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    Wednesday, 7 November 2007

    What a long post.

    Aw. This post is going to be REAL LONG.

    Well. at least i think it will be. currently on the 2nd sentence of the post..
    my mind is thinking of alot of random things.

    Hm. ALOT to post about for today.

    Good things, Bad things. Interesting things, boring things.


    I am actually listing out the pros and cons about whether to post the "good things" first or the "bad things" first.

    You see, if i post the good things first, my post will then end with a bad ending.
    It's like.. not so nice right?

    But if i post the bad things first, people will be like.. " urgh " after they finish reading the bad things that happened today. Then, they will not be interested to read the happy things..

    Really very very hair-splitting sia.

    Anyways i've come to a very simple conclusion after dwelling on this problem for 10 mins.
    - I'm going to post the good things and bad things randomly to whichever that come to my mind first. so it might be.. good good good bad good bad bad bad bad bad bad bad good..

    Yea. Something like that. =)) Perfect problem solving skills ya?

    Hehehehe.. Okays. WOAH. like half a page already? and i haven start with my REAL post?
    LOL !

    Ok. I just realized that i'm like.. keep saying " Alright " ..

    Er. No, i don't really say it . It's in my sms-es.
    I kept replying Alright Alright .

    I don't usually do that. I find it weird but somehow relaxing.
    Yes. I'm weird. Don't know why. Alright. It's ok.

    Ah. You all know WHAT? .. =((

    My finger is VERY pain.
    I really have no idea whether is it the cause of the medicine or what.

    I'm staying in SG these few days.
    There's only 1 bottle of external use medicine which i bought few months ago when i injured my toes.

    It's call the Betadine Antiseptic solution. (The multi purpose antiseptic)
    It says : For external use only. Apply to wounds, burns, cuts and bruises or areas infected by bacteria or fungi.

    When i bought the medicine, i'm quite ok with it. Wounds and cuts. I really need it.
    It is smelly. Hydrochloric acid or whatever. Very smelly.

    Quite alright. It's about the fungi part. IT's like.. Does fungi grow on body ?

    SERIOUSLY, i don't know.
    It's like.. imagine green green white white bread-mould kind of thing growing on your body ?

    Hmm. DON'T even think of it. =/ - goosebumps la -

    Doesn't matter. That's not what i want to tell you all about the medicine.

    The medicine is quite weird. i don't know. I don't know whether or not the pain should be there when i apply it to my finger. Bloody painful ah .

    If you were to apply the medicine and leave for a few hours, when you remove the bandage, the whole bandage will be harden and the bandage will stick to your wound, and you must slowly pull the bandage off. Super pain.

    But after you pull it off, the wound will look quite clear. Like.. erm..
    Like it's recovering or something.

    BUT it's still super pain la.
    Recovering but still super pain. COntradicting ya ?

    REally, i don't know whether i should continue applying the medicine or not. It's the only medicine i have now. =(( sad.

    Ok. pain.

    Ahs. Oh . Today's flute sectionals was fun =))


    Only have.. Shirley, Sandy, LiHwa and Me =))

    I like small sectionals because we learn very fast. But i hate it too.

    BECAUSE ! ... imagine when the whole section come on the next practice......

    everything we practiced will be gone. Because everything must be re-taught again.

    Poor Shirley. Good Luck ya !

    I'm really starting to wonder if Sandy chose the correct ASL to help shirley.
    You know.. I cannot conduct sectionals.
    I have totally NO confidence to teach the rest.

    I am not a very good player. Can't even sight-read a easy piece without hearing the song first.
    I learn by listening. Then yesterday, when shirley tell me she's coming late.. I'm like.. OMGOMOMG..

    Because i scared i will teach the wrong things.

    But i have to conduct sectionals.

    So.. I dragged warm-up. 8 counts scales, 16 counts scales.. Chorales.
    =/ eventually we must start sectionals on Jupitar.

    Starting was pathetic. I don't know how to have 1st flute and 2nd flutes play together.
    Then i keep thinking of ways to solve the problem.
    Until i remember Shirley's way of teaching . (pointing at them for them to play)

    That's when everything got better.
    But still, not good =(

    Manage to pull through Jupitar's first page with an alright smile.
    THEN, shirley came. OH YEA MAN.

    Nice. So sectionals was nice .

    Today, no one was here. Shirley came late. So only me and Sandy.
    We just practice by ourself and then combine a little. And did self-practice.

    Really efficient. *clap clap*

    Even now, Postcard from Singapore kept playing in my mind. Like a spoilt mp3 player repeating Lenggang Kangkung & Munnaeru Vaalibaa.


