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    Thursday, 28 June 2007

    - What is cute? Elaborate -

    Hmm. This is interesting.

    Everyone have their own view about the word cute.
    So, how does the word cute trigger your mind?

    Cute cuddly Hamster? Soft fuzzy Teddy Bear?

    What about the cute girls everyone talk about? Are they also under the cute category?

    Hmm. Cute O.o

    Durian drawn by me. CUTE!
    LOL !

    Chawamushi. Hm. Dis is not cute.. It just taste nice.
    Ok, dis is cute. er.. hm. There's flower pattern on the chawamushi. =/
    No Link. Okok.

    Kon is ugly but cute. In some ways. Hmm.
    Plushie, cute?

    Haha. Looks like a Jailed Chinchilla.
    Soft and cuddly. Cute ?
    It's cute. No?

    What about Pp? Pp is cute too right?

    Soft toy O.o Looks cute too.

    (see some more i'll eat u up)

    What about this cute puppy ?

    What about cartoon drawings ? Cute too ya?
    I admire how people that draw cartoons.
    Their imagination are all very good. Cartoons to make people laugh or smile.
    It is even harder !
    Just look at the toaster and the bread. Who will draw that just randomly?
    there will confirm be imagination and planning first.
    Yea. Cute Bread. Just lack of butter.

    How about this? A Girl acting cute?
    Eeek ~ Girls that act cute are always the not so cute ones.
    Girls that see act cute girls : EEEk . They are so cmi !
    Guys that see act cute girls : Oh man. So not natural. Get out.
    Heh. Anyway. Hehe.. ok..

    Haha ! This picture is cute right? I stole it from my fren's laptop.
    Hoho. THe squirrel is so small.
    However, sometimes i do wonder. Are squirrel always so cute?
    I saw them 2 times in my whole life. In school.
    The tail of the squirrel.. is.. omg. eek.
    No fur. Sigh.
    Okok. but this is cute right?

    Next next. OMg. You will love the next picture !
    It is my favourite one !
    Cute !!!!! Kawaii !!~

    Ooo. Isn't it just too adorable.
    Ahhs. the puppy eye. oh nono. the hamster eyes..
    Then imagine the hamster rolling and turning around and around.
    Ahs. Cannot stand the temptation to hug the hamster !
    If only hamsters are size of chinchillas. Sigh.

    Ok, Last picture. This innocent little girl.
    She is cute and beautiful.
    Sigh. Isn't it just so calming looking at the picture?
    And it even made you want to smile ?

    Overall, i shall say.. The most innocent is the cutest.
    Just feel the innocence.

    Something or someone is cute when,
    no matter how tired how angry how stress you are..
    You see the something or someone, you will smile.

    I guess, being the innocent cute, beautiful will come along.

    Heh. Somone told me. You can put whatever you want in your blog.
    Heh. YEa. Suddenly stucked with the posts. So i just put all the cute pictures i have.
    Share with everyone. Dadada.

    Sigh. Class ending. Band Time.

    Cya all !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;