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    Wednesday, 20 June 2007

    I'm not sure what to post. -Hahaha!-

    I missed a day's post. I have so many things to talk about, but i'm not sure what is more important.
    Comments from friends said that my previous post was too long. Sigh !

    I guess that because of the Saggittarius habit or something..

    They say " Never ask a Saggittarian how's his/her day."
    I guess its pretty true. We will say everything detail ! From the moment i wake, i brushed my teeth and maybe my gums bled or something. YEa, we will say it all.

    Well. Maybe it does depend how 'saggi' you are. Like how deep are u ?

    Ok, I'm very deep.
    See, i haven start the main point of my post and its quite long already.
    Sigh Sigh Sigh Sighing ~
    Yea.. I'm actually quite satisfied with my previous post. Somehow i love it. I read it so many times before posting it. LOL ! Ok, abit wordy. But Still ! .. Its the story..

    Ahs, 2 days ago, Monday. That day I am actually meeting Ruiwen. But she had got some projects to finish. So can't meet her. Thats pretty sad you know. I haven't seen her for like.. A week already! But yea, its ok

    So I met up with Rachael. To watch Fantastic 4. We are meeting at 5pm at causeway point.

    My class ended like 4.35pm. Then I realise my post is cramped together. So i stayed to fix it. 10 mins past, I decided to accept it that it can't be helped. Yea.

    So at 4.45pm, Me, Andrew, JJ, Sky and Dalillah started our 'journey' to causeway point.

    LOL ! It's funny. Ok, Sky celebrated his birthday that day. So he have the cake and present.
    Alot of things. So i offered to carry his cake.

    On our way, we see dark clouds. Sky request that we walk to the shelter to prevent rain and all.

    I said something that I KNEW I SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID. HAHA..

    I said " Dun worry la, got me, sure wun rain one la " .

    HAHA ! Yea, boo to that.. not more than 30 secs later, the rain is pouring like someone just turned on the tap in the sky.

    Yea, thanks to me, everyone got drenched. I even sacrificed my jacket to cover the cake.


    Haha, then when we reach the shelter, i said a stupid sentence again.
    And I didn't even realise i said it.
    Its like. I am very wet. And i see so many people at the station.
    So i said " Why is everyone so dry and i'm so wet"
    Then, Sky and Andrew stared at me. " Who's dry? "
    Ops =/
    Ah ya, then I met Rachael. Lol ~

    I believe this happens to alot of girls.
    A very cute and pretty shoe that does not fit comfortably. AND YOU WILL STILL WEAR IT.
    Rachael ah Rachael. Yes, the shoe is cute. BUT wah! So many plasters over ur feet leh!

    Ok. Yes, that's why i say i'm not sure what to post. I'm like posting everything. Alot nonsense too. Hehe.

    Then, we went for movie. Fantastic 4 and the silver surfer.

    Mr Fantastic is ok.
    Blonde hair just don't suit JEssica Alba.
    Torch is old.
    The thing is .. yea. the thing.
    Hm, Overall, i don't like the movie. I actually looked forward to it.
    But its like.. - No Climax -
    Most movies would be like... slow slow slow.. then.. BOMB. FAST. CRAZY. WOAH.
    But Fantastic 4 was like.. Slow slow slow. slow. slow. boom. slow. fast. slow. end.
    You see what I mean?
    No you don't. Sigh..

    Laaa ~ Ok, then me and Rachael went for dinner. Yea. Nth much there.

    We talked, went home. Yay.

    HAha. sometimes life is just boring. Nothing much happened and you would be just so tired.
    Hm. Then yea, yesterday was normal.
    Class then Band.
    HAHA . BAND.

    Everyone just looked so sleepy.
    Then something went wrong with my flute. Its so FLAT. yea. but. yea.. ok..

    -I'm getting bored.-

    Ahs. ok, i took a picture of my class. Take a look again.

    Something like that. Get the picture?

    5 tables. 5 chairs each table. Facilitator table at the back.

    OH YES. I'm going to show you the $1000+ Faci chair.

    Yea, you can't really see the chair. Ashraf just don't want to get off to let me take the picture.
    Yea, That Ashraf, the only malay guy in my class. He just got his hair cut.
    Cute ! LOL !
    And yea, that's a very good pose.

    AHH ~
    And overall, today is bored too. Sigh. AHH HELP ! Nothing fun is happening. Help !

    HAhahahahahaa ~~~~ dodadidadodadida dodadidadodadida ~~~~~

    Oh ya, wait wait. I want to thank everyone that read my posts. So touched. I actually walk pass my classmate's lappie today. And i saw her reading my post. -Touched-
    You know, the feeling when someone is paying attention to what you're saying?
    You feel so .. Nice. Hehehe.

    Okok, shall end my post ^^

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;