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    Wednesday, 14 November 2007

    RP Student's gain.

    hey hey.

    Having most of my friends at other polytechnics and JCs.

    I suddenly felt so glad i'm at RP.

    Somehow also not so happy.

    Let me explain.

    In RP :

    - We get to change class every semester, if you have some bloody ass in your class, you will feel SOOO happy for the change of class. Although you will miss your other classmates..

    FEAR NOT ! Hah. We have 1 + 2.3o = 3.30 hr OF BREAK !

    3.30hr BREAK you know. haha. Just meet ALLL ur friends. No prob at all !

    - We DON'T fear hot weathers ! In fact, we wish it is a sunny day everyday.
    Students in other schools will wish for rain ~ . To have a cooler classroom/study place.
    Well. RP is air-coned throughly. Except for our beautiful lawn.

    Sometimes we may fear raining days. .. Not bringing sweater to school might cause you to freeze like crazy. But no fear. Most guys in RP are cool. They are very willing to sacrifice their jackets for the girl classmates. Well MOST.


    - LOL. Shearlene, my brother's girlfren (will introduce her to you all after their 1st year anniversary next monday. ) .. Well, shearlene told me about how hot Ngee Ann poly is..
    Their ice-cream shop auntie earns alot. She almost have to eat one Cornetto per day. Too hot that is.

    Then i remember telling her, I don't remember eating ice-cream in RP. Everyday is cooling.
    Hey. It's a good thing not eating ice cream you know..

    Too much ice cream spoils your teeths. Hah !

    - Sometimes you feel so left out in school ya? No one mailed you, no one talked to you, you didn't participate in school events, you don't know what's happening in school..

    HEY ! NOT IN RP ! RP have this outlook mail system. Every moment, the " You've got mail " box will pop up. Telling you the MOST IN news. and also about the talks you can attend to get CE points. LOL !

    - The BEST part of being in RP is that..

    I bought 2 hard disk. both 40gb. I bought one to school.

    Then, i ask movies from my classmates. Then...
    HAHAHA. When the hard disk come back.. totally FULL.
    LOL. HAVE LOADS OF SHOWs AND MOVIEs inside lo !!

    HAHAHa. TOTALLY !!!! EXCITED !!!!!!!!!
    Alright. no more.

    - There's something not really good about RP.
    Because Everyone change class for 6 times in the 3 years. So practically, everyone know everyone. So if you date the guy opposite your class, everyone knows. Everyone know who are you and who is the guy. Everyone gossip. Everyone say everything. BEcause everyone know everyone. =/

    - HEh..

    Went for break to eat with WeiJian and all.
    Then when i come back.. I forgot what i want to type already. !!

    LOL. Super funny la. WeiJian and Wei Zhong are shooting their stories about how they torture snails and cockroaches.

    They pulled out snails from their shells, they use stones to smash the snails..
    They insert candles in the snail shell. And let it burn..

    AND they hear the "sizzzz..." sound.


    Then they started with lizard.

    Weijian shoot water at at lizard in the bathroom till it died.

    OMG. Life as insect is really terrible !!!!!

    HAhah. Anyways. Sigh. Meixian asked me out today.

    And i said i can't again.

    Lol ~

    Ahaha. On Monday night.. I was planning to stay in sg until wed and then go back jb.

    But suddenly.. u see, tues night(band), stay over. then.. wednesday night(band), stay over. Then.. thursday night (band) stayover. then Friday i want to go home. Then.. Saturday morning(band) . LOL. like.. cannot go home already. HAHAHA

    My mummy sure miss me. ^^

    Alright. HEhehe.

    Mug . Yes. I'm drinking Mug.

    hehe !

    Busy Week. Life is nice =))

    Loves ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;