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    Thursday, 12 July 2007

    Disappointment ~

    Yes. Hi all ~

    Welcome to Zi Qi's super random-posting blog !

    Hees. *nod nod*

    Yes, many told me " Wah, Qi.. ur blog's post super random ah.
    From A can jump to H "
    Hey hey ! It's ok la. Random abit also fun ma. Talk about this and talk about that.

    If I start to blogging about my daily life too much, everyone will start to be super annoyed.
    I'll be telling you how much toothpaste i squeezed to brush my teeth and what's the colour of the towel i used for bathing. LOL !
    So how's that? Compared to my normal random posts ?

    Haha. Anyway, everyone should know by now, I am a VERY long-winded girl who side-track alot ! Hehehe !

    Okay. Let us talk about today's topic. Disappointment.

    It is ever so often that someone is disappointed in something.
    However, not always everything is disappointing. Sometimes, things can be Great.
    But, sadly, today's topic is still about Disappointment. Shall talk about Great some other time.

    Hm. I love examples. So I will just list a few of them
    (and *ahem slightly elaborate abit).

    1. I am very disappointed with my Clumsiness.

    -If you never read my past previous posts, i mentioned that i injured both my toes.
    After applying "Prime's Acriflavine solution" for like.. few weeks, Yays..
    Finally, They are recovering !
    I took off the bandages just 2 days ago. AND GUESS WHAT?
    After I took off the bandages, i walk walk walk, and i kicked on the foot of a table.
    What's more.. IS THAT.. i kept kicking on the foot of tables. Yay. My right toe is now swollen again. Hooray ~

    2. I am very disappointed with my Understanding Tests results.

    -But it's not very important. Ok, it is. It will affect my modules' grade.
    But, dunno leh. Totally never study since the first test. And i'm still not studying.

    3. I am very disappointed with my piano exam results.

    -This is serious. Very disappointed. My heart sinked when i receive the result slip.
    Totally dumbfounded. I even tell my Piano Teacher that i may want to take a 2 months break.
    Got scolded by my Father and Teacher. Not because of the results but because of the idea of taking a break. Yea. In the end, due to my uncontrollable temptations for Temptations, I dropped the idea. - My teacher promise me that i can don't take my next exam until i say i want to. Yays. Cheers to that ! I'm gonna have lots of fun with random music pieces !

    Ah dadada ~

    Ok, one last example. I can FEEL my reader's temptation to move their cursor to the top right hand corner [ X ] already. One more ah !

    [IF Fear of bad impression for Harry Potter movie, DUN SCROLL DOWN. MOVE YOUR CURSOR TO THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THIS WINDOW. NOW !]


    - Sorry for those who haven watch the movie. I have to vent out my disappointments.
    And also sorry for those who watched the movie and liked it. Listen first. I'm going to explain.
    Since Feb, I had been eagarly waiting for the movie. Totally excited. Yes. I even bought the movie tickets 1 week before the movie is released. I made sure i've read the book5 clearly and understanding everything. Yes, i read the book 5 times for the past 2 years plus.

    Was super super excited this morning when i wake up for school. It's like " WOW. FINALLY. I'M GOING TO WATCH HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF PHEONIX TODAY!".
    Ok, i think all these disappointments come from the reading of the book. Because you know what's coming up next, you will be disappointed when they skipped the part.

    Ok, Overall, the movie is well converted from the book to a movie, yes, the effects and all were there. But. I just can't stand the skipping of scenes. If someone who read the book will find the movie abit too short. Someone who doesn't read the book may find it just right or something.

    Imagine. The first 10 mins of the movie is like 2/5 of the whole book already.
    The whole duration of the movie is 2 hrs and 15 mins +/- .
    You may ask what about the rest of the 2 hrs and 5 mins?
    My answer : I don't know. Everything happened too fast and too fast it is. I have no idea what's what. -Sighing-

    Ok ! Enough of what i'm commenting on. I shall move on to a slightly brighter position.
    Anyway, I think the Girl that acted as Luna Lovegood is fantastic. She suited her character quite well. And she'e sweet ! Ginny didn't talk more than 5 sentence in the movie. =/ Cho is NOT as pretty as how everyone said so ! AND in the movie, SHE IS THE BETRAYER. Lalala. Malfoy didn't come out that often too. Fred and George are just the best of all ! Love them ! Ron is.. well. Ron-ish. Hermione is gorgeous. Harry Potter's hair is super short. Compared to the previous movie, it's kinda er. too short. Hm. Ok, Voldemort is super ugly and Umbridge is not toadlike, maybe teapot-like, do bring some cough syrup for her when you watch the movie

    Lol ! Overall. My rating for the movie is 6.8 / 10 . Don't ask me why i don't want to round up to 7. It just doesn't seem to be a 7 star movie. Transformers is better than the Harry Potter, But Harry Potter is better than Fantastic 4. Gauge yourself.

    Okies. Pray to no more disappointments. I'm TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD to Harry Potter Book 7 ! HAHA !

    21st July ~ Here i come !

    Don't feel disappointed after reading what i say.
    Still, Harry Potter movie is a MUST WATCH.

    Cheers to J. K. Rowling !
    Cheers to me !
    Cheers to my next post !

    Yum Seng !

    Good Night !

    Umbridge : * hem hem *

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;