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    Saturday, 7 July 2007

    = Starting of a long long post =
    (with many pictures)

    Aloha !

    First of all, Thanks Weiwei.
    Yup. Thanks for the post you made.
    I think it helped me gain luck.
    I'm seeing more good looking guys around the campus.

    Tyty ! Ah dadada.

    - Brief starting -

    Some days ago.
    I met up with Ruiwen. Went to have dinner and all.

    Yea. Picture of me and Wen. WE HARDLY take pictures. Dunno why. But here it is.

    - Thursday -

    Took picture with Lihua ~

    That night after band, our band stayed and 'celebrated' our concert master's bdae.
    Played water bombs and all. Was very tired that night. So didn't take alot of pictures.
    There's one more picture with Zoe. But the lighting not nice. So don't want to show.

    - Then, Friday - (Detailed)

    Ok Friday ! Didn't want to go school. Too tired.
    But was dragged to school by Andrew's little msg.

    Andrew : HAH?! u must come.. i will be damn sian eh if u don't. JJ coming also.
    Qi : Okay then. =/

    Yea. So i went school. Super late. Just in time for 1st break AGAIN !
    First break is 10am. I reach at 9.48am
    Opened the door, Miss Foo looked at me.
    I smiled.

    Hahaha !! THEN GUESS WHAT!
    Andrew, JiaJun, Farrah and Adillah say they want to leave.
    Reason : They don't want to stay.

    Heh. Andrew ! I know you're reading this post now.
    Boo to you ! ( Lol ! Andrew apologised many times )

    Ok. So, since Andrew and JJ leaving, so i guess i'm leaving too. LOL !
    We debated in class for some time before making the decision to leave.
    AND THEN.... - TA DA ! -
    Me, Andrew, JiaJun, Jean, Puay Yek, Gallen, Wei Zhong, Wei Jian all left !
    We went to Food Haven for Breakfast. LOL !

    Then, we went to cwp ~ Walked and walked.
    Went to kiddy palace. Played with the toys !
    LOL ! Skipped school for toys ! Yays!
    Then we went to TimeZone. Lol !
    Been so long since i stepped TimeZone. Played and Played. LOL ~

    Then Rachael arrived at Cwp. So i went to meet her.
    Oh ya. Every Friday is 348's meeting day.

    Then me and Rachael sat outside Hang Ten and talked for like.. few hours ?
    Hey ! I missed 2 week's of 348 meeting leh. What do u think?
    Oh cos we have loads to talk about !
    Si Ying came after that. Followed by Ting.

    Rachael and Sy started debating about politics.
    USA and China. Threats and all. And we also talked about the day that Earth's resources are used finish. And the Earth is going to die. Then how. And all. Hehehe.

    Then Mei xian called.
    Lucky she called. Sy and Rachael stopped argueing for a while.
    Hehe. But after Mx reached HangTen, the debate continued.

    After a long long time. AND I MEAN.. REALLY LONG TIME.
    We decided to go walk around. Went to washroom.
    Took some pictures ~

    Haha ! I have never thought that Cwp Toilet can actually look so nice in camera.
    Look like some hotel toilet right?! Heh ~ We took pictures for like.. 30 mins. xD

    The 4 da xiao jies =x Hehe. I'm took the picture ma. Of cos i'm not in.

    We went to Guardian. Sy want to buy Mineral water.
    Woah. Do u know that, the 1.5 litres mineral water only cost $0.95 in Guardian?
    Haha !!

    Then, we have to decide a place to eat. Rachael want to go "Dian Xiao Er" in Cck.
    Ting wan to eat Ichiban. Sy wan to eat Yoshinoya. I want Pastamania.
    Mx don't know what she want. But after that she say she want Mos Burger.

    So, we each represent our choice and we played " O ya bei ya som ".
    We played and played until only we have 1 odd out of the 5 of us.
    Mei xian won. Mos Burger it is.

    We ordered our food. Then we started to talk again.
    Talked about the past. Sec 1 2 3 4. Then.. talked about how we met each other.
    Then we talked about Pri school. Who's in whose class.
    Talked about how Rachael and Mx got bullied by this girl in tuition class.

    Haha ! So funny you know? Everytime we meet. we talk about the past.
    We ALWAYS talk about how we meet each other.
    AND we never get bored.

    Then, there's this group of girls sitting next to us. Studying for O' levels i guess.
    Then they kept staring at us cos we laughed too loud or something.
    As usual la. We stare back.
    Haha ! We are bad. But we are us ! we are ALWAYS like that.

    People say us, we say back. Girls are all like that. We are just the cooler ones. xD

    Around 7 plus, Sy say she's not feeling well. So she went home.
    But that's when all the fun started. =/

    We have this sudden urge to take pictures. Haha ~
    Let me show you all some *ahem* funny pictures. Hehe.

    And here comes the best one. Ting should win some award for this.

    Ting is so cute ! Hehehe.

    Okays. Now the Normal ones.

    I have no idea why I have no picture of me and Rachael together.
    Always one lo !
    always always always ! AHHH .

    Anyways. I shall tell you all a short story of..
    - Mei xian and the cute monster called Rachael-

    One day. The cute monster, Rachael felt bored so she decided to go scaring around.

    Rachael found meixian very interesting. So she decided to follow her.

    Meixian felt strange. she turned around.

    She was shocked to see a monster behind her.

    Mei Xian didn't scream.

    She actually..

    Yes. Laughed !
    Meixian found the monster so funny.
    So, she decided to give the monster a suprise.

    She decided to scare the monster too.

    But poor meixian.. She didn't know that Rachael followed her to make her fall into the monster's trap. -Sigh-

    Rachael the cute monster was than transformed back to human.

    Rachael had made Meixian fall into the monster's trap by scaring the monster back.
    So now, Rachael is transformed back to Human and Meixian becomes
    the Beautiful cute monster.

    ~ End of story ~

    Haha !

    Credits -

    Plot and Story by : Qi
    Director and Hairdresser : Ting
    Monsters : Rachael and Meixian
    Beautiful Girls : Rachael and Mei Xian

    It had been a long time since we had so much fun again.
    Sadly sy and elaine is not there.

    There would be more fun if they were there.

    Thanks Girls.

    Woah. Super long post. started at 7pm. Now its 9pm. Lol ~

    Yays to me.
    For those that doesn't know, my house is under renovation.
    The stairs, the porch, the garden, the bathrooms, the living rooms and !
    AND MY BEDROOM ! Yay !

    Hehe. Finally i'm ending my post.
    Do get some rest for your eyes. I know it's tiring reading all the way down.
    Had fun ya? Hehe !

    Good Night ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;