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    Monday, 18 June 2007

    W25A, My Class ~ and RPWS, My IG ~

    Hmm, Since most of my posts would be typed in class, let me introduce my class to you all too.
    -Sigh- One thing that i don't like about Republic Poly (rp) is that,
    I'm not sure whether is that a good thing or not.
    You see, Rachael and Shu Fen is always there telling me that their classmates remains the same throughout the 3 years.

    Ok, Pros and Cons.

    Pros : 3 years of being together in the same class, more bond and all. Everyone would be so used to each other.

    Cons : 3 years of being together in the same class, would mean.. we have to see each other for 3 years. HAha. And it would be 5/7days * 10/12months * 3 years. Haha. no comments.
    I'm kind of contridicting. LOL.

    I'm not sure whether i prefer to have the same class for 3 years or change every semester.
    I just think changing class every semester is just too fast. Why not change every one year?

    HAHa. I think i shall go back to the main point. Ok, my class.

    This is My class. w25A. w2 = Block 2 . 5 = fifth floor . A = my class. xD

    oday is the 18th of June. We started school at April 16th.
    AND, on the 24th August would be the last day of w25A.
    When we come back on the 16th of Sep, w25A members will all change. =(

    I'm so naggy. I kept on dragging and dragging. LOL. But its good to know some extra informations right? Hahaha.

    Ok, Next picture is my classroom.

    This is not exactly the picture of my classroom. Its taken without anyone knowing.
    Ok, everyone is looking at something i'm doing with my friend's lappie.
    Don't really remember what i'm showing them. But everyone seemed interested.

    -Dah- Thats not the main point again.

    Ok, my classroom. 5 tables, 5 chairs at each table. 1 facilitator table and 1 facilitator chair that cost $1000+ . Wah. Its like WTH! .. Faci needs more comfy chairs? I bet our chairs are only $70 each or something !

    Oh ya, in our class, we don't use paper and pen. It's 99% laptop. ok, 1% for notes writing.

    My class is actually very steady. As in, one day, someone say " Hey, why not we all buy the Shrek's ear at Macdonalds and wear? " . 3/4 of the class agreed.
    We then wore the shrek's ear down for lunch and walked around the school !

    Ya, this is the picture. LOL Cool ya?

    I shall post more about my class when more pictures are taken.

    Hmm ~ Let me move on the RPWS ^^

    RPWS = Republic Poly Wind Symphony .

    Yes, i joined Band again.
    [Rachael + Mx + Ting + Sy + Elaine ] : WHAT?


    HAha. Not sure who took the picture. No, i think its the phone's fault. Not sure whose phone.
    The picture very blur ah.
    -Guess its ok. Just take a look at the band strength-
    Quite small ya?
    I shall say : " Quantity doesn't matter. Its the Quality! " .

    Haha ~
    It was band camp last week. 3 days 2 nights.
    Best band camp ever !
    Ok, i shall elaborate on the whole band camp in detail.

    Met up with Lee at MRT station, then we started walking to school.
    reporting time is 9am. -Dah-
    We are distributed to 4 different groups. Then each group must think of your own group name and group cheer.

    My Group is call " OrKi " .. dun wonder. Yes, It means Mole in hokkien.
    Picture of my group ~

    Ahs, Each group is supposed to have ard 10 members.
    NO IDEA why. Yea, My group is just left with the few of us.

    Ok, let me continue.

    My group's cheer : * Teriyaki Boys rythmn *

    I wonder if you know, we are Orki and you know
    If you see it, touch it, feel it and you really have to know,
    We are OrKi.. Ki Ki Ki .. We are OrKi.. Ki Ki Ki
    additional: ( You are Monkey.. Ki Ki Ki.. Go eat Roti.. Ki Ki Ki .. )

    HAHA. Creative right?! So paiseh when we all have to shout out the cheer at the start.
    But then, it became easier and easier after some time. So Cool ~ Haha !
    Then, after cheer, we had some Ice-Breaking games.

    Played games and games.. Then we had band sectionals.
    Then games again. LOL, really alot of games !
    Then band combine. THEN. Night Walk.

    The last game that night is call " Trust your leaders ".
    We are all blind-folded by trashbags. And then, we have to follow and do what our leaders say. The main objective of the game is to make sure we trust our leaders and trust the things they ask us to do. Its really fun. They made us crawl under a very low pole, walk inside water.. jump a distance and all ! Plus, we are all blind-folded. You will think " what? so lame? "

    NO! Its really fun ! HAha..
    Yea, then next day, we had band practice.. and then water games. Really pity that i didn't take any photos. Its so fun ! Ok, water game. The 2nd part is like normal water bomb game.
    The objective of the game is actually no objective at all. We have to safeguard 2 items and then collect as many water bags as possible.
    Before we know the rules of the game, we played with the water bombs.

    So everywhere is water bags. Then, After the rules are told. Its like.. What are we waiting for? My group ran around the whole field to collect the used water bags. IT COUNTS u know. Everyone is like " what are they doing.. " . Until we finished collecting everything, then they understand. They were like " Oh. " . HAHA.

    So we put the collected water bags into this really big red plastic bag, then we put in under a tree. We're thinking " who will so smart go take". But its like.. "who is so dumb not to steal it". Yea. During the game, OUR RED PLASTIC BAG IS STOLEN. ok. by the enemy team.

    Lol. Me and my alliance team was like.. so angry.

    Guess what I did ! u will nv believe. I actually told one of my team mate that I will be going over to steal water bags. I think she heard. But she didn't. It is very simply lo. I just went over and took 2 big handgrabs of plastic bags. LOL ! And I RAn !

    AHAAHA ! That was the fun part. All the enemy team members came hugging to me. Yea, then I fell to the ground. Until my side of people finally saw me under the whole big group of people, THEN, FINALLY, they started to run over and help. WEI WEI <-- HE THREW WATER BOMBS AT ME, THEN HE REALISE ITS ME. HAha. Oh yea, he is in my team. And the part that he threw the water bombs at me was recorded down ! LOL !

    Yea. That was really fun. Can't imagine Ziqi doing all that ya? HAHa. i was shocked too.
    It was really so much fun !

    Heh, after water game, we went to wash up, then band combine. Haha.
    After that, we had our 'camp-fire'. Camp fire with candles. LOL
    Some more it is inside a air-con room.

    Then, we had 'super-model' contest. We had to dress up our seniors. That was really funny. The guys really look like gals after dressed-up by newspaper. Pity cant show you all.


    Then, its the prize giving ceremony. I actually missed the whole ceremony. I went down to find water-cooler and then lost my way on the way back. Then got stuck in the lift and all. Yea. Sad. But they told me my group won the " MOST DETERMINED GROUP AWARD " .. HAHA ! Packets of sweets ~ sweets ~ sweets ~

    Yea, then. they showed photos, and then.. some went out for ghost stories, so stayed in the room to watch movies. I went to bed. Don't know why. I just opened my sleeping bag and slept. LOL!
    Guess I'm too tired.

    Next day, we had our last game. The War Machine. We made human machine with 2 human height den we attacked. LOL. 4 groups merged into 2. Then many funny things happen lo. HAha. Type till i feel thirsty. dunno why.

    Ahs. I think i should end my post le. Everyone confirm 'bu nai fan le' .. confirm tired of my lost post. Haha.

    One more picture ba ~ The Flute section ~

    That's me, Lee, Zoe, Shirley. Below is Sandy and Susu.
    Susu not in flute section. And this also not full flute section.
    Seniors all nv come. Haha.

    Ok ok ~ Ending post now ~ Thanks for Reading !
    *back to preparing class presentation*

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;