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    Wednesday, 14 May 2008

    I had this really weird dream yesterday/today.

    Ok. i slept from ytd.. around 12am ++

    Until evening. 5pm ++

    The thing is... I've got this dream in the early times when i sleep.

    Then i woke up suddenly because.. you know, whenever you dream, some things are always left hanging. So you'll force yourself to go deeper, and eventually you'll wake up.

    so, for my case, it kept happening.

    i dreamt of going out with someone.

    i think it's a girl, but it seem like a guy. long hair, but the voice like deep.

    haha. very weird la. so i try to make myself focus on the face.

    and i woke up.

    so i force myself to sleep and dream again. and then.. it because a different person.

    in fact, the people walking beside me are all different already. IT's one BIG group.

    walking and walking.. i can't see the face too.
    But... One big group..

    Naf and all ? Hahaha.

    After that.. the scene changed. we are at bugis or somewhere..

    then we walked into this shop that sell alot of facial cream, body lotion and stuff.

    suddenly the shop only left with me. and many many staffs.

    so i wanted to buy this facial cream.

    then the staff tell me, the pH for the cream very high, will burn my face.

    so i asked whether she have a lower pH cream.
    she say it's all sold out.

    I panic ah. cos i think i really need the cream or something.


    Then then, she recommended me Pimple cream.

    the bottle very big arh.
    like those.. u know.. Gel bottles? thick thick round round, big big.

    i shock la. den i ask. how to use ?

    she dunno from where pull out a plug, den attach it to the bottle.

    then the content inside the bottle started swirling.

    she showed me the swirling content. she say that the cream will turn hot.

    then i ask how can i use the content when it's hot.

    she say. press "this" button.

    i dun remember where is the button.

    but after she pressed, the hot cream turned into foam, and the foam started to flow out.


    the end.

    i woke up after that.

    What's funny is that.. I've dreamt about all these for the past 20hrs that i've been sleeping.


    u know. i read it from somewhere that, whenever someone dreams..

    no matter how long the person thought he/she dreamt.

    the longest a dream can last is only 40secs.

    As in, one person can think that he/she dreamt for the past 4hrs about something.
    but actually, the dream is only 40secs. (the most)

    yup yup. haahahahahah.

    haha. very lame lo. also dun know why i say out.

    toot sia.


    HAppy Day everyone.

    it's Thursday tomorrow. =)

    Good day ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;