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    Thursday, 21 June 2007

    Hey Peeps ! I've Updated !

    Ok, thats not the news. -Dah-

    Sometimes when you just want to update your blog, but you just can't find some interesting things to make people want to read. So, you just.. Forget about updating.

    Is that True?

    Sadly yes.

    You see, nothing happened much in the past 2 days.
    Just some funny daily life's weirdo me doing some lame things.
    Ok, never mind the weirdo me. Just, the lame me.

    AHHH ! You see, i'm just trying to lengthen my post. HAHAHAHA..

    Sorry. Read on ~ HEhehe..

    Yesterday was Science lesson.

    Science is argh ! Always so terrible. One day i shall post my science question out for all to see. And all shall faint. 100% confirm faint.
    Sigh. The topic is about "Dissipation". WoaH right ? bloody thing.

    I shall not elaborate. Our facilitator ask us to draw a picture about the problem given.

    HAHAHa. Only my group finish the drawing. I shall show you all the picture !

    Haha. cute right ! The square square thing is call a harvesting device.
    The red red thing is Nutriglobs.
    I better not continue with science. very bloody long. Got graph some more.

    Hm. Then, during break, we are supposed to do research on dissipation.
    But my group all slacking. Haha. All trying to rest and do our own things.
    Then Adillah brought biscuits. You know, those alphabets kind.
    Then, she started playing with them. I joined in. Hehehe.

    Haha, this are the names of my group members. So cool ~

    Ok, firstly, before anyone start to say we are wasting food.
    I will tell you all first, the biscuits taste like over-cooked dough.
    After you eat, you will have the.. "eek, ugh, ah, gulp."

    After that, my group carried on with the powerpoint presentation.
    AHahaha !! Okok, secretly, i shall tell everyone.
    My team didn't do our powerpoint. One of our team mate's friend from another class sent over their presentation. Then, we just change to our name and we presented it.

    Ok, we understand what we do. If not we wouldn't be able to present the graphs right?

    So, we cheated. Not so too. Haha. Okok. Nvm that.

    Ahs, then class ended.

    Its band time.

    Went for band. Honestly, sometimes i'm really proud of my band. RPWS.
    But its like.. I dunno how to say. Sometimes we really play very well.
    Its the tuning i guess. Cos, everyone in band really can read and play.
    Just that I cannot stand the tuning part. Its so.. "URGH"

    Shall not give anymore comments ba. -Sigh-

    Ok. Then we went home.
    Hm. Oh ya.. I am not sure whether Rp is at a good location or not.
    You see, everyone keeps saying Rp is a good location, having the mrt station near the school, bus interchange, and shopping centre.
    Compared to Sp and Np. They don't have shopping centre near their school.
    But, you see Sp and Nyp, When they get off the Mrt train, its their school already.

    I show you the distance we have to walk from woodlands mrt station to rp ~

    Ok, take that as the distance we have to walk from Rp to causeway point.
    Its like. Haha. Not so long. But not so short too !
    -Dah Dah-

    LOL ! Today during first break out, Me and my friends went down to buy snacks and drinks.

    Bought Anything and Whatever too ! HAhaha.
    I drank both before. I actually prefer Anything then Whatever.
    Ok, one is carbonated one is non-carbonated.

    But that's not the point. I think most people would prefer Anything.

    Cos Whatever is just too Random to Whatever. Haha !!

    Then, now i'm not doing my maths computing and vb codes and just typing this post.
    Today's lesson is about Vb codes. how to make a number go random and blah.
    I totally seriously don't understand how to do it.
    Heh. Now is 1.15pm. Still got time. Break till 2.30pm.

    Ahh. Andrew and JiaJun wan go eat le.
    Sigh, I'm back from lunch and its 2.27pm already.
    WeiJian is struggling with the vb codes and i'm so not helping.
    My group is the 3rd group to present today.
    Actually i think the best thing that happened today is that ... !!
    I actually anyhow-ly (no such word) managed to simply finish the vb code by anyhow-ly editing the codes. WOW TO THAT.
    HAha. Althought it is not that perfect, but Miss Foo say its ok.

    Ahh dadada ~ Ting ting msged me.
    348 - elaine is going out .. *missing laine*
    Hmm ~ Cheers to Dinner !

    Overall I don't think there will be much happening today.
    Maybe some pictures of us having dinner, so pictures of the food and maybe some pictures of almost everything.

    Wait for my next post, i will go create and find things to happen.

    I shall do that =/
    Cya !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;