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    Monday, 5 November 2007

    Bloody day.

    I am so angry today.


    Yes i'm laughing. LOUD.

    I've been trying to post something since 11pm just now. and it's actually 1am now and i'm only at the 4th sentence.

    I wrote half a page about this person who think he know me very well and kept on telling people bad stuff about me. The problem is, he don't know me. Because the people he talk bad about me to, are my good friends too.

    And i don't see why i should complain about him in my blog. So i deleted the post.

    Then, i wrote a full page about this person who kept telling everyone he is rich and when it comes to paying money, he can make up the most ridiculous excuse. He made me totally fucking moody tonight.

    I'm like so happily chatting with Naf about the ridiculous person who think he know me real well then this bloody guy msn window came popping up in my screen.

    Blink ORange Blink Blink.

    " I mixed up the date to pay you ah . It's tuesday uh? Not wednesday? I don't have the money "


    keep telling people he's rich. He gets 1k per month for working here and there. overseas. Bloody hell. And now, have to pay up, give excuses.

    THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING HE EVER DID WAS TO ask my friend whether my friend willing to sponser some money for investment.

    you know how much?

    10 k ! 10 thousand dollars ! LIKE WHO CAN AFFORD ?

    STUDENTS like us. WE HAVE TO SAVE MONEY TO EAT LA. $3 is expensive already la !


    OKok. I just deleted the 1 page long of post ABOUT HIM. I'm not going to start it again.

    OK. cool cool .

    Yes.. Naf is just talking to me about eating chilling pills.

    No, they don't sell them in 7-11.

    OH. Whoever is studying Chemical life sciences or what..

    PLEASE PLEASE. GO research on chilling pills ok?

    CREATE IT. NOwadays people like me need them.

    LOADS OF THEM. make them like vitamins alright.

    so i can take 10 of them at one go.


    Ok. Today was nice.

    Packed the Band Library with Phylis.

    It's so much cleaner now.

    Sue and SheeRui.. I don't know whether they will be proud of us or not.
    LOL !

    because we didn't ask them for permission for reshuffling the places to put the scores.

    well. But it's really neat. hehe.

    Then.. actually planned to stay in SG today. Because i thought we will finish packing late.
    But well. we used 4 hours to finish everything.

    So. It's only 5 plus.

    348 and Ruiwen not free again. So i have no choice but to go home.

    Yea. and once again i'm so proud of myself.

    I practiced piano for an hour.
    Yes. Piano concert coming up real soon.

    Band concerts and work is going to make my december a real busy one.
    So i doubt i'll have time to practice my piano for the upcoming concert at...
    December too.

    So.. yups. i practiced a little today.

    It's always like this..
    when getting to this part of the post, it's always boring.

    Because it's all about my daily life.

    Let me add something stupid about myself.

    Hm. well. from my previous post, everyone should know i cut myself.

    And my index finger is having the deepest cut with a small chunk of meat cut off.

    i used plaster to cover it today. Because i'll be dealing with dust and loads of scores today.
    don't want to double the cut or infect it.

    I used plaster.

    ON THE PLASTER BOX, it is written that the plasters are WATER PROOF !

    But you'll never know until you test it.


    And so, water got in and the wound is SUPER PAIN LA.

    And because i don't wan to take out the plaster to prevent dust from touching the wound, i can only change the plaster when i reach home.

    Then my brother was like :" Plaster cannot, use bandage la! "

    Ya. That's when i remember that's this thing call bandage.
    Although it will still not prevent water from going in, i can put some medicine on it. and wrap it up.

    Ok. And so i did.

    Was happy with the little bandage i tied.
    Hey. IT's not easy to tie a knot with your index finger as the "victim".

    Was really proud of myself once again.


    suddenly, my index finger felt super cold.
    IT WAS THEN...


    I tied the knot too tightly. So blood cannot go through.
    So my index finger turned blue purple. without blood.

    Super cold.

    I got shocked la. But i tied the bandaged super tightly. So hard for me to unknot it.


    But i did it somehow.

    So my index finger regained blood.


    So i tied a loose knot after that.

    Then.. there's this mosquito that kept 'weeeengggging' at my ear.

    super irritating la..

    So i waited till it is flying in front of me.. then i..

    CLAP it with both my hands.

    AND WTH-ly..

    I injured myself again.

    Because i hit my finger with my own hand .. erm..

    Dumb la. I know.

    Painful .

    Ok. Alright. the end. =((

    THE BLOODY MOSQUITO managed to sting me 4 times.

    2 on my right arm, 1 on my chin and 1 on my leg.

    sucked so much blood still haven die. zz..

    Long post. That's me =))

    Alright. I'm off to bed now.

    Good Night.

    Band from 1am - 9pm tomorrow and wednesday.

    RPWSian, remember to photocopy your passports =))

    Nights all !

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;