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    Sunday, 4 November 2007


    Ok. Thanks to EUGENE and WEIWEI that i'm so irritated these 2 days.

    Weiwei told me something REALLY interesting but didn't want to tell me the most important part. I'm like " WHAT?! YOU NOT GOING TO TELL ME? ".

    HAha. Totally la. I'm SOOOO excited, but he really didn't tell me.

    Ok la, he did. 1 day later. Which is today.
    I'm like SOOO relieved and abit uneasy after knowing what he didn't want to tell me.

    Yea. THANKS WEIWEI. seriously it was good that u waited a day before telling me.
    I might not be as steady as today to accept the fact. LOL !

    Ok, Then for Eugene.

    Well. I'm not really interested to the secret he want to keep from me.
    He's not to be blamed too. He said it was a secret already. OF COURSE he will NOT tell me.

    But REALLY, don't even mention about it because it will be a secret and not to be told.
    You mentioned it, i'm like so excited. But, you're then telling me the details are not to be told.

    TURNED OFF LA. hehehe.

    But it's alright. I don't really want to know too.
    Not as tempting as weiwei's news.

    LOL .

    Anyways. I injured myself when ironing clothes today.

    well. I cut myself.

    weird huh ?

    WHO will cut themselves when ironing.

    People usually burn themself. not?


    I fell into the laundry basket..

    Yups. that's how i cut myself.

    Can't blame me. Blame the laundry basket.

    FOR being made by wooden sticks with splinters and being so big and deep.

    I'm like, shuffling the clothes. No.

    I'm arranging the clothes, according to jeans and shirts . Er.. why?
    I'm ORGRANISED la.

    Grr. I'm a Librarian now. I MUST BE ORGANISED.

    Oh ya. And then the story went on. I'm arranging the clothes and i thought the basket is full cos i see the clothes piled up to the brim of the basket.

    TO MY ... unfortunate-ness (who cares whether there's this word)..

    To THAT, the basket was only half full, it was piled to the brim because the clothes are.. enjoying themselves with the spacious basket?

    OK. SO.. I just used both hands to push down the clothes to create space.

    and again.. who knew that the basket is half full. =/

    So i went.. in. Yups. into the basket. and yups..

    I cut my right index finger, my left thumb, my left wrist, my left arm and my right knee.

    COOL right.

    not that cool actually. The cut on my right index finger is small.

    from what i see is that.. my small chunk of meat was cut off.
    Just a tiny chunk. BUT STILL ! ....


    My left thumb and left wrist is alright. minor cut. not that painful too.

    My left arm.. hmm. abit swollen, no cut.
    I think blue-black is coming.

    My right knee. well, i didn't notice there's a cut till just now when i'm sitting on the floor folding the shirts. No pain at all, just skin rubbed off.


    I'm unlucky. very. indeed.



    That's all for entertainment =))

    I'm going to pack my bag for the next few days as i think i will most probably be staying in sg.
    And i'm going to start reading my NEW book.

    " A tale of two sisters " - Anna Maxted

    Never read her books before. but can try =)

    Yups ! I finished Julia Quinn. 8 books. Yes. The set.

    Alright alright. time to go.

    Take care ya people . Don't fall sick. Drink loads of water!

    (I'm still coughing. But i'm going to recover very soon ! =) )

    Nights !!

    - Zi Qi -

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;