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    Saturday, 17 May 2008

    You know.. sometimes i'm really trying to be a good person.

    Recently i know this little girl from game.

    I only get to know her age after she pester me for half an hour to get my msn.

    Okay. no harm. Msn .

    so. yup. she's 10.

    Okay. it's really alright, having a 10 years old friend.

    Hey, we used to be 10 years old.

    But i think, times change.
    she's telling me about this guy in her class who likes her.

    Actually. i'm alright la, i'm good, like... well. talking to small girls.

    I'm OK, nice. =)

    so.. she ask if i blog.

    I replied, yes.

    I think it was a bad answer as she started pestering for my blog address.

    nope. i refuse to give.

    so in the end, she gave me hers.

    woah. i started blogging since 17 years old.

    She started blogging since.. 9/10 years old.
    OMG !

    Okay. she ask me to tag in her blog.
    i did.

    i said " Hi, nice blog ! "

    it was manners.

    after that.. we didn't talk for like.. 1 min.

    suddenly, my msn started blinking .

    " ii habbe repliied eur taq. "

    it took me more than 30 secs to digest.

    alright. and she told me about how she's going to spend her day.

    Seriously, if u dun categorize me as nice, i don't know what else.

    I chat with her about her day for an hour.

    I'm nice.

    so, in case she ask if i've read her blog, i "fav" her blog add.

    So, i continue my usual routine of checking out all my frens' blog.
    skipped her for a week.

    hop in to refresh on whose blog is it just now.

    And i found the answer to why so many people failed English last year.

    And i can foresee the future.. it's really not that good.

    To prevent revealing her identity ( =\ )

    i just show u what she wrote for her last night's entry.

    yup. i must re-read every sentence twice to understand.

    sigh. although my own english is only half a bucket of water, but still........

    Hm. I actually admire this little girl, for as, she discover blogger.com so much earlier than I.

    tanx sohh muchx feerh reeadingg myhes blogx.

    sia la. i cannot. just add X at the end of the word doesn't help.


    hahha. aiite. it's 6am already. i shall go sleep. =\

    Going KL tomorrow.

    Family Outing.

    finally, dad and sis not on fire anymore.

    Yup. aiite..

    i shall post when i'm back.

    Yup. Use good english.

    No need good english.
    even singlish is good. Just don't use X english.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;