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    Tuesday, 26 June 2007

    ~ Colours ~

    Blue. Red. Green. Yellow. Pink. Orange. White. Black.
    Violet. Beige. Grey. Brown. Purple. Maroon.
    And so many more..

    Many asked me. What’s your favourite colour?
    I once said Blue. I once said Green. And now I say Red.

    When someone ask you what is your favourite colour, a normal respond would be
    the colour they love to see. A colour that you like to see around you.

    I’m very confused with the colour I like.
    Many would ask why. You just like a colour. Don’t you?

    I guess not.
    I think my colours have their story.

    * Prepare*

    - Story -

    Here’s Blue. Blue is the colour of freedom. A colour that is very far.
    I fell in love with Blue when I actually realized how beautiful the sky is.
    However, no matter how hard I try to reach for it. It just seemed so high and far.
    Somewhere in the sky. No matter how hard I try to climb my way up, I fell even lower.
    One day. A smart kid invented Helicopter.
    And.. there the kid go. Reaching for Blue. The colour is hers.
    I love blue. But I know it will never be mine.

    Many years past. Nothing changed.
    Until I actually realize that, If you look just right ahead and not upwards.
    You actually see the forest. I saw the forest and I fell in love with Green.
    It was last October.
    I found peace with Green.
    Green is so beautiful. So different from Blue.

    Green is the colour of Adventure. A colour that seemed so near yet so far.

    Here’s Green.
    I fell in love with Green. Blue is then over-powered by Green.
    However, I never admitted.
    I never showed the interest I had in Green.
    I just hid it.
    I must convince myself I will never stop liking Blue.

    Green lasted for some time.
    Until it showed his true colour. Then I started running away from it.
    Maybe it is the time when I got lost in the forest. The never ending forest.
    Every step is like a new challenge. You never know whether you’ll fall or you’ll see a river. Every step is making me lost. It looked like the trees are there to test my patience.
    Every time I make a turn will look like I am back to the very first spot.
    I guess that’s why green is adventurous.

    One night in the forest, I saw something.
    Something Red. It was Fire.
    I’m saved.

    Here’s Red.
    I am not sure whether I fell in love with Red.
    But because I’m saved, I’m celebrating it.
    I told everyone I saw that I love red.
    Red Red Red !

    Red is now. Red is burning hot. Red is the most unique but however the most unknown.
    Fire is hot. I’m not touching it. I might burn myself.
    Till now, I have know nothing about Red. I tried many ways to get near red.
    But I know it would be hard. Because Red is dangerous.
    With the fire sparks flying around. I will never know when I might get burnt.

    Colours of my Life.
    Conclusion : I love Blue, Green and Red.

    End ~
    Ok. End of story. Wake up please ~

    Expected Respond from readers.
    Majority would be : * blurred * Woah. A weird story. AND HAHa. SO LAME.
    Minority would be : * blink * Ok. This is Zi Qi

    Heh. I am sure many of you are having a hard time digesting it.
    Sorry about that. I think this is all due to the rain.
    Getting emo and all.

    Ahs, before you leave..
    Just remember that, Colours are beautiful.
    Have a Colour life.

    And don’t think too much about this post, It is actually nothing at all.

    P.s : Don't ask me what is my favourite colour.

    Good Night!

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;