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    Saturday, 11 August 2007

    Singing or Dancing ?

    or maybe neither?

    I have been asking around and around.
    How many children do you want after getting married?
    I totally totally expected most people to say 3.
    But seriously, what i expect is always wrong. or you can say, never right.

    I asked Loads of friends. All wanted 2.
    HEhe. I want 3 !

    Boo la. I know it's like 10 years down the road before i get married or give birth.
    Does it matter if you plan about it now ?

    I even thought about my kids' name.

    Laas. Doesn't matter. I'm not going to elaborate there. Maybe other time.

    Sigh. I woke up this morning. And i have the urge to sing. Sing sing.
    Like go karaoke or what. Totally feel like singing.
    You can ask my friends and my family. I had never go kbox or partyworld with them.
    You can also say, i never plan to go there at all.

    Because i cannot sing. I know it. I have a terrible voice. Haha.
    Although, i have good pitching. Haha.

    Oh ya. Then, i just felt like singing.
    And I told my mum about it. " Mii, i feel like singing. "
    Ya. I was hoping she say " lets go karaoke."
    Instead of that, she said " there's this music class opposite Xxx . Go learn? "
    I stoned for a sec. And i shook my head. and left her room.

    I think i can use the teaching fee to learn something better. Rugby? LOL !

    You see, my mum have a very powerful voice. I'm not boasting.
    serious. she learnt singing last time. even before she learn, she have a very good voice.

    But you see, She stopped going for the lessons because people starts talking bad about her.
    And you will never believe, Aunties do that too. It was her Good Friend.
    The Aunty that visit us once in a while. They went for singing lesson together.
    But her voice was not recognised by the teacher. My mum's was.
    She got super jealous and started all the nonsense. So my mum left.
    Super stupid la. So old already still act like kid.

    Dahs. That's not the point. Okok.
    Then, my brother. He does break dancing. He can dance well too.
    My sister, she can sing well. She's in choir and she's a regular customer at Partyworld.

    I'm more of an outcast. I do sports. I don't look like i do sports.
    Yes, but i do sports. I love sports.
    And thanks to sports, i'm what i am now. not able to do sports anymore.
    Knee. darn it.

    Totally, if i were to be honest, i didn't want to join band in poly.
    I wanted Netball.
    But imagine, a limping girl with clutches go down to the netball booth and say she wants to join Netball. How stupid will it look? And who will accept her?
    So i registered for band.

    Yea, i felt guilty even saying it. Because everyone thinks i love band more than anything.
    well, i enjoyed playing the flute. But i tried 7 years to sight-read scores.
    Failed. 8th year now. I'm just a pathetic flute player.

    So, i cant sing, i cant dance, i cant do sports, i cant play music.

    I really don't know what else i can do.
    Yea. i can blog. Blog and Blog.
    I can talk alot too.

    I'm actually not happy right now.

    I am woken by the enormous banging above my head.
    I mean the ceiling.

    I think they are changing the tiles. Super loud.
    I had to wake.

    Then i found an irritating line across my room. On the tile.
    I cant rub it off, and i don't know what caused it.

    I became even more irritated.

    I wanted to go sing, but my sis just can't stop sitting on the floor reading.
    Yea, reading a collection of 7 books we just bought the other day. She's on the 2nd book.

    Ah. Then, I expect mum to scold me on wanting to go sing. because she knew i cant too.
    But instead of that, she ask me to join singing class.

    I'm not happy with things. Toot sia me.

    Then i realized that my piano scores are missing. The renovating workers loves to shift my things around. I got even more irritated.

    So i gave up and turned on my lappie and started blogging.
    Then i realize the way i post is changing. I don't usually nag so much about my life.
    And here i am. nagging about it.

    And half way through blogging, i saw another scratch on my new phone. >=(

    What's going on. Because i fell sick 3 weeks ago and stopped attending lessons?
    No school = mood swing days?

    AHs. I'm going back on Monday. School. Please help me . =/

    Oh ya. Last thing.
    I opened the refrigerator and found out that, mum hadn't bought honeydew.
    I slammed on the door.

    Mood swings ya?

    Ok la. I'll post my style back soon.

    Oh ya. Last week, a Chinese worker came.
    Not those China workers. (no offence)
    This guy is like 20 years old or so. Very young.
    I can tell it is his first time here. My mum talked to him.
    I overheard that he's still studying, he works for his dad during weekends.
    He look good. Totally. He have 6 pacs. 6 ! not 4. 6 !
    Ya. he's half naked. THat's how i saw the 6 pacs !

    Woo. Rachael is going to say i'm a pervert.
    Oh ya. The guy didn't come today.
    Haha. Nevermind.

    OH YA. one extra random thing.
    My Cognitive Problem Solving Module's facilitator, Tweety (my class calls him that)
    He Gave me a D last lesson. HAhaahaha.
    He told me the reason on my daily comments.
    Reason : You wrote your Reflective Journal very unZiQi-like.

    HAa. i laughed. Thinking. what's ziqi-like?

    Then i found out. I wrote only 3 sentence for his RJ.
    The shortest RJ i ever wrote. I'm super sick that day. Fever and all.
    And he expect good RJ?

    Ahs. Forget it. MY grades are hell now. 2 weeks left for me to pull it all back to straight As.
    HAHAHA !

    Time to take a rest.

    Enjoy your evening ~

    cheers to my beautiful beautiful readers.


    fav song : wo ke yi.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;