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    Sunday, 1 June 2008

    Replying to Tags here :

    Shirley : hahaha. i just know ma. will find you next time ok ! (provided i'm still interested =x)

    yh : Nope, i can't bake. Jelly doesn't need baking. HEHE. =\ well, i can cook actually.

    fraghan : Hees ! My bro and sis send me around in JB. HAhaha. hao ! i'll get receipe from you and try out at home ! ^^

    zat : i know cheesecake easy ah. that's why i wanna try making it. =\ HAHA ! share the receipe with me can? ahahaha. sigh. no time to make together already. counting down for band camp, 2 days.

    naf : THANKS yo, sister. =(( cheeeeeesecake. oreo cheeeeesecake with strawberry...

    - Kinda sad replying to tags here. Since no one wants to make cheesecake with me, i shall make it myself one day and post it up ok ! ^^

    - For everyone's info, i cannot bake, because whatever i put inside the oven sure burn up.
    Eg, Pizza. (yup, i tried, failed. but it tasted quite nice and crispy)

    Double info to everyone, i can cook . zz ~ REALLY arh.
    saddening sia. LOL !


    start of today's post. :: Sunday ::

    My Modem + wireless router is strucked by lightning few days back.

    Home's Internet connection is DOWN.


    The only way to online is to secretly fix on my private modem when my sister and brother is not at home.

    If they know i've this private modem, they will not go fix the wireless router.
    So. Yea. it's a secret.

    And i've told everyone. =\

    Yup. i'm able to post because no one is currently at home.
    All went out to my cousin's dog roadshow cum competition.

    I'm not really feeling very well. So i stayed home.

    Missed the committee-bandcamp-dryrun.

    sigh. really sighing.

    i was really looking forward to it. SIGH.

    nevermind. bandcamp is 2 days away. Yup.

    I'm pissed with cheesecake.
    so i'm not making it anymore.

    Oh yea. I went to Chinese Orchestra concert yesterday.
    3 hours concert. TOTALLY not my taste.

    Okay la. I'm just not a C.O person.

    The only instrument i like in C.O is ErHu.

    Yup yup. And there's this real hot ErHu player yesterday.
    Sigh. Nevermind.

    I was dream-talking to my sister yesterday in her car.

    Was telling her that i want x amount of kids.

    and planning about this and that. Yup yup. Dreams.

    One always say, everyone must have plans for their own future.
    Yup. i'm planning already. LOL !

    dun laugh la. i bet you've thought about how many kids you want too !



    I'm tired.

    I'm quite into Facebook nowadays.
    OWNED !

    but i still don't see why it's worth my attention.
    Seriously, not.

    Alright. I'll be away for a few days.

    Sunday - need to recover by monday.
    Sunday - need to sleep

    Monday - need to go Holland V / Beach Road to get prizes for camp.
    Monday - need to get gift for bandcamp
    Monday - need to pack bag for camp.
    Monday - need to have dinner with family because Mum's back.
    Monday - need to give my bro gf her salary.
    Monday - need to sleep

    Tuesday - Bandcamp
    Tuesday - need to meet up with shrooms gang for breakfast at mac.
    Tuesday - have fun

    Wednesday - bandcamp
    Thursday - BAndcamp
    Friday - Bandcamp.

    Saturday - forget.
    Sunday - piano lesson.

    yea. interesting 1st week of holiday.
    How nice.


    WOots arh ! Gonna get blueblack all over soon ~

    Current Debt status :

    I owed my sister RM250 + SGD30 (lame)
    I owed my father SGD3000 (uber lame)
    I owed mx SGD16.40 ( how i wish i see her soon )

    someone owed me SGD 280
    someone else owed me SGD $0.10 ( ^^ )

    Okay. now i have to save to pay off my debts.

    And so.. MY psp seems even furthur away now.

    the thing is... My sister owed me more than i owed her.
    But she wants me to pay her first so she can pay me back.

    And it still don't link. Because we might as well cancel the debt off right?
    Like balance it off.

    But she still says i have to pay her first. Which, i still dun understand why.

    Sigh. Alright.

    Will post soon. Hope i get back my video cam from Weiwei in time.
    (although having it or not don't really make a difference)

    Yup yup. Okay. see you guys soon.

    Apologies to Pat and Naf. Sorry. can't have Day ZERO with you all.
    Mum's back . need to have family dinner on Monday.

    Cya all.
    Gotta take medicine and sleep. =))

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;