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    Sunday, 25 May 2008

    I'm worried.

    about myself . HAHA !

    The dark dark circles around my eyes are getting deeper and deeper.


    Will result in bad kidney.


    It's 8pm now.
    I'm feeling FREAKING-ly tired. (i've made a mental note to sleep right after this. pray hope i remember.)

    Oh, on a slighter note, i didn't go for my car practical lesson just now.

    It rained quite heavily suddenly at 1.40pm.
    I didn't want to have my 2nd driving experience out in the road on a rainy day.

    So i called the car centre to cancel my lesson.

    At 1.45pm, they replied, said it's ok and ask me to rest well. ( oh, i told them i'm sick =x )

    At 1.55pm, the rain stopped. STOPPED. REALLY STOPPED.


    Okay. Nothing much there.

    Hang around my room shifting furnitures around and packing all my stuff.
    Although i'm not REALLY OLD right now..

    But looking back at the past really make me wonder alot. LOL.

    You know, during primary school times, we will have this diary to pass around to everyone to write in?

    HAhaha. Yup. i have a few of that.
    I found them when i'm packing for things to be thrown away.

    Read through many times. Found so many interesting things.

    One of my 348 friend still keeps a diary like that. Even to this date.

    I've realize that, when we grow up, we tend to not introduce ourself as much as before.

    When i received the diary from my friend 2 years back, which is... Secondary 4, i, like all the rest of the 348 girls wrote long messages, greetings, memories, future plans and all.


    It's all no introduction. Just words and words of love and encouragements.


    I flipped on the diaries i found in my cupboard.

    - My Data - ( haha. )

    Name : Zi Qi
    Class : xD
    D.O.B : 10th December

    Fav Food.
    Fav Drink.
    Fav Tv programme.
    Fav movie
    Fav Teacher
    Fav person
    Fav classmate
    Fav girl
    Fav guy.

    Yea. HAhaha. and of course when u have all the FAvs, u have all the Un-Favs. =\
    (new word of the day. Un-FAv)

    Yup yup.

    And you'll list a whole lot of 100% gold friends, 50% silver friends, 0% bronze friends.

    Hahah. Bronze is already 0%.

    I wonder how many percent copper is.

    - Yup yup. PRi sch days memories flew back to me. First Crush. and all.
    I can't believe there's people writing their first crush in my diary.

    I think i've done the same too. HAhaha.
    So much memories of the past.

    Suddenly it made me feel so old.

    But i'm yet to be legal to even buy alcohol.

    Actually all written above kinda just blurted out from my mind.. as usual.


    Overall, i'm just wondering if i'll continue to blog when i grow older.
    Let's say, 30 years old ?

    I'm going to be this young auntie holding 1 kid in each hand.

    Will i look back and laugh at myself again?


    Hm. I believe so.


    This post is really random.

    Just kinda worry about the Earth.
    -no link-

    Jasmine told us at MOS the other day that...

    researchers found out that the Earth will be end at year 2019. A friday.

    Because some people found something big on the way to crash into Earth.

    And so it says.

    Yea. 2019.

    11 more years only.

    The first thing i said to Naf after hearing all these is...

    " sia la, i haven't get married. 11 more years only sia. "

    Only that i didn't add on what's on my mind. " i can't get to see my grand-childrens "


    And what Patricia said was. " HAVEN'T HAD SEX. "

    everyone was like.. " erm.. Pat? "

    SIA LA. I'm bored la.
    My msn is not working at all and my game isn't working either.

    THe only thing i can do is blog.

    well. zz.

    Okay. I shall not bore you all furthur.

    Good Night. time : 8.13pm.

    Going to sleep now.

    shall post tomorrow. =\

    [[ and so... Qi sings.. ]]

    Now that it’s all said and done

    I can’t believe you were the one
    To build me up and tear me down

    Like an old abandoned house
    What you said when you left
    Just left me cold and out of breath
    I fell too far, was in way too deep
    Guess I let you get the best of me ~

    [[ shall continue singing tomorrow..]]

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;