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    Tuesday, 7 August 2007

    Oww !

    There's so many things i want to blog about !
    So many things happened in the past few days.
    But every single thing would take up one big post of mine.
    How !

    Yea. Reasons for the sudden lack of update:

    1. Yes, my house phone line is damaged due to the renovation.
    - Phone line damaged = no internet.

    2. Not staying in sg.
    - My new room is super comfy. So i didn't stay in sg.

    3. No school.
    - Sick and lazy. So it is either late or didn't go sch. So cannot blog in school.

    Sigh Sigh. I have so many things to post about, too many that made me so hard to decide which to post as today's post.

    So after much random thinking, i decided to..

    Not post about anything. Boo.

    I'm super bored.
    Let me tell you why am i bored.

    Today there's Understanding test for enterprise module.
    I woke up at 7.30am and found out i forgot to bring my Tamagochi.
    I didn't mention i bought a Tamagochi? Oh. yea. i bought it with Ruiwen the other day.

    I'm super super super sian already la. It would mean that, No one is going to feed my pet, no one is going to play with her, she is hungry, she will then die.

    So i sat on my bed. -7.45am.
    I re-set my alarm to 9.45am. And i went back to sleep.
    YEs, that would mean i'm going to miss my UT. Yea.

    Then i sent a message to Andrew.
    It said " I'm going after UT today. Got something on. Good luck for UT! "

    What i'm trying to say is, i'm going to school after the UT.

    Something is wrong with my phrasing, but i haven't realize it yet.

    Andrew received the msg. And then he told JiaJun, Adillah and Wei Jian that..
    "Zic say she will be going off after UT."

    Now you see what's wrong?

    Ok. So i woke up at 9.45am. Thinking whether should i go school.
    We can skip 2 lesson from each of our module.
    For Communication module, i haven't skip any. So i'm considering not to go school.

    THEN ! I suddenly remember that there's National Day performance for Band.
    AND ! There's Photo Shooting for Whole band today.

    Sighing heavily, i forced myself to get out of my warm and cosy bed.
    I stood facing the window and stretched.
    I told myself, Today will be a Great Day. (minus the fact that i'm going to wear my sis's shoe for the photo taking, i think there's no other reason to be grumpy. shoe as in those black black covered ones with little bit of heels.)(it is super small. - not complaining. super.)

    Bathe and Got Ready. Then i heard a familiar sound.
    " Ti deet Ti deet Ti deet " . It is not my alarm clock. What is it?
    Hah !

    My Tamagochi.

    Well never mind. So, that means it's not going to die. Okay.

    Okok. So so, so i went school. As usual, reaching just before 2nd meeting start.

    Entered classroom. stoned for a tiny while.
    Didn't see Andrew and the rest. So i think they went down for break.

    Asked sky who is in my team.
    Sky, Gallen, JiaJun and Wei Jian.

    Then sky say " Jia Jun and Wei Jian went home. "
    I nodded. " Then Andrew leh? "
    Sky looked at me " Gone. "
    I stood up. " Adillah? "
    Sky and rest looked at me. " Gone too. "

    Oh Wow.

    I'm thinking " win liao la ! I come, all gone. "
    So i called Andrew.

    Andrew : Huh? I thought you never come?
    Me : I JUST arrived.
    Andrew : Oh.
    Me : Where you all?
    Andrew : Cafe Galilee. (i think is spelt like that ba)
    Me : Oh. you all coming back?
    Andrew : No. we going watch movie.
    Me : What movie?
    Andrew : The Simpsons.
    Me : hehe. wait there.

    Well, So i went off. To the Cafe.

    We checked the time slot, then decided and re-decided what movie to watch.
    Then, Adillah wanted to go Orchard to watch. I didn't want.
    After lots of discussion, we went to Food Court A for MY breakfast. ( They ate )

    Funny la. So we sat at the Food Court and chatted. About people in class, about random girls walking pass us, about how our index finger cant touch our pinkie.
    In the end, we decided to go home. Yays.

    I'm super super super ultra super super speechless.
    YEa. So everyone went home. And i'm stucked at the library.
    I must wait until 4.30pm when everyone finish lesson. And the time is 1pm.
    AH lei lu ya.

    So i'm here posting about what happened.
    I know this post is super no climax and super toot.
    Haha. But i must post it. Because i have no mood to post about other things and i have to pass my time.

    Oh ya, i forgot to mention. Andrew and me discussed about the msg i sent.
    Yea, then we realize it is my fault because of the wrong english.
    And due to that, they think i didn't come school and sort of lead them to leaving.

    Okays. 3.03pm now ! Yay. 1 and a half hour more !
    WeiJian just msned me. He tell me he's at Cityhall Mac. And the speed there is super fast.

    Blah !

    Ok. nvm nvm. Looking forward to the performance later. I don't like the songs we are playing.
    No, i like the songs. But not in notes.


    Oh ya. Anyway, i have another random thing to share with everyone.

    My Dad just bought this LG phone. Supposedly for my Mum.
    But me and my sis told him that it is too advanced for Mum.
    So in the end we agreed that it should not be given to Mum.
    I'll buy another phone for her this week.

    So ! The LG phone ended up.....

    With ME ! HAHAHAHA !

    Sigh. I still prefer my Sony Ericsson.
    I just downloaded new themes. =(

    Well, i'll be using 2 of them now.

    Oh ya, The LG phone, Nice sound leh ! Really, the Mp3 sound like Sony Ericsson one.
    But sadly, the loudest it can go is only half of Sony Ericsson phones.

    You all know DDR? or Audition? The arrow games.
    Got song and arrows then you press press press?
    Haha. The LG phone got that game. LOL.


    Pictures of LG phone.

    Ahs. I'm super sleepy right now. *yawn*

    I think i should just explore my new phone and do some markings or my band scores.

    Wish me well.
    I wish you well too.



    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;