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    Tuesday, 31 July 2007

    Trip to Genting ~ (Post delayed for 2 days due to some inconvenience.)

    Day 1 – Friday.

    I’m super sick. And I’m going Genting with family and Sis’s fren, Kang Ling Jie.

    Everyone in the car got driving license. Except me =/
    Well, I’m the youngest ma. Anyway, I’m getting them this end of year.
    Need to pass my birthday to take the test.

    So all can drive, except me.
    We are driving those 4 wheel family car. 7 seats car.
    I sit at the back. Because the behind seat is super bumpy.
    They all old le. ( =x ) So I sacrifice.

    But I regret la. I sick + bumpy ride = I super sick.
    First time sit car want to vomit like that.
    But ok la. I think of happy things.
    Eg. No Miss Foo on Friday, Can go theme park later. Lol.

    Daddy, Sis and Bro kept wanting to drive.
    All gave reasons ..
    Daddy : I don’t drive I feel tired
    Sis : I drive la. I better
    Bro : I don’t drive I feel sick and giddy.

    Lol. Super funny. So sis drove first. Then daddy. Then sis again.
    That why bro super noisy : I feel sick and giddy. Giddy giddy.

    Then bro crack a stupid joke. And I added on.

    Bro : our car full of pigs. Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Brother Pig Sister Pig and Little Pig.
    Then sis say : Then still Got Friend Pig.
    Then I say : Pig’s friend is call Dog. 猪朋狗友 . (sorry no translation)
    Then suddenly silence in the car.

    Then suddenly all burst out laughing.

    All : Qi ah =.= …


    We stopped at the foot of the mountain.
    To have Dinner. Didn’t eat much. No appetite.
    THAT hardly happen to me. LOL.

    I’m typing this post on the way up the mountain.
    And the continuous of my post will also be the same.
    Typing every now and then. Keep up ya.

    We opened the window. Cold air. Most probably is due to the rain.
    Normally at this level, the air not so cold de.

    Beautiful? It is at the foot of Genting. To show that " You are entering the way to Genting " Something like that. Lol.

    That's a picture of a spooky bus-stop on the way up to Genting.
    Sorry ah. Got lines. At my sitting position. I can only take from the back window.
    Ya. so.. lines. yea.

    Police Station near Genting. Yea. POLICE STATION OK !

    Ahs. Took that at the carpark.

    Tooks some pictures at the Hotel Lobby.

    Haha. Continue later.
    Nothing much to say now.


    Yay. Now is 12.43pm.

    Let me talk about what happened just now.
    Despite my super running nose, me and kang ling jie took a lot of picture !

    Ok. After we checked in, Everyone went to Casino.
    I cannot enter, so I waited outside, Kang Ling Jie don’t like gambling.
    So she went into casino to walk one round and then come out and accompany me le.

    We walked the whole First World hotel. Er. Because there’s no where else as bright as First world already.
    Inside First world hotel is like a shopping centre lo.
    Got indoor rides, indoor theme park, lots of restaurant and lots of shop.Esprit ah, Mango ah, KFC, Mac, Pizza Hut, BK, Swensens and lots lots more.

    Me and Kang Ling Jie decided to take the most safe looking ride.
    The Reindeer Cruiser.


    We bought the tickets. RM5 per person.

    Look so kiddish and safe ya?
    We think so too.

    Anyway, take a look at these paddles.
    Everyone will think if you paddle, you will go faster.FAKE ONE.
    Paddle as hard as you can also wun go a tiny bit faster de.
    I asked the person in charge there, she say the ride is automatic de.
    Paddle or not also no diff. zzz sia.


    Ok. The ride starts ~

    When the reindeer start to move ah, I scream lo.
    Sai la.Super scary lo. Main thing is there is no Railing lo.
    Wah lao. Thought it is very safe lo. All the kids also sit.

    For the kids, they sit infront of the deer, got railing.
    The adults side don’t have one lo.

    Then when the reindeer turn, I held on to almost anything I can grab on.
    Ok la, the ride is super slow. But seriously abit scary.

    I took some pictures on the reindeer.

    See ! So romantic. (not so)
    Imagine going with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
    Super nice. ~ Peaceful lo ~


    There's a Lover's bridge. Very nice (Picture with kor's camera. he nv upload)
    There's also a wishing well. (actually there's 3) Cool !

    Then me and Kang Ling jie went Genting Hotel to play indoor themepark.
    We passby the "slot machine" or what is it called? Haha.
    Singapore one very little only. Always 6 here 6 there. SEE GENTING ONE.

    There are more la. But I never take. It is all big big rows of 'slot machine' LO !

    Then we played some games. Kang Ling Jie super lucky. We played the " Spin and Win " wheel.
    She played first. she just spin. Then she got the BIG prize. A Teddy bear.
    Got alot other pictures but it is with Kang Ling Jie. So nvm la. No need show.

    Then we past by this.

    Take a look at the scoop, it is those for scooping ice. Then imagine how big this tube is. Hehe.

    Hungry. We met up with my sis and bro and then went to have supper at BK.
    Then we returned to our room. Light Out.

    Day 2 – Saturday.

    Woke up at 9 plus. Bathed and ready for breakfast and theme park.

    Normally when my family plan to go Genting, I will be like “What? Why genting?”

