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    Saturday, 23 June 2007

    ~ Pastamania ~

    I not sure what had caused me having the unusual crave for pasta these few days.It's like, I'm seriously ok with everything that is edible. I love food.
    I am sure alot of you loves food too !

    But I am having this unusual crave to visit pastamania this week.
    I made Rachael eat pastamania with me for the 2 days i met her.

    Fattening. Ok. Don't remind me that.
    I'm just trying to promote Pastamania here.
    The Pasta there just taste unusually nice ~

    That's mine, Ting's and Rachael's ~
    I ordered Carbonara. Ting ordered Vongole and Rachael the Creamy chicken.

    Carbonara and Creamy Chicken.
    Carbonara taste like Rich creamy layer of cheese and egg with bacon.
    - tasty for those that loves rich taste of cheese -
    Creamy Chicken taste like creamy layer of cheese with chicken.
    It is hard to tell which is nicer. It is both so creamy.

    Vongole ~
    I've never try it before. But Ting looks extremely excited eating it.
    Slowly extracting the Clams from its shell.
    And slowly chewing the *ahem* flat clams.
    Ok, its suppose to be big fresh chewy clams. However, it just look so flat and not so chewy.
    Sorry Pastamania. =/

    One more thing that i find extremely weird about.
    Normally I really don't like the taste of lemon tea. ( Ok, everyone loves Lemon Tea)
    However, i seriously find it having a weird taste. I've stopped drinking it for 2 years.
    BUT, hey. Pastamania's lemon tea taste really nice. I have totally no idea why.
    Yea, Thanks to Pastamania, i start to like the taste of lemon tea again.

    ~ Bear Bear Day ~

    I believe that many girls or maybe some guys loves soft toys.
    A teddy bear for Valentines' day.
    A soft plushie for Birthday.
    A small soft toy for any day any time.

    During Christmas period, I worked at Bishan J8 as a promoter.
    I sell all kinds of christmas stuffs. From candles to cards to even bears ~

    Because I had never received any bears for christmas before,
    I didn't know that they actually sell bears as christmas gifts.
    Ok, that's a bit too "sua ku". But, Yea. I'm quite shock they do.

    I'm like " are-you-sure-people-buy-bears-as-christmas-gifts? "
    At that moment. I doubt that.

    Unexpectedly, I found out that Bears are the best selling products!
    All my bears are sold out. Not only the small ones.
    You see the big brown one in the middle?
    It actually costed $89.90 !

    At the very day. 25th Dec. Christmas.
    I saw a couple looking at it. Holding it up to hug.
    And then the guy came to me and say "I want to buy this bear."
    I was like " Oh my god! " -So envy!-
    The guy's girlfren, or maybe the guy suppose-to-be girlfren at that moment.
    I'm not sure. They look like a newly-couple.
    Ok, the Girl, Her smile is so undescribeable. So sweet.

    I not sure she is smiling because she felt so lucky to have a boyfriend that is so sweet or she is smiling because she is having a bear for christmas.

    Also, for the guys out there. Don't believe when a girl say she don't like bears.
    She is most probably trying to make you think she's not kiddy and all.
    Conclusion : ALL GIRLS LOVES BEARS. (and soft toys)

    - 348 loves soft toys too -

    Everyone in 348 have their own soft toy.
    I don't have the pictures of all the bearbear(petpets) we all have individually.
    But i'll try to explain furthur on.

    Elaine. She have 2 petpet.
    One is Nini and one is Purple.
    Nini is this green little turtle and Purple is a Donkey.

    That's Purple doing Donkey Freeze.
    Yea, I'm the one teaching the Freeze.

    Purple is older than Nini, so don't have Nini's photo at that time.

    WeiTing. She have 1 petpet.
    Its call.. "sha zi" (the sot one).
    Sha zi is actually a piglet. Pink pink one. Yes, the one in Winnie the Pooh.
    No individual picture. Wait till later on. =(

    MeiXian. She have the 1 and only petpet.
    She's call Pp.
    Pp is a small snoopy that have accompanied Meixian for the past 17 years.

    This is Pp! Heh. Small small de.
    Yellow shirt is old shirt.
    But now change shirt le.

    RaChael bought a new white shirt for Pp.

    This is Pp with white shirt. Heh.
    New new de. Makes Pp look so fresh =)

    RaChael. RaChael's a long story. Firstly she don't have and petpet.
    But, one day she past by comic collection at Cineleisure. She saw Kon.
    And she bought it.
    Kon is an anime character from Bleach. Yellow yellow.
    So far, I have never taken kon's picture at all. So.. yea.

    Si Ying. 1 and only petpet too.
    She's call Maomao.
    Maomao is a bunny. She is the largest among all our petpet.
    maomao and pp are best frens.
    No indivual picture too. wait till later.

    Zi Qi. 1 petpet. 1 favourite soft toy.
    petpet is call xiao qi. fav soft toy is call Apple.
    Both are dogs. xiao qi is a He. apple is a She. (don't ask me why.)

    This picture is.. er..
    sha zi , Pp and xiaoqi.

    This is Apple. It's a birthday present.
    It is so so cute ! It's very soft and tiny.
    A size of a palm. And the body is flat.

    This is Pp and Xiaoqi.
    First day Pp got her new shirt.

    This is Group Picture.
    U see Maomao at the top left hand corner,
    Below maomao is Nini, Then u see Purple, XiaoQi
    Then Sha Zi. Beside sha zi is Pp!!
    Pp is so small !

    This is Petpet Gathering during Band Camp few years back. Lol.
    Maomao is looking over the rest who are taking a nap.
    Actually it looked me like maomao is looking over the rest who are playing dead. =x

    Everyone kept laughing at us being so childish and all.
    But it's like.. Who isn't a child at heart?
    We don't have to make ourself look old if we don't want to.
    Be Young. Have Fun.

    I know this is a very long post. Glad you read till here.
    Hope you enjoyed ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;