    I borrowed piccolo home today =))

    LOL !
    He's like recording the transaction.. Then he say.. " I don't remember your name. "

    disappointing la..

    People can't pronounce my name.. nevermind already.
    People don't remember my name .. totally roll eyes sia.

    Now i wonder how people remember me. : " gold hair girl? the flute girl? the librarian. "

    Yea. Song Ren JUST happen to chat with me in msn. His first 2 words are..

    " Hey Librarian ! "

    ... hahaha..

    Imagine alright.. imagine..

    " Hey Welfare "

    " Hey QM! "

    " Hey Sec ! "

    " Hey Vice ! "

    and lastly..

    " Hey P ! "

    Sounds like Harry Potter sia. =/


    Sigh. Meixian and Weiting called me today.
    Yes. I haven been attending 348 meetings 2 weeks.

    They decided to go town today. But i can't. Got band practice.

    =(( Sorry ya girls. Been busy =/

    We'll be meeting soon right? Sy's bdae. hehe.


    ohoh. Zoe and Yani didn't come for band today.
    Yani fell sick. =(

    I don't remember who made the announcement about cleanliness and about not spilling the saliva bowls and all.

    Cos because of that, it really made me miss Yani..

    =) hehe. Important parts are in red. Link it yourself. =))

    Ah, and for zoe..
    seriously i do miss her too. =))

    But somehow LiHwa and her braces covered it up. =x
    It's like.. we're eating and then.. lihwa stopped eating. She's covering her mouth.

    Ok. She's in pain. hehehe =x
    well. I'm not cold hearted ! I experienced it before. that's why i can hehe. =x

    And when she's in pain. It reminds me of Zoe eating pasta with knife.. cutting the pasta into smaller parts and then eat.. LOL.

    Although i know zoe, the first fan of my blog ( hehe . sounds cool huh. Fan )..
    ya zoe.. her lappie is dead. Her friend spilt Soya Bean on her laptop. and then it spoilt. yups.

    Actually, just blame fujitsu =x Laaaaas .

    Naf, Hi^5 ! Acer Rocks.

    erm . My lappie's screen turned blue yesterday. And i'm lazy to check what's wrong.
    So i just plucked out the battery and the charger and went to sleep. LOL !

    Totally so cool right?! and today.. it can still be On.

    Acer Rocks ^^


    Randomly, i would like to say..


    well.. hahaha !
    I borrowed the Astrology book. Haven got the time to finish. Still left with 100 pages or so.
    Didn't return it. So the library issued me the letter. Sad la =/

    How i wish that book is mine. Super nice !

    Hms. Totally running out of time =(

    I must be able to play all the concert pieces by end of November.

    I am going to miss band practice for almost 2 weeks. serious case u know ?
    We have Arts Festival concert, Open House performance and Chiayi Trip Performance.


    And i haven master my Piano concert piece. So dead la.
    I know the song is quite easy. JAy Chou's -Secret-
    But need to practice also. Keep getting the wrong notes for not practicing consecutive days.

    Totally busy and fun !

    Imagine the occupied days for these 2 months, although it's quite saddening that i can't meet up with my friends and all, but seriously.. It's good to be busy.

    After finding out the crush you have for few months actually have someone he like.
    Isn't it good to get busy enough to not think of it ?



    Patricia, lihwa, Naf and me went for dinner just now. Did i mention that ?
    Oh. Okays. we went for dinner.

    We started discussing about the Chiayi-Taiwan trip. TOTALLY COOL LA.

    We are discussing about the luggage we are going to bring.
    Thinking about bringing a really big luggage so we can fit all stuffs we going to get from the shopping trips.

    But thinking again..
    hehe .. quite paiseh if you're the only one bringing such a big bag ya?

    Hmms. will decide again soon. because we didn't finish discussing. their train came. so we left.


    I got VERY distracted with Weiwei's handwriting. So i'm FINALLY going to stop continuing my post.

    Really VERY long already. and i have loads more to say. Thanks to weiwei. I forgot about the rest of the things.


    ARGH !

    Like i say, if he's a girl. i'll date him !

    ^^ .


    er.. heheh.

    Don't come to me and ask me which scandal i 'assigned' for u all ya.
    I didn't assign any.

    er. well. if you want to double confirm. just read the scandal's post from last time.

    Because there's alot of new scandals in rpws popping up by themselves.
    Not at all mentioned by me.

    So.. yups. ^^ .

    Good Night all ! =)

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;