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    Wednesday, 8 August 2007

    My Heart is sick.

    When you feel pain, you feel sick.
    My heart is throbbing. Pain. Heart is sick.

    If only the doctor's medicine can cure the pain.
    Then i wouldn't be so sick.

    My heart is affecting my knee.
    Does it even link?

    What happened to my knee?
    I broke my soft bone, which is also the joint at the start of school.

    No, i actually broke it during Sec 2. During a Netball match.
    Got pushed by this girl, and my knee cap hit the curb.
    Can't walk after that, Doctor say i need at least 3 months rest.

    Didn't get to have P.E lesson for 3 months.
    But i had to go for the inter-class netball match. I play shooter.
    It is 1 month after i injured my knee.
    Yes, i should have listened to the doctor. But doesn't matter la.
    My knee was double injured then. But my class won Champion.

    So my M.C became 6 months of no P.E.
    My knee slowly recovered.

    At sec 3, i'm back to P.E lessons.
    2.4km runs and all.
    One day, the knee just got injured when running.
    How? Just run run run and the knee did a turn.
    Nothing much. Wasn't serious. Still can walk. But it hurts.

    So it is like a never ending injury.

    Got better at Sec 4. Didn't have any big problem that can give me M.C.
    Really was better. This year, all the working and stuff didn't cause any trouble.

    It was the Orientation camp. Lol.
    Rp had a 3 day camp. I went on the first day. Met my classmates.
    Didn't go on the 2nd day, forgotten why, but surely is something on.

    3rd day. Happily went for the Orientation camp.
    Just reached the assemble place for my school, change to camp shirt, sat down..
    Listened to rules of the game, stood up, stretched..
    Knee twisted again. LOL !

    My friends always say my knee is very fragile.
    Yes it is. And at the least expected moment. Lol.

    But stubborn me. I thought it was a minor twist. I joined in the amazing race with my team.
    Twist got worsen. It felt like as though there's a rope tied at my knee. Super tight.

    Can't run anymore. Leader ask me to go check it out.
    Yea. When i rolled up my jeans. Woah. Terrible swell.

    Haha. Just nice my dad pass by me . =.=
    My dad is a supervisor for rp construction. He was bringing my mother around the campus.
    What a coincidence.

    So, yea.. no choice. i went home.
    At first i still can walk. But after i sat on dad's car..
    The ride wasn't long. But i couldn't get off the car after that.
    Leg can't move at all.

    Got dragged down by my dad. Yes. He DRAGGED me down the car.
    How? er.. by my back. total full force pain.

    Yea. Bathe and got ready to see doctor. I actually need to sit on a chair to bathe.
    Imagine the pain. I can't even move my leg.

    After bathing, i sat on the sofa.
    And guess what?

    I fainted. Wasn't long. around 20 mins or so.
    Mum say i just.. suddenly look pale, and boom.

    I also dunno what happened. Lol.

    But after all that, dad and mum brought me to the 'doctor'. (those chinese sensei that twist your leg to make it better)

    Dad had to shoulder-carry me to support me to walk.

    The sensei was the doctor that i visit when i first injured my knee.
    He was stunned when he saw my leg.

    He saw it is one of the few worst cases he ever saw.
    I was shocked. I kept thinking it was just a twist.

    He told me that i could have totally dislocated the bone if i were to run for just a tiny while longer in the game.
    He say the leg can't be cured by twisting back. It is tooo twisted.
    I felt his answer a bit lame. Too twisted. Lol.
    Conclusion : My joint is torn. It cannot support my knee for too long. (<-- That's what he said)

    Then my mum super worried. So she asked how come i fainted.
    He say that, it is because when i twist my knee, i pulled the veins.
    That's the reason it start to swell. And after i pulled my veins, i ran.
    Because veins are connected throughout the body, it affected my whole body.
    Then my mind ask me to faint or something like that.

    Sometimes i think the reasons he give is super no link.
    But, still, he's the doctor. So i listened.
    He gave me medicine to increase my bone's strength. (something like that)

    Mum ask him what is the fastest way to cure it.
    Doc say there's no fast way, because i will walk.
    The fastest way to mend the joints is to NOT WALK AT ALL. Just Lie on the bed.
    Haha. Super toot. So he just ask me not to walk too much.

    Dad bought me clutches. To help me walk.
    I get to practice using the clutches for 1 day before school start.

    Haha. You will never believe how hard is it to use clutches.
    It is not just putting it under ur armpits and try to lift yourself.
    It is just super hard. Harder when you have a loosen joint.

    Went to school with clutches on the first day.
    Should have left quite a deep impression with my classmates.
    Girl with clutches on the first day of school.

    I don't like the attention i got. Everyone just kept staring at me, my clutches.
    I'm forbidden to meet my friends. Dad send me to school and picks me up straight on the dot.

    Yes, so the stubborn me again, faked that i'm well. Stopped bringing clutches.
    First is to stop the unnecessarily starings and Second is to meet my friends.

    I cannot stand not having fun. Haha.

    So i faked i'm better, stopped using clutches. Started to walk furthur and longer day by day.
    Start to walk to bus stop to take bus to interchange.
    That's the best i can do. The furthest i can walk that time.

    Yea. Ok, i didn't injure myself after that anymore.
    Knee didn't get well very fast, because i walk alot. But it didn't get worst too.

    Get to meet my friends and have more flexible time to myself.

    Oh yea. That's the last time i injured my knee.
    Counting back, it had been almost 4 months already.

    And back to my post.. My knee is hurting now.
    I have totally no idea why.
    Last time is knee to mind.
    Maybe now heart to knee?

    HAha. My knee is a sad case. But still. I'm fit. Haha.

    Ahs. My heart is pain again.

    Heart Attack? Lol.
    No ba. Heart attack where can blog. zz.

    Dunno ah. It's like i've just broke up with someone like that.
    Those feeling. Those pain. Like get stabbed in the heart.

    No boyfren, cant break up.
    The guy i like don't even know i like him, so i can't be rejected.
    I didn't quarrel with anyone.

    Morning swings ? because it is 3am and i'm blogging?

    HAha. can't be. It got pained at 11pm. Can't sleep, so i drag till now.


    Anyway. Today shall be a great day.
    Going to meet Rachael at noon.
    Bringing her around the school campus. And also skip Enterprise halfway.
    So today shall be a Great Great day.


    No cure. Haha.

    Do have a Good Day.

    wish you all well.

    Good Night.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;