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    Friday, 10 August 2007

    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

    Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow.
    Link it.

    Hi my beautiful friends ~

    Ahs. Beautiful is such a nice word. Beautiful Guys. Beautiful Girls.
    Beautiful Guys sounded a tiny bit wrong.
    But Hey, who is blogging ?

    Hello my Beautiful Beautiful Friends.

    If Meixian is reading now, she might start laughing.
    Because she will remember the stupid comment i made on something.
    I forget what is the thing i commented on.
    Normally people say it's beautiful in chinese.. "很美啊!"
    But i said.. "很美丽啊!"
    Sorry i can't translate it. Most of you should understand.
    Quite dumb. Lols. Oh ya. i think i commented on the Everlast watch. Ahah !

    Okok. BEautiful ~

    Oh ya. Last tuesday, Rpws had a performance for National day.
    Followed by photo-shooting session.

    I only took ONE picture with my friends with formal wear. Dahs.

    That's Vanessa, Me, Lihua and Zoe.
    Yea. In the toilet. My unchangable habit.

    Okays. Didn't get to take picture with alot people.
    Let me list them.

    Weiwei - He busy with work downstairs.
    Shirley - She went off early for SWS practice.
    Sherline - I can't find her.
    Patricia - She doesn't want to.
    Aizat - We took, wearing casual wear. (sort of, band shirts. casual.)
    Ok, they are the fews only. Of course there are more people i want to take with.

    Dahs. <-- Where did i get this from. Oh. weiwei Bahs. No wonder. Changed back to casual wear. Took with Vanessa.

    Then, when i'm testing my camera, Aizat came in the room.

    He came into the room, and notice that i took a picture of him. It wasn't clear.
    So he went out again. And came in again with a twist.
    I just had to post the picture.
    DOn't know why. IF i dun post it, it feel wrong. So i did. DAhs.

    HEre's Aizat, me and SJ. HAhas .

    Don't know what Aizat is doing. Muscle? Can't be. Lol.
    Also not sure what expression i'm having. But it looked stupid enough to be posted.
    SJ jumped. yea JUMPED into the picture. with a twist. Lols.

    Somehow i think Twists are suddenly very IN. Or is it IN all the way?
    I make twists only when i have to. Ya. Like the picture with Vanessa.
    She's making one. I just had to make one too. *rolling of eyes*

    Next is my 4 lovely friends.
    Fisa, Yani, Patricia and Sarima ~

    I wanted to be in the picture. But I'm the one holding the Camera.
    So, yea. no choice. They looked so sweet ~

    Went to pastamania to have dinner with Fisa, Yani, Pat and Zoe.
    Had lots of lame riddles thanks to Fisa. IF i'm crap already, she is even crappier.
    Mary loves blogging but hates to post.
    No link at all !

    And i'm told that the riddles started when they are in Primary school.
    I'm like " what ? " And yea. WHAT AM I DOING IN PRIMARY SCHOOL?
    It made me feel like i have no childhood. LOL !

    And 348 doesn't know the riddles as well.
    Had loads of fun just making them guess the riddles.
    And sy, i can still imagining you pulling your hair. Ops.
    And Rachael : I know i know (but she still dunno)
    She said i know i know for 4 times but in the end she still doesn't know.

    Oh ya. Watched Perfect Strangers. Cool movie. Eyeballs.
    rated 3.4/5 . Totally dun ask me about the decimal point thing. i just wanted to rate it 3.4

    National Day.

    348 Out for Celebration !

    Yea. 348 minus Elaine and MEiXian.
    Laine in AUssie. Meixian having Family day ~

    So, the rest of us decided to go Amk Hub de Fish and Co. For Celebration.

    HAha. very bright ah.

    OKays Okays.
    Menu ~

    We didn't realize the it is the Dinner Menu until we feel something wrong with the pricing.
    It is super expensive. We usually eat there during Lunch. Must cheaper.
    We think that's the problem. Who knows.


    Here comes the Drinks.
    Woot. The only thing i'm super looking forward to when we eat Fish and Co. is the Drink

    Kolatonic ! SUper nice. Introduced my Rachael. HAhas.

    DOn't the drink just looked Special?
    You have to stir it before you drink. Taste like Cola. with.. Sprite?
    HAhaha. Try it !

    Ahs. Food served.

    New York Fish and Chips ~

    Fried Calamari ~ Woots !!
    Crispier and Nicer to chew compared to Pizza Hut.

    Hey take a look at this picture. Hehe.

    I dunno what's wrong with Rachael's fish. Look at her expression.
    She look as thou she had a grudge with the fish. She's killing the cooked fish.
    And i'm just plainly looking at how she hold her fork and knife.

    Ahs. After the meal, we paid. Super expensive. But ya. Whatever.
    Lols. we knew it is expensive. But it's a celebration right ?
    Of what again?
    Oh ya. i forgot to mention that..
    Sy's bear bear, MAomao, a bunny.. Her birthday is on Singapore's National Day.
    So.. yea. probably we are just celebrating behalf of MAomao.
    Sy didn't want to bring maomao out. MAomao was upset.
    So sy told maomao that..
    " Look ! The fireworks are sent up the night sky JUST FOR YOU "
    Ya.. =/ So maomao ended up watch NDP at the home sofa.

    Oh ya. Fish and Co. gives sweet after bill.

    Mint sweets. Taste like Mentos. Just that the size is bigger.

    And guess what 348 does?

    We ask for more !
    We are like " WHAT? they give us only 4 sweets for the $12 dollars plus we paid for GST and Service charge?"

    YEa. we asked for more.
    And i totally think that those that don't ask for more are abit toot.

    Don't go about with manners and all with me here. Their service don't worth $7.60.
    We asked for more tomato sauce for 4 times from the same waiter that passed by us 5 times.
    And yea. In the end, we gave up and asked from another waiter.

    They gave us 6 more sweets after that. That's all. wth. Lol.

    YEa. That's the end of our Fish and Co. celebration.

    So yea. i shall end here.

    Good Night all.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;