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    Thursday, 2 August 2007

    Friends are Important.

    never NEVER vent your angers on them.

    Hi everyone.

    I’m like back to my daily posting routine already.
    Can’t blog at home. Internet down.
    So I’m blogging every time I can online.
    Which is.. Hm. Every weekdays’ night?
    Yea. Because I don’t stay at home during weekdays.

    Haha. Okok. Doesn’t matter.

    I have a problem. Please do help me.
    Some comments would be nice.
    I notice that people prefer to use tagbox rather than comment box.
    Yes. Tagbox is more convenient, but ! Sigh. I made a comment box already !

    Ok. Back to my problem. (not really my problem)
    The problem comes with a story.
    As you should know by now that I’m a bad story-teller,
    do bear with my grammer mistakes and mis-use of vocab words.
    Try to understand the story and Yes, do help me. (really not my problem)

    This story starts with 4 main characters.
    Let me name them, A B C and D. (take it as they are good friends)

    One evening, after class gathering, D told A B and C,
    “ahs, today is actually my birthday, why don’t we have a drink at the coffee shop
    opposite where we are now? Wun take long. 30 mins chat and drink will be fine”

    A and C nodded. But B didn’t.
    B tells A, “A, I don’t feel like going ah.”
    A said to B, “ aiyo, 30 mins only ah. Good frens, just have a drink and chat a while lo.”
    Reluctantly, B agreeded.

    So all 4 friends went to the coffee shop and ordered drinks.
    C loves to take pictures. Always have a camera with her.
    So she just happily take photos. *flash flash flash*

    D started talking about the past. The past of these 4 friends.
    C continues to take photos.
    B frowning.
    A listening.

    Then B suddenly shouted to A, “A! I’m super irritated la. Wth ! Take picture here and there, so irritating!”
    A stoned for a second. (zz, thought she is scolding me)(realized she is not scolding her, had a small laugh)
    Which is like, A was relieved that B is not scolding her and ‘accidentally’ giggled. (giggled, like a bit wrong, just took a small laugh)

    Then ok, everyone stoned for a while.
    Then C super angry now. So she stopped taking picture of everyone.
    She just kept quiet and didn’t move.

    D realized something is wrong, but tried to ignore it. *continue to talk*

    15 minutes past.

    B nudged A. “I want to go home la.”
    A wanted to tell B that if she want to go home, just go.
    But A think that, it would be rude to say that.
    And A know that B is trying to ask her go home with her. (understand?)
    But A doesn’t want to leave yet.
    So A told B to just bear with it la. (the chat is not as bad until you have to ‘bear’ it.
    It is fun and all. Not very interesting but still listenable.)

    Ok. D stopped talking. C ordered cake from the coffee shop auntie.
    All started to sing happy birthday song.
    Then half way singing, B told A, “I didn’t want to come in the first place. It was you who made me come. I am so tired and I don’t even like D, What for I come. It was you who made me come!”

    A is.. confused.
    She thought they are all good friends.
    What happened.
    (In A’s mind now : She actually blamed me for that?)

    Then A started a conversation with D.
    When A turn to look at B, she is gone.
    B went off without telling anyone or saying Goodbye.

    Ok. End of story.

    Due to avoid misunderstandings, names and real story is edited to what is written above.
    I actually think I’m a genius. LOL !
    The real story and the story above is actually 2 different story. But it linked.
    I thought of the edited story when I’m bathing. Haha.

    Ok la. My Question is..

    Did A made a mistake by asking B to stay for the 30mins to accompany the good friend celebrate her birthday?

    Seriously, I know this question is super easy to answer. Some of you may already have the answer in your mind right now. But look back at the Story again.
    Is A a good person?

    And, don’t try to fit in whoever into the story. No link. Totally no link.
    It is just a problem of girl A B C and D.

    Ah dadada ~

    super super tired.

    Oh yea. Other than the bloody story, I have something else to share!

    Today 2nd August, we celebrated the 4th Anniversary of RPWS.
    Yes. RPWS is 4 years old now. Very very young.

    Took some pictures with some lovely band mates.
    Wanted to take more, but no one seems to be free to take with me.

    Ahs. Never mind. There is always next time.

    There, Me and Vanessa. The picture super blur.
    She say use her phone take. Dah. Guess it’s the effect thingy.

    Then, Me and Zoe.

    Me and Shirley. Somehow, she look like my younger sister, no, not the looks.
    Just like, ok, I look old, she look young. Yea. She’s super cute.

    Me and Sarima.

    Then we took picture with Dennis' phone. Er. Ok. My bad.
    I’m supposed to position myself nearer to Dennis rather then Shirley.

    But I didn’t notice that I’m not in the correct position at that moment. so the picture look somehow weird.

    Dahs. Never mind. We can still take again some other time.
    (I seriously like the light effect my phone gives.)

    Yes, RPWS is having Concert on the 8th of September.
    I shall elaborate on the details some other time. If you are interested, do tell me.

    Ahs. Tired.

    Ok. let me tell u something. I actually blogged so long for this post and i just realise that i didn't go to the main point. No, the story is NOT the main point.

    AH! This post is totally no link ! AH. =(

    Main thing is. Friends are Important, Never vent your angers on them.

    I'm here to tell you all that, Friends are very important.
    Family is the first priority, but it is then followed by friends.

    THINK ! 20 years down the road, In your everyday life, other than your family, who else will be by your side? YOUR FRIENDS. Yes.

    Good Friends are hard to find. But Friends are everywhere.

    The stranger today might just be your friend tomorrow.

    Don't bomb your own friendship by throwing your little tantrum on your friends.
    They might be able to bear once or twice. But, there is always limit ok.

    You may say, friends should always bear with your angers and whatever you do.
    Hm. I'm not sure whether or not i should say it is true.

    True to some extent ba. But still. AHHH.
    I don't know how to type out.


    Ok. Nights all.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;