    Of course the reason will be Casino.
    Then, I’ll be left alone at the indoor theme park.
    Bro and Sis both 5 years older than me.
    They go outdoor theme park at the age of :10 – 15
    When they 10, I 5. When they 15, I 10.

    When I’m ‘Qualified’ for outdoor theme park, they stopped going there.
    Then you will ask, from age 16-21 before they can enter Casino, where do they go.

    Ok. 2 places.
    1st is, They don’t go Genting at all, Which is ok with Daddy because they are ‘old enough’ but I’m not.
    2nd is they bring their friends along, then they go ‘walk walk’, which left me again, in the indoor theme park alone. =)

    So, let me continue.
    I’m SUPER Happy this trip. Although I’m still super sick, I’m quite happy.

    Kang Ling Jie say she will accompany me for the outdoor rides.
    Then, we dragged my sister along.

    Ticket for adult = RM 37 Quite reasonable leh.
    You can sit ANY ride and AS MANY TIMES you like leh.

    The time is 10:25am. We must leave at 12pm to check out our room, we can still enter after we leave. =)

    Ok. First Ride.
    This is for warm-up. It is also the first ‘moving machine’ we see.
    I forgot to load the picture that we took before we take the ride and after we take the ride.
    IF i load now, it will take me another day to post the post. Cos everything will screw up.
    Don't ask why. Shh. Continue reading.

    Take a look, I think many of you played this before.
    Euro FunFair also have the ride.

    Genting’s really go super high.

    I think they feel high because you're already are very high up. Get what i mean? Ugh.

    Look ! They are only connected with a chain that look like that.

    Which is also..

    Really Super.

    Next ride is the Corkscrew. Which is also the roller coaster ride.
    I’m super excited. If you count back, I think the last time I entered the theme park, I’m 9 years old. And I’m not allowed to take the ride. I only remember taking the ferry’s wheel with my Aunt.

    To my sister, it is just like another kiddy ride. BUT IT IS MY FIRST TIME MA !

    Ok. First time taking Corkscrew.

    Ta Da ~
    Ok la, the pictures I took made the ride seem somehow not fun.

    Hm. Seriously, the ride was So-so only. Some part very scary. But it ended super fast.

    Next Next. The ride is call FreeFall.12 ppl at one go.
    Both Jie Jies don’t want to play.
    So I go alone. Bro say it is a must-try. So I try lo.

    I’m still super sick. I look like Rudolph the Reindeer. Sigh.

    Ok. I’m entering.


    Ok. They never take picture of me falling on the freefall machine.Instead, THEY SAY, they took those pictures to ‘support’ me. ( Qi, Jiayou )

    Dah ~

    The ride made my hair messy. Super messy. (not showing you)
    It’s fun la. But it also ended very fast.

    Then, picture. ( no S )

    After that, it is almost 12pm already.
    No time for other rides. So we went back to the First ride.
    After that, we check-out. Lazy to go back theme park

    We decided to go visit my 4th Grand-Uncle at Bentong.
    40 mins car ride from Genting.

    Had lunch. Then we went to the bentong famous ice-cream stall.
    Bro ate the ice cream before i got chance to take picture.
    But see, the old street of Bentong.

    Then, we return to KL. 1 hour plus car ride.
    Whole hour i'm telling my brother about Harry Potter book 7.
    Lol. (still waiting for Ian and Rachael to finish the book before i post about it)

    Went to Mid-Valley mega mall. (shopping centre la, mega mall. -loudspeaker mall. zz)

    Okok. nvm nvm. Er.. not much happened. i super sick. No energy to shop.

    Bro ask me accompany him find a present for his GF.
    He say he want a soft-toy, so the GF can hug when he not around.

    I introduce him to Memory Lane. (hehe. i work for them during christmas)

    Ta Da ~ Ok la. Not very nice. But very soft when u hug it.

    After mega mall, we met all my relatives for dinner.

    Steamboat. My Uncle have a very good way of finding good food.
    The steamboat destination is super super far and ulu.
    Dark Dark corner suddenly appear one bright bright restaurant.

    Haha. Nice steamboat. Very different from normal ones. Forgot to take pics.

    Ok. end of today.

    Day 3 - Sunday.

    Today Sis have Archery competition.
    She represent the Johore Team.

    She kept missing the the bull's eye.
    Hey. Archery is not easy ok.

    She normally play very well. Quite weird today.

    After whole game, yes she lost.
    She took her bow for 'check-up'
    Then we found out that, her bow's trophy-taker (one tiny part where you place the arrows)
    is bended. It is supposed to be straight. But it became sort of L shape.
    That is the cause of the arrows going upwards instead of straight.
    We suspect that it is bended when we travel. Sigh.

    Nvm la sis. Still got chance ! xD

    Anyway, we went to have Kenny Rogers. Hehehe.

    Hehe. Then i bought one of these for home decoration.
    It is like those clips clips thing. Because my house is just renovated. I want to have this special thing. Ahh. Hard to explain. When it is done renovating then i show u all.

    Hm. Some magnets.

    THen hor ~ I saw this bear at Famous Amos. HAhaha. Cute lo. Valentines' day coming ok.

    Then, after competition, we went home. Yes. Back to J.B.

    Yays. End of whole Journey. Home Sweet Home.

    Read all the way? Cheers xD

    Cya ~


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;