 .

    There are 5 pastilles in the packet and the Net weight is 10g.

    Oh yea. Whatever =.=

    Anyway, Ribena Pastilles are super nice.
    Chewy and sweet to a certain extend.
    Makes you want it more. LOL

    Ok. Anyways. Let me side track abit to my day today.

    Today was a super tiring day.
    Went for class, Then Band and then Met Ys and frens.

    Class was lame. Didn't do much except for sitting around and playing audition.
    The last hour of lesson is practically me reading story book only.
    (What? Can't blame me. I just bought a set of new books.)

    Band.. I have no idea why i'm so nervous for band today.
    I have practiced enough to let me get thru tuesday's practice.
    But during the Band Practice, i keep making mistakes.
    Not that i keep playing the wrong notes. I just kept playing at the wrong timing.
    There are always parts where we have to rest and then play again.
    Because i don't count (i always count wrongly). so i usually listen.

    I listen to the part where i must enter. Sometimes i get it wrong.
    But this time is worst.
    Because i placed the flute at my mouth. And i blew.
    And the rest of flautist followed.

    My bad. Totally my bad.
    And i actually thought they ARE counting.
    ahs. nvm.

    Got through with the mistakes.
    CPT Yusri didn't scold. He just gave me some Looks.
    Well at least i think he did. Because when i usually played wrongly, i close my eyes.
    So i will not see what happen in the 1 sec.

    aHs. After band i rushed to Causeway point to meet Ys and all.

    Yeu Shiuan, Sherene, WeiKiat, Olivia, Melvin and Shakilla.
    We had dinner and went home.

    Lol. we are actually meeting on Wednesday for steamboat at marina bay.
    But Ys cannot make it. And he is the MAIN person.
    So we changed our plan to today and yea. 9pm.
    What can we do. So late already.

    Ys bought us chocolates from LA.
    The pictures with Sher. Will show u all next time.

    So after everything, we went home.

    Suprising Suprisingly, Melvin sent me to my bus-stop.
    He should alight long ago, but we haven't talk for a long time. And my house is at the last stop, so he suggested that we have a little catching-up during the ride.
    Yea. And. Melvin changed alot. For those who know him, dun get a shock when u see him.
    For those who dun know him, dun mind it.
    And melvin, if u are reading.. Hehehhe. Don't mind it too.

    Okays. After that. Nothing happened. I walked home and TA DA.
    I blogged.

    Okok. Now, To the Nice Offer of posting this piece of whatever is below by Michelle.

    Each player of this game starts off with TEN weird habits or little known things about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own TEN weird or little known facts about yourself as well as state this rules clearly.

    At the end, you must choose 6 people to tag and list their names.

    Understand the rules ? Ok.
    ( and i shall warn about the weird habits of mine )

    1. I hate food that contain sweet sauce. Especially Teriyaki Chicken. If i have to eat it because my friend recommends me to and made sure i buy it, i tend to eat it half breathing only.
    Because, that will make sure the taste isn't that strong.

    AND i seriously bet most people don't do that. Because most people think sweet stuff are nice.

    2. Sometimes i snort when laughing.

    3. I cry whenever my parents mention about my grandmother being old. There was once my Grandma fell down. My ma was informed by my aunt. And when i heard, i cried in my bedroom for 20 mins.

    4. The only song i practice on my piano when i'm asked to is Canon in D. I simply just dun like playing other songs. So i just improvise and improvise and IMprovise on my canon in D till it sound really weird. Like a few classical songs, chinese songs, english songs mixed together.
    Ask my sister if you wanna know more.

    ( so, practically, i can play no songs by memory other than, Canon in D and Marriage D'amour. Unless my teacher MAKEs me play, or i'm forced to play the exam pieces, i will not touch any other song pieces. Or maybe friend request or what then i will TRY to play de, and for that, i MUST look at the score. ) < -- weird? Nah. ( sometimes i don't even know why i learn piano)

    5. I love to bribe my sister to make her bring me out. Is it counted as a weird habit?
    Because sometimes, i just don't feel like staying at home, and i just don't want to call my friends out. And my sister is going out without me. So most of the time i will bribe her to bring me out. Is it even called bribe? I just pay her to bring me out. I'm not rich. I pay her, she pay for the meals.

    6. I think alot before i sleep. Yea. i know it's not really weird. most people do think before they sleep too. But i just think ALOT. Haha !

    7. I MUST on the lights when i enter a washroom at night. If it happens that the lights are spoilt. I would rather not use the room until the next day.

    8. I have good hearing skills when i'm not thinking. I still remember there's once when 348 is still in sec sch. We are passing by a group of lower sec girls. They are whispering softly, but i just anyhow-ly managed to hear what they are saying. they said " 看她们,假假的。" Which means. " Look at them, so fake". I don't know why they said that. LOL. So i told the girls i what i heard. And all turned and stare at the group of girls.
    Haha. In sec school. We are always in OUR world. Where everyone we don't know talk about us is our enemy. HAHA ! I think we are still like that now. HAHA !
    So yea. Good Hearing Skills. Better beware. LOL. (But i realized that i'm having difficulties listening these few days. Adillah ALWAYS have to repeat twice before i catch what she say. LOL)

    9. I hate V neck shirts. I love Collar Shirts. Don't ask me why. I don't know.

    10. I'll always shout for my mother before i open the door. I have the keys, but i know my mum is at home. So i'll just shout.." MAMI ! OPEN THE DOOR " . Then i will insert the keys and then open the door.

    -End- At the end of this 'game' i must write 6 names here. But. Hey. I'm A real good person ok. I know holidays are coming. So i dun wan to bother anyone with this game. Yea. Whatever.

    If you want to try this game, feel free ! Yea. No names posted. Want it, take it.

    Laaa daaa ~

    Yea. Never ask me to post my weird habits again ok. I'll have so so much to say.
    Until you're bored of it. HAHA !

    Anyways. My -do you know- column doesn't seem to be responding well.
    So i shall stop posting it. If you want me to continue my -do you know- column, do leave a msg.

    Bubbyes ~

    Good Nights !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;