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    Tuesday, 26 June 2007

    = Back to the Never Ending =

    OF PASTA !

    Hey ! Guess wad! Ok. Pretty Obvious in the topic.
    Never Ending of Pasta !

    Me, Ruiwen and Rachael went to Pastamania again.
    Wooo ~
    When I say Pastamania, what comes to your mind?

    The crispy garlic bread, the creamy mushroom soup.
    The thick clam chowder soup OR the hehehe...

    Think Yourself ! xD

    Hahaha. Food Food Food.

    Heh !
    Ok, Let me tell you what i think of when someone says " Pastamania! "
    I think of Ice Lemon Tea.
    Serious ! I can bet with all of you. The taste is just so different.
    So Fresh. Lemon Lemon.

    LOL !

    You see ! Even the Packaging is also so nice. So neat and all.
    Yes. I know i cannot convince you by just the pictures.
    Go try it yourself ! I'll not try to bluff my tastebud!

    HEhehe. Anyway, back to Pasta !
    I ordered Carbonara AGAIN !
    As Usual ~

    Ruiwen ordered Creamy Chicken.
    I guess, the taste that everyone is looking for is pretty much the same.
    Creamy. Serious. Hmm..

    Just look at the pictures. I believe it makes a different already.

    This is Carbonara. Look ! Look at the sliced bacons on top of the spaghetti.
    Ooo ~ Then, Look again. the creamy egg + cheese sauce.
    Ahhs ~ Delizioso !

    Ok next .

    This is Creamy Chicken. Ok, there.. you can also see the sliced chicken meat.
    And they are not stingy. Look. The chicken meat is not hiding at all.
    - Dah dah dah -

    Actually, they actually look the same. =/
    HEh. I think everyone is quite bored with my..
    "Promoting of Pastamania" posts already.

    Okok. I will go other place to eat next time. HEhehe.

    Seriously, i would like to say. No matter how much you like to eat something..
    Don't continuously go eat it for so many times a week.

    Like me. 4 times a week. Pasta and Pasta.
    Not only fattening, my tongue cannot stand the cheesy taste anymore.
    Ah dadada.

    = Kon =

    A new Hi again.
    Today i shall be introducing a yellow colour plushie call Kon.

    A pervertic yellow ugly plushie.
    Kon is a anime character in Bleach.
    I believe many people knows Kon.

    Kon is also the ugly toy bear bought by Rachael.
    I can't get her to bring it out for me to take picture.
    Because it is stucked in-between her bed and the wall for too long.
    She took it out. It is now sitting somewhere in her room on top of a cupboard.
    Dusty. Very dusty.

    And she say, " Huh, a toy only what. No need wash la."

    My classmates. Andrew and Wei Jian.
    They seemed really interested with borrowing me their Kon to take picture.
    Ok. Thanks to Wei Jian, Now i can show you Kon's picture.

    And at the mean time..
    Spot the difference.

    Ok. Let me guess the response from the readers again.
    : " This is ugly plushie? This is so cute ! "

    Ok, I've said many times ! PLushies are always cute.
    Not cute who buy?

    But ok. Kon in the anime is ugly. That's the fact.

    And this Kon plushie looked cute..
    THE MAIN REASON is of course thanks to the photographer !

    Yays ~ Hahaha.

    Ok. I asked you all to spot the difference. Not that hard ya?
    Pretty obvious =/
    Left Kon doesn't have a plaster. And Right Kon have a plaster.

    Ok, if it is in the movie, the plaster would be due to him being too pervertic and got beaten up.
    For my case is because Andrew hit Kon on the forehead. So i helped kon stick a plaster.
    I'm good. I know. Thanks thanks.

    Aiks. Talking about plaster and bruises. I injured my toe again. It is like a never ending injury.
    One day, I'm cleaning up my room. shifting the books. AND THEN. A book fell on my toe. Thanks to the book. It left a never ending injury for me. Guess the book name !
    ~Yes ! The Dictionary! ~

    Ok, why a never ending inury?
    Starting was nothing much. My toe turned Blue bLack. That is normal.
    I applied medicine. Those Yellow solutions.
    It became better.
    I stopped applying.

    Then ! It started to hurt again ! WHY !
    Because I realise that.. My toenail is growing the wrong way. ok.
    It is growing side-wards now. Oh Gross.
    No, not gross. =(

    You can't actually see anything when you just look at my toe.
    In fact you can't see anything. IT CAN ONLY BE FELT . =(
    Yea. So .. YEa.

    But it actually started to recover already! But the clumsy me.
    You know, walk walk bang the wall. walk walk trip and fall..
    So.. Sigh ~ It recovered, It un-recovered. It recovered, It un-recovered.

    Heh. Bored of my toe ya?

    Me too.

    Hehehehe. Yay. Ending of my post, ending of class too. YAys.
    It is band later.

    Booya !

    Enjoy your day!

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;