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    Saturday, 10 November 2007

    HELLO !

    Woah. I'm in the Perfect good mood today. =))

    Seriously, i think it was yesterday. Today is actually Sunday already. 3am.
    Heh . Saturday was fantastic . ^^

    Woke up at 4.10pm. Totally because i heard my father outside my room talking to my mother.
    Got a shock, so I practically just jumped out of bed.

    Haha. Because my father came back from work already and i'm like.. still sleeping?

    HAha. Well. Other than that.. It was nice. We went for dinner.

    My brother and his Girlfriend were blabbering about how bad the "Bee Movie" movie was.

    I'm like : woah. the trailer isn't nice already. *shakes head* don't even think about the movie ya.

    Haha. Then, out of randomness, i asked..

    " Want to watch stardust? "

    Actually. I didn't know what's the movie about at all. - Stardust -

    You all know WWF ? Last time.

    Well. me and my brother used to play playstation 2, and there's this WWF SMACKDOWN game.
    Then, there's this character call "stardust" or something ya?

    And i remember using the character. I forgotten whether is it a guy or a girl =/

    Doesn't matter. It was randomness that i thought about it.


    The only movie i wanted to watch..

    Is.. Game PLan..

    erm. It isn't out in Malaysia yet.
    sigh. grr. will catch it in Sg one of the days

    Sad la. So i just anyhow name the 2nd movie i heard was out.

    Stardust. Any idea?

    Tada ~

    Woah. Haha ~


    We caught the 11.30pm movie and the movie ended around 1.45am.


    SERIOUSLY, It's the NExt BEST movie i watched this year.
    The First BEST is Transformers.

    Even Harry Potter wasn't that pleasing.

    But you cannot compare Stardust to Transformers. They are both different kind of movie.
    Well. Both about love. Both Fiction. But.. It's different. =))

    How do i say.. Hmm.. Bah. It's just different kae..

    I RATE STARDUST 4.9/5 !!!!

    the 0.1 is because.. i don't really like the guy. QUITE cute. But.. well.. =/
    HEhe. OTher than that.. It's REALLY worth it.

    Is it because it's been so long since i watched movie ?
    No idea. It HAD been long since i last watched movie.

    But. HEHEHE. Totally. Awww. The movie is nice. =))

    Fantasy.. Magical. ^^ - TOTALLY MY CALL !

    You may visit :


    .. for synopsis and trailer . ^^ !!!!

    Heh ! Aw.

    well well. Anyways . After realizing how much i miss watching movies..

    I've decided to re-form my movie spirit.
    I'm having a movie marathon. haha.

    Hms. Well. What movie i'm watching isn't important. You're not invited =x

    Haha. I always have movie marathon myself. It's more..

    well. it's lonely but.. it's more.. easy.

    I don't like argueing about which movie is better and blah blah blah.

    I want to watch it, i watch it. =/ Quite stubborn on movies. Heh.


    Some movies on my waiting list ~~

    Alvin and the chipmunks !

    This movie. Heh. I haven't read the synopsis. Lazy to read =x

    Well. hehehe. Just by the poster.. i think i'll rate the movie 3/5 .. or maybe 2.8/5

    Haha. But i'm just going to watch it. Super cute la. Chipmunks. Hehehe !!

    Next is..

    The Water Horse !

    Lol ! Yes yes ! I know it look kinda weird.

    The poster i saw at the cinema isn't found in the net.
    So this was one of the better ones already.

    Doubt anyone will be interested. Haha. I'm weirdo. =/

    Yes. This is the famous Loch-ness monster.
    The one my whole class doesn't believe exist.

    I DO. HAha. Really.

    I don't see a reason why it don't exist. Who cares right. I believe it does.

    Yes. I can hear my class calling me NEssie, the Loch ness Girl already. =/

    Haha. Really. Yups. Interesting ya ?!

    HEhehe. So excited sia ~

    Alright Alright. I think that should be all.

    I'm too tired and excited to think about other things. HEheheh.

    3.41am already ! hehehe.


    Popcorn for all ! ^^


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;