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    Monday, 13 August 2007

    Story to tell. And a story told.

    Andrew says my post nowadays are not as funny as before.
    I'm not laughing when i'm posting already.

    I used to laugh and giggle when i'm posting.
    Scary . Yea. i know.

    Andrew says. I'm starting to give away in my posts.
    I actually didn't catch what it mean. Give Away ?
    I thought of giving birth. Then i thought of Giving in.
    Thanks Giving?

    Ya. Nvm. Then i realize that, oh, give away means...

    Yea. u know what it mean. Haahha.

    Ya. My post nowadays are so talking to people rather than interest people.
    Ahs. Nvm nvm.

    Nowadays no catch. Yea. Not fish . no catch.
    Can't get things out of my mind.

    I'm not sleeping well these few days. Not nightmare. Just lots of thinking before i sleep. And yea. Should say, Lots of thinking before i wake.

    Cos i just stare at the ceiling and think. When i'm about to sleep, it is time to wake. Ahs.

    Like today. My eyes is super doubled. Left, Right. Er. i think it's the LEft eye. Super swollen. My right eye is smaller than my left eye today. Ahs.

    Okok. Doesn't matter.

    Anyways. Vanessa told me about a friend of his that wants to be friend with me.
    Haha. i actually laughed whole night yesterday. Friend with me.
    I ask Vanessa to just tell him " I'm Fat "
    But she doesn't want. Ahs. I hate guys like that. Friends.

    Ok. I'm losing it. Don't know where i'm coming from already.

    Ok. Forget it.

    A Story to be told.

    A very short story.

    A story about friends.

    A story about forgive and forget.

    Once there were 2 friends.
    Travelling around the world. Just the 2 of them.

    They had always been on good term.
    But this time, something happened. And they don't agree with each other.
    They Argued and Quarrelled.
    It came to this point that, one slapped the other.

    B is the one that got slapped. He then wrote the date on the sand.
    The date they quarrelled.

    They were on cold terms.

    A always lead their way. B follows.
    That day was raining. The road was slippery and hard to see where you are going.

    A walked. B followed.
    Then B didn't see a hole in front. And A didn't tell B about it.
    B fell into the hole.
    It was deep. He couldn't get out.
    He thought of A. Maybe A will realize he is gone and come back and help him.

    He waited. He gave up. He screamed and help. No one heard him.

    Few hours past.

    B gave up. He sat down in the deep hole.

    a rope was then thrown into the hole. "B! where are you ! can you see the rope? "

    It was A.

    Yea. I skip the process.

    So, B is then rescued by A.

    When B got out, he craved the date of the rescue on a rock.

    Long after, a friend then asked B. How come Sand and How come Rock?

    Like, why write at different places?

    Then B explained. Wind is the time.
    When the wind blows, it blows away the sand.
    When sand is blown away, hurt is removed.

    When the wind blow at the craved rock, the words that are craved cannot be removed.
    Unremovable, you will not forget the time you are helped by your friends.

    Choose what you want to remember and choose what you want to forget.
    Write it at the correct places and let time do what it can do.

    Friends hurt you, they don't mean it. Let it be forgotten.
    Friends help you, they really do. Let it be Remembered. Forever.

    - End -

    Ping Pong.

    I think i craved something that should be forgotten on the rock.
    No wonder i feel pain the other day.
    The sleepless nights. And the Never ending thinking.

    I guess, since it reaches this state, i will wait for the wind.
    Everyday, wind. wind wind. Blows off the words on the stone slowly.
    Takes time. But i'm patient. =)

    Aiks. I'm going off early tomorrow. Going for Interview at Beach Road with Meixian and Rachael.

    Work at Changi. Woots. How good can it be?
    Pilots and stewards. Wooo.
    Ang Mohs. Haha.

    Going for band practice le. 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

    Lonely Night. ALone at SG house again. Lols .

    Aiks. nvm.
    I'm back to thinking.

    Cathay, Band, Changi, Memory Lane. Cathay, Concert, Work, Work.
    Money, Cathay, Band, Concert, Work, Pilots, Stewards.

    Money, Pilots, GOod-Looking guys, more good looking guys, work. work. band.

    Enjoy your day !


